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Comments by Prerak Patel (Top 200 by date)

Prerak Patel at 16-Feb-15 6:23am View
He is just asking what you have tried for the given problem.
Prerak Patel at 15-Jan-15 3:56am View
Too less information. You haven't specified what and how you are trying.
Prerak Patel at 26-Apr-14 10:16am View
That is ok, you can always re-vote.
Prerak Patel at 24-Jul-13 2:35am View
No one has that option on class file. You can build project/solution - NOT THE CLASS FILES.
Prerak Patel at 24-Jul-13 2:34am View
+5, updated the answer so that this user might get what you mean.
Prerak Patel at 27-Feb-13 7:14am View
Show your tag
Prerak Patel at 21-Dec-12 12:23pm View
Here is the new microsoft link
Prerak Patel at 23-Oct-12 6:10am View
Use JOIN in SQL to get data in single DataTable.
Prerak Patel at 3-May-12 2:39am View
Share your code.
Prerak Patel at 17-Apr-12 1:59am View
Posting same question from different IDs won't help much.
Prerak Patel at 4-Apr-12 23:17pm View
Don't repost.
Prerak Patel at 4-Apr-12 1:02am View
Sharing your relevant code in question would be helpful to get a good solution.
Prerak Patel at 3-Apr-12 0:52am View
Use code block for code segments in question.
Prerak Patel at 14-Mar-12 0:42am View
When and where do you call validate function?
Prerak Patel at 23-Feb-12 23:12pm View
You are welcome. :)
Prerak Patel at 23-Feb-12 0:54am View
You can remove those dropdown links as it doesn't matter at all. All that matters is Dropbox and DropNet. Just a suggestion.
Prerak Patel at 22-Feb-12 23:44pm View
DropBox and DropDownList are totally different things and question is about DropNet.
Prerak Patel at 16-Feb-12 4:24am View
It is still confusing. Your html for dropdownlist would have helped better. As far as I understand, you have misunderstood the function. I updated the answer. I hope that will make it clear and solve your problem. If not, post the html generated for your ddl.
Prerak Patel at 10-Feb-12 7:48am View
Chart controls are shippled with VB6 installation. You can try installing it or the VB runtime.
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 23:37pm View
OK, I found it, now what?!
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 11:07am View
The SO link above has the exact same error as you have, but anyways, you tried to set it and it didn't work! Let someone come with some different approach.
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 10:59am View
With showcontrol set to false, I can see only video part in IE. No controls are visible anyway, then what is the benefit of disabling them?
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 10:51am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 10:51am View
Thank you
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 5:23am View
Please elaborate. It's too less detail with which no one would be able to help.
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 3:01am View
It's known as ICR.
Prerak Patel at 8-Feb-12 2:02am View
You can definitely use google to get more information.
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 3:50am View
Google would have helped you better.
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 3:43am View
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 2:09am View
Not a question
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 2:08am View
Man, nn is already declared as double. CDbl won't serve anything. When the text is assigned to double, it is implicitly converted I guess.
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 2:07am View
Thanks Abhinav
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 2:00am View
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 1:59am View
What have you done so far?
Prerak Patel at 7-Feb-12 1:57am View
Which email service? Is it your own email server? Give more details, and use google first.
Prerak Patel at 6-Feb-12 11:51am View
and it doesn't remove the option tags as it was asked for in question. :doh:
Prerak Patel at 6-Feb-12 5:57am View
What is private inputbox? Is it Microsoft.VisualBasic.Interaction.InputBox or custom control?
Prerak Patel at 6-Feb-12 5:41am View
A big code dump!!
Prerak Patel at 6-Feb-12 5:40am View
Thanks Uma
Prerak Patel at 6-Feb-12 2:27am View
Can you specify the column name??!
Prerak Patel at 2-Feb-12 1:06am View
Google for 'Uncaught init() exception' and make sure 'C:\Program Files\IBM\SDP\runtimes\base_v7\profiles\was70profile1\ClinicalService_v1.00.xsd' exists with required permission set.
Prerak Patel at 2-Feb-12 1:03am View
What to do?
Prerak Patel at 20-Jan-12 3:33am View
What is the error? and post only relevant code in question.
Prerak Patel at 20-Jan-12 3:09am View
Saying ineffective is not effective either. Describe what problem you got, or share some relevant code so that we can help better.
Prerak Patel at 19-Jan-12 1:48am View
Windows application in ASP.Net?!!
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 6:44am View
Thanks, and 5 to your answer.
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 5:37am View
You are welcome. Just note that the active database is the one in bin\debug directory.
Mark as answer if your query is solved.
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 4:50am View
Refer to the msdn link. Try with "Do not copy"
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 4:29am View
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 1:27am View
Can you show some example values for JointImageName?
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 1:05am View
If this helps, mark as answer.
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 1:01am View
The link contains a sample download too.
Here is the link.
Prerak Patel at 17-Jan-12 0:55am View
Any efforts?
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 23:21pm View
You can post your question here.
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 22:31pm View
You are welcome. :)
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 7:01am View
Upload where? Network location or web? If web, http or ftp?
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 6:46am View
You are welcome. Check the first link which has the demo project too.
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 6:39am View
And why would you do that? It is going to be run on your local machine only, then why don't you run your local calc.exe?
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 1:56am View
Any efforts?
Prerak Patel at 16-Jan-12 1:52am View
What exactly you want to do?
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 4:07am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 3:47am View
Is it the same tip posted twice?! Original tip and as alternate?
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 3:28am View
You can set context key on change of dropdown, on server/by javascript.
Link 1, Link 2
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 3:18am View
Try impersonating before copy.
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 1:06am View
Check if input excel file has merged rows.
Prerak Patel at 13-Jan-12 1:03am View
What do you mean by 'any mail'? How exactly you want it?
Prerak Patel at 12-Jan-12 23:39pm View
Sharing some relevant code will make your question clear and easy to understand.
Prerak Patel at 12-Jan-12 3:34am View
Can you show what is the value in password?
Prerak Patel at 27-Dec-11 3:03am View
Thanks Raja :)
Prerak Patel at 27-Dec-11 0:30am View
Elaborate please. Share some relevant code if required.
Prerak Patel at 27-Dec-11 0:30am View
Not clear. What exactly you want? How? What you have tried so far?
Prerak Patel at 15-Dec-11 13:18pm View
Reason for my vote of 1
It's the same code without comment as James posted.
Prerak Patel at 7-Dec-11 0:05am View
Not clear.
Prerak Patel at 6-Dec-11 23:08pm View
Form in the cell?! Why?!
Prerak Patel at 6-Dec-11 22:26pm View
Share your code.
Prerak Patel at 24-Nov-11 2:08am View
And what is the problem? Share some relevant code with description of problem.
Prerak Patel at 24-Nov-11 1:52am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 22-Nov-11 7:04am View
You are welcome. :)
Prerak Patel at 22-Nov-11 4:49am View
Describe your problem.
Prerak Patel at 22-Nov-11 4:39am View
What do you mean? You can use masked textbox but then you need to validate the entered date.
Prerak Patel at 19-Nov-11 3:31am View
The way you asked the question, no one is going to reply it. Considering that it's your first question, I have edited it the way it should be asked. Be polite, don't ask for code, don't show your urgency, give as much information as you can related to the issue.
Prerak Patel at 19-Nov-11 2:53am View
If that helped, mark as answer.
Prerak Patel at 19-Nov-11 2:21am View
Not clear. Share more relevant code.
Prerak Patel at 17-Nov-11 4:21am View
You are welcome. If your query is solved, mark the answer.
Prerak Patel at 16-Nov-11 6:20am View
Couldn't get you mate...
Prerak Patel at 16-Nov-11 5:55am View
I agree, but I think converting to date and get the year/month out of it is too much for such simple thing. So, I proposed it. I was to ignore this question actually.
Prerak Patel at 16-Nov-11 5:54am View
It wasn't me atleast. But I think this can be easily done with string functions, then we don't require to convert it to date and get a year/month/day out of it.
Prerak Patel at 16-Nov-11 3:50am View
Not a question.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 22:56pm View
Considering that GetFiles takes a little more to execute, if directory contains only files with those required entensions (or may be very few unnecessary files) then IMO OP could use the search with *.* and use Select Case.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 22:43pm View
And with this comment, we are not able to understand what you are doing. Elaborate more - what and how you are doing this?
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 8:01am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 7:09am View
This code is from the linked article in OP's previous question. I was pointing him to that, so that he stops reposting the same question.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 5:38am View
Yes, you can add those two sums in query.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 4:10am View
You can use required part of code from that.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 4:08am View
You are welcome. If your query is solved, mark the answer.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 3:55am View
How could you have " in date field? Let me know which data type you have and some sample data.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 3:51am View
Which document? Elaborate.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 3:32am View
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 2:29am View
You cannot achieve the provided output with the query in post. Check my query in answer.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 2:18am View
If you provide exact query and output, we might help you better. Your given query cannot produce this output any way. I just thought that date format could be the issue.
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 1:31am View
Did you add them in report?
Prerak Patel at 14-Nov-11 1:08am View
Not clear. Elaborate. Do you want count or dates?!
Prerak Patel at 13-Nov-11 23:47pm View
Elaborate or rephrase your question.
Prerak Patel at 13-Nov-11 23:45pm View
Updated the answer. You can match multiple words with regex. If this helped, mark as answer.
Prerak Patel at 13-Nov-11 23:33pm View
Provide full SQL query.
Prerak Patel at 13-Nov-11 23:28pm View
Actually it has nothing to do with toolbox. OP is just missing reference to WIA.
Prerak Patel at 13-Nov-11 22:44pm View
You mean, the output should be - I wanted to purchase a house and this house is so good that i will {buy|purchase|rent|acquire} this place?
Prerak Patel at 12-Nov-11 3:39am View
Could be /me/likes
Prerak Patel at 12-Nov-11 3:03am View
You can use me/likes for that. Mark answer if this helped.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 22:46pm View
You are welcome. If this solved your query, mark it as answer.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 22:19pm View
Sorry for those wrong variable names. Corrected it. About iterations, definitely it does; but with this you can easily apply different condition.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 6:37am View
If google approves your request. Try it.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 5:54am View
Did you try anything?
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 5:32am View
Not a question. Google and find which suits you or create one.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 5:21am View
Any efforts?
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 4:33am View
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 4:16am View
Without seeing what and how you are doing, it's difficult to answer your question.
Prerak Patel at 11-Nov-11 3:51am View
Not clear.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 9:27am View
As I am basically a VB developer, I just made it and posted. Now converted to C# too. Thanks JSOP.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 6:22am View
Didn't you solve it there in your previous question?
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 5:44am View
".xls " has 5 characters if you consider the space at the end.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 3:14am View
Check step 6 in second link.
Click One time if you want the schedule to run only once. To set the One time schedule, complete the One-time occurrence group on the dialog.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 3:12am View
You need to build your application in specific mode - Debug or Release. SA has explained it well in detail.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 3:11am View
I agree. The code in Debug directive won't be compiled in Release mode. But I think that how OP wanted it to act.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 2:08am View
That's good example of maths in code, still, with this code you can easily apply different condition without much effort.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 1:50am View
Yes you can. Just skip the row when you check for the link button. Share the relevant code if you are stuck somewhere.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 1:37am View
What? Is this a question?
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 1:25am View
'it didnt work for me' is not enough. Elaborate. Share some code if required.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 1:18am View
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 0:22am View
Not clear. Please elaborate.
Prerak Patel at 10-Nov-11 0:12am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 23:59pm View
Any efforts?
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 23:36pm View
What did you try so far. I see that there were many answers to your previous question regarding this.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 23:21pm View
What did you try?
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 7:13am View
Then try reading using OLEDB and write it to SQL.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 5:55am View
You can try debugging the issue, or ask the author about the problem at the end of article.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 3:38am View
Then you should have something else for country code, another array may be.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 1:42am View
Not clear. Elaborate.
Prerak Patel at 9-Nov-11 1:00am View
Not clear. Do you want to search the exe by name?
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 23:01pm View
What do you mean by - cannot find tables in that?
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 7:40am View
Share some code.
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 7:12am View
What do you want to do? Do you want to open VS2010 solution in VS2003?!
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 4:10am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 2:22am View
I got that. Did you try what I suggested? It makes the file blank first and then adds all. Which results in hai go bye go goood morning go in chiru.sql as you say. See I am highlighting the change in answer.
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 1:36am View
Not clear. Elaborate and share some code.
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 0:54am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 8-Nov-11 0:46am View
Not enough information. Still check the answer if it helps.
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 22:54pm View
What is the problem?
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 6:27am View
Not a question. Did you even try it?
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 5:16am View
Start with Google, MSDN and a few good books or articles.
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 4:19am View
You don't need any form for that. Just use the required code in your project. And that's what you have to do your own.
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 3:16am View
Nice links. +5
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 2:01am View
No, you should use label for that.
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 1:36am View
I think, OP wants to know whether column has 'is identity' set to true/false based on the primary key name.
Prerak Patel at 7-Nov-11 0:09am View
But you tagged your question as ASP.Net. Anyways, edited the answer.
Prerak Patel at 6-Nov-11 22:23pm View
Prerak Patel at 5-Nov-11 3:09am View
Share more code. What do you set in @ImageData?
Prerak Patel at 5-Nov-11 3:02am View
Elaborate more.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 8:39am View
Elaborate. Which selected values?
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 8:34am View
What selection formula is used in your crystal report?
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 8:11am View
Show part of your config file.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 7:23am View
Share some code.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 5:55am View
There is no definite process. Every database is unique and you need to fine-tune them individually.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 5:43am View
Don't repost. Did you workout the last solution?
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 4:56am View
Don't repost. You can modify your question.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 4:37am View
Google it.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 4:22am View
You want to get the list of items in array, or you want to populate items from array?
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 4:07am View
You are welcome. If your query is solved, mark the answer.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 3:25am View
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 3:22am View
This is how it is designed. You need to register your 32bit ocx using C:\windows\sysWOW64\regsvr32.exe
See how regsvr32 works.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 3:08am View
It can be done using SET ROWCOUNT, see my answer.
Prerak Patel at 4-Nov-11 2:33am View
Share relevant code.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 8:12am View
What have you tried?
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 5:48am View
What error you get? Share some relevant code.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 5:16am View
Check my answer down there. I think you should have checked it by now.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 3:45am View
OP could be not good at English, so I posted the answer as per my best guess. And yes, your answer is correct if it is integrating. :)
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 3:20am View
It's not at all related to WPF. It is general to all.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 2:53am View
Without seeing your code?! Uh, can't.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 2:52am View
Use like this, double suma = double.Parse(labl.Text.Replace("$",""));
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 2:40am View
Did you even try to change that regex? Don't post new question. You can add comment to the answers, or even modify your question.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 2:37am View
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 1:38am View
Did you google?
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 1:35am View
Yes, an EXE cannot delete itself for sure, but I found some good article for self deleting EXE on CP. It's just creating a batch file at temp location and call it at the end of task.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 1:15am View
Without knowing your table structure, it's difficult to help you.
Prerak Patel at 3-Nov-11 0:45am View
Google it.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 5:34am View
Not clear. Elaborate.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 5:34am View
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:53am View
Oops, sorry CodeHelper. I just saw the same answer twice, and deleted it considering repost. I didn't see that posters were different.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:48am View
Why don't you just google first? And one more thing, use sentence case in your questions and don't use that pre tags everywhere.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:39am View
I think you mean ODBC vs OLEDB.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:15am View
Anyways, edited the answer.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:02am View
You should not post your comment as answer. I don't get any notification if you post it as answer.
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 4:01am View
Thanks, but you missed that 5 :)
Prerak Patel at 2-Nov-11 1:20am View
And what would it serve?!
Prerak Patel at 28-Oct-11 2:55am View
Check the links and try to learn.
Prerak Patel at 25-Oct-11 4:57am View
Who said it's wrong? What problem you get?
Prerak Patel at 25-Oct-11 4:29am View
You are welcome.
Prerak Patel at 25-Oct-11 3:01am View
Prerak Patel at 25-Oct-11 2:48am View
Yes, I checked that. My 5 there... :)
Prerak Patel at 25-Oct-11 2:13am View
If your query is solved, mark the answer.

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