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Comments by kiran dangar (Top 59 by date)

kiran dangar at 18-Nov-11 1:34am View
but Not having Identity
kiran dangar at 2-Nov-11 4:26am View
kiran dangar at 1-Nov-11 1:06am View
Thanks Uday. :) But could not see Vote. :)
kiran dangar at 31-Oct-11 6:30am View
Hi, please explain what you are trying to achieve... question is confusing..
kiran dangar at 31-Oct-11 6:25am View
kiran dangar at 31-Oct-11 6:19am View
Hi, please elaborate your question....
kiran dangar at 31-Oct-11 6:17am View
Hi, you can just fetch the B'date from SQL using executescalar method.. and then compare with current date..
Please "Accept Answer" if it helped you...
kiran dangar at 25-Oct-11 7:09am View
Same Solution posted 2 times ??? I have noticed this second time
kiran dangar at 25-Oct-11 7:04am View
Formatting issue!!!
kiran dangar at 21-Oct-11 7:36am View
Question is not Clear...Please explain properly..
kiran dangar at 21-Oct-11 7:20am View
What code you have written for sending email.??
kiran dangar at 21-Oct-11 7:18am View
Your question is not clear.. please modify and explain properly..
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 9:01am View
You can also try replacing <input> hidden field with <asp:hiddenfield> control.. you can use any of these...
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 8:58am View
I have updated Solution... have a try..
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 8:57am View
Ohh yes... you have to remove "return false"
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 5:25am View
Please elaborate...
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 5:10am View
Good job..thanks
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 5:00am View
Hi, Do not post your reply as Solution.. rather post same thing in as comment by clicking "Have a Question or Comment?" link...
Your reply will be deleted, pls post reply in comment.
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 4:40am View
Agree with Mehdi..
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 2:00am View
what are the datatypes of CodeNo & AddCode ??
kiran dangar at 20-Oct-11 1:26am View
Hi, your question is confusing.. please elaborate.
where is the relation between UserID & your Item Table ???
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 9:41am View
Have you placed your code inside $(document).ready() ??
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 7:51am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 6:34am View
Where is the question??
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 6:28am View
wht is this??????
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 6:04am View
You question is not understandable.. please explain properly.
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 5:41am View
yes Rnk wont be available directly in Where clause.. need to put one more select statement..
You can also use Row_number() & DENSE_RANK() are also very useful... you can have a look at those also.
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 4:18am View
Yes thats y i have provided JS validation in the answer... it will work fine... please click on "accept answer" if it helps you.
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 4:13am View
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 3:22am View
You can visit MSDN Or Read any book to get detailed description on this :)
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 2:37am View
Please elaborate the question by giving the code you have wrote
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 2:01am View
I guess the problem is multiple records for the same Date...
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 1:42am View
Do you want to fetch counts of each File types? or your question is how to display that data in GridView?? Please elaborate
kiran dangar at 19-Oct-11 1:37am View
The question is confusing.. Please elaborate
kiran dangar at 18-Oct-11 8:08am View
Not an Alternative.
kiran dangar at 18-Oct-11 1:10am View
This is not an Alternative... you can write in as comment instead.
kiran dangar at 17-Oct-11 7:22am View
Reason for my vote of 1
kiran dangar at 15-Oct-11 0:16am View
This is not an Alternative. Its a comment.
kiran dangar at 7-Oct-11 23:42pm View
welcome... thanks for ur vote :)
kiran dangar at 7-Oct-11 5:55am View
Reason for my vote of 5
kiran dangar at 7-Oct-11 3:08am View
its copy paste of "Alternative 1" link content..
kiran dangar at 7-Oct-11 1:19am View
Not an alternative... please write @ proper place
kiran dangar at 5-Oct-11 7:15am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar at 5-Oct-11 1:13am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar at 5-Oct-11 1:11am View
Reason for my vote of 4
kiran dangar at 4-Oct-11 6:31am View
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 9:23am View
Hi, can you explain what kind of trouble you are having after trying all solutions below.. If possible paste your aspx file coding as well..
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 9:16am View
It depends on the architecture of your application.. do you have application code access?
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an alternative
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 8:11am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an alternative
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 8:10am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Not an Alternative
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 4:54am View
provide more details...if possible show the code you are writing..
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 4:38am View
Please explain a bit more
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 4:33am View
Please provide more information on the issue
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 4:16am View
Need formatting...
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 3:08am View
can you explain a bit more on what you are targeting to achieve, so i can answer properly.
kiran dangar at 3-Oct-11 2:58am View
please explain properly what exactly your question is?
kiran dangar at 30-Sep-11 9:06am View
Impressive design :)
kiran dangar at 30-Sep-11 7:31am View
Reason for my vote of 2

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