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Prasad Khandekar at 14-Sep-14 13:49pm View
Prasad Khandekar at 14-Sep-14 13:48pm View
When browser is going to send the request for image it's IIS that's generally going to serve the image if the requested path point's to a static resource. In your case the image is going to be a static resource and hence for IIS to stream it back it needs to be in a virtual folder. Just check that the folder path you have entered in your configuration file is actually point's to be virtual directory under iIS.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 7:28am View
Hello Member,
You are better of using a configuration file instead. In your web.config under appSettings add a new key say PayementSvcUrl with whatever desizerd URL and use it in your web service.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 7:23am View
Hello Reza,
Uri.AbsoluteUri Property gets the absolute URL. In order to create a link to a new service you have to first strip everything after the last "/") and then append the partial service end point path to that value.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 6:14am View
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 6:13am View
It looks like encoding issue. If I am not wrong you are sending the PDF data to browser and upon image click you are sending this data back to server which then streams it back to the page.
Please note that you will not be able to download the PDF via AJAX.
If you do not want to want change the current way, I suggest you send the ODF bytes in Base64 encoded form (System.Convert.ToBase64String(byte[]) & while sending out use System.Convert.FromBase64String(base64EncodedData); and stream the resulting byte array with Content-Disposition header. Also on Image Click instead of giving an Ajax Call open a new window and then make a POST request in that window.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 5:47am View
Hello Alif,
Extremely sorry for my earlier response. It will not work. Instead May I suggest you to have a look at this excellant post by Scott (
Prasad Khandekar at 13-Jun-14 5:36am View
Yes if that's cheaper, else you can look at other mentioned options as well.
Prasad Khandekar at 12-Jun-14 8:40am View
MyMorph is not open source but free. However being a command line tool may not be suitable for use in ASP.NET.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Jun-14 6:14am View
Hello Rajin,
You may want to look at
1. Aspose.Words for .NET ( - Commercial component
2. Spire.Doc for .NET ( - Commercial component
3. DocImage SDK for .NET ( - Commercial Component
4. GemBox.Document ( - Commercial Component
5. DynamicPDF Converter for .NET ( - Commercial Component
6. MyMorph ( - Command Line Tool

Prasad Khandekar at 11-Jun-14 5:47am View
Are you able to ping to If not try using the correct IP instead.
Prasad Khandekar at 10-Jun-14 9:00am View
Hello Rajeev,
Are you using Ionic Zip Library? If So it has a method called AddEntry(String, Stream). You can use it to add the files. Assuming that a HTTP GET requests to the "" returns the file listing (HTML) you will have to parse this HTML and then send GET requests to each of those file. Use GetResponseStream method of the HttpWebResponse to get the handle to response stream. For more details on HttpWebRequest please see (
Prasad Khandekar at 10-Jun-14 8:19am View
Checkout this thread (
Prasad Khandekar at 10-Jun-14 8:13am View
URL will be a fixed url say download.aspx. It will receive a parameter say file_id which will allow server side code to locate the associated file with it. The download.aspx will always perform checks like whether the user is authenticated and optionally whether the user has access to the requested file. The download.aspx will then read the file contents and stream it back with Content-Disposition header. This will allow the browser to present the save as file dialog.
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 3:46am View
Hello Sreepad,
It will be very nice if you share the code which actually gets the data from WCF service?
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 3:35am View
Try setting the MailMessage.From to the email address provided to you by GoDadday.
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 2:55am View
Isn't this a server side configuration? Please have a look at ( this documentation.
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 2:27am View
It will be very nice if you also post the code snippet.
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 2:08am View
Hello Alif,
Image class is in System.Drawing namespace. You should be able to use it without any problems.
Prasad Khandekar at 9-Jun-14 2:05am View
Well the download page is going to perform that check isn't it. The user must be first authenticating to the website.
Prasad Khandekar at 6-Jun-14 11:48am View
Please have a look at
Prasad Khandekar at 6-Jun-14 11:42am View
Hello Yitzhak,
From your web client use Window.Open(DOWNLOAD_URL, "_blank"). Where DOWNLOAD_URL is the URL for page which servers the content (the page in which the above mentioned code resides).
Prasad Khandekar at 5-Jun-14 5:44am View
are u able to ping from command prompt. The error message indicates that there is a problem in resolving the given name to corresponding IP address. Try putting an entry in your host file or re-configure your DNS server.
Prasad Khandekar at 5-Jun-14 5:38am View
Checkout this
Prasad Khandekar at 5-Jun-14 5:14am View
Please have a look at this article. (
Prasad Khandekar at 5-Jun-14 5:11am View
If you are referring to the code found in the above mentioned thread, then converting the image to a jpg is very simple. use save method of the Image class ( to convert the image to desired format.
Prasad Khandekar at 29-May-14 6:05am View
For ASP.NET you might want to take a look at (
Prasad Khandekar at 29-May-14 5:24am View
Please have a look at this article on CodeProject. (
Prasad Khandekar at 29-May-14 4:12am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Seems to be interesting, thank's for sharing.
Prasad Khandekar at 27-May-14 11:23am View
Prasad Khandekar at 27-May-14 11:15am View
Check this out (
Prasad Khandekar at 27-May-14 10:41am View
Please checkout this ( article.
Prasad Khandekar at 27-May-14 10:30am View
Please have a look at ( or (
Prasad Khandekar at 23-May-14 7:28am View
You will have to get rid of CryptoStream and instead use FileStream with StreamWriter/StreamReader to get rid of encryption.
Prasad Khandekar at 23-May-14 6:16am View
You can use query similar to one shown below.
SELECT dialyzer_id,
COUNT(1) FROM reprocessor
GROUP BY dialyzer_id;
Prasad Khandekar at 23-May-14 5:29am View
Are you talking of digital signatures as explained here (, if so then unfortunately this not possible without a client side active-x/applet. The DOMCrypt W3C standard is still in draft stage. IE leverages CAPICOM where as Mozilla guys depends upon window.crypto. For IE & FF you can try using js-signer (
And don't worry about digital signature getting stolen, the private key used by client is typically password protected by the end-user and hence unless other person has the private key and the password he/she will not be able to use the stolen keys alone. Now if the end user is not password protecting the private keys then no body can help him/her and on the server side you will not be able to distinguish the real user from fake user.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 10:01am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice!
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 9:57am View
Perhaps wrong forum, post the question under Comments and Discussions sections of the article. This way you will be sending your query directly to the article author.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 9:56am View
Hello Aaron,
The code might not be setting any cookies and hence on the server log no cookie information is available, since you are getting response status as 200 OK, there is no problem on the server side, perhaps the response is gzipped as your code is indicating to server that it can accept gzipped encoded response.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 9:47am View
Here are few links to get you started.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 9:40am View
As a general rule followed on this site never put your email address in the question/answer forums.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-May-14 9:28am View
Hello Arshad,
Have you tried calling this web service as http://localhost:42813/ServiceContract.svc/news/2. Also suggest you to go through this CP article (
Prasad Khandekar at 21-May-14 11:04am View
Prasad Khandekar at 21-May-14 11:03am View
In that case change the implementation of sum function as shown below.
using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;
using System.Text;

class ParamParmeters

public string sum(string name, params int[] marks)
int sum = 0;
foreach (int element in marks)
sum += element;
return (name + sum);
class Program
static void Main(string[] args)
ParamParmeters pp = new ParamParmeters();
string result = pp.sum("ABC", 10, 20, 30);
Prasad Khandekar at 21-May-14 11:00am View
Are you user the user is authenticated? Please have a look at this thread (
Prasad Khandekar at 21-May-14 6:51am View
Hello Sujeet,
AsyncTask should work. Another article you may find useful is ( Are you getting ANR dialog (
Prasad Khandekar at 21-May-14 6:44am View
I have locally tested it with very simple tables (total 90). It seems html2canvas has some bug. In my tests it failed to render tables after 33 in IE. All table images thereafter were transparent images. In Chrome however it worked without any problems.
Prasad Khandekar at 20-May-14 5:52am View
You are generally better off calling services in a separate thread. Use AsyncTask for this purpose. In my project I always doing it that way. Never really tried calling from main thread.
Prasad Khandekar at 19-May-14 4:08am View
Try specifying the widths on each column in %.
Prasad Khandekar at 19-May-14 3:36am View
Hello Alif,
Please have a look at this discussion thread (
Prasad Khandekar at 19-May-14 3:33am View
Hello Sujeet,
Are you able to access the web service from the emulator's browser?
Prasad Khandekar at 19-May-14 3:32am View
Look at the updated solution, the second link is what you are looking for.
Prasad Khandekar at 19-May-14 1:45am View
Since your service takes more than 20 sec, increase the timeout for HttpTranspostSE, use alternate constructor which takes integer as second argument which specifies the timeout period.
Prasad Khandekar at 18-May-14 13:35pm View
You will have to create your own TraceListener. This custom tracelistener can delegate the work to TextWriterTraceListener and this instance can be created using following syntax.
TextWriterTraceListener listener = new TextWriterTraceListener(new StreamWriter(@"C:\AppTrace.log", false, new UTF8Encoding(true)));
In your config file configure the custom tracelistener instead.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 7:20am View
The TextWriterTraceListener class uses UTF-8 encoding by default. It's the excel which is not able to recognize the encoding as the resulting file does not contain UTF-8 preamble. While importing the file however you can select the File Origin as 65001: Unicode (UTF-8). File data should then get displayed correctly.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 7:07am View
The value returned from the database is just the number representing the date & time. Have a look at this site to know more about formatting DateTime. (
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 7:04am View
Hello Sujeet,
It starts a device monitor. (
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 6:40am View
Hello Glenn,
If I understand correct The code snippet you have shown converts an integer to a binary string and that string you want to convert back to integer right? If answer is yes then you can use Convert.ToInt32(BinaryVersionSerialNumber, 2) to get the original Integer SerialNumber.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 6:26am View
Hello Member,
The example does talk about the UI enhancements, in your case though I believe you are trying to call the click event of the button in the login form displayed in webview. But the underlying requirement is same, execute the javascript in a webview & that's why I suggested that article.
Is this appp of yours is meant to be used for any site or a particular site.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 6:15am View
Hello Sujeet,

Since service has no errors, try running monitor.bat available in android sdk, this way you will be able to see all the errors. That error output may give some clues. The Default Timeout for HttpTransportSE is 20 sec. Does your service returns within this time?
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 6:01am View
I think you will have to call SetUnzipBaseDir to set the folder.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 5:40am View
Try changing your code to
static void Main(string[] args)
Task[] tasks = new Task[] {
Task.Factory.StartNew(() => {
ServiceReference1.BankCardSoapClient s = new ServiceReference1.BankCardSoapClient();
}, TaskCreationOptions.LongRunning),
Task.Factory.StartNew(() => {
ServiceReference1.BankCardSoapClient s = new ServiceReference1.BankCardSoapClient();
s.test2();}, TaskCreationOptions.LongRunning)
Task.WaitAll(tasks, System.Threading.Timeout.Infinite);
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 5:28am View
Please have a look at this example ( for devices prior to kitkat, for kitkat the new API evaluatejavscript simplifies this a lot.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 5:24am View
Why not try using the MaskEdit control (
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 5:18am View
Hello Sameer,
Are you able to invoke this service via SOAPUI ( Just to ensure that the service does not have any errors.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 4:07am View
Hello Sameer,
Just ensure that following line is present in your AndroidManifest.xml.
<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE"></uses-permission><
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 3:55am View
Hello Sameer,
Please check out this article ( Please do note that you need to get all your static data (labels, messages) translated into Arabic. There are many agencies who can do this translation for you. (Paid Service)
Prasad Khandekar at 16-May-14 3:49am View
Similar question answered on devexpress forums ( Please check it out.
Prasad Khandekar at 15-May-14 8:35am View
Hello Vikas,
Have a look at or
Prasad Khandekar at 15-May-14 8:28am View
Simplest way could be try to upload and download a fixed size file from a known destination using say apache HttpClient library and measuring the time required using Stopwatch class found in apache commons lang library. For reasonably accurate measurement you will have to carry out these operations multiple times and then take the average.
Prasad Khandekar at 15-May-14 7:45am View
You get now records or wrong records or error? You must have replaced YOUR_TABLE with the actual table name right?
Prasad Khandekar at 14-May-14 3:53am View
In that case I think ARSoft.Tools.Net project should help you.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-May-14 12:25pm View
May be you want to give a try to this nifty utility.
You can even try ARSoft.Tools.Net ( which contains a DNS Server component, using which you can create a local DNS server and use it for DNS name resolution instead of Host File. This way you can achieve what you want.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-May-14 7:46am View
Please have a look at this discussion. (
Prasad Khandekar at 13-May-14 7:26am View
You can use [A-Z]{2,3}\d+
Sorry Griff did not look at your reply.
Prasad Khandekar at 13-May-14 7:25am View
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Apr-14 9:57am View
Do you mind sharing a code snippet for the C# Client?
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Apr-14 9:46am View
Hello Ravi,
Please make sure that the function SendSms exists and is declared as public or protected.
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Apr-14 9:21am View
Hello Subhash,
Have a look at tool called Reflector or ILSpy, these tools should help you see the code. May not work if code is obfuscated though.
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Apr-14 8:21am View
As far as I know a computed column cannot be used as a DEFAULT or FOREIGN KEY constraint definition or with a NOT NULL constraint definition. My suggestion is to do this computation in your client code and store the computed value in the column. The column definition will be similar to other columns in your table.
Prasad Khandekar at 17-Apr-14 13:32pm View
Using mvc is more preferred as it will help you clearly separate the business logic, lighter views, view reuse & more.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 8:18am View
Use SHOW ERRRORS to get more info while running the proc script in SQLPlus.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 8:10am View
with Groupedsalary(DepartmentId , totalEmp) as
select DepartmentId , SUM(salary) as totalEmp
from tblEmployee group by DepartmentId
SELECT DepartmentId , totalEmp FROM Groupedsalary
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 7:45am View
Please check the procedure script. The Object is Invalid error means that there are compilation errors in the proc.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 7:42am View
May be what you can do is to define a result table with one additional column as say SEARCH_ID VARCHAR(20). Then before making a call to your stored procedure generate a unique number and pass it to the proc. The proc will save the search results with this number. Once proc is complete it's just a simple select query from result table with where clause containing search_id = generated_id.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 6:54am View
Have you tried putting all those commands in a batch file and running that from command prompt for one file?
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Apr-14 6:39am View
Please mark the answer as accepted to close the topic.
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Apr-14 9:35am View
It work's for IE, Please have a look at this ( However it fails on browser's other than IE. Change il(i) to il[i]. The document.getElementsByTagName("input") is going to return an array. The updated demo is at (
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Apr-14 9:10am View
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Apr-14 8:48am View
Manish I think this is an file encoding issue. As suggested earlier
1. Open Notepad
2. Click File->Encoding->ANSI
3. Copy the code (from this page only). Make sure all the typo errors are fixed.
4. Save the file
5. Run the file by cscript.exe /E:JScript D:\Projects\Cron\CronScript.js
Prasad Khandekar at 2-Apr-14 5:26am View
There is also a typo error related to variable containing urls (strUrl) in the for loop you are using strURLs.
Prasad Khandekar at 2-Apr-14 5:23am View
Open the file in notepad. Click on File Menu then Encoding And make sure that menu item named ANSI is checked. The save the file.
The command to run will be
cscript.exe /E:JScript D:\Projects\Cron\CronScript.js
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Apr-14 10:38am View
Hello Manish,
Have you used notepad for creating the script? If yes then may be you have saved it using UTF-8 encoding. Try saving it without UTF-8 encoding.
Also try running cscript with /E:JScript switch.
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Apr-14 10:31am View
Looking at the code myStreamWriter.Close() is redundant and should not be in the with block. For PDF's you should be using binary mode. Just add .WriteLine("binary") statement before .WriteLine("put" & " " & output2).
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Apr-14 10:23am View
My 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Mar-14 2:40am View
Hello Mohammed,
Please have a look at
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Mar-14 2:37am View
Notepadd++ does not really support debugging, however you can take a look at this article, which shows how it is done for PHP. You will be able to draw some clues from this article. (
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Mar-14 9:53am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Nice!
Prasad Khandekar at 21-Mar-14 9:49am View
Prasad Khandekar at 12-Mar-14 2:54am View
Prasad Khandekar at 12-Mar-14 2:42am View
Have you tried running the query in MySQLWorkbench? Most likely it's not returning the data. i.e. the table in question does not contain any rows.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Mar-14 9:39am View
Hello Kanan,
Please have a look at this tutorial. (GetExtension)
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Mar-14 9:37am View
Please refer to this tutorial. (
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Mar-14 6:54am View
Have a look at ( They offer a SOAP API for integration.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Mar-14 6:52am View
Please have a look at
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Feb-14 0:18am View
Are u using the correct distribution for your platform? The version you are installing is almost 9 years old. Why not use the latest stable release instead?
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 7:57am View
Hello Arjun,
Since you are also specifying Trusted Connection as True, ensure that the ASP_NET user also has appropriate privileges in Database.
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 7:55am View
Hello Mrinal,
You can configure this in IIS. Please have a look at this article (
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 6:41am View
From your query it appears that you need to use either an INNER JOIN or LEFT JOIN kind of SQL. Assuming the following table structure
You can use following SQL TO fetch the data
SELECT w.wardrobe_desc, t.trouser_desc, t.trouser_size, t.trouser_waist, t.trouser_height
FROM trouser_table t
INNER JOIN wardrobe_table w ON w.wardrobe_id = t.wardrobe_id
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 6:35am View
You can use roles for that purpose.
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 4:05am View

You are trying to access port 8094 which might be blocked? In firewall try opening port 8094 instead of 80, assuming that ISS is configured to listen on PORT 8094.
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Jan-14 4:02am View
Hello Sonali,
Can you share the source snippet?
Prasad Khandekar at 22-Nov-13 8:45am View
I guess you will have to write code in backend or use a database explorer to do this.
Prasad Khandekar at 22-Nov-13 8:38am View
Prasad Khandekar at 22-Nov-13 8:33am View
Are you referring to this link (
Prasad Khandekar at 22-Nov-13 8:26am View
You can not have multiple listeners for same port. Are u sure about your code.
Prasad Khandekar at 14-Nov-13 0:54am View
Have a look at this article (
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Nov-13 7:49am View
My 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Nov-13 7:31am View
You are welcome Prashant.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Nov-13 7:31am View
Hello Suresh,
For changing the color have a look at this MSDN forum thread ( For wordWrap try setting autosize property to false.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Nov-13 7:15am View
This may be a binding error. Please have a look at this article (
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Nov-13 10:45am View
A very simple way in your case is to keep a column containing the column counter. When it's one you will set the password in pass1 and then increment the counter by 1. if it is greater than equal to 6 then you will rest it to 1.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Nov-13 0:55am View
Please check the definition for your IDENTITY Column it should be of form IDENTITY [ (seed , increment) ]. So for number to start from 1 and increment by 1 it will e IDENTITY(1, 1). Please also note that a transaction inserting multiple rows is not guaranteed to get consecutive values for the rows because other concurrent inserts might occur on the table. If values must be consecutive then the transaction should use an exclusive lock on the table or use the SERIALIZABLE isolation level.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Nov-13 0:26am View
Hello Jhonnie,
Is function name GridView1_RowDataBound1 is correct or should it be GridView1_RowDataBound?
Prasad Khandekar at 6-Nov-13 5:27am View
You are welcome!
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Nov-13 6:06am View
It's not clear whether you are talking about an ASP.NET application or Windows Forms application. Please clarify and elaborate the problem.
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Nov-13 3:58am View
Hello Karthik,
Perhaps this article can provide you some help. (
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Oct-13 9:56am View
Have a look the comments and discussion section of the article. Lot's of good suggestions and code there. (
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Oct-13 9:49am View
typeName is the name of the class.
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Oct-13 9:36am View
Nope, Just an array of parameters in sequence as per the definition of the method being called.
Prasad Khandekar at 31-Oct-13 8:35am View
You're welcome!
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Oct-13 4:08am View
I assume that on your website whenever user clicks on the message you open a new window to display the message contents. In such a scenario you can write the necessary update count statement in the page responsible for displaying the message. (page load event).
If you are using AJAX to retrieve the message contents and display it in a dialog then in that scenario you can write this update code in the method which serves the data back to the caller.
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Oct-13 2:35am View
Hello Srishti,
The HTTPSession is s server side container and available only on the server side. If you want to make the values stored in session to a client side script then you can
1. Write a HTTP Service which will take names of the session variables (Comma Separated) and return the values (as JSON)
2. Have a hidden field and store the serialized session (JSON format) in it.
Prasad Khandekar at 30-Oct-13 2:30am View
Very nice idea, please go ahead and implement one. I have not found one so far.
Prasad Khandekar at 28-Oct-13 3:48am View
Thank's Rohan.
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 10:31am View
Yes, but in your script you need to have the declaration. Try changing your code to something like one shown below.
var myList;
.done(function (data) {
myList = data;
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 10:28am View
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 10:27am View
Hello Member 10360144,
You have all the necessary information to create the classes all by yourself. Just use Eclipse/Netbeans and you will be ready in no time.
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 10:12am View
Where in your file this variable (myList) is declared?
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 10:08am View
How about altering your code as shown below.
ALTER proc [dbo].[spCheckDuplicateRecordForUpdate] (@ID int, @Category int, @maxDaya int, @balDays int, @Value int Out)
IF EXISTS (SELECT TOP 1 ID FROM LeaveTrans WHERE ID = @ID AND Category = @Category)
SET @Value = 2;
UPDATE LeaveTrans SET MaxDays = @maxDays, BalanceDays = @balDays
WHERE ID = @ID AND Category = @Category;
SET @Value = 0;

Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 9:33am View
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 9:32am View
Please mark the answer as accepted to close the question.
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 3:50am View
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 3:49am View
Please post the relevant code?
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 3:47am View
Just create a new class as shown below
public class MyMembershipDetails implements MembershipDetails {
If you are using Eclipse for the development. Then In the Package Explorer right click on any package where you want to put the implementation and choose New->Class. In the resulting window Type in your desired class name in the Name textbox. Click On Add button next to Interfaces combo and type MembershipDetails in the Choose Interfaces textbox. The matched interface should appear in the Matiching Items. just docuble click to select it. Now in the New Java Class dialog tick the checkbox named Inherited abstract method and hit ok to generate the class. You will get a class with all the methods to be implemented.
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 3:01am View
May be it's a permission issue. The user you are using to connect to the database does not have INSERT privilege.
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 2:59am View
PatientVerificationRequestDetails, MembershipDetails are the interfaces and PatientVerificationRequestDetailsImpl, MembershipDetailsImpl are the implementations of those interfaces (Concrete Classes).
Prasad Khandekar at 25-Oct-13 2:56am View
Can you share the sample data in these tables?
Prasad Khandekar at 24-Oct-13 9:20am View
I have updated my solution, please check.
Prasad Khandekar at 24-Oct-13 8:15am View
Can you update your question to include the aspx code as well.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-Oct-13 5:01am View
Hello Rohan,
He is looking a C# solution in that thread and has also given the answer in the same. However in this question he is asking whether it can be done via a database query.
(I really liked the quote you have used on your profile)
Prasad Khandekar at 16-Oct-13 4:58am View
Hello Rohit,
Perhaps this stackoverflow thread should give you the answer. (
Prasad Khandekar at 16-Oct-13 4:44am View
It looks bit different, it talks about datatable and probably requires a different solution.
Prasad Khandekar at 16-Oct-13 4:12am View
Have you tried the sample presented in the solution.
Prasad Khandekar at 15-Oct-13 11:24am View
Try pasting in browser address bar and check if is returning an xml response.
Prasad Khandekar at 15-Oct-13 10:56am View
If you are disabling a textbox then calendar won't show up on that textbox.
Prasad Khandekar at 15-Oct-13 8:36am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n Useful, Thanks for sharing.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 6:25am View
Hello Banci,
I have updated my comments. The short answer is SSCE is not suitable for the way you want to use it. It allows multiple connections from same application but multiple applications accessing the same data file is a no no.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 5:33am View
Hello Banci,
What you are doing is good for development. From installation perspective, I suggest you use some good installer. All installer's allow you to executes DDL required to create your database and DML's to pump the pre-load data. The installer should ask for the database details to connect to.
If installer is not an option then you can simply bundle the necessary DDL's & DML's along with your application files in a simple zip format. Keep a readme.txt containing instructions on how to configure the application and create the database using accompanied DDL's & DML's. The last step will be to ask user to enter the database details in your app config. file.
I think you are talking about SQL Server CE, in which case it's not really suitable for the intended use. You should either use the SQL Server Express or SQL Server. (
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 5:26am View
My 5+, I totally missed C# tag.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 5:24am View
Hello Deepak,
Nope, you will have to use cursor. In case the email contents are same for every one then sp_send_dbmail can send same email to multiple recipients (
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 5:22am View
In your code snippet i is never going to be greater than 5. Your question is also confusing, what do you mean by submit the value of 'labour.asp' page and goto next page?
Are you talking about client side behavior? If yes then it's going to be JavaScript code, which either can get embedded in the ASP page (outside <% %> tags) or can get referenced in resulting HTML page via <script type="javascript" src="your_javascript.js"/> tag.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 4:29am View
It's a html meta tag and will work for classic ASP as well. It just informs the browser that the page contains UTF-8 encoded characters.
Prasad Khandekar at 11-Oct-13 4:27am View
Nice, 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:52am View
Hello Ayesha,
You are already tagging the approver's id (ApproveBy) use it to filter out those rows which are already approved by the logged in admin.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:50am View
fraction of second sounds to ambitious. You can perhaps use CSV file and then create a index file containing say line by line byte offsets or offsets for bunch of lines say 25 or 50. Use this index file later on with FileStream.Seek() to quickly traverse the file and read it.
I am not sure though about what you really want to do with the text data.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:38am View
Hello Will,

Please check these projects. (
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:37am View
Check this documentation (
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:35am View
Excellent, 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:34am View
To develop the controls you have mentioned you need to understand Javascript, HTML DOM and perhaps JQuery. But there is no point in re-inventing the wheel. All the mentioned controls are really good though feature sets offered are different.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:22am View
My 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:16am View
Please use 64 bit dll version of SQLite dll ( elase change the deployment target to x86 architecture.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:13am View
My 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 11:12am View
Perfect. From your explanation it means that it's very likely that a row from one table in the old schema may result in rows getting created in multiple tables of the new schema & that will be your translation/migration logic. So as I said start with a table with lowest relations and transfer data from it row by row into new schema table(s). You can very well do it using C#. You already have the necessary mapping info available with you. This will ensure that all your tables gets populated appropriately and there will be very few or none foreign key mismatches.
Don't try to write/create a generalized tool. Instead focus only on specific transformations applicable to your new & old schema only.
You can even use third party ETL tools like Clover, Talend Open Studio and of course the SSIS.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 10:48am View
Every applications database is different and there is no single tool to get it done without custom development. You already have the necessary know how about your old and new database and various relationships between the tables. Since your old schema is using relations in a different manner (not via foreign keys as it appears from the example you have provided) you will have to do it all manually.
To begin with you will have to isolate static data (master setup) starting with the table with least relationships and then read record from old table and insert it new table possibly with additional foreign key values. Repeat it for each table to complete the migration.
Please remember though the program you will developing will not be usable with that database pair only.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 10:35am View
Hello Kwesi,
Looked at your question. HttpSession is not really associated with a form. ASP.NET uses a cookie to track users. When you try to write something to the session for the first time (Say upon user login) a cookie is sent to the client, something like ASP.NET_SessionId. This cookie is sent by the client on subsequent requests. Thanks to this cookie the server is able to identify the client and write/read the associated session data. It is important to note that this cookie is not persistent (wouldn't survive browser restarts) and is emitted with the HttpOnly flag meaning that client scripts cannot access it. This cookie also has a timeout associated with it and automatically expires after that time.

Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 10:04am View
It should be changed to DropDownListSchool.DataSource = table;
Was a typo, really sorry for that.
Prasad Khandekar at 8-Oct-13 10:02am View
Hello Kwesi,
This article should help you ( It has the example showing how parametric queries can be used with DataSource and then use it with say Dropdown control. My example shows how it can be done via code. Since you prefer to do it at design time look no further than the mentioned article.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:36am View
No, yourDDL is the name of your combobox. Also note that if you are specifying the correct column names for DataTextField and DataValueFields in designer then you can comment those two lines.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:34am View
Yes change yourDDL to the actual name of your drop down same applies to SQL as well YOUR_TBALE, DISPLAY_FIELD_NAME, VALUE_FIELD_NAME needs to get changed accordingly. The fillDropdown procedure needs to be in the same class.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:28am View
XAML itself is a larger language concept than WPF. This CP article ( should help you.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:16am View
There are multiple ways of doing this. To start with you can check the Referer Header of the incoming HttpRequest. For the AJAX request's made from your application's page the domain and context part will be same as your applications domain and conrexr. eg. If your app's base url is then Referer header of ajax requests will also start with this base url. (Please remember though that the Refere header can be spoofed)
Another way is to use a hidden variable and session variable combination. In this scheme for every request you will generate a random token, store it in session and pass it to client via hidden field. The client is then expected to send this token in subsequent request. if token send does not matches with the one stored in the session then you can discard the request.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:07am View
Please have a look at the answer provided to your earlier question (
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 11:04am View
Hello Kwesi,
Please have a look at my solution.
Prasad Khandekar at 7-Oct-13 10:31am View
You can put the code to populate the Combobox in Page_Load event handler. I am assuming that the login code is populating the USER_ID in session and that's the one you should be using in where clause of your SQL's. One more suggestion is to use Prepared Statement's instead of using String Concatenation ( It will protect your app from unwanted SQL Injections.
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Oct-13 6:26am View
May be this document will help you. (,d.bmk).
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Oct-13 6:17am View
Hello Kishore,
The reason you are not getting colors, styles and widths is because if you look at the generated HTML that you are pasing to the HTML Rendered does not contain that information. I suggest you also add the styelsheet rules in the generated html, make sure all images are referenced via relative paths and that the path does exists under your applications root folder.
Please also have a look at
Prasad Khandekar at 4-Oct-13 6:04am View
Yes, Html Helper is a help authoring tool. It will open up the html or CHM file. But you want it get opened in the Webbrowser embedded in your WPF application. Unfortunately it won't work. Webbrowser control does not understand chm file format.
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 6:39am View
Most of the email clients support read notification, but user can opt for not sending the read notification reply. Once an email gets downloaded into the client there is very little you can do to track users actions, unless you have a controlled environment in which everyone is using a particular email client and that it supports addon's/scripting.
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 6:31am View
I don't think there is such a limit. It will mostly depends upon the server load and how fast IO is done and ofcourse network delays.
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 6:30am View
My 5+
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 6:23am View
Is that some time equals to 30 minutes? If not then check your entire code again chances are that it's getting cleared from your code only. Another thing you may want to check for is app recycling. If your state state mode ins InProc then upon app recycling the session state will be lost. Try using SQL Server for this.
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 6:20am View
There is a feature for requesting a read receipt via Disposition-Notification-To header. But I am afraid to say that it will not be possible to track other actions.
Prasad Khandekar at 3-Oct-13 4:16am View
Hello John,T
The membership provider will not automatically change the existing cleartext passwords to encrypted format. However all new user's password will get stored in encrypted form.
Prasad Khandekar at 1-Oct-13 0:23am View
Hello Trennon,
Try following methods. The first one being the safe and recommended even in the documentation.
$query = sprintf("INSERT INTO query (Name, Key, IGN) VALUES ('%s', '%s', '%s')", mysql_real_escape_string($name), mysql_real_escape_string($appkey), mysql_real_escape_string($usrname));
$query = "INSERT INTO query (Name, Key, IGN) VALUES ('" . mysql_real_escape_string($name) . "', '" . mysql_real_escape_string($appkey) . "', '" . mysql_real_escape_string($usrname) . "')";
Prasad Khandekar at 26-Sep-13 9:56am View
Have a look at a c# wrapper around the library.
Prasad Khandekar at 26-Sep-13 9:55am View
Have a look at
Prasad Khandekar at 26-Sep-13 9:48am View
First ensure that the version of the plugin you are trying to install matches with the version recommended for your the Eclipse IDE version. Since the error is about unexpected end of ZLIB input stream, it's likely that eclipse update manager is not able to download the file completely, Check the network connectivity. Try downloading the plugin and it's dependencies and do an offline install.
Prasad Khandekar at 26-Sep-13 9:41am View
Hello Sahar,
The w3upload probably is good for older asp applications. For .NET upload control's saveAs method to work the account under which your ASP.NET application is running must a write access to the folder where you are trying to save the file. Please ask your hosting provider to find out which directory is writable for the hosted application. I am sure they must have one for your account. Once you get the details you can use that folder to save uploaded files. The other method is any way not recommended by Microsoft (

Prasad Khandekar at 24-Sep-13 3:47am View
My 5+

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