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Comments by vinodkumarnie (Top 183 by date)

vinodkumarnie 14-Aug-15 7:20am View
Can you share your HTML too?
vinodkumarnie 29-Jan-15 0:00am View
It didn't mean you to check how old it is..? Don't give wrong answers.. Let it help some one who search through google.
vinodkumarnie 9-Sep-14 8:23am View
Format your question properly. using which way you want get and set, using javascript or Jquery or in cshtml file or what...?
vinodkumarnie 22-Jul-14 9:34am View
Welcome.. Happy coding.. :-)
vinodkumarnie 15-Apr-13 23:22pm View
I am Sorry.. Somebody downvoted to my solution. So i just decided not to post anymore solutions.
Thanks for your comments.
vinodkumarnie 14-Apr-13 13:08pm View
Can you share your source code..?
vinodkumarnie 14-Apr-13 12:45pm View
How actually..? Can u explain more..?
vinodkumarnie 14-Apr-13 0:16am View
Reason for my vote of 1 \n no explanations
vinodkumarnie 13-Apr-13 5:11am View
Share your source code..
vinodkumarnie 13-Apr-13 5:10am View
can you confirm that is it possible to insert scrollbar to dropdownlist..?
vinodkumarnie 13-Apr-13 4:58am View
Do you included System.Data.SqlClient namespace...?
vinodkumarnie 10-Apr-13 6:28am View
We always post solutions after testing. Its working fine. I told you to share your source code. do it..
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 13:51pm View
Well said sir...
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 13:49pm View
Don't expect the answer from others.. Please do think yourself..
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 13:32pm View
Didn't u try GridView's default delete option..?
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 13:19pm View
Nice one..
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 13:11pm View
It throws an error means there is mistake in your Syntax. Verify the datatype and then try..
vinodkumarnie 6-Apr-13 5:25am View
file not available..
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 8:12am View
What do you mean by professional..? Can you explain..?
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 7:55am View
Why are you posting this much source code..? Is actually needed..?
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 7:53am View
Can you share your source code..?
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 4:26am View
Reason for my vote of 4 \n hi there.. difficult to understood. explanations needed..
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 1:56am View
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 1:40am View
Thats nice. Positioning in css is very much important.
vinodkumarnie 5-Apr-13 0:40am View
can you share your code..?
vinodkumarnie 3-Apr-13 1:40am View
This source code I was expecting from you.. U missing ending tags. Please delete your previous source code you posted. Is this code working..?
vinodkumarnie 3-Apr-13 0:32am View
You are not getting my point.. Check your source code, in that Panel ending tag and gridview anding tag is missing. How can i write code for you without knowing where your panel ends. Be cool in pasting source code. Just paste exactly gridview source correctly. I will write code for you..
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 15:16pm View
There some ending tags missing.. Eg: Panel, Gridview.. Plz check source code..
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 13:01pm View
Also paste source code correctly. There is Gridview ending tag missing..
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 12:59pm View
In you code Ending tab of Panel is missing. Verify it..?
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 11:58am View
try to use next() of find() functions of JQuery.
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 4:19am View
Ok. Thats fine. Did you tried the above solution..? Which is easy..
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 2:54am View
What is actually you need..? One division on another or one of other...?
vinodkumarnie 2-Apr-13 2:50am View
Hey.. What is this..? Why are you pasting same source code again and again. Instead Improve your Question itself.
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 23:59pm View
Is this solution worked or not..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 8:46am View
If you have knowledge of JavaScript or JQuery you can do this..? Do you..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 8:43am View
Can you please have a habit of sharing source code that you tried..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 7:20am View
You got solution for your question..? If no share your code that you have tried..
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 7:09am View
Can you share your source code that you tried so far..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 7:06am View
Hi.. Very good question.. I haven't observe this in Google+. Its very interesting one. Definitely i will find solution for the same and will share with you.. Thank you very much for such a beautiful question.
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 6:47am View
<asp:Image> don't have property called src. You have to mention the same as ImageUrl="".
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 6:17am View
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 6:15am View
Wat error..? When are you getting error..? Can you explain more..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 6:11am View
can you share code..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 1:32am View
What so big deal in that. You just put controls you needed inside panel as normal. I click of of button find panel control and do necessary action.
vinodkumarnie 1-Apr-13 1:26am View
Wat have you tried so far..?
vinodkumarnie 30-Mar-13 4:20am View
Software Development can be done through many languages. It would be more appreciable if you learn many. Just look into latest technologies and start learning according to that.. Presently, MVC, Android are in boom. So you can Start any of these. Now I am into
vinodkumarnie 30-Mar-13 3:18am View
Welcome.. :-) If the given answer satisfied to you please accept the answer.. It will help us to give better solutions..
vinodkumarnie 30-Mar-13 1:02am View
Off course it is needed.. If you want to learn css just see website
Hope it will help you lot..
vinodkumarnie 29-Mar-13 6:16am View
Reason for my vote of 5 \n nice
vinodkumarnie 29-Mar-13 4:41am View
Go with any language that you are good..? First google for your questions. you will get nice answers..
vinodkumarnie 29-Mar-13 3:39am View
What exactly you want..? How you want show content...? Horizontally or vertically..?
vinodkumarnie 29-Mar-13 3:38am View
When you apply overfolow then width of divisions will vary. so mention width properly..
vinodkumarnie 29-Mar-13 2:37am View
vinodkumarnie 28-Mar-13 11:26am View
You are most welcome... :-)
vinodkumarnie 28-Mar-13 8:48am View
Hello.. You want "Grate" or "Grade".....?

Please Check your question...
vinodkumarnie 28-Mar-13 8:28am View
Ok.. I got it..
vinodkumarnie 28-Mar-13 8:21am View
Welcome.. Please have practice of giving rates and accepting answers if you got answer..
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 5:59am View
U can't expect spoon feeding yet.. Hope you got it..?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 5:21am View
didn't you got answer..?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 4:52am View
which line you are getting error..?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 4:42am View
nice question
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 4:37am View
Wat have you tried so far...? Can you share the code..?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 0:47am View
What exactly you are doing here..? Are you written this code in RowDataBound or RowCommand even or .. ...?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 0:43am View
Wat error exactly you are getting..? Wat you need to achieve..?
vinodkumarnie 25-Mar-13 0:42am View
Can you explain what exactly poke..? How it works..?
vinodkumarnie 23-Mar-13 7:10am View
If you need any guideline while practicing just post your requirements here. Many experts will help you..
vinodkumarnie 22-Mar-13 5:26am View
Use index() function in JQuery or use tabs id's..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 22:50pm View
Thats true Sir..:-) Thank you very much for your time and words.. :-) I love the way you answering questions.. :-)
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 13:35pm View
Why you past this here...? Anything you want to ask..? Any problem you are facing...?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 8:25am View
Do you check new rows will add..?

Your code will insert only one row.. Please check..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 7:26am View
How you are doing authentication in your home page..?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 6:55am View
Share your code...?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 6:05am View
Thank you Edo Tzumer..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 6:04am View
Don't you know how to insert values into database..?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 5:25am View
After successfully change of password you generate code and send it to your mobile.
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 5:21am View
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 4:35am View
Which type of code you want..? integers or alphanumeric or alphabets..? Show some examples..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 4:33am View
Thank you very much..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 3:28am View
Whats happening with your code..?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 3:24am View
More explanations..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 3:15am View
Need more explanations. Give some examples..
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 3:11am View
what is this..?
vinodkumarnie 21-Mar-13 2:52am View
Thank you.. Please have practice of accepting answers.. That will help others to choose UN-answered questions.
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 8:35am View
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 8:34am View
Good Question..
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 8:33am View
What above code will do..?
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 8:32am View
Share your source code that you have tried...
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 7:26am View
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 7:13am View
But how will you update it for every 15 min..?
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 7:11am View
Welcome.. Job schedule is very interesting one.. Please go through it..
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 5:28am View
Can you share your source code and code behind for indexchange event..?
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 5:15am View
Nicely said..
vinodkumarnie 20-Mar-13 5:08am View
Thank you..
vinodkumarnie 19-Mar-13 9:15am View
Its working fine.. Can you share your source code that you tried...?
vinodkumarnie 16-Mar-13 3:34am View
can you share your datasource used for ProductsDataList datalist...?
vinodkumarnie 16-Mar-13 3:02am View
can you share your source code that you have tried so far..?
vinodkumarnie 16-Mar-13 3:00am View
can you share your back-end code that you are inserting the site..?
vinodkumarnie 16-Mar-13 2:57am View
do you see the questions...? First read questions properly and answer if required..
vinodkumarnie 16-Mar-13 2:54am View
You cann't use '&&' operator in Sql queries, instead use 'and' operator..
Also for '||' operations use 'OR' operator..
vinodkumarnie 15-Mar-13 2:22am View
which type of menubar you want..?
vinodkumarnie 15-Mar-13 2:09am View
Can you share your source code..?
vinodkumarnie 14-Mar-13 4:42am View
What have you tried so far..? Can share source code..?
vinodkumarnie 14-Mar-13 4:39am View
Same code worked in Firefox 19.0.2 for all pages... I think the code is correct. May be because of cookies it may not worked. Clear all your browse cookies and try again..
vinodkumarnie 9-Mar-13 3:26am View
Can you share your Source code and css you applied for division's...?
vinodkumarnie 9-Mar-13 1:35am View
Thank you very much.. :-)
vinodkumarnie 8-Mar-13 5:32am View
Thank you...
vinodkumarnie 8-Mar-13 5:09am View
Can you share your source code..?
vinodkumarnie 7-Mar-13 6:41am View
post source code..
vinodkumarnie 7-Mar-13 6:13am View
which text box you want..? How it should works..?
vinodkumarnie 6-Mar-13 1:29am View
can you share your html code that u tried till now..?
vinodkumarnie 28-Feb-13 7:13am View
which year u want to update..?
vinodkumarnie 27-Feb-13 1:11am View
When you click linkbutton postback is happens. So javascript will reset to initial values. because of this your popup is not showing. you should prevent postback to see popup on linkbutton click..
vinodkumarnie 24-Feb-13 4:46am View
Which table..? Which content..? Which style..? Nothing in your question.. Give more details..
vinodkumarnie 24-Feb-13 4:41am View
Writing styles inside tags is nothing but inline style..
Eg: <span style="font-family: Cambria; font-size: 36pt;"></span>
So avoid writing inline styles.
Best practice of writing style is using CSS(Cascading Style Sheets)..
vinodkumarnie 24-Feb-13 4:35am View
Also do this changes in all pages..
vinodkumarnie 23-Feb-13 6:20am View
Can share your source code...?
vinodkumarnie 21-Feb-13 23:27pm View
can share html part also..?
vinodkumarnie 21-Feb-13 23:15pm View
Thats not the problem.. There he overwriting margin and padding. For IE browser we should mention each and every property correctly.
vinodkumarnie 18-Feb-13 3:38am View
Try to bind the gridview in your privious before redirecting and access the same..
vinodkumarnie 16-Feb-13 4:34am View
Ya.. Thank you sir..
vinodkumarnie 16-Feb-13 4:05am View
Sorry sir.. Instead of asking @BALBINDER4u, asked you.. Yes sir.. If it is second option your suggestion is right.. For 1st option I think we should go for another table according to normalization with foreign key reference from base table. right sir..? Thanks you very much for your response sir..
vinodkumarnie 16-Feb-13 2:40am View
Multiple names means how..? Is it like first name, middle name, Last name....?


Ajay, ajay kumar, ajay sing etc.....?
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 23:04pm View
share your html part...?
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 22:41pm View
after copy paste what you want to do..? how it should work..?
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 4:54am View
Welcome.. Please rate the answers.. It will help us.. Thank u..
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 4:26am View
You put this in your home page..
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 2:30am View
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 2:11am View
Its very simple.
TimeSpan t1 = TimeSpan.Parse(variable1);
TimeSpan t2 = TimeSpan.Parse(variable2);
TimeSpan t3 = t1.Add(t2);
Label1.Text = t3.ToString(); //to bind to label
Console.WriteLine(t3); // 1.00:10:00

if answer is correct Accept the solution..
vinodkumarnie 15-Feb-13 1:41am View
Your Question itself is wrong..? Clearly tell what you want... On click of what..? To which u want to load...?
vinodkumarnie 14-Feb-13 23:34pm View
If you don't want server control means which control you want..? How your data should shown..? Which format...?
vinodkumarnie 13-Feb-13 5:38am View
vinodkumarnie 13-Feb-13 4:26am View
Delete your post or improve it with proper solution...
vinodkumarnie 13-Feb-13 3:56am View
How you want to achieve this..? through code behind or client side..?
vinodkumarnie 13-Feb-13 2:17am View
Which application you are using..? Windows or web...?
vinodkumarnie 12-Feb-13 1:20am View
Are you binding gridview using Sqldatasource..?
vinodkumarnie 12-Feb-13 1:09am View
Can you share your source code..?
vinodkumarnie 11-Feb-13 23:06pm View
vinodkumarnie 11-Feb-13 23:02pm View
vinodkumarnie 9-Feb-13 5:10am View
Which thumbnail slider you want..? Have you googled...? If no please do it..
vinodkumarnie 7-Feb-13 7:56am View
Of course it should support.. But many of jquery developers use ===. So I prefer ===.
vinodkumarnie 7-Feb-13 6:56am View
vinodkumarnie 5-Feb-13 3:47am View
You want to save image path inside database or you want to save in binary data format...? Explain correctly..
vinodkumarnie 5-Feb-13 3:43am View
nice one..
vinodkumarnie 2-Feb-13 2:43am View
While down voting state reason's first..
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 23:01pm View
Post your source code..
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 5:51am View
good solution..
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 5:34am View
which table you want to merge..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 5:31am View
yes.. thats right.
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 5:25am View
paste the error what u face...?
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 5:20am View
very nice links.. Thanks for sharing..
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 4:46am View
can you share your source code...?
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 4:44am View
need more explanation.. no one can understood this question.. Then how come u expect solution..?
vinodkumarnie 1-Feb-13 4:16am View
Which data type you are using to store priority(column)...?

Share your table structure..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 23:54pm View
What is the data type of id(column) in your table....?
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 23:11pm View
Didn't get. Share your code or link..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 7:55am View
Dinesh.. Yes.. It must support in windows app also.. way of coding may be different..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 7:52am View
@CodeMaster_Noob - Don't expect 100% answers from other's.. Just look at logic used and implement code as you required..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 5:58am View
nice one..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 5:39am View
nice one..
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 5:06am View
vinodkumarnie 31-Jan-13 3:37am View
No way it is refreshing only in the background. Share your code..
vinodkumarnie 30-Jan-13 1:38am View
Handle checkbox not visible case in your code... If the checkbox is not visible skip that loop and go for next loop.
vinodkumarnie 30-Jan-13 1:21am View
Can you give explanations...?
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 6:24am View
Remember that - you have to pass all parameter from your code behind in each click with respective option value....
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 6:08am View
You just want to display "Terms and Conditions" or you need a create formatted text...?
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 5:45am View
If you know the properties of get{} and set{}, you can achieve this easily in back-end code..

If you didn't get i will gave you the solution..
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 5:28am View
If you want your code back that i have made changes please let me know.. I will paste the same..
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 5:27am View
Hi... I have done above changes to your code only.. I put class instead of id and it worked well.... Check again..
vinodkumarnie 25-Jan-13 5:15am View
Oh.. In my code in button control instead of "class" i written "calss"... Please correct it and try..
vinodkumarnie 24-Jan-13 22:45pm View
R u sure u want to do it for "IP Adress"...? I will provide u the code...

But in online application IP adress will vary in each time..
vinodkumarnie 24-Jan-13 8:21am View
You can use property style='position:fixed' for your footer.. Still if didn't work, Post your source code..
vinodkumarnie 24-Jan-13 1:33am View
you put height in whole div.. so it went outside of it.. Remove that height from whole div and try..
vinodkumarnie 24-Jan-13 1:11am View
ok.. Isn't it working my code..? Here it is working fine...
vinodkumarnie 22-Jan-13 5:01am View
Oh.. Thats great...
vinodkumarnie 21-Jan-13 23:58pm View
You can disable input controls manually in source code itself..

Ex: <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" runat="server" Enabled="false">
<asp:DropDownList ID="DropDownList1" runat="server" Enabled="false">
<asp:ListItem Text="Select">
<asp:ListItem Text="Item 1">
<asp:ListItem Text="Item 2">

Is this you are looking for..?

Thank you..
vinodkumarnie 21-Jan-13 23:45pm View
Instead you can also write your own validation for forms..

For more details Refere my Tip :

Hope it helps..

Thank you...
vinodkumarnie 21-Jan-13 23:42pm View
you can call Jquery validation for any controls. Ex- buttons, div, panels etc.. You just have to pass id of the control. So pass Ajax Tab Panel id to your Jquery validation..

Thank you..
vinodkumarnie 21-Jan-13 23:34pm View
Can give much more explanation what exactly you want....?
vinodkumarnie 19-Jan-13 6:56am View
Need HTML source code... Plz post the same..
vinodkumarnie 19-Jan-13 6:04am View
Be clear with your Question.. You want to generate html button dynamically..??
vinodkumarnie 19-Jan-13 5:39am View
You might verify that you're actually using which version of Toolkit in your toolbox.
vinodkumarnie 17-Jan-13 4:55am View
It seems easy to resolve if you Post your code. So please post code.

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