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Abhijit Jana at 4-Jan-14 13:42pm View
You need Kinect for Windows Device. I think you are using Kinect for Xbox Sensor.
Abhijit Jana at 2-Jan-14 5:48am View
Yeah, I have read the complete post and your conversation. I thought to late you know that something available inbuilt with SDK :) . Have a great day my friend !
Abhijit Jana at 4-Oct-11 5:17am View
yes. absolutely right !!
Abhijit Jana at 4-Oct-11 5:17am View
Hi, as per your code, you email id string should be like,
where last "," is extra. you have to take care of that.
Abhijit Jana at 12-Sep-11 3:29am View
You want to create thumbnail from video or what ?
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 13:40pm View
You want to change the text style or what ?
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 13:35pm View
Your problem is not clear. Please explain it in bit details.
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 5:06am View
Hey Suresh, How are you ? I was very much busy with some project delivery for last few months, so was not active that much, try to finding sometime now a days ! Posted one article as well :)
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 4:23am View
OP is asking same question again and again. Check my comment and the link :)
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 4:22am View
Why are you asking Same question again and again ? Did you check the resource that been provided with your last post ?
Abhijit Jana at 8-Sep-11 4:14am View
Did you check the link that I have provided.
Please don't post your query as solution. Post as comments so that OP can get a notification.
Abhijit Jana at 7-Sep-11 15:16pm View
Check for Div Position.
Abhijit Jana at 7-Sep-11 0:52am View
Check out my Updated Answer. I provided you two links.
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 12:19pm View
You can on the same you that you have specified. Just check for the syntax in
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 4:07am View
Yes, ToShortDateString is simple and best ! +5
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 3:46am View
What is the error ?
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 3:30am View
+5. Agree.
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 3:09am View
No, if your namespace is "TestNameSpace" , after adding the reference you need to add this. But do you know you can do it automatically ?
Check out my blog article here at Codeproject
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 2:39am View
The namespace of your class library. you need to put it as Using . Check out my answer to your last post. I have given couple of useful links for you !
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 1:32am View
+5. There is no need to showing 4000 records same time on grid. This will create page slow by default. Custom Paging or Some filtering should be the best option.
Abhijit Jana at 6-Sep-11 1:07am View
You can set it from menu item. This is true for render html not what you have in aspx page. or you need to change the content during rendering.
Abhijit Jana at 5-Sep-11 15:40pm View
lol. Seems first version and the current version are totally different. That is the reason, I was wondering why your's and abhinav's answer got deleted. Seems, if you people answered based on the first version, then the question got totally changed and some one deleted your's answers !! ha looks very funny !
Abhijit Jana at 5-Sep-11 15:08pm View
Not Clear. Please explain in details.
Abhijit Jana at 5-Sep-11 7:51am View
You don't need to provide multiple solution for different url. You can just update first one.
Abhijit Jana at 5-Sep-11 7:48am View
Thanks for looking into that. Unfortunately haven't received your comments / suggestion. You can post it once more. Thanks you !
Abhijit Jana at 4-Sep-11 16:36pm View
Hey Mika, Me and Abhinav just published one article which contains all FAQ's related with GridView. Have a look, . This can a good reference for the questions that been asked for GridView. We will be update the article with more. Let us know if you have any suggestion. Thank you !
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:52pm View
Did you problem resolve is local host ? How did you use the server.MapPath(). Check this out
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:32pm View
Are you trying it in your local IIS ? What you did ? Just keep Server.MapPath() bit side for a moment.
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:23pm View
Hey Abhinav. Here is the comments . Moved in comments so that you can get a notification.
hi Abhinav,

The error is as follows when i press the ok button on my form

Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation.

please help me in this.
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:22pm View
Please don't reply as a Solution. This does not help. Just Reply the comment of Abhinav's. This time I am doing it for you.
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:18pm View
Well, you should have mentioned it in your question that you are getting problem with you host provider. Check out your IIS Configuration from Web Hosting site Dashboard. There you should have some option. Else, contact with your admin of hosting site.
Secondly, You can't write HardCoded Path as "C:\" . Because, your Hosting site might not give you write access on their physical drive. So first use Relative path of your Virtual Drive, something using Server.MapPath() . Hope you got my point.
Abhijit Jana at 3-Sep-11 15:13pm View
It should Write Access. Read is the default access which should have for all the Application Pool Identity.
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 6:43am View
Why are you asking the same question again and again ?
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 6:23am View
No. He posted a new quest as well :( with the same topic.
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 6:15am View
Just wondering how the Solution provided accepted as answer where the same person asked the question ...
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 5:37am View
You want to mean rendering the datalist as HTML and embed it into email ?
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 5:36am View
Try to check Debug section of your web project. Solution Explorer > Web Project > Right Click > Property Page > Select Web Tab > Scroll down you will find Debugger section.
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 5:33am View
Tell me one thing, which file you want to debug ? Are you trying to debug any page or any dll ?
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 4:54am View
Why you are not using a label / div control and associate a JavaSscript with the TextBox change to write the text on label or dIv's innerhtml
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 4:45am View
I am not clear with your question ? So you have two textbox and you want to override others value on change of other or what ? Please explain.
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 4:32am View
This is an alternative solution. In my point of view, it's not better solution, as Renaming images might have cascading effects in overall application.
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-11 4:22am View
Why to Rename Images ? Do you think it's a better solution ? What will be the cascading effects of this, if my image is used in "n" number of different place of the same application ? :)
Abhijit Jana at 29-Aug-11 23:43pm View
You should mentioned what is wrong. And that is why he is here
Abhijit Jana at 29-Aug-11 6:59am View
How this will work on Selection Index change ?
Abhijit Jana at 29-Aug-11 4:01am View
Your question is not clear. You want to write some data on xml file or what ?
Abhijit Jana at 28-Aug-11 23:05pm View
Could you please explain what is your business requirement ? I think the solution is looking for is something different than what you asked here. Please explain it bit details so that we can help you
Abhijit Jana at 28-Aug-11 22:55pm View
Thanks. If this answers your question mark it resolved / Answered so that others can take reference from that.
Abhijit Jana at 28-Aug-11 22:46pm View
Yes, That will work .
If you are using TemplateField to Bind the data, you can do it on design page itself. This thread will help you
Abhijit Jana at 22-Aug-11 0:03am View
I really don't think that is the trick. Disabled View State for the page, even Disabled the ViewState for Control "ViewStateMode" this should work.
Abhijit Jana at 20-Aug-11 23:08pm View
I just check your previous answer. Any Specific reason to asking Enable View State for dropdown list ?
Abhijit Jana at 31-Jul-11 17:24pm View
If you installed .NET 3.5, your IIS will still show 2.0, because 2.0 is the CLR version which is targeted for FW 3.5 . If you installed .NET 4.0 , you will see 2 option, 2.0 and 4.0 because .NET 4.0 targeted to CLR 4.0.
Coming to you problem, did you try with registering your IIS with APS.NET using aspnet_regiis - i command ?
Abhijit Jana at 13-Jul-11 3:17am View
I don't think OP is looking for this one, his problem is something else. But this will also help in next step when he overcome the current problem :)
Abhijit Jana at 2-Jun-11 2:30am View
Do we really required ToString() Twice ? . It can done txtDate.Text = Dt.ToString("dd MMM yyyy"); :)
Abhijit Jana at 4-Mar-11 0:55am View
Raj where are you binding it with Gridiview, show me the codebehind code, are you able to debug ? put a breakpoint where you are calling the DB, then see if data is actually getting fetched from DB or not, then check why its not getting binded, are you using GridView.DataBind(), because this is the common mistake happens with gridview.
Abhijit Jana at 31-Jan-11 9:11am View
I will prefer Validator ( Obviously based on situation ) , because if I have 10 control and I have to do some group control validation, then it will create problem. Hope you got my point. BTW : it's a good answer !
Abhijit Jana at 30-Jan-11 23:57pm View
I guess I missunderstood the question. OP was looking for Adding Event. I will update it soon !
Abhijit Jana at 28-Jan-11 11:29am View
Abhijit Jana at 28-Jan-11 6:03am View
Sorry. Floks.. I have answered the same things. Page was open for me a long time after that I have answered !!
Abhijit Jana at 28-Jan-11 6:01am View
And I don't know what he has searched !! :)
Abhijit Jana at 28-Jan-11 4:23am View
What do you mean by coding side ? How this things will work for Browser ?
Abhijit Jana at 27-Jan-11 23:38pm View
You should reply as comments, not as an answer.
Abhijit Jana at 21-Jan-11 7:19am View
Good Call. Most of the time people forget to put DataBind() with !Page.IsPostBack :)
Abhijit Jana at 18-Jan-11 4:41am View
Yes. Please let me know, I may help you on this case !
Abhijit Jana at 11-Jan-11 13:20pm View
Thanks SMP !
Abhijit Jana at 11-Jan-11 13:11pm View
Good Ref. Link ! Have my 5 !!!
Abhijit Jana at 11-Jan-11 13:05pm View
Do you think your answer does make any sense ? Specially First line "If you're creating a dynamic textbox then by versa you can also get a value from it back" .
My suggestion to you, before answering any questions, try to think why the OP asking the question or Ask for clarification multiple times if you are not clear.
Abhijit Jana at 10-Jan-11 7:16am View
If you think me as a downvoter for your post.. Sorry me too not !!
Abhijit Jana at 10-Jan-11 4:50am View
You have to be more specific in which event you have to do this. Particularly when he as asking about GridView.
Abhijit Jana at 9-Dec-10 14:49pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Thanks for Posting it Sandeep. It will help for giving as reference answer in forums !
Abhijit Jana at 3-Nov-10 2:07am View
Don't know why someone voted it 1, though it was correct answer :( ! I voted 5.
Abhijit Jana at 3-Nov-10 2:00am View
didn,t find any reason why some one voted it 1. Though it was correct answer. I voted 5 ! Thanks
Abhijit Jana at 27-Oct-10 10:22am View
I had mentioned about your 1 vote in my post as well, and I got the same :)
Abhijit Jana at 27-Oct-10 8:17am View
what do you mean by upload code online ? You want to say hosted on server ?
Abhijit Jana at 27-Oct-10 1:54am View
Please Update your origninal post with this source code.
Abhijit Jana at 27-Oct-10 0:54am View
Please show us your code where you are creating the gridview
Abhijit Jana at 26-Oct-10 14:24pm View
Which panel are you using ? Is it normal ASP.NET panel ?
Abhijit Jana at 29-Sep-10 4:57am View
I didn't understand what do you mean.
Abhijit Jana at 27-Sep-10 2:01am View
Yes, but I think OP is not looking for Cascadding Dropdown. If yes, then you are a good Mind Reader my friend ;)
Abhijit Jana at 27-Sep-10 1:34am View
Your question is not clear. You want to retrieve the value from Listbox ? Or you want to bind DataTable data to Listbox ? Could you please explain ?
Abhijit Jana at 27-Sep-10 1:12am View
Sandeep, I am not sure that, he is looking for Cascading dropdown. As, he want to display the data based on the selection and he never told he wants to populate the dropdown list based on another dropdown.
Abhijit Jana at 16-Sep-10 20:28pm View
@Hiren, I am not sure, If the problem is resolved or not, but this issue mainly comes when you host your web application on IIS. By default, application runs on ASP.NET Integrated engine which has full write access to your drives so you don't have any issue with the permission. But, when you upload the application on Server, problem may comes due to perission issue. Becaue 1 ) The folder where you are uploading file does not have write access 2 ) This is most important : Application Pool Identity. By default IIS Application pool having Network service identity, which does not have any write access to server, for that reason you need to give "Local System" identity for that application pool. Some times, you can resolve this using impersonation.
Abhijit Jana at 13-Sep-10 11:21am View
Abhijit Jana at 13-Sep-10 10:12am View
int.Parse() will throw an exception, if the input is not valid, like int.Parse("a12") will throw an exception. So, it always better to use TryParse(), which will throw bool based on seccess and failure.
Abhijit Jana at 13-Sep-10 10:03am View
"No need IIS We can count how many times Application loaded" . That I know. I was just asking, if there is any with IIS recycling .
Thanks !
Abhijit Jana at 13-Sep-10 7:12am View
Ohh. Sorry I have missed out your answer.
Abhijit Jana at 12-Sep-10 12:01pm View
Great !
Abhijit Jana at 9-Sep-10 7:07am View
I marked it as Good question ! As I founds many alternative new answers !! Thanks !
Abhijit Jana at 9-Sep-10 6:41am View
I am trying something .... let me check with that !!
Abhijit Jana at 9-Sep-10 6:23am View
I guess that should be "Abhinav" !! Not Abhijit . Even In my office, people sometimes confused with my name and one of my team member name, whose name is Abhinav too :)
Abhijit Jana at 1-Sep-10 13:33pm View
I had already mentioned that. "You may have look into this also"

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