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Nagy Vilmos 11-Feb-15 8:04am View
Looks likely, thanks. The css file shouldn't have been there, it contains all the stuff I don't want to move.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Oct-14 4:14am View
Just a few small comment on that:
0. if the user logs in once a year then the count will not be reset.
1. if the login is ms before midnight then the wrong login date will be recorded.
Nagy Vilmos 9-Oct-14 12:19pm View
Correct, because as it stands I'm looking for ideas. I'm not after a /this is the right and true way/ I want ideas so that I can go off and fup things.
Nagy Vilmos 9-May-14 8:32am View
... and now you're doing it!
Nagy Vilmos 11-Feb-14 8:24am View
Not really what I'm after, the two side bars could be percentage, but I really wanted to have them fixed width.
Nagy Vilmos 16-Jan-14 5:27am View
// skip ...
is a comment, add the if statement AFTER setting temp.
The reason, as in the comment, is to skip past sending the data back to the originator.
Nagy Vilmos 15-Jan-14 9:41am View
see the updated solution
Nagy Vilmos 15-Jan-14 8:23am View
The point is that line sends the data BACK. Leave the code AS IT WAS and just run an extra client on the server.
Nagy Vilmos 15-Jan-14 7:45am View
It's the line
try{tempOut.write(byteArray, 0, q);}catch (IOException e){}
Nagy Vilmos 19-Dec-13 5:20am View
As per Richard, provide the context and we'll try to help. What 'server' are you talking about? Without that tiny detail no one will be able to help.
Nagy Vilmos 8-Nov-13 4:39am View
Yes, the prepared statement class does all that for you, it prevents the old Bobby Tables problem.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Nov-13 10:52am View
I've deleted your duplicate response below.
Richard has been warned too, but your original answer added nothing to the previously posted answer. In future, please read the already posted responses and only create another answer if you have a different solution. If your solution is the same, a comment will suffice.
If you want to build a reputation, do it through original and incitful answers, rewriting others' content is known as 'plagiarism' and is not appreciated.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Nov-13 6:35am View
Is there an error message?
Nagy Vilmos 30-Oct-13 12:54pm View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n This requires proprietary software. Not good.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Sep-13 8:05am View
Hmm, I;m feeling nice so I answered. But really this is a trivial problem resolved by simply searching.
Nagy Vilmos 13-Sep-13 7:10am View
I wanted to try the reply button ;)
Nagy Vilmos 14-Aug-13 4:12am View
No commercials please.
Nagy Vilmos 5-Aug-13 10:36am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n Plagarised
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jun-13 6:36am View
Sorry, we don't write other people's code.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jun-13 6:25am View
I think I'm moving away from the 8 million thread model to a smaller thread per agent model. I have a test bench that I can, err, test with. If that goes FUBAR then I'll need at least a thread per worker.
Nagy Vilmos 24-May-13 7:29am View
Same applies. A little research will give you the basics of what you want and then go on from there. Re-inventing the wheel is mostly a pointless exercise.
Nagy Vilmos 18-Apr-13 7:38am View
How do you recruit samples anyway?
Nagy Vilmos 15-Mar-13 3:08am View
Yes it will help. The idea is that he should try a bit of research before posting. There is no question just a request for code.
Nagy Vilmos 25-Feb-13 4:31am View
You need to ask questions in English here. I have translated your question [using] but you might want to check it still means the same.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Feb-13 5:57am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Very good, right level of detail.
Could do with more sheep though.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Feb-13 8:49am View
I have looked at that and it is helping me a bit.
My issue is a design thing. The development is in Java as it is supposedly to run on Linux as well as Windows.
Nagy Vilmos 4-Feb-13 5:02am View
Nagy Vilmos 25-Jan-13 4:25am View
No information in this that can be answered.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Jan-13 7:45am View
This is why I put all four together, it's a POP.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Jan-13 6:59am View
That's four questions you've asked. These are very simple Java principles, please re-read your course books and speak to your teacher if you cannot do these problems.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Jan-13 6:47am View
This, and the other two 'questions' are very dubious and appear to be homework.
I will delete the other two and move them here.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Dec-12 4:07am View
According to the page you've linked to, follow the File menu, open Settings, then click Plugins and Browse repositories. Which part can't you do?
Nagy Vilmos 18-Dec-12 4:02am View
Simply put, no. We are all willing to help, but we won't write your code for you; well I wont.

30 seconds on Google, other search engines are available, should give you a good starting example.
Nagy Vilmos 30-Nov-12 5:34am View
A little bit of code may help, or are you expecting us to be telepathic.
Nagy Vilmos 31-Oct-12 6:02am View
I didn't see that duplicate, stupid hamsters.
Removed now.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Oct-12 10:00am View
Mark, you told him the secret!
Nagy Vilmos 23-Oct-12 8:26am View
Txtspk will get you no where here. The clearer the language we use, the easier it is for others to understand and help.
Nagy Vilmos 31-Aug-12 3:55am View
Reason for my vote of 1
The correct spelling is p-l-a-g-i-a-r-i-s-m.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Aug-12 6:29am View
Better to use isAssignableFrom as that allows for future sub-classes without needing to re-write the code.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Aug-12 6:28am View
Not you, but Torsten. He has a habit of telling people to do things a different way.

Looking at your code, it should be okay and is a sensible approach. It is better to have several small specialised classed then one big monolith class. What you are doing with two graphs could be done more simply, but as soon as you start adding more graphs the complexity will grow to an unmanageable state.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Aug-12 6:14am View
If you had read the code, you'd have seen a simple error.
Try and answer the question rather than impart you colossal intellect upon us mere mortals.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Aug-12 11:16am View
Probably only need the first 50, but it doesn't cost much in resources so 256 is as good a choice as any other seeing as it is a single byte.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Aug-12 5:58am View
My C++ coding in anger ended about 15 years ago. Now I prefer managed code - C# or Java. Heck, I'd go back to VB before returning to C++.
Nagy Vilmos 21-Aug-12 13:41pm View
Back in lovely London looking for a job.
Nagy Vilmos 30-Jul-12 4:09am View
As I said to CG, I am pretty okay with the date part. In fact the toLocale* methods are more than enough as I am only interested in formatting to the machines language and/or location.

Where I am struggling is to find a decent number formatting routine.
Nagy Vilmos 30-Jul-12 4:07am View
I'll have to ding you there. toLocaleString() gives the date & time, toLocaleDateString() gives just the date, which I am more interested in and toLocaleTimeString() just the time part.
But the part I am flummoxed by is a similar thing for numbers.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Jul-12 3:59am View
Thanks SA, I'll have to learn more about PHP then I'm happy about X|
Nagy Vilmos 25-Jul-12 12:15pm View
Reason for my vote of 5
Nice John, but next time add a bit more bacon.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:17pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:17pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Jul-12 15:16pm View
I for the spam link.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Apr-12 5:52am View
Using recursion brings in the added problem of what has been visited. Using OP's approach, once a node is visited it will not re calculated if it is arrived at using a shorter route. The below will check all routes.
Nagy Vilmos 16-Apr-12 4:46am View
What do you mean by "same problem"?

Have you tried debugging? Fire up any half decent IDE, step through the code and see what it throws out.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Apr-12 9:08am View
A couple of imports and half a dozen missing decelerations fixed it.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Apr-12 4:53am View
Always put your code in <pre> tags, readability matters.
Nagy Vilmos 4-Apr-12 3:56am View
Sense of humour. Get one.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Apr-12 8:25am View
ALL your answers refer to a single product. Either this is advertising or you need to explain.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Apr-12 8:25am View
ALL your answers refer to a single product. Either this is advertising or you need to explain.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Apr-12 8:25am View
ALL your answers refer to a single product. Either this is advertising or you need to explain.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Apr-12 8:24am View
ALL your answers refer to a single product. Either this is advertising or you need to explain.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Apr-12 7:29am View
Java and C# are just different flavours of the same hippy shít. ;)
Nagy Vilmos 15-Mar-12 8:47am View
Marked as Gimmecode.
What have you _tried_?
Nagy Vilmos 7-Mar-12 6:15am View
No work from you === no work from us.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Mar-12 8:20am View
[2] If they're Qubits then there can easily be eight states. ;)
Nagy Vilmos 2-Mar-12 9:25am View
This already happens with the Twitter[tm] mobile app.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Jan-12 4:41am View
What is the error?
Where is the code?

Without more information, no one here can help.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Jan-12 4:40am View
Not quite true. Different algorithms work better for different data types. However, as I've suggested, a good library will take the problem away and do the best job whatever the data type.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Jan-12 4:38am View
To be honest, pick a compression library and use that as it's not worth implementing it yourself. A good algorithm will take into account what the type of data is that is being compressed.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Jan-12 12:07pm View
Nagy Vilmos 20-Jan-12 9:51am View
If you paste in code please untick 'treat as plain text' next time.
Nagy Vilmos 17-Jan-12 4:49am View
Tagged homework & gimmecode
Nagy Vilmos 17-Jan-12 4:48am View
What have you tried?
Nagy Vilmos 16-Jan-12 11:13am View
It's the other way round or at least I read it that way.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Jan-12 5:35am View
I'm trying to avoid too much dependencies beyond J2SE.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Jan-12 5:10am View
Clarity. Where is it?
Nagy Vilmos 11-Jan-12 14:10pm View
I didn't even read the code, I just formatted it to make some sense.
Nagy Vilmos 11-Jan-12 6:59am View
What are the outputs from the debug print statements to the standard output?
Nagy Vilmos 11-Jan-12 6:57am View
Shortened title and re-formatted code.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Jan-12 14:58pm View
The static method approach is, in my opinion, flawed.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Jan-12 10:07am View
I juts discovered something from your link, the try-with-resource construct.
Nagy Vilmos 9-Jan-12 8:00am View
It is a very worth while exercise.
Nagy Vilmos 9-Jan-12 7:31am View
If it helps, vote. :)
Both these tools are just IDE's, the packages you use are up to you. AFAIK, T-SQL can be connected to from Java using JDBC, which is part of the standard language SDK.
Nagy Vilmos 9-Jan-12 4:56am View
#Umm mani umm shar#
Buda says you must "read the runes to see the path". I wonder what he could mean by that?
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 10:00am View
What is the pacgage name for your class? is it com.hamzah?
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 9:59am View
Fixed [I think] see above. It's the old "launch above the package" problem.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 9:53am View
What is the pacgage name for your class? is it com.hamzah?
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 9:12am View
added gimmecode tag
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 5:19am View
Duplicate question deleted.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 5:18am View
I've deleted your duplicate of this question.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Jan-12 4:46am View
Edited to stop my eyes bleeding. The word is 'the', not 'de'.
Nagy Vilmos 4-Jan-12 4:51am View
I think I may have given you an over complicated example, look at the simplest one "14.63.1. JTable Sorting in JDK6"; the link is after the code.
Nagy Vilmos 3-Jan-12 7:15am View
Yousa clever!
Nagy Vilmos 3-Jan-12 7:14am View
Another puppy gone. Blotus Goats is the demon spawn, you have all our deepest sympathy.
Have you checked on their web site for idea? I'm not deranged enough to go there myself but it /might/ have some information.
Good luck!
Nagy Vilmos 23-Dec-11 5:53am View
I thank you.
#Vilmos bows#
Nagy Vilmos 23-Dec-11 5:51am View
Go try some google foo. Type "simple java gui example" and look at any one of the first 843 results.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Dec-11 5:50am View
C#? The dark side you go! ;)
Nagy Vilmos 23-Dec-11 5:49am View
Edited for spelling.
Don't use txtspk, it is very annoying.
Nagy Vilmos 21-Dec-11 14:01pm View
I'm not in here all day, to spot the reposts.
Nagy Vilmos 21-Dec-11 12:58pm View
Edited to make link clickable.
Nagy Vilmos 20-Dec-11 9:17am View
Calling everyone 'dude' and not bothering to write proper English will not win you many friends here. A lot of CPers are not native English speakers so always make an effort to write properly.
Formatting answers also makes a big difference in readability.
Nagy Vilmos 20-Dec-11 9:14am View
Good answer. Extending the control to do what you want, who'd have thunk it? ;)
Nagy Vilmos 20-Dec-11 9:14am View
But if the event causes an exception, THEN you need to catch it. :)
Nagy Vilmos 20-Dec-11 9:12am View
If you are going to write a cypher, an important part is the decryption.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Dec-11 6:36am View
1 voted as this adds nothing to an already answered question.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Dec-11 5:11am View
Retagged with homework and GimmeCode.
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 9:52am View
Senor Carlo, you spoil him.
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 9:51am View
Incremental approach, clever. That way OP can get at least a dozen more questions on the same subject. :)
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 9:49am View
I've tried applying Yoda syntax and it still makes sense not.
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 9:25am View
So good you had to answer twice?
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 9:25am View
So good you had to answer twice?
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 6:59am View
The foo is strong in this one. :)
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 3:57am View
Excellent answer Senor Ricardo!
Nagy Vilmos 15-Dec-11 3:55am View
Added some formatting
Nagy Vilmos 14-Dec-11 3:43am View
Formatted because I care.
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 10:56am View
Not a very useful answer really, especially considering TorstenH's above.
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 10:55am View
Is the UI web based? If so, you can add a confirm type message box onto the web page OR go to a confirm page after they hit submit.
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 10:53am View
Read the links you've been given. Now, what don't you understand?
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 10:52am View
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 10:21am View
You missed that a Robber is a Person with a Weapon. Knife, Gun and Cosh all extend Weapon. :)

Seriously, good answer.
Nagy Vilmos 13-Dec-11 9:49am View
Cruel Mr Simmons, accurate but cruel. :)
Nagy Vilmos 12-Dec-11 11:05am View
Are you sure you mean minimise? AFAIK, there can only be one active app at a time, and when you wish to release the screen, the app is hidden or paused.
Nagy Vilmos 9-Dec-11 9:38am View
Urgent? For who? Not for me or, I feel, anyone else here.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Dec-11 10:45am View
What? But ... but ... but ... I thought Neo was 'The One'
Nagy Vilmos 30-Nov-11 14:27pm View
Moved 'improved question' here and deleted the duplicate.
Nagy Vilmos 30-Nov-11 12:12pm View
What is the COMPLETE error when you try it?
Nagy Vilmos 25-Nov-11 5:17am View
I did say it's only a template ;)
Nagy Vilmos 25-Nov-11 4:55am View
Added GimmeCode tag
Nagy Vilmos 25-Nov-11 4:55am View
The average case is wrong, it should be:
d = (a + b + c) / 3;
Nagy Vilmos 18-Nov-11 10:53am View
Double clear. ;)
Nagy Vilmos 18-Nov-11 10:49am View
How very clear of you
Nagy Vilmos 14-Nov-11 8:14am View
Post this as a comment to Richard and he /may/ help. Then again he /may/ suggest a small amount of effort on your part.
Nagy Vilmos 14-Nov-11 8:13am View
That's not even Java! ;)
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 15:01pm View
;) That's an implementation issue.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 14:05pm View
Where are the values for r, u, y, d, q and t?
It's a simple enough method to define if you have the values.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 14:01pm View
How hard is it?
You need one app, running on two devices.
Each finds the other and connects, voila - phone to phone.

Go write something, try it out and when you get stuck come back and ask some more. If I, or anyone else, writes your homework for you then it just devalues everything you are learning.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 12:34pm View
That is the best way to do it. this is the principle of OO, take what's there and extend, i.e. override, methods that you want to act differently.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 12:34pm View
That is the best way to do it. this is the principle of OO, take what's there and extend, i.e. override, methods that you want to act differently.
Nagy Vilmos 10-Nov-11 12:25pm View
Could you clarify what m_Session is please.
Nagy Vilmos 2-Nov-11 9:50am View
Formatted code and added capitalisation.
Nagy Vilmos 27-Oct-11 7:05am View
"it is equivalent to (!a)== 0" - that is exactly what I said.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Oct-11 8:26am View
Gimmecode, homework.
Added code in.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Oct-11 8:13am View
Formatted snippet.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Oct-11 8:11am View
Clever, get's my 5. :)
Nagy Vilmos 26-Oct-11 8:08am View
Caps are bad, removed.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Oct-11 4:21am View
You are being exceptionally lazy, but there's a link to help in the solution.
Nagy Vilmos 24-Oct-11 5:37am View
The google foo is strong in this one...
Nagy Vilmos 19-Oct-11 8:35am View
A researched answer! Who'd a thunk it. ;)
Nagy Vilmos 19-Oct-11 6:37am View
Good answer, gets my 5.
Nagy Vilmos 19-Oct-11 3:47am View
I'm sorry, this question makes no sense. Can you try and edit the question and add a bit more detail.
Nagy Vilmos 14-Oct-11 4:05am View
Agree the question deserves a downvote, but just give em a link already. ;)
Nagy Vilmos 13-Oct-11 6:41am View
If you feel the original is answered then mark it so.
As I don't know too much on this subject, enough to get you in the right direction but little more, I'd suggest raising another question so others can see your problem. Remember to add as much detail as you can to help those who may be able to help you.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Oct-11 12:00pm View
Done so.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Oct-11 11:24am View
Have you looked here -
Nagy Vilmos 12-Oct-11 3:29am View
Formatted code blocks.
Nagy Vilmos 12-Oct-11 3:28am View
I'm not sure what it is you are trying to get at.
Is your question about detecting call paths or about ensuring coverage by all test cases?
Nagy Vilmos 11-Oct-11 6:06am View
Either reality is broken or your question makes no sense.
I'm going with the later.
Nagy Vilmos 11-Oct-11 6:04am View
Read data and write it out?

What /type/ of report are you after?
Is it a specific format?
What is the source?

A lot more information is needed here if we are to help you.
Nagy Vilmos 6-Oct-11 3:39am View
Yes this example is the 'outside' bit. The design should be that the consumer application gets an access object, and it doesn't matter if there is a connection per access instance or if they are pooled.
The issue you will encounter is 'greedy' coding on the client side. If the client has to ak for a connection, it is unlikely that they'll give it back in a timely manner, that's just the nature of the beast. So don't allow the client to connect to the db layer only the access layer which encapsulates the pooling so that it is managed in one place.

Remember, who is the expert about the connection? The client that submits statements or the access layer that gets and returns connections?
Nagy Vilmos 5-Oct-11 6:21am View
Formatted code for readability.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Sep-11 8:27am View
If you take two sorted lists:
1, 2, 5 ,8, 10
3, 4, 6, 7, 9
Merge them in sorted order produces what?

AFAIK that is the point of the question.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Sep-11 7:47am View
No. I think it's each of the inputs is sorted, so the problem is to merge n lists that are in themselves in order.
If we play the 'memory no object game' we could do it by reading them all into a sorted array and then write out the array, but I think that may be taken as two passes. If the inputs are not sorted then there is, AFAIK, no single pass algorithm as you'd need to read all the data before being able to completely sort it.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Sep-11 7:09am View
TimSort requires two runs.
Nagy Vilmos 29-Sep-11 5:04am View
I wouldn't say "top of the line" but they are very complex.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:26am View
Because. Just because... ;)
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:26am View
Why use vectors?
What is the object you are using in the Vector?

You need to decide how the internal objects are described. All the basic types such as String, int or double either support a direct conversion or can be simply converted with a few lines of code.

Instead of asking 'how to convert', think /why/ do you want a byte array? The only reason I can think of is for storage and/or communications which comes back to serialisation.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:03am View
The most sensible idea and the least likely to be used. A motion sensor type thang could well be better for this problem domain.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:02am View
You specifically or someone on general?
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:02am View
Teach children to poke things?
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:01am View
There are at least eleventy hundred versions of this.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Sep-11 8:01am View
Bored are you?
Nagy Vilmos 23-Sep-11 11:05am View
Code example might help here.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Sep-11 6:56am View
Mark this as answering your question.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Sep-11 6:55am View
Good point.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Sep-11 6:44am View
Good answer.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Sep-11 7:18am View
Well put Wicky!
Nagy Vilmos 19-Sep-11 10:19am View
added spelling
Nagy Vilmos 19-Sep-11 8:51am View
Long titles are more likely to be ignored and "txt spk", especially "plz help", is frowned upon.

Any form should be independent of the screens resolution. If you are resizing the screen on load based on the screen size, then you will have to find a different approach.
Nagy Vilmos 7-Sep-11 10:51am View
re-tagged so the right people see it.
Nagy Vilmos 2-Sep-11 5:14am View
Code example?
Nagy Vilmos 24-Aug-11 6:42am View
What is the runtime error? Attach the full text to the question.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Aug-11 8:19am View
Runtime error or compile error?
More detail is needed for anyone to solve this.
Nagy Vilmos 23-Aug-11 8:17am View
Where is your code hanging?
Please edit the question and add a code snippet to give us mortals a chance.
Nagy Vilmos 5-Aug-11 8:27am View
No e-mails. Just edit this question, using [improve question] above, and add in your code. That way you have 8,000,000 more people who can see the code and maybe spot the error.
Nagy Vilmos 5-Aug-11 8:25am View
What have you tried?
Nagy Vilmos 1-Aug-11 10:42am View
Added proper tags.
Nagy Vilmos 1-Aug-11 9:39am View
iPhone != Android. These are two mutually exclusive and computing platforms. So will it be iPhone #pteew# or Android? It cannot be both unless you want to do two projects.
Nagy Vilmos 26-Jul-11 1:54am View
Reason for my vote of 5
It is the evil death* and should always be avoided.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Jul-11 3:23am View
Strike Three! You're out!
Nagy Vilmos 22-Jul-11 3:21am View
Strike Two! That's the second link removed. Another one and you'll get hit by the spam hammer.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Jul-11 3:20am View
Removed dubious and unneeded link.
Nagy Vilmos 22-Jul-11 3:07am View
Answer expanded to deal with more than two threads.
Nagy Vilmos 21-Jul-11 10:27am View
0. I didn't vote.
1. Your solution is better /from your point of view/, but that does not mean it is better for every one.
Nagy Vilmos 21-Jul-11 8:37am View
It's a good answer, but I still can't access my JavaDocs. :(
Nagy Vilmos 21-Jul-11 4:34am View
If it's an 'improvement' why didn't you just improve the answer instead of creating another answer?
Nagy Vilmos 21-Jul-11 4:01am View
As in my other reply, it's a case of understanding that there is no magic bullet. Read, apply, read, apply. After 25 years I am still learning, it never stops.

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