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DominicZA at 5-Jun-14 18:44pm View
Well, lets carry on from that example. That jump to the letter N, then realize they meant to go to M, so they begin to move backwards through the GridView, but the only data in there is the letter N.
DominicZA at 15-Aug-13 6:41am View
I gave you 4 stars because this works, 1 more star if you can tell me why :P
DominicZA at 15-May-13 16:25pm View
I said everything that I did? I downloaded the toolkit and installed it, I expected the Facebook template to be in my new projects template like it is in the link that I provided? What else do you need to know?
DominicZA at 15-Nov-12 11:12am View
I did use 2 dimensional arrays for my first solution. However, I am needing to do this because I am manipulating the matrix3d property in the webkitTransform. This was just easier for working with that
DominicZA at 2-Aug-12 7:11am View
In the MasterPage
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 11:19am View
That doesnt help at all...Also, I am not looking to send with SSL!
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 10:47am View I get this error: "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure"
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 10:21am View
That the to address
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:55am View
I am not using gmail!
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:46am View
No, I dont have SSL enabled!
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:34am View
I checked with my service provider and they said to use port 587, now I am getting an error saying "Smtp server returned an invalid response"? Any tips?
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:34am View
I checked with my service provider and they said to use port 587, now I am getting an error saying "Smtp server returned an invalid response"? Any tips?
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:33am View
I checked with my service provider and they said to use port 587, now I am getting an error saying "Smtp server returned an invalid response"? Any tips?
DominicZA at 29-Jul-12 9:08am View
If I specify the port, I specify 23, and then it fails to find the server.
DominicZA at 9-Jul-12 7:49am View
That only works for IE!
DominicZA at 21-Jun-12 10:15am View
How are you accessing the query should look like this ... That way you can use my solution.
DominicZA at 21-Jun-12 10:05am View
What....there is a website like this on the internet 0_0..... :P 5*
DominicZA at 21-Jun-12 9:55am View
Send us your code. We cant have any idea what the problem is without code!
DominicZA at 3-May-12 8:19am View
Lol...can you imagine a world of programmers that used Google??
DominicZA at 3-May-12 7:50am View beat me to it :P 5 stars...
DominicZA at 3-May-12 3:51am View
Reason for my vote of 1
No formatting, not really sure there is a question in there??
DominicZA at 24-Apr-12 10:13am View
If you go to the getting started section it is broken up into 3 seriously small sections that describe each of these. I know its difficult, but try and read them. Then, when you have a brief understanding of what you want to do, pick one that is relevant to you. I know its difficult, but try think for yourself, you might find that you are capable of the seemingly impossible task, but I have faith in you!
DominicZA at 20-Apr-12 3:54am View
Awesome, thanks, but I am using 1.6.1 already. I have ended up writing a little work around for IE that will do for now!
DominicZA at 20-Apr-12 3:38am View
5 - Cant get much more simpler that that!
DominicZA at 19-Apr-12 9:25am View
Do a little search on wikipedia. Its quite a popular algorithm.
DominicZA at 19-Apr-12 3:46am View
You can start by posting your code...
DominicZA at 16-Apr-12 8:48am View
I just checked now and see that I am getting the following error: "Invalid postback or callback argument. Event validation is enabled using <pages enableEventValidation="true"/> in configuration or <%@ Page EnableEventValidation="true" %> in a page. For security purposes, this feature verifies that arguments to postback or callback events originate from the server control that originally rendered them. If the data is valid and expected, use the ClientScriptManager.RegisterForEventValidation method in order to register the postback or callback data for validation."
Any idea how to solve this?
DominicZA at 5-Apr-12 6:12am View
Is the video greater than 4mb. That is the default max size limit on a FileUpload control.
DominicZA at 3-Apr-12 12:15pm View
Thank you, this looks good! I will look into it and mark as answered if it helps me achieve what I need :D
DominicZA at 3-Apr-12 9:54am View
Yip, thats why I put that comment afterwards saying he could put the snippet anywhere. I just put it in a function to illustrate the point ;)
DominicZA at 3-Apr-12 9:50am View
I think you might be mistaken here! HTML 5 has added quite a lot of functionality as far as image processing is concerned. I agree that there would be issues accessing the file on the users system, but if both images could be loaded into the page, JavaScript definitely can do the check to see if the images are the same. Have a read on HTML 5 and its Canvas element.
DominicZA at 3-Apr-12 9:46am View
I dont totally disagree with you here, but can you take a look at my answer and explain why this would be better?
DominicZA at 29-Mar-12 6:19am View
Converting a document to a csv is pretty straight forward. Post a sample of the data that you want to convert to CSV and I will write you an example
DominicZA at 29-Mar-12 5:40am View
Post the code that is causing the issue
DominicZA at 26-Mar-12 8:35am View go and read my actual question, not just the header.
DominicZA at 16-Mar-12 10:18am View
Dude!!!!!! 0_o .... no!!!
DominicZA at 16-Mar-12 10:14am View
I think the OPs question is quite clear. An XSD is pretty much a guide of how the XML must be formatted, he now wants to create a validator.
DominicZA at 16-Mar-12 5:21am View
DominicZA at 15-Mar-12 8:59am View
My point exactly. I have update the question to explain when the binding takes place.
DominicZA at 8-Mar-12 7:50am View
Ok, sorry, maybe I wasnt clear. I know how to read the connection string, but how do I get the name that is parsed in the connectionStingName attribute?
DominicZA at 15-Feb-12 4:45am View
If I could mark this as solution a million times over I would! If you would be so kind as to explain to me why it was not working, or point me in a direction where I can read up on it.
Thank you again!
DominicZA at 15-Feb-12 4:21am View
I updated my question. Please see if it helps in any way!
DominicZA at 30-Jan-12 17:20pm View
I suggest telling us the error!
DominicZA at 27-Dec-11 22:16pm View
I know about this, and I know the trouble that it can cause, this is why i was hoping for an alternative :(
DominicZA at 27-Dec-11 20:36pm View
The event fires if I put in random garbage so its not a VS issue.
DominicZA at 27-Dec-11 19:36pm View
It is not firing the buttons clicked event! If I place a break point in the code behind file it never gets hit
DominicZA at 19-Dec-11 15:34pm View
Thank you, +5 and accepted :D
DominicZA at 28-Nov-11 16:20pm View
Please see updated code. The issue is definitely with the string. I have tested everything else, but it only crashes when I parse it a string.
DominicZA at 24-Nov-11 17:51pm View
as I said, that is no longer the issue! I know need to convert the bit array to a double
DominicZA at 24-Nov-11 17:15pm View
I need to reverse the order of the bits, this wont work! I have made a solution for this though!
BitConverter doesnt have an overload that takes a bool[], which is what a BitArray is.
DominicZA at 24-Nov-11 3:41am View
Sorry, I should have made that question more clear, its just that it was at 3am in South Africa :P
1) ais_binary is a string
2) temp_s is a part of ais_binary that is being decoded.
DominicZA at 23-Nov-11 18:32pm View
Um...because it doesnt make sense!! Binary can represent text! For example, '101101' could be decoded into 'e' Sayint Convert.ToInt32('101101').ToString() is going to do absolutely nothing!!!
DominicZA at 23-Nov-11 17:58pm View
No, it should decode into a string
DominicZA at 23-Nov-11 16:36pm View
I am trying to create an AIS decoder using this tutorial:
Maybe you can help me understand it a bit better?
DominicZA at 26-Sep-11 16:31pm View
Thats PHP, but Ill give it a try :/
DominicZA at 2-Sep-11 4:18am View
No, I dont think this is right. He already has the proc to get the ID, we wants to know where!
dominic_nologo at 4-Aug-11 11:30am View
sscanf is working when I need to extract the doubles, but it is not setting the value of the string?
dominic_nologo at 4-Aug-11 4:22am View
ok, Im new...what does this mean? How do you do this?
dominic_nologo at 3-Aug-11 4:04am View
Put both the exe's on my desktop, select them both and press enter :P
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 16:32pm View
Oh wow...typo from my side...answered this from my phone so I didnt even realize :P Thanks for pointing this out.
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 15:53pm View
why doesn't this generate all possible multiples?
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 15:02pm View
Although not likely, this could end up becoming an infinite loop. Not a good solution.
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 9:34am View
No, if I run them individually, they take anywhere between 14-16 seconds each. If I run them at the exact same time! They both take between 6-8 seconds.
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 5:42am View
Thanks :D
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 4:12am View
Thanks, but I am getting an " is undefined" error.
dominic_nologo at 2-Aug-11 3:45am View
I have Googled and found that exact page. The problem with that method is I will have to loop through every possible CSS attribute and see if it is applied.
dominic_nologo at 1-Aug-11 7:22am View
Thanks random person! But I am still having the same problem. Your code is not that much different to mine...
dominic_nologo at 1-Aug-11 5:22am View
Its like you can read my mind or something... :P
dominic_nologo at 1-Aug-11 5:21am View
Dammit...beat me to it :P
dominic_nologo at 29-Jul-11 8:48am View
Unfortunately, HTML 5 is not an option.
dominic_nologo at 28-Jul-11 5:44am View
Lol, yes, but I answered his question. If he wants a better answer, he should word his question better.
dominic_nologo at 28-Jul-11 2:17am View
Did you try it? It should be the same for all services?
dominic_nologo at 27-Jul-11 10:59am View
Please see my updated solution!
dominic_nologo at 27-Jul-11 8:51am View
Is it breaking, what is it doing? Be more specific!!
dominic_nologo at 27-Jul-11 4:38am View
I agree with you totally. However, if he just wants to show how many characters there are int the password(again, this is stupid), the above method will work and is secure.
dominic_nologo at 27-Jul-11 3:04am View
This is wrong, best practice is to put it at the end of the page just before the closing body tag (</body>). This will speed up the loading of your page. If you are using a master page just put it at the bottom of your Master Page.
dominic_nologo at 26-Jul-11 9:35am View
dominic_nologo at 25-Jul-11 9:42am View
Was going to be my answer!! My 5!!!
dominic_nologo at 25-Jul-11 3:34am View
Where are you getting the Facebook.Web assembly from? Is it an assembly you have made or is it one that you downloaded elsewhere?
dominic_nologo at 22-Jul-11 15:16pm View
Yes, they can!
dominic_nologo at 22-Jul-11 14:29pm View
This is not entirely correct. He should just need to parse the float in as a parameter.
dominic_nologo at 22-Jul-11 14:05pm View
Sorry, if you saw my my unedited answer :P I was typing from my phone!!
dominic_nologo at 21-Jul-11 18:00pm View
Rather add a comment to the answer instead of adding another solution! Yes, you can! You will just put the "save to database" code in the server method I mentioned above!
dominic_nologo at 21-Jul-11 16:51pm View
Sorry, thats the best I can do with the little I know about your problem!
dominic_nologo at 21-Jul-11 16:40pm View
We are going to need more than that to help you! How are you connecting to the database, what kind of database are you using MSSql, MySql?
dominic_nologo at 21-Jul-11 14:51pm View
Great answer!! My 5!
dominic_nologo at 21-Jul-11 13:02pm View
Awesome, now I have learned something!! If I could vote 5 on your comment, I would ;)
dominic_nologo at 20-Jul-11 13:29pm View
Yip, which is exactly why I proposed my solution!
dominic_nologo at 20-Jul-11 13:18pm View
Im not 100% sure about what this guys is trying to achieve, but if he wanted to populate the List with the keys couldnt he just say keys = dict.keys.ToList();
Kind of like he has done?
dominic_nologo at 20-Jul-11 3:37am View
How do query strings have anything to do with authentication?
dominic_nologo at 19-Jul-11 13:59pm View
I do understand what it does, but it would be awesome if someone could post a possible solution that would be great!
dominic_nologo at 19-Jul-11 12:23pm View
**Cough** I wont lie, I copied the code :P But does that have anything to do with helping me get the results I need?
dominic_nologo at 19-Jul-11 11:29am View
Nothing, but doesnt it usually create a cookie for the logged in person! From what I can see from my debugging, if I get the password wrong in shows the correct error and doesnt attempt to navigate away from the page. If I get the password correct, it navigates to the correct page, then once it gets there does a check to see if there is a user logged in. It see's that there isnt and redirects back to the login page.
dominic_nologo at 19-Jul-11 7:52am View
What exactly are you trying to achieve? This is not very descriptive? Can you explain in more detail perhaps?
dominic_nologo at 19-Jul-11 7:31am View
Sorry, there version of IIS that I am using is 7.5, and your solution doesnt really help because there is no setting called ISAPI and CGI Restrictions. They are separate options in 7.5
dominic_nologo at 18-Jul-11 8:35am View
Forgot about System.IO.Path.GetFileNameWithoutExtension :P Great answer, my 5!
dominic_nologo at 17-Jul-11 3:52am View
Well no, how are they supposed to know that the other one exists! Don't be last, sockets are not hard to grasp and that is a good example to get you started.
dominic_nologo at 16-Jul-11 2:53am View
The problem is still the same. It takes time to t, and therefore cause the games to almost "freeze" for a couple of seconds.
P.S, If I'm not mistaken, Dijkstra's algorithm is use for path finding on a map, and I don't think would work too well in a game development environment.
dominic_nologo at 15-Jul-11 9:59am View
Well, use the above method.
dominic_nologo at 15-Jul-11 9:29am View
haha!! Glad I could help! Could you please mar as answered ;) Thanks..
dominic_nologo at 15-Jul-11 9:14am View
Dont worry about those last two tags!! They keep adding themselves!
dominic_nologo at 13-Jul-11 10:05am View
Works, kind of. I need to keep adding my custom text box as many times as its needed. I removed the line that clears the placeholder, the problem is when ever that after it adds the second control it keeps overwritting that control? Now what?
dominic_nologo at 13-Jul-11 9:24am View
Works, kind of. I need to keep adding my custom text box as many times as its needed. I removed the line that clears the placeholder, the problem is when ever that after it adds the second control it keeps overwritting that control? Now what?
dominic_nologo at 7-Jul-11 2:19am View
I dont see anywhere where it has an option to ignore case?
dominic_nologo at 29-Jun-11 6:38am View
Awesome, but how do I parse a string instead of a Stream in the deserializer?
dominic_nologo at 25-Jun-11 11:33am View
I can't check this right now but this looks pretty delicious!Can't believe I didn't think of it :P thanks!!
dominic_nologo at 25-Jun-11 10:54am View
That returns the URL with the query string! I tried that!
dominic_nologo at 13-Jun-11 2:11am View
0) Not sure if the window is handling it! How can I check?
1) I am sure the clipboard contains text and I am trying to paste in notepad.
2) How do I access he edit control??
dominic_nologo at 10-Jun-11 5:44am View
Ok, Im making an app that "extends" the clipboard! It runs in the background! When the person presses Ctrl+1 for example, it will paste what ever I put in there! I cant use send keys to press "^v" because that still sends through the ctrl then stuff gets messed up!
dominic_nologo at 9-Jun-11 17:10pm View
Is there a way that this can work with VC++ 2010??
dominic_nologo at 6-Jun-11 4:34am View
All I want to know is under normal circumstances, how long does it take to decompress a file compressed with a Huffman algorithm? For the purpose of this question, lets assume the uncompressed file is 2mb. No code needed!
dominic_nologo at 6-Jun-11 3:38am View
Well, then set the ID of the control
<%= (Request.RawUrl.ToLower("PageNotToShowOn.aspx") ? "" : "<button önclick=\"openPartyWin(); return false;\" id=\"myButtonName\">") %>
dominic_nologo at 6-Jun-11 2:28am View
I am using the Clipboard Class. The problem is that I need to paste into another program. I have a keyboard hook set up and now I want to make it that when they press "Ctrl + A" (example) it will paste what ever is in the clipboard. I was just using SendKeys.SendWait(MyString), which works fine, but if I want to paste an image this isn't going to work. I need to somehow just tell the OS to paste as if the user has pushed Ctrl + V.
dominic_nologo at 3-Jun-11 7:39am View
this code will replace your current code in the aspx page!
dominic_nologo at 3-Jun-11 2:22am View
Ok, but how do I know what is selected in their document??? I know that I can just create an instance of the clipboard class and just say set text, but how do I know what text to set?
dominic_nologo at 3-Jun-11 2:07am View
Hmmm, yes, your answer is correct. However, I am trying to copy text that is selected in a totally different process! For example, Ill copy the selected text in Notepad
dominic_nologo at 25-Apr-11 14:51pm View
I dont see how moving the quoted_identifiers and ansi_nulls will help my problem?? Also, I need the USE statement because I am connected to the master database.
dominic_nologo at 25-Apr-11 14:08pm View
By adding the @ symbol at the beginning it adds the \r\n for new lines so this is fine!
Member 7801973 at 12-Apr-11 15:08pm View
Works perfecly...

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