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Comments by Rajesh Varma Buddaraju (Top 40 by date)

Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 3-Aug-15 13:27pm View
Can you provide u r sample solution. I will try at my end...
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 31-Jul-15 9:59am View
Instead of using exclamation mark use || operator and Use the Datetime compare methods to get the actual results.
for example, || dt.CompareTo(Convert.ToDateTime(closedate))==0)

If compareTo method returns the values based on,

Less than zero - This instance is earlier than value.

Zero - This instance is the same as value.

Greater than zero - This instance is later than value, or value is null.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 31-Jul-15 9:45am View
If the service itself not hitting the service start method, domain account credentials which u provided is not correct, Or put a log file in the start of the service and write the step by step process. Then you will know the exact issue. Write the logging in a text file instead of using system logs to know the issue.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 30-Jul-15 14:59pm View
You may use a background worker and schedule the method using timer intervals. Using Ajax you can use a timer control or using the traditional approach you can run a method in set of intervals.

For timer Control you can find below link.

Use Mail classes to send mails
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 25-Mar-15 11:28am View
put the selectedindexedchanged code in a separate method and call the same method in pageload and selectedindexedchanged. Why you want to call the event in page load any specific scenario let us know
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 25-Mar-15 11:24am View
Hope this link will help. How to deserialize the json format.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 25-Mar-15 11:20am View
It won't be happened automatically. Once you fill the data from excel using oda.Fill(dtExcelData);
add the two columns CreatedBy and CreatedOn.
2. Put the sessionID and createddate on all the rows.
3. pass the datatable to bulk copy.

It will work.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 12-Nov-14 2:02am View
There is no much performance difference on both. You can go with linq.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 20-Oct-14 3:13am View
This will also helps to you,
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 13-Oct-14 10:24am View
In database we will store the data only. If you want to store the superscript data like 'F' or 'C' then you need to maintain a separate column with UOM type and store the data in one column and the UOM data in another column.
For example, 19C -> temperature | UOM -> 19 | F. While displaying the data in front end use the formatting technique to display the superscript data.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 16-Jul-14 2:47am View
the solution can be achived with dateadd functions, But the output is on what basis? for example the out put dates some are -2 and some are -1 etc...
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 16-Jul-14 2:45am View
This won't return the exact output which is to be expected. But for the above scenario DateAdd function is used.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 23-Apr-14 1:52am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good one
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 14-Apr-14 2:12am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n good one
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 9-Apr-14 10:37am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n Good one.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 2-Jan-13 7:39am View
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 2-Jan-13 0:21am View
instead of COUNT(*) specify a column
instead of subqueries use temporary tables or CTE
use nolock in case of report data
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 19-Nov-12 7:42am View
could you please share the sample source code!
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 30-Oct-12 8:27am View
Very lenghthy!
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 30-Oct-12 8:25am View
Be genuine! This site is usefull for so many coders don't do this spam messages again!
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 11-Sep-12 3:25am View
Could you please make the query more clear!
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 13-Aug-12 4:57am View
Could you plz try to load the image from different path, Some times in IO process the files may get locked. If we found the problem it is very easy to fix.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 9-Aug-12 2:40am View
Create a public static variable in the required page and fill it from the source page.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 6-Aug-12 2:22am View
Let us know what error you are getting.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 28-Jul-12 10:25am View
Your query is not clear for me! Let me know you want to close the session or forcibly refresh the page for some regular intervals?
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 24-Jul-12 10:28am View
Good one!
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 23-Jul-12 10:37am View
Provide your code if possible so that way it will be easy to trace.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 23-Jul-12 10:27am View
Strange! put your source code here.
Rajesh Varma Buddaraju 20-Jul-12 15:33pm View
Thanks for your reply! My Question is,
If I declared like below, I am getting an error.The error is,

Error: System.Windows.Controls.SelectedItemCollection' is inaccessible due to its protection level D:\Projects\GMS\GMSDesktop\Src\Modules\xxx.Security\ViewModels\xxx.cs 254 52
//for (int index = 1; index <= ((SelectedItemCollection)obj).Count; index++)
// roleuser = obj(0);
// Available.Remove(roleuser);
// Selected.Add(roleuser);
If you need any more information let me know! Thanks in advance for your support. 20-Jul-12 14:31pm View
This is a common issue. Debug the code then u will find it or let us know in which line u r getting this issue! 20-Jul-12 14:17pm View
Is there any alternative to handle this kind of list(selectedItemCollection) properties. 20-Jul-12 8:57am View
While debugging I can get the count value like this,

but If I declared the same thing and It won't be able to build and I am getting the error as,
Error 9 'System.Windows.Controls.SelectedItemCollection' is inaccessible due to its protection level D:\Projects\GMS\GMSDesktop\Src\Modules\xxx.Security\ViewModels\xxx.cs 254 52 20-Jul-12 7:44am View
From javascript it is not possible. From .net we can store the image object in to a session. 20-Jul-12 7:42am View
This class is System.Windows.Controls.SelectedItemCollection and it is protected only. 20-Jul-12 4:57am View
If possible post your sample code here. 19-Jul-12 9:27am View
provide exactly what u r looking for? 19-Jul-12 7:01am View
You can handle this using last cell leave event.
Hope the follwing link will be useful for you. It's quite similar not exactly. 19-Jul-12 4:05am View
Xaml code is,

 19-Jul-12 4:04am View
Hey Sandeep,
Thanks for your suggetion. I have tried and it is working fine in a sample application but we are implementing the same concept in MVVM using prism we are unable to bind the data that is what I am trying for.
you can find my sample code below,
Locations = new List { new MyLocation { Location = "London", NAMEID = 1 }, new MyLocation { Location = "Amsterdam", NAMEID = 2 } };
Persons = new List<Person> { new Person { NAME = "Jack", NAMEID = 1 }, new Person { NAME = "Jill", NAMEID = 2 } };
DataContext = this;


 17-Jul-12 5:33am View
This is just an example we need to put the queries in stored procedure to avoid Sql-injections.

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