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Comments by Peace ON (Top 60 by date)

Peace ON at 2-Apr-12 3:40am View
Can you post code fragments to better understand it?
Peace ON at 2-Apr-12 2:56am View
Did not get your question? "Company CEO module" means what? what kind of CSS templates are you looking for?
Peace ON at 2-Apr-12 2:45am View
<pre> tag is not required for your question.
Peace ON at 30-Mar-12 8:16am View
<pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 29-Mar-12 8:08am View
<pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 29-Mar-12 7:38am View
<pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 29-Mar-12 7:36am View
Can you clarify which kind of email id it is? Gmail id, yahoo id, facebook id, etc...
Peace ON at 29-Mar-12 6:52am View
<pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 29-Mar-12 6:41am View
Question format improved.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 11:08am View
What exactly you want to search, and in what you need to search?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 8:58am View
<Pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 8:45am View
My pleasure.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 8:44am View
Still not clear. "create a directory of searching in datagridview using textbox", means you need to create directory programmatically, "but of searching in datagridview" creates confusion and that is also "using textbox".

And then you told "find data system based on values in table", not clear?

Can you elaborate more?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 8:36am View
Does it give you any error..?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 7:57am View
Spellings and Grammatical errors corrected.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 7:47am View
My pleasure.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 7:28am View
What is your question here?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 7:27am View
Spelling mistakes corrected.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 7:23am View
<Pre> tag added.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 5:33am View
Can you elaborate more? What is error/warning? code sample?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 3:57am View
What do you mean? What is the question..?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 3:52am View
Code format improved.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 3:48am View
Upto what date you required previous year (financial year end date) date and then after you required nex year (financial year end date) date?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 1:43am View
What is the question actually?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 1:36am View
Can you paste error you got?
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 1:33am View
My 5. It's homework, not a technical query.
Peace ON at 23-Mar-12 1:02am View
Can you elaborate more what actually you want to achieve? What kind of tab or space you want automatically invoke?
Technology Digestified at 8-Nov-11 3:53am View
But why you need to inherit abstract class from web service? Don't you afford to make the same abstract class in the application where you are using your web service...
Technology Digestified at 3-Nov-11 6:39am View
Edited Question: Removed unnecessary <pre> tag.
Technology Digestified at 3-Nov-11 5:28am View
How are you concatenating? can you show your code so that it is easy to understand your problem?
Technology Digestified at 2-Nov-11 7:50am View
I did not get what exactly you want.
Technology Digestified at 1-Nov-11 1:06am View
I didn't get you, what exactly you want?
Technology Digestified at 1-Nov-11 1:06am View
I think it's perfectly correct, what's wrong in it?
Technology Digestified at 31-Oct-11 12:39pm View
What exactly you want? Can you elaborate more?
Technology Digestified at 23-Oct-11 4:29am View
Why you need thing to work like this?
Technology Digestified at 22-Oct-11 3:22am View
Can you give the exact error text so it would be easier to help?
Start Shining at 15-Jun-11 1:52am View
What is the problem that you are getting? Any error..?
Start Shining at 13-Jun-11 8:14am View
can u explore your question a bit..? With some exact requirement you have..
Start Shining at 5-Jun-11 13:09pm View
Many thanks...
Start Shining at 15-Apr-11 1:29am View
Refer following two links for the same

Start Shining at 15-Apr-11 0:15am View
Start Shining at 14-Apr-11 5:57am View
My pleasure.
Start Shining at 14-Apr-11 2:52am View
pre tag added.
Start Shining at 13-Apr-11 3:30am View
Start Shining at 1-Mar-11 3:55am View
yes please mark your question as resolved... so that it disappears from the unanswered question list...
Start Shining at 1-Mar-11 3:34am View
can you post what is line number or what is the error message in exception...
Start Shining at 1-Mar-11 1:32am View
Can you share your code to get clear idea about it...
Start Shining at 28-Feb-11 0:01am View
Edited for correcting spelling of rewriten and readed....
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 20-Jul-10 4:23am View
My Pleasure.
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 17-Jul-10 4:49am View
Reason for my vote of 1
Posted the question thrice.
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 16-Jul-10 9:41am View
hi, by little googling you will find lots of applications with code which satisfy your requirements. This is question/answer forum, no one will provide you code here.

So please try yourself, you will definitely get it what you want by little hard work on net.
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 16-Jul-10 9:14am View
Can you provide more detail on your question, along with some code snippets which help us to
understand your problem in clear manner?
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 6-Jul-10 4:17am View
Can you throw more light on the word "arrange"?
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 1-Jul-10 7:45am View
Can you please throw light on your question by giving code or more detail?
So that we can give answer properly.
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 10-Jun-10 10:42am View
Please clarify what is tag ?
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 10-May-10 2:45am View
Which IE browser version are you using ?? And also provide code snippet...
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 8-May-10 3:55am View
Try second link, I think it will be useful...
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 8-May-10 3:00am View
Please post some code next time whenever you ask any question, so that
it is easy to answer your question...
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 8-May-10 2:54am View
Please clarify what exactly you want ??
Jinal Desai - LIVE at 4-May-10 3:38am View
Ya, provide some error message or exceptions. So that it is clearer to understand.

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