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DaveAuld at 23-Dec-14 7:02am View
DaveAuld at 23-Dec-14 7:00am View
People don't just give complete implementations. What have you tried, what resources have your research, sdk's, api's codeproject articles etc. etc.
DaveAuld at 19-Nov-14 13:51pm View
I would think the implementation is looking for 'B' on this definition because each day 'A' is 'Apple' but 'B' has changed. Could be wrong though!
DaveAuld at 19-Nov-14 9:50am View
Is it maybe the browser that is caching the page then? You could try a CTRL+F5
DaveAuld at 19-Nov-14 9:41am View
Where is the hyperlink being displayed?
DaveAuld at 13-Nov-14 5:38am View
If the API is constantly hitting the DB for read ops then you need to introduce caching, the write op should hit the db and the cache updates accordingly.
DaveAuld at 15-Sep-14 8:44am View
They will have developed formula over years of R&D, these will not be in the public domain as they will ultimate can make or break a company. If you think that these are used to determine automatic ordering processes etc. get them wrong you could lose money through lack of stock or cost you money by having excess stock sat on the shelves.
DaveAuld at 8-Sep-14 0:41am View
Hi Tino,
In that case the only other option I can think of is a hardward dongle on the site's server hosting the application. It would contain the license and any module/concurrent connection (seat) licenses. Products like Deskey or KeyLok might help. (You can get a dev kit fro Deskey to experiment with, I had one from them in the past).
DaveAuld at 30-Aug-14 10:34am View
I'm sorry, but if you are writing software at this level and have a product that is valuable enough that you are concerned with it being copied, then you must be smart enough to work your own solution to your own specific needs. Sometimes, it is more hassle to build in protection than the value of the software you are selling.
DaveAuld at 30-Aug-14 6:59am View
I have updated my answer with a link to an example licensing mechanism.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-14 5:34am View
This has been asked a heap of times, you would find the answer in about 0.108 seconds using google!
DaveAuld at 6-Jul-14 5:05am View
The ASP.Net Identity framework provides the necessary mechanisms for providing websites with password protection, or use 3rd party authentication such as Google/Facebook/Twitter etc. The Identify framework also provides role based functions so a user can be allowed to do certain things e.g. Admin or simple user, and Author or an Editor etc. Specific requirements can also be added by either overloading the framework methods or by adding additional tables etc and referencing the users uid.
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This is not a suitable question.
DaveAuld at 3-Jun-14 3:36am View
Sorry, don't know where to go from here.
DaveAuld at 2-Jun-14 3:25am View
Please post the code for the model.
DaveAuld at 2-Jun-14 2:39am View
This isn't a suitbale question for Q&A, it is probaly more suited to the discussion forums for Android.
I suggest you delete your question here and take it to the android forum.
DaveAuld at 2-Jun-14 2:38am View
You are trying to load test your app? Did you search for Load Test software?
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 14:31pm View
You appear to be misunderstanding how it works on CodeProject. NO ONE will repond, and if they do, you will just get a lot of abuse. This question is not acceptable on CP so will be deleted.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 9:59am View
have a look at the valve of parsedData, check its structure, it is well formed json? is the field you are trying to access correctly named etc. other than than without seeing it or having access to the data source I can't think of anything else. Is it possible to post the contents of parsedData? (maybe add it to the original question and format it correctly.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 8:07am View
You're welcome, but this isn't a solution to the question so afraid needs to go! You the comments against the question or the solutions to provide feedback (or simply vote and accept etc!) :)
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 7:14am View
Check the specs, look at the structure closely of parsedData etc. something may be malformed or a parameter name might be different than expected. Good Luck!
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 7:07am View
There you go, so now you know where you need to start diagnosing the problem. Dig further by looking at parsedData, use of stringify etc. nothing more we can do for you here. You have the information to allow you to investigate further, we don't.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 3:13am View
Duplicate, deleting htis one as the other has code present.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 3:09am View
Outside ajax call do;
var theData = JSON.stringify({ id: })
inside the ajax call do;
data: theData,
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 2:12am View
Yes I see that, but start by testing with a known input, to prove the AJAX call works. e.g. simply pass in {id: '1'} or something like that and see what happens. Then passing in a variable containing that same test, then move the JSON.Stringify to outside the ajax call and only pass in the result of that code.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 1:23am View
Does moving the JSON.STringify outside the ajax call and simply passing in a variable change the outcome?
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 1:20am View
Well how am I to know that, it doesn't state that in the original question.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 1:18am View
This is not a solution, if you have no AD then update the original question to state that. This will be deleted as it is not a solution.
DaveAuld at 1-Jun-14 1:18am View
This is not a solution, if you have no AD then update the original question to state that. This will be deleted as it is not a solution.
DaveAuld at 28-May-14 1:25am View
DaveAuld at 19-May-14 7:13am View
What do you mean by Extract? What are you trying to do with the data now that you have it in the object tableData?
DaveAuld at 15-May-14 8:52am View
And who is this question directed at? "for your custom razor template"? If it is to the CodeProject, you should ask in site bugs and sugs forum.
DaveAuld at 15-May-14 6:52am View
Have you had a look in the system event logs to see if there are any other clues as to why the dll might not be loading?
DaveAuld at 15-May-14 6:41am View
Are there folder restrictions in place where the file is located. Maybe there is access permissions conflicts.
DaveAuld at 15-May-14 6:34am View
What are you trying to do?
DaveAuld at 15-May-14 6:24am View
Your question makes no sense, what have you tried yourself? People will not just give you code...
DaveAuld at 30-Apr-14 7:11am View
Where is the code you have written to generate the problem?
DaveAuld at 9-Feb-14 14:15pm View
What code have you tried? Update your question with the code, there may be a bug in what you have done.
DaveAuld at 4-Feb-14 2:49am View
Reference the DLL in the normal way, then call a method in the DLL that has all the dealing to do with the form.
DaveAuld at 19-Dec-13 1:52am View
Thanks Richard, I was poking around various places again including XRDP site/forums + also azure community. I think the long and short is the XRDP isn't supported on Azure, so need to look at X11vnc / TinyVNC etc. On the corruption piece, I did try numerous installs of didn't distro versions from the Azure choices.
DaveAuld at 17-Dec-13 3:55am View
Cheers, I'll have a look. I can't believe how many things I tried and different pages I looked at, feel like I've gone round in circles so much that the earth has actually started to revolve backwards. I have deleted the VMs again to start a fresh on my next attempt!
DaveAuld at 17-Dec-13 3:31am View
You should have used the comments, not solution to make that statement, it will be deleted as it is not a solution. Cheers, anyway.
DaveAuld at 17-Dec-13 2:37am View
Maybe SSL requirements, things like that.
DaveAuld at 17-Dec-13 2:31am View
You could start with the WebBrowser control that is integral to Visual Studio....other than that search sites like ComponentOne for other commericial ones, or search via Google for free or open source projects.
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 14:46pm View
Unfortunately I'm in the middle of the oggin at the moment, otherwise I would have downloaded the stuff and had a go myself....maybe have a go when I get home! If you are really new to MVC I really do recommend the pluralsight videos at they really helped me get my head round the basics, event to the extent of get a full blown MVC project for my degree done.
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 10:45am View
It only lodged in my brain because I did it in 2011 as part of my degree.. Surprised it hasn't been pushed out by something else by now :-)
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 7:00am View
See my solution, does that fix it.....
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 6:49am View
I will have another look when I get a chance, but is there any reason why there is no Stage6? Have you checked all the variable names, Block Braces match etc. Does it build properly in the IDE?
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 4:30am View
There are no functions available to do that (I don't think). You must write your own. I am sure if you search CodeProject you will find one, as these keep appearing all the time in the moderation queues. There is a interop function to do that with Byte sizes, but not seen one for numerics.
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 1:37am View
DaveAuld at 16-Dec-13 1:34am View
Having had another look at the code, I would not be relying on the delays to allow states to change, that is asking for a fail. I would hold in a loop until the expected state is reached or until a timer times out in which case take to a hold state and announce 'fault'.
DaveAuld at 15-Dec-13 16:34pm View
It looks like it is possible that Stage7 can be caught in an endless loop depending on the states. I would be tempted to refactor the code and put some Serial statements in to aid debugging.
DaveAuld at 15-Dec-13 11:28am View
Lastly, this might give you some steer:
DaveAuld at 15-Dec-13 11:25am View
This was the page about the structure I read:
DaveAuld at 15-Dec-13 10:40am View
I read on the Nop support site that the Nop.Admin library isn't executable directly. Calls appear to be made through the API. Another post (in the support forum) also stated that install the NOP Commerce as the primary web app, and then just edit the menus etc to include you own content/links etc.
Have you had a trawl through the NOP forums....
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 6:13am View
This is not a solution, it will be deleted. To leave comments use the "Have a Question or Comment?" button.
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 3:33am View
Use relevant tags also. You state VS and, so why have you got tags for javascript and jquery?
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 3:32am View
Edit question with make/model of equipment you are using etc.
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 3:30am View
What exactly are you trying to do? I'm confused when you started talking clients/servers etc. Is the Client a webpage or an application etc. The server an IIS app or standalone server app etc. update and clarify in your question.
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 3:14am View
Question not clear, please edit and re-phrase.
DaveAuld at 12-Dec-13 3:13am View
Show us your code, what is the exception thrown?
DaveAuld at 11-Sep-13 14:40pm View
Hey Ravi, I have given up for the time being! I was getting the same issue as you in my tests. AARRGHHHH!!!!
DaveAuld at 29-Jun-13 3:59am View
Only if the user has made this information public and the relevant fields are supported in the facebook APIs. Check the developer pages on FB to get more details on the implementation.
DaveAuld at 29-Jun-13 3:58am View
Well I suggest you first start by looking at the developer pages on the respective sites. You will find details of the api implementations to allow you to do this. Then you can search these keywords on Google or CP to find related articles on the subject matter.
DaveAuld at 20-Jun-13 2:21am View
Search for SHA-256 and you will find examples of hash generation. it is quite simple to do.
DaveAuld at 20-Jun-13 2:12am View
Filename and sheetnames do not help. The cell values may be different. Use hashes to genenerate a digital fingerprint of the file/contents. store and compare them.
DaveAuld at 19-Jun-13 7:40am View
How more clear can I be! Assuming you are uploading the file through an website going by your tags. You upload the file, at the server you generate the hash, process the file. Upload the next file, process the hash. If the hash already exists, you have already processed that file.
DaveAuld at 19-Jun-13 4:04am View
And what code are you using to initiate the popup, and what code do you have in the button click handler?
DaveAuld at 17-Apr-13 2:58am View
A bit harsh saying google is no use, when it is your google Foo that it no use! At least you have it solved now :)
DaveAuld at 27-Feb-13 14:37pm View
So if you are not using a keyboard, you are either using Gesture's or perhaps Speech to Text converter?
DaveAuld at 9-Feb-13 1:46am View
And what data format is the datatype in the column, I am assuming it is string(/nvarchar) rather than DateTime that has just been formatted.
DaveAuld at 6-Feb-13 4:37am View
What exactly are you trying to do, iis is not running in the User process so where would wmplayer try to open?
DaveAuld at 6-Feb-13 4:36am View
Never ask for help "urgently" it is rude. You are not paying for a support service here.
DaveAuld at 5-Feb-13 1:49am View
You need to be understanding why it throws errors, I suspect you are still not putting valid data into the SQL, or the VAL statements are failing because they have invalid data to evaluate. VAL is very picky. Also do a search for SQL Parameter queries.
DaveAuld at 4-Feb-13 7:43am View
How the hell is the application data required for the install going to get to the target machine without being 'downloaded'. I feel you are missing some key information, or are failing to understand what is happening here.
DaveAuld at 19-Jan-13 8:00am View
Have you stepped through and watched all the various variables? What about doing it with a pen and paper, step through line by line and write down what you think is happening.
DaveAuld at 19-Jan-13 7:58am View
You need to be more specific with your question. What have you tried that tells you it is not working? Have you event put a log event into the handler to see if it is even firing? What about the code you have written? Have you debugged and stepped through?
DaveAuld at 12-Jan-13 15:38pm View
Which browser?
DaveAuld at 7-Jan-13 3:44am View
Put the list box code back into your original question for using the "improve question" button.
DaveAuld at 6-Jan-13 11:22am View
I take it you are using by the fact that you are asking for vb script?
DaveAuld at 3-Jan-13 8:42am View
You do not use a "Solution" to add updates or comments. If you have more info to share in the question, edit the question ("Improve Question) and add the new information. If you are responding to a solution or other comment, use the Comment facility. Oh, and you didn't even format the code blocks.
DaveAuld at 3-Jan-13 5:58am View
You should never rely on the useragent to determine the status of a clients configuration. The useragent can be tweaked/emptied/custom by the user. What are you trying to achieve by determining if the client has .Net or not?
DaveAuld at 2-Jan-13 7:16am View
What do you want to include in the CDN?
DaveAuld at 2-Jan-13 7:10am View
Tickets for what? the theatre, trains buses.......have you looked at open source solutions like bugzilla?
DaveAuld at 23-Dec-12 10:51am View
Before your accounts are being banned you must be causing problems on those sites. It would be easier just to stop doing what your doing and stop getting banned!
DaveAuld at 23-Dec-12 10:50am View
Accounts from which site?
DaveAuld at 1-Dec-12 10:52am View
Is that even a question?
DaveAuld at 26-Nov-12 4:40am View
You can't put a picture here, you can upload your picture to some of the free internet repositories and then link to it.
DaveAuld at 26-Nov-12 4:24am View
And you problem is what exactly? I see no question, just a statement.
DaveAuld at 26-Nov-12 4:20am View
And the problem is? what have you tried?
DaveAuld at 25-Nov-12 6:33am View
Have a look at this: it is doing a directory trawl and file comparison using MD5 hash. source is available.
DaveAuld at 25-Nov-12 3:46am View
You might never be able to guarantee the file opens within the brower. It is determined by client configuration on how to hanle the file types. You cannot force the file to be opened in the browser.
DaveAuld at 25-Nov-12 1:46am View
Have a look at the Forms over Data section, videos 6 and 15.
DaveAuld at 24-Nov-12 12:24pm View
Sorry, I made a slight mistake, you use a bindsource to link the DGV to the db, then you update the filter property of the bindingsource. Go to the MSDN site and search for "Forms over Data", there is an excellent video that shows how all the databinding hangs together.
DaveAuld at 23-Nov-12 9:43am View
When testing strings it is recommended to use .equals) e.g. if (!computerName.equals("."))
DaveAuld at 27-Oct-12 8:09am View
What Griff means is, what are you expecting to happen, what are you trying to do that makes you think something is not working! Expand on the details please.
DaveAuld at 27-Oct-12 7:15am View
You need to perform some sort of refresh to repopulate the dropdown list. Now as this in VB6, you are on your own!
DaveAuld at 21-Oct-12 2:39am View
Have you viewed page source using ie or chrome to dig down into the dom to find out what is going on?
DaveAuld at 21-Oct-12 2:37am View
Go on then. Sounds liek a homework question. What exactly are you stuck with? What have YOU tried so far?
DaveAuld at 21-Oct-12 2:37am View
You mean you want to use geo-location service to convert lat/long to town/city?
DaveAuld at 21-Oct-12 2:36am View
There is really not a lot to work on here. I can't even understand your question. Please reword what your issue is.
DaveAuld at 12-Oct-12 5:01am View
I think you have to use only 1 script manager on a page.
DaveAuld at 12-Oct-12 5:00am View
Search the articles, there are probably heaps of examples. You have made no effort.
DaveAuld at 12-Oct-12 4:59am View
Have you added a reference to the project and an imports to the code.
DaveAuld at 12-Oct-12 4:58am View
No, you use the Improve Question to edit and add your code to the original question.
DaveAuld at 10-Oct-12 13:01pm View
I copied and pasted the code straight from a test page I chucked together to test this. There are other methods you could also use, like kepress events to do the trigger, or bind through jQuery.
I tested this in chrome (works), but it doesn't work in IE, so you will need to tweak to make it cross browser.
DaveAuld at 10-Oct-12 12:08pm View
\n ?
DaveAuld at 5-Oct-12 16:10pm View
You probably won't succeed that easily. If the virus or malware has been written well, there will be a secondary process waiting and watching for the primary process to be killed so it can spawn another instance.
DaveAuld at 5-Oct-12 16:07pm View
Your subject is crap. It should have been relevant to the question. [now edited for you]
DaveAuld at 5-Oct-12 2:36am View
What have you tried? Code?
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 11:12am View
This is the second time this has been posted, I have already deleted this once, because the other ongoing question has more info.
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 10:47am View
Where are you trying to perform this? What language are you trying to do this in? you have a right mishmash of things going on, and it is not clear.
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 10:46am View
That is not a solution to your question, edit original question or use comments to feedback. This is being deleted.
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 6:06am View
Don't understand what you are trying to do. What have you tried?
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 5:58am View
Why are you not satisfied with this? What are you wanting to do instead?
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 4:36am View
Answer this; What if someone modifies the data directly in the Database without using your app, how you going to audit that?
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 4:34am View
Do you mean text rotate?
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 4:31am View
One option is to use a loop and also character index positions, go figure.
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 4:29am View
Depends on the camera make/model and supported features. Check the manufacturers website.
DaveAuld at 4-Oct-12 4:22am View
This is not a question, and should not be in the Q&A section, if you have an issue with an individual take it to the mods via the Site Bugs forum or for Spam issues take it to the spam forum.
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 7:30am View
Exists where? In your user database or is a real valid email? If the later you need to use a verification scheme, send the email address a unique link that can be used to validate the account.
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 7:21am View
Have you checked that the webconfig reference are using the correct versioning, and the ef5 bins have been copied across to the build folder.
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 6:58am View
This is not a Q&A question, you are as bad as the downvoters and should know better! I'm deleting this.
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 6:51am View
Sorry, don't have an XP machine to verify on, but I think you go into IIS, right click the website, select properties and on the Directory Security tab edit IP Restrictions.
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 4:46am View
What code did you try with?
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 4:07am View
Do you have remote desktop access to the remote server? Do you have full admin control of the remote server?
DaveAuld at 3-Oct-12 2:42am View
What have you tried. "Give full programming code" I think not, that is not how it works...
DaveAuld at 28-Sep-12 8:09am View
Well go search gooogle for JSON posting using C#, make some effort!
DaveAuld at 28-Sep-12 6:39am View
I haven't got any, see the link in the solution for example.
DaveAuld at 25-Sep-12 2:49am View
Good for you, you know how to use search don't you?
DaveAuld at 24-Sep-12 4:12am View
And the question is?
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 9:09am View
To start with, you will need lots of money to pay for a high bandwith internet connection and then a lot more money to pay for the servers to run the application, then you will need to find someone who want to give you content for nothing. Once you have all those things you will need to write an application to server the consumer.
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 9:07am View
Really, go ahead, Wes doesn't mind if that is what you want to do..............What Wes is really saying is, You haven't asked a question about a problem, you have made a statement. What have you tried to do? Where did you get stuck? Where is the code you have tried so far?
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 6:03am View
Read the error logs from the hosted server, or speak to the hosting company to tell you what the IIS logs are telling you. You could also implement the likes of ELMAH to see what is going on. ( There are articles on CP about this.)
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 6:01am View
You simply need to read and compare tests, looking for phrases, word order, etc. etc. Sorry did I say simply? I meant, bloody difficult to implement the heuristics engine for these sort of things.
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 1:59am View
You haven't said if the table data is related, how did you pull the data through to the datagridview?
DaveAuld at 22-Sep-12 1:58am View
Terminate each half of the statement using a semi-colon. 'update fist table; update second table'
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 12:25pm View
The whole row or just the subitem?
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 12:21pm View
Does that handle clicking on a panel in the form, as well as the form, as requested in the OPs original question?
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 11:00am View
This is not a solution, you should have used a comment. Deleting.
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 3:57am View
Of course it will, this is just to enable more detailed diagnostics.
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 1:43am View
Change the Trace output statement in the web.config to localOnly="false", this should provide you with more diagnostic info. Remember and change it back!
<trace pageOutput="true" requestLimit="10" enabled="true" localOnly="false" traceMode="SortByTime" mostRecent="true" />
DaveAuld at 21-Sep-12 1:33am View
You are meant to use the "Improve Question" to edit and add your code in there properly formatted, not add it as a comment to the question!
DaveAuld at 20-Sep-12 2:55am View
Reading his comments, I think he is talking more about image scrambling, as he wants to still be able to show a valid image of the encrypted input image.
DaveAuld at 20-Sep-12 2:41am View
That is just a horrendous question. What encryoted image? What encryption scheme? What have you tried?
DaveAuld at 20-Sep-12 2:18am View
Speak to other people in the company. Just because you are an intern doesn't mean you can't ask questions of the rest of the team!
DaveAuld at 20-Sep-12 2:16am View
That doesn't make much sense? the second one, just has an extra column of data, but doesn't really demonstrate where the data came from, maybe need to edit and redifine your example.
DaveAuld at 20-Sep-12 2:14am View
Is your browser blocking the downloads? Is your spam/virus software blocking?
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 8:53am View
And what have you tried to implement so far?
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 8:45am View
Changed language in code block from "text" to "javascript".
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 8:28am View
I have a 4year old daughter an 8 year old daughter and then there is the wife. You learn to piece random bits of information together to create the question what they were trying to ask :-) The OP said they wanted to select one after the other, with cities based on state etc. So dropdown cascade!
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 8:24am View
If we gave you a USP, then all your competitors would read this and implement same, so would not longer be a USP.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:26am View
I have fixed your code block, you had an extra pre wrap which broke the formatting.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:24am View
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:23am View
What have you tried, where have you looked for inforamtion. Have you tried to search the articles?
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:22am View
I wonder the same thing. Why oh why oh why.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:21am View
What have you tried? We don't give anything.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:17am View
How to use? that is not an acceptable title. Hidden has 2 'd's not 3. Hi has one 'i' and I take it Frds is meant to be Friends?
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:14am View
This is nothing other than abuse........being deleted.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 7:06am View
And what code are you using? In what way is it being corrupted?
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 6:58am View
No I cannot send how you can send the message. I do not have any example code, you need to go do some of your own research. The wiki entry doesn't look like anything complicated, and as I said, there are tons of examples out there. I don't know how many times SMS related questions are asked on codeproject, but it is alot. Go do your own work.
DaveAuld at 19-Sep-12 4:13am View
Again, you need multi-part messages. See my solution for link to more details.
DaveAuld at 18-Sep-12 5:39am View
SMS specification is 160 characters. What you need to look at is multi-part messages.
DaveAuld at 17-Sep-12 6:51am View
I have also noticed you duplicated your question. Don't do that, edit one of them, bin the other.
DaveAuld at 17-Sep-12 6:46am View
The link has been stripped so don't know where your example points to....
DaveAuld at 17-Sep-12 6:41am View
This is not a question it is a statement.
DaveAuld at 6-Sep-12 4:23am View
What is the code that is executing to generate the exception, there maybe something around there. Are you logged is as a non-administrative user? How about if you are logged in as administrative user?
DaveAuld at 5-Sep-12 17:52pm View
If this is an assignment then alot of this should be covered in your course notes. You just need to piece it together and apply it.
DaveAuld at 31-Aug-12 12:53pm View
Silly question., but, have you looked at the file path to see if the file resides there? If not you may want to remove the reference and re-add it pointing to the correct location, or add the dll to that location, or another location that is accessible to the project.
DaveAuld at 29-Jul-12 14:36pm View
Have a read of this page;
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:48pm View
Sounds like you are trying to create an semi-automatic bot? If so so, then you are up to no good.
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:47pm View
I suggest you look at Audio Recording in C# and then Blob storage and retreival with SQL, then Audio playback in C#. Google might be able to help, I once heard there can be a few things appear sometimes on Google [whatever google is] when you type words into some sort of text box and hit some button or another.???
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:39pm View
I would think the Admin would be able to look at the transaction log to see who did what. They may have to enable auditing on this folder though.
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:37pm View
It is your project, you come up with the ideas. Picking a technology and building a project round it is the wrong approach. Come up with a project, and then research the technologies and use this research as part of the justification in your thesis. You will have to document this anyway to demonstrate your own research abilities.
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:35pm View
I think he means Master of Science university project.
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:34pm View
maybe you need some sort of structural architect if you want to build a bridge......Also, you maybe want to expand on want you are trying to do and you might get a more sensible answer. Edit your original question.
DaveAuld at 28-Jul-12 18:32pm View
Maybe you have just coded it wrong.
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 9:29am View
If you want ultimate speed, what you need is a SSD Raid like this one (capable of 2 GB/s! yes, two gigabytes/sec!);
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 9:13am View
Raid 10 is a stripped mirror, sounds like you are maxing out on the the network throughput. You can use the benchmark software I have listed in the previous article links to test what you are getting. What you should do next is look at if you can add additional network cards to your PC and your Raid box and then to enable load balancing and double the throughput. You want to eliminate the slowest link in the chain, and then work your way up through the weak link, your network switch etc. may not support support the load balancing, jumbo frames, etc
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 9:07am View
I think the main benefit of pre-allocation is that it prevents (or can limit) disk fragrmentation. particularly if done on a clean or defragmentated disk. IBM has some info on storage network stuff;
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 7:54am View
Thought so, now if you give me an idea on the other things in the previous comment I might be able to further help.
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:56am View
I think you should explore the Membership providers for, will make you life so much easier.
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:53am View
STOP SHOUTING!!!!!! What error is it giving, I'm not telepathic.
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:50am View
I don't think you have thought through what you are trying to do..............
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:47am View
And the question is?
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:43am View
And the question is?
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:36am View
You said an unbuffered write with a buffer size of 4MB, do you you mean a block size of 4MB?
DaveAuld at 9-Jul-12 6:35am View
What raid configuration are you using? What is your current write speed to the raid array from the machine? Is the raid array in the machine or connected externally? How is it connected if external (USB, Ethernet, Firewire etc.)?
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 5:14am View
Welcome to the problems of IE! sounds like your CSS markup needs to be different to make it more compatible with IE, you could check the header to test which browser is being used and modify markup for each. Also, you need to watch any javascript and test thoroughly. I had a problem yesterday where it would work in Chrome and not in IE and had to tweak to work in both.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 2:02am View
Am I a mind reader? What links? Are you showing us any code?
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 2:01am View
You need to tell us more about what you are doing to be able to tell you in detail! What I have told you is the basics to help you get to the next step of understanding the problem.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:47am View
Where do you want to store it? LocalStorage (Browser), back at an SQL database, in a cookie, etc. etc.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:45am View
You shouldn't be using any forms directly from the background worker. Forms run in the primary GUI main thread. You should pass information back to the main thread using the reportprogress to display in the forms which will be owned by the parent.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:42am View
What code are you using in the Calendar1_SelectionChanged event? Possibly the mechanism for checkning the date equality to your desired date is flawed or the way you have structured it means that the code to set it visible isn't being hit.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:40am View
Have you stepped through the code in the debugger to ensure that your table1.Visible = true; is actually being hit?
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:31am View
You do not tell us where you are selecting the table names from, is it a web app, from within excel userforms, or some other input medium. Please edit your question with more info, and set the tags as well. Also sort the subject to a meaningful one and not just a repeat of the question, e.g. Select and export SQL table to Excel file from Web page.
DaveAuld at 8-Jul-12 1:28am View
I have edited your question to sort out the formatting. I really do not think bold and italic was a requirement!
As for your question, it is a tad ambiguos as to how you are searching for the product, as you mention URLs.
DaveAuld at 28-May-12 10:09am View
They are not guaranteed to be unique, even the link you provided links through to the GUID page which states, 'A GUID is a 128-bit integer (16 bytes) that can be used across all computers and networks wherever a unique identifier is required. Such an identifier has a very low probability of being duplicated.'
As you can see, it states, very low probability!
DaveAuld at 28-May-12 9:59am View
Boris, this belongs in the Site Bugs and Suggestions forum.......take it there.
DaveAuld at 28-May-12 8:50am View
You are not making a lot of sense with that question. A GUID is a specific type,, so you cannot limit its length. You would need to come up with your own identifier scheme. Just use a simple int.

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