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Windows Phone 7 Competition

This competition has ended
You could win an HTC SurroundTM or an Ultra Light Laptop!

Write a Windows® Phone 7 article or share a Windows® Phone 7 app.


If you've started developing for Windows® Phone 7 and want to share your experience with fellow developers you could win an HTC 7 Surround or an Ultralight Laptop! Not only will you help your fellow developers but you will gain notoriety as a Windows® Phone 7 development guru to our 7 million plus members.

The contest begins November 11th 2010 and runs until March 31st 2011.

Please vote for and view the application demo videos!



Contest Options

1. A New Way to Win - Demo Your App

  • Create and app and e-mail with a link to download your demo video, include a deeplink to your application in Marketplace and you will be automatically entered in to win an additional prize*
  • Entrants will be posted to our YouTube channel
  • Note: Please use .AVI, .MOV, or .MPG file format. MPEG4 (Divx, Xvid) 320x420 resolution and 30 FPS work best.
  • Here’s another way to win big! Include a deeplink to your application in Marketplace and you will be automatically entered in to win an additional prize*

*A Windows Phone 7 deeplink points users directly to your application details page on Marketplace client, or the Marketplace on-device client. Deeplinking to the Marketplace website is perfect telling users how to find your Windows Phone 7 apps. Join the free Windows Phone 7 Developer Marketplace Program and successfully publish two Windows Phone 7 apps by December 31, 2010 and you could be eligible to get your $99 Marketplace fee refunded! In addition, the Windows Phone 7 Developer Program provides an easy development roadmap, technical trainings, 1-to-1 expert technical support, and marketing and monetization benefits. Join now! If you don’t have a deeplink because you have not submitted your application into marketplace, include in your e-mail to "Deeplink Sweeps entry" in place of a deeplink for one entry into the sweepstakes.

What You Could Win

ASUS UL30VT-X1K Laptop with Kindle!

  • 1.3GHz Intel SU7300 Core 2 Duo Processor
  • Kindle for PC pre-loaded
  • 4GB of DDR3 RAM
  • 500GB SATA Hard Drive
  • NVidia G210M Graphics with 512MB DDR3 + Intel GMA 4500MHD

Time Period

  • Contest Period Nov-Jan: Ultr-Light Laptop
  • Contest Period Jan-Mar: Ultr-Light Laptop

The two ultralight laptops will be awarded to the top Windows® Phone 7 apps submitted based on YouTube votes, and the Code Project judges final selection. A reasonable US$ equivalent in lieu of the prize may also be awarded.

2. A Code Project Post - Write an Article

  • Share your article!
  • What qualifies?
  • A Windows® Phone 7 article that is a tutorial or application template
  • Or any blog entry or article that is Windows® Phone 7 development related

What You Could Win

HTC 7 Surround!

  • 3.8-inch, 480 x 800 WVGA
  • 5 megapixel camera
  • 720p video recording
  • 1GHz processor
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • 1230 mAh

Time Period

  • Contest Period November: HTC Surround
  • Contest Period December: HTC Surround
  • Contest Period January: HTC Surround
  • Contest Period February: HTC Surround
  • Contest Period March: HTC Surround

HTC 7 Surrounds will be awarded to the top rated Windows® Phone 7 posts on Code Project based on member voting and the Code Project judges final selection. A reasonable US$ equivalent in lieu of the prize may also be awarded.

The Rules

  1. Posts and application submissions must follow the guidelines listed above.
  2. No cheating, lying, stealing code, swashbuckling, or biting.
  3. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  4. Only those who live in jurisdictions in which this contest is legal may enter.
  5. Any breach of the rules and the prize will be awarded to the runner up.
  6. By entering the contest you agree to the rules, conditions of entry, and agree that your member alias, member profile information, article, code and any other submitted material can be used for promotional purposes by The Code Project.
  7. By entering your article in the contest you agree that The Code Project can link to your article and all accompanying data or information for promotional purposes.
  8. By submitting the video demo of your application you agree that The Code Project can upload the video in their YouTube channel or Favourite it in their YouTube channel to be used for information and promotional purposes.

Demo Video Winners

Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries. HTC Surround is a trademark of HTC Corporation.

Current Entries

Articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered. The top 50 entries are shown.

21 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
Playing back data that was recorded from the Microphone, in Windows Phone 7
13 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Bing Translator service for Windows Phone 7
22 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
How to submit a Windows Phone 7 Application to the market
15 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
Here is a helper class to get the current location on a Windows Phone just once
13 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Photoshop templates for Windows Phone 7
15 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Windows CE/Mobile printing client for LPR, LPRng, and Socket API.
16 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
How to use types implementing the IAsyncResult interface on Windows Phone 7.
19 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
LINQ to memory objects in the .NET Compact Framework
28 Oct 2010
Unknown Author
A look at the undocumented message hook functions for Windows Mobile
18 Oct 2010
Unknown Author
Windows Phone 7 – Application Lifecycle – Ocean for the Phone
20 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Google translator service for Windows Phone 7
1 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
Face detection in Windows Phone 7
24 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
How to load data when the user scrolls to the end of a list in Windows Phone 7
7 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
An audio recorder for Windows Phone 7
8 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
Simple Error Reporting on WP7 REDUX
21 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
In this post, I will show you how you can get the list of trends on Twitter.
14 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
How to make the ApplicationBar bindable in a WP7 application.
28 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
A simple example showing how to implement communication from a Windows Phone 7 to a standalone .NET application using HTTP
29 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
What data to save when your application is tombstoned
24 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
Windows Phone 7 MUST HAVE Toolkits
6 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
Quick run through of the WP7 Developer Tools January 2011
4 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
Flashcards.Show Version 2 for the Desktop, Browser, and Windows Phone
10 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
Another utility class I wrote to help me search Digg results asynchronously on a Windows Phone 7 application
28 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
HTML5 Web Database and Mobile Web Applications
27 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Using attributes and reflection to bind the viewmodel to the view
20 Dec 2010
Steve Maier
Digits is the one that defaults to the number keyboard.
12 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
How to implement local high scores in Windows Phone 7
12 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
Use HTML5 LocalStorage in your Mobile Web Applications
9 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
Learn how to use the Pivot and Panorama controls, page navigation, OData and more!
17 Jan 2013
Unknown Author
A WP7 port of CPVanity with a CodeProject RSS reader.
11 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
A look at the new Windows Phone 7 controls by Coding4Fun
12 Apr 2011
Unknown Author
In this article we are going to develop a game using Farseer Physics Engine and XNA for Windows Phone 7. This article provides you base for your games to make game development easy and fast.
5 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
Learn how to build a small mobile application to visualize data from the city bike sharing system. Get the nearest stations, find the number of free bikes, and compute directions to other stations.
16 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
How to detect the Zune connection and the Network State inside your WP7 Application
15 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
A simple workaround for Windows Phone 7 apps to work with SQL Azure directly.
8 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
How to Resume the User's music after we played a video or audio from our Silverlight/XNA WP7 Application.
23 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
This is a WP7 application that will analyze your most recent posts and give you summarized statistics on your forum wide posting split up.
18 May 2011
Unknown Author
This article describes the development of a Windows Phone 7 Jump List control, giving a step-by-step account of the control's development (and a pretty flashy control to use at the end of it!).
29 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
Analyzing the Snake game, we'll study an application for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, focusing on localization, Inversion of Control, navigation, transition effects, triggers, Isolated Storage, audio and we'll also use Blend to create a rounded glowing button, and other things...
21 Dec 2010
Unknown Author
Building a WP7 browser app for
25 Feb 2013
Unknown Author
This article is the second in the series that describes a set of gauge controls for WP7.
10 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
You've got a class that contains data that you want to be able to save and load in IsolatedStorage on Windows Phone 7.
30 Mar 2011
Unknown Author
Demonstration of what needs to be done to make a voice recorder on Windows Phone 7 including converting the raw bytes from the recording into a WAVE file.
3 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
How to read RSS Items on Windows Phone 7
30 Nov 2010
Unknown Author
Introduction to building a simple Windows phone 7 application that reads and stores comic feeds in WP7
26 Jan 2011
Unknown Author
A ProgressBar With Text For Windows Phone 7
25 Feb 2013
Unknown Author
The first article in this series presents the implementation considerations and the way to use some custom gauges in WP7.
11 Feb 2011
Unknown Author
Which one should you use?

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Italy Italy
Marco Cameriero, born in 1995, student of an High School.

Personal website:
Marco's Room

Linkedin profile:
Marco Cameriero

PS: I owned my father's profile... he surrendered! :P

No Biography provided
Arik Poznanski
Software Developer (Senior) Verint
Israel Israel
Arik Poznanski is a senior software developer at Verint. He completed two B.Sc. degrees in Mathematics & Computer Science, summa cum laude, from the Technion in Israel.

Arik has extensive knowledge and experience in many Microsoft technologies, including .NET with C#, WPF, Silverlight, WinForms, Interop, COM/ATL programming, C++ Win32 programming and reverse engineering (assembly, IL).
Colin Eberhardt
Architect Scott Logic
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I am CTO at ShinobiControls, a team of iOS developers who are carefully crafting iOS charts, grids and controls for making your applications awesome.

I am a Technical Architect for Visiblox which have developed the world's fastest WPF / Silverlight and WP7 charts.

I am also a Technical Evangelist at Scott Logic, a provider of bespoke financial software and consultancy for the retail and investment banking, stockbroking, asset management and hedge fund communities.

Visit my blog - Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in .NET.

Follow me on Twitter - @ColinEberhardt

Daniel Vaughan
President Outcoder
Switzerland Switzerland
Daniel Vaughan is a nine-time Microsoft MVP and co-founder of Outcoder, a Swiss software and consulting company dedicated to creating best-of-breed user experiences and leading-edge back-end solutions, using the Microsoft stack of technologies--in particular Xamarin, WPF, and the UWP.

Daniel is the author of Windows Phone 8 Unleashed and Windows Phone 7.5 Unleashed, both published by SAMS.

Daniel is the developer behind several acclaimed mobile apps including Surfy Browser for Android and Windows Phone. Daniel is the creator of a number of popular open-source projects, most notably Codon.

Would you like Daniel to bring value to your organisation? Please contact

Blog | MVP profile | Twitter

Xamarin Experts
Windows 10 Experts
Software Developer
Hungary Hungary
No Biography provided
Don Kackman
Team Leader Starkey Laboratories
United States United States
The first computer program I ever wrote was in BASIC on a TRS-80 Model I and it looked something like:
10 PRINT "Don is cool"
20 GOTO 10

It only went downhill from there.

Hey look, I've got a blog
Architect SunCat Services
United States United States
Ed is a veteran programmer of over 30 years. He designs and builds myriad enterprise applications improving the service quality of numerous international, national, and local manufacturers and distributors. He also brought the first publicly-available commercial Internet service to Akron, Ohio - not for profit but to provide the community with a desired service. Ed continually strives to learn the most effective skills and techniques in order to provide the greatest benefits to his customers.
Evgeny Vinnik
Software Developer Darim Vision
Canada Canada
No Biography provided
Florin Badea
Software Developer
Romania Romania
No Biography provided
Germany Germany
No Biography provided
Software Developer (Junior) OCTO Technology
Czech Republic Czech Republic
Writing software at ITG RFQ-hub.
Articles at OCTO blog
Joel Ivory Johnson
Software Developer
United States United States
I attended Southern Polytechnic State University and earned a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and later returned to earn a Masters of Science in Software Engineering. I've largely developed solutions that are based on a mix of Microsoft technologies with open source technologies mixed in. I've got an interest in astronomy and you'll see that interest overflow into some of my code project articles from time to time.


Instagram: j2inet

Karl Shifflett
United States United States

I’m a passionate Software Architect and Developer.

A long-time WPF-Prism fanatic who enjoys writing line of business applications, developer tools, and Visual Studio Extensions.

My front end passions are WPF, Xamarin.Forms, Electron, ES2015 (ES6), Node.js, WordPress, and Angular.

For the back end I use what is appropriate for the project: SQL Server and ASP.NET WebAPI, MongoDB, Express, Azure, AWS, Firebase, etc.

I am very pragmatic software engineer and strive to write simple, maintainable, and testable code. Simple code allows for solving complex problems in a maintainable way.

My Blog

My Github Repros

Just a grain of sand on the worlds beaches.

Katka Vaughan
Software Developer Outcoder
Switzerland Switzerland
Katka has several years of experience working in software development in the areas of market research and e-commerce. She has wide ranging experience in developing Java, ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone applications. Katka is an Aussie/Czech girl currently based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Open source projects: Calcium SDK
Group: Windows 10 Experts
Proud co-creator of: Surfy browser, Surfy Industrial Browser
Software Developer (Senior) Telerik
United States United States
Michael Crump is a Silverlight MVP and MCPD that has been involved with computers in one way or another for as long as he can remember, but started professionally in 2002. After spending years working as a systems administrator/tech support analyst, Michael branched out and started developing internal utilities that automated repetitive tasks and freed up full-time employees. From there, he was offered a job working at McKesson corporation and has been working with some form of .NET and VB/C# since 2003.

He has worked at Fortune 500 companies where he gained experience in embedded systems design and software development to systems administration and database programming, and everything in between.

His primary focus right now is developing healthcare software solutions using Microsoft .NET technologies. He prefers building infrastructure components, reusable shared libraries and helping companies define, develop and automate process standards and guidelines.

You can read his blog at: or follow him on Twitter at @mbcrump.
No Biography provided
Nish Nishant
United States United States
Nish Nishant is a Principal Software Architect based out of Columbus, Ohio. He has over 17 years of software industry experience in various roles including Lead Software Architect, Principal Software Engineer, and Product Manager. Nish was a Microsoft Visual C++ MVP between 2002 and 2015.

Nish is an industry acknowledged expert in the Microsoft technology stack. He authored C++/CLI in Action for Manning Publications in 2005, and had previously co-authored Extending MFC Applications with the .NET Framework for Addison Wesley in 2003. In addition, he has over 140 published technology articles on and another 250+ blog articles on his WordPress blog. Nish is vastly experienced in team management, mentoring teams, and directing all stages of software development.

Contact Nish : If you are interested in hiring Nish as a consultant, you can reach him via his google email id voidnish.

Company Website :
Slovakia Slovakia
My programming path started in 1987 when I got my first computer Sharp MZ-800.
It came with 8 bit CPU Z80, 64Kb RAM and the tape recorder. It was a great machine. I think I still have it somewhere.
I was fascinated and I started to write first programs. Eventually I became developer and software architect. I like innovations and clean nice solutions.
Architect OG-BITechnologies
United States United States
Software engineer, author & speaker who enjoys mentoring, learning, speaking and sharing with others about software development technologies. Microsoft MVP.

My Blog
Paul Heil
Software Developer (Senior) An engineering firm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
United States United States
I'm also on the MSDN forums
South Africa South Africa
No Biography provided
Steve Maier
Team Leader EmployeeChannel Inc
United States United States
No Biography provided
Software Developer Standout IT Solutions(P) Ltd.
India India
No Biography provided
Vangos Pterneas
CEO LightBuzz
United States United States
Vangos Pterneas is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional in the Kinect technology. He helps companies from all over the world grow their revenue by creating profitable software products. Vangos is the founder of LightBuzz Inc. and author of two technical books.
Vinit Yadav
CEO Veloxcore
India India
Love Programming... and games. You can find latest about me over

Contest Entries and Requirements

  1. The contest begins on Nov 1, 2010 and will end Mar 31, 2011 at 11:59:59 PM US Eastern Standard Time. All entries must be submitted during this period in order to qualify.
  2. Articles, blog entries and application videos must follow the guidelines
  3. Articles, blog entries and application videos must be related a Windows Phone 7 development.
  4. No cheating, lying, stealing code, swashbuckling, or biting.
  5. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  6. Only those who live in jurisdictions in which this contest is legal may enter.
  7. Any breach of the rules and the prize will be awarded to the runner up.
  8. By submitting the video demo of your application you agree that The Code Project can upload the video in their YouTube channel or favourite the video in their YouTube channel to be used for information and promotional purposes.
  9. By entering the contest you agree to the rules, conditions of entry, and agree that your member alias, member profile information, article, code and any other submitted material can be used for promotional purposes by The Code Project.
  10. Entries shall be deemed to be submitted by the authorized account holder of the e-mail address submitted at the time of entry unless clearly indicated otherwise. "Authorized account holder" is defined as the natural person who is assigned to an e-mail address by an internet access provider, on-line service provider, or other organization (e.g. business, educational institution, etc.) that is responsible for assigning e-mail addresses for the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. members can vote on your articles and blog entries. YouTube users can vote on your application demo videos. The articles, blog entries and demo videos that are highest-rated will be assist our judges in determining the final winner.


This competition is open to software development professionals & enthusiasts who are of the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence; however, residents of Quebec and of the following countries are ineligible to participate due to legal constraints: Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. Employees (or a member of their immediate family) of The Code Project or Microsoft or any of their affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising or promotional agencies are also ineligible to participate. Void where prohibited by law.

Determination of Winner

All articles and blog entries will be posted on The Code Project website for review by members of The Code Project. All application demo videos will be posted on Code Project's YouTube account for review from YouTube users and members of The Code Project. In addition, all entries will be reviewed by judges appointed by The Code Project. A winner will be determined by the judges, after taking into consideration the comments and ranking of entries by members of The Code Project and YouTube, on the basis of which entry best meets the judging criteria set forth below.

Judging Criteria

  • Rank and popularity on The Code Project
  • Rank and popularity on YouTube
  • How tightly an entry adheres to the conditions of entry, including focus and scope
  • Broad applicability to a wide variety of developers
  • Overall article quality, coherence, and structure

How to Enter

Entry is by the normal article submission process or as described above for articles/blog entries on Windows® Phone 7 development. Entry for application videos is to e-mail with a link to download a demo video. Please read the submission guidelines before submitting your entry.

Lost, late, misdirected, or illegible entries will be disqualified. Any entry containing content that The Code Project deems objectionable for any reason will be disqualified. All decisions of The Code Project with respect to any aspect of the competition, including, without limitation, the eligibility of entries, are final and binding on all entrants in all matters as they relate to this competition. The Code Project reserves its right to modify the Rules and prizes.

The Code Project assumes no responsibility for lost, late, delayed, destroyed or misdirected mail, voice messages, e-mail or any computer errors or malfunctions.

The Code Project does not assume any responsibility for incorrect or inaccurate capture of entry information, technical malfunctions, human or technical error, lost, delayed or garbled data or transmissions, omission, interruption, deletion, defect or failures of any telephone or computer line or network, computer equipment, software or any combination thereof. Entry materials/data that have been tampered with or altered are void. If for any reason, in the opinion of The Code Project in its sole discretion, the competition is not capable of running as originally planned, or if the administration, security, fairness, integrity or the proper conduct of the competition is corrupted or adversely affected, including by reason of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures or any other causes beyond its control, The Code Project reserves its right to cancel, terminate, modify, amend, extend or suspend the competition including cancelling any method of entry, and select a winner from previously received eligible entries. The Code Project reserves its right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual it finds to be tampering with the entry process or the operation of the competition or to be acting in violation of the Rules or otherwise in a disruptive manner. The Code Project reserves its right to seek remedies and damages to the fullest extent of the law for any attempts to deliberately damage the competition web site or to undermine the legitimate operation of this competition. The Code Project shall not be held responsible for any errors or negligence that may arise or occur in connection with the competition including any damage to an entrant's computer equipment, system, software or any combination thereof, as a result of their participation in this competition or from downloading any material from the competition website where applicable.


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18 Oct 2010 - 2 Apr 2011