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3-Jan-15 9:10am by Espen Harlinn (updated) 
Direct2D, DirectWrite, Windows API, C++, std::shared_ptr and more
24 mins ago by Mohsen Esmailpour (updated) 
Organizing Fluent configurations into separate classes in EF Core 1.0
4hrs 5mins ago by David Maw (updated) 
This program allows you to set a status in Lync and automatically have it set again at a future time you determine.
9hrs 20mins ago by Srinivasan Sankaranarayanan (new) 
A Simple CRUD application for ASP.NET Webforms using Angular JS
10hrs ago by Member 10407916 (new) 
In this tip, we can see how to set up Angular 2 application in ASP.NET core using webpack, a JavaScript library, so that we can start focusing on writing Angular features rather than spending time in setting up an environment to run.
10hrs 10mins ago by Praveenkj79 (new) 
This article describes how to test your .NET core API using MS Test.
16hrs ago by Sharp Ninja (new) 
Simple Dependency Injection, the customizable way. Learn about the SimpleDI framework for creating simple and effective dependency injection.
18hrs ago by Anton Angelov (new) 
Find how to create more refined and more maintainable page objects in WebDriver. They will use the Fluent Interface for achieving maximum API usability.
20hrs ago by Snesh Prajapati (new) 
In this article we will learn how to setup development environment for Angular 2 using Visual Studio Code and Windows OS.
20hrs ago by Khademul Basher (new) 
Upgrade DNN from version 07.04.00 to
23hrs ago by Duncan Edwards Jones (updated) 
How to use a windows azure storage table, blob or file as an event store for event sourcing
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News Latest News

Mon 24 Jul 2017
Microsoft is making a cloud service that uses artificial intelligence to track down bugs in software generally available, and it will begin...
Mon 24 Jul 2017
We are releasing .NET Core SDK usage data that has been collected by the .NET Core CLI. We have been using this data to determine the most common...
Mon 24 Jul 2017
Developers and system administrators spend all day at the keyboard. It behooves them to use the best one possible. And by BEST we mean YOU WANT THESE.
Mon 24 Jul 2017
Two game creators are poised to make $2 million apiece.
Mon 24 Jul 2017
Joe Vito Venzor, 41, from El Paso, was sentenced this week to 18 months in prison for hacking and destroying the IT network of his former employee...

Discussions Latest Discussions

Hello Folks, I am an newbie in Sharepoint and part of finance team. I have been tasked with creating a SP site which has the following view (example): countries: india china pakistan Srilanka Record names: 1. ABC 2. XYZ 3. qwerty 4. bla bla ...
by Member 13323064
Hi, I want my application in VB.NET(I can use VB.NET C# converter) to get a specific word from a website. The word is a variable. I want my application to find out what the user's computer name is, and then grab the word next to the computer name. On my website it will look something like this: ...
by Member 12982873
i want to create a application that can search only documents from google. kindly help me. What I have tried: too much search from google but haven't find any idea.
by Member 12982873
i want to open any url from search box simply typing url like or Kindly Help me in this. dont commnet i cant etc. solve my problem kindly. What I have tried: protected void Page_Load(object sender,...
by NumanSE
I am developing a Java Swing Application. The application ends with a form to take the customer's input information (name, last name, email, gender, etc) I am trying to validate the text fields in a way that when the application is launched focus will go on the first text box (first name). I...

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by gggustafson  4.88/5 (11 votes)
This article presents methods to convert CSV formatted data to and from DataTables
by Marius Bancila  4.70/5 (7 votes)
Create COM visible types in C# and consume them from C++
by Yevgeniy Shunevych  5.00/5 (6 votes)
How to handle different confirmation popups using Atata C#/.NET web test automation framework.
by MysteryMaster  4.64/5 (5 votes)
This article explains how to model a logic grid puzzle in the JavaScript programming language.
by Rahul Rajat Singh  5.00/5 (4 votes)
In this article we will This article we will try to understand what is composite design pattern.

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