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12-Mar-16 3:47am by Masoud Zehtabi Oskuie (updated) 
A real code assessment for a senior C#.NET role
1hr 20mins ago by Ganesh Prabu (updated) 
Simple design idea to use Task class and implement batch processing of requests
5hrs ago by Bryian Tan (updated) 
The author is sharing an article on how to create a warning banner and reusable Modal using ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Bootstrap, AngularJS and AngularUI Bootstrap.
6hrs 5mins ago by Rion Williams (new) 
Extending Tag Helpers in ASP.NET Core Applications
6hrs 20mins ago by Ansel Castro (updated) 
Develop SOLID RESTfull service backend with ODATA support and DTO automapping using Enterlib.NET.
9hrs 15mins ago by Fred Song (Melbourne) (updated) 
Inthis article, I talk about how to use ASP.NET Core MVC, Entity Framework Coreand Angular 2 to implement a CRUD SPA (Single Page Application).
11hrs 20mins ago by Jasper Lammers (updated) 
Using Autocomplete in Windows Console Applications, and a general way of regaining default functionality when using Console.Readkey().
14hrs ago by Vincenzo Barone (updated) 
This tip shows how to make a multiple controls drag effect in winform.
14hrs ago by Darren G441 (updated) 
An effective solution for backing up a schema worth of tables on a Window installation of PostgreSQL database.
15hrs ago by zapsolution (updated) 
Debugging utility
17hrs ago by VinayDevanna (updated) 
IHostingEnvironment is one of the services which is included by default when you create an ASP.NET Core application and that's the equivalent of Server.MapPath.
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News Latest News

Fri 28 Apr 2017
Sakurai programmed a Game Boy classic with a trackball and a Famicom Twin.
Fri 28 Apr 2017
I like to think of software development as navigating through a dark, perilous wilderness. You have no map. If there is a map, it is because...
Fri 28 Apr 2017
Tips for helping your company set up a group to work on the next big thing
Fri 28 Apr 2017
Developers and researchers have been advancing artificial intelligence to not only create systems that think and act like humans, but also detect...
Fri 28 Apr 2017
Now cryptographers think that a new kind of computer based on quantum physics could make public-key cryptography insecure.

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Django_Untaken
Hello all. I have compiled a project using gcc and all the make files in it. I want to modify this code but I do not know how do I import this CodeLite (or any other IDE) using which I can do the same. Am I even right in doing this? What I have tried: I have tried to import the project in...
by Geetika_Sen
When i am creating Operation contracts it is working fine while consuming it is not supporting. What I have tried: I am simply remove the web method tag and decorate the code with operation contract there is no code change. I have tried to change the XMLDocument as return type to XMLElement...
49 mins ago by Imran Abdul Ghani
Forum: Article Writing
by Akhil Jain
Protected Sub AddNewRecord() Dim _connStr As String = SharedLibrary.GetConfigSetting("MRI.ConnectionString") Using conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(_connStr) Dim sql As String = "Insert into TB_NABERS_SUSTAINABILITY...
by Member 13142345
I have the following code for sending the offer letter to mail DataTable dt = new DataTable(); filename = Session["UserName"].ToString() + "Offer Letter"; foldername = Session["UserName"].ToString() + Session["RegId"].ToString(); filename1 = Session["UserName"].ToString() + "Fee...

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by Yang Kok Wah  4.98/5 (33 votes)
A tool to generate face images for different angles and lighting using only a single frontal face image
by HR Rony  4.83/5 (27 votes)
This topic will cover the bad design practice using STUPID and good design practice using SOLID. Detail explanation for Single Single Responsibility Principle, Open and Closed Principle, Liskov Substitution Principle, Interface Segregation Principle and Dependency Inversion (DI) Principle.
by Yaseer Mumtaz  4.97/5 (22 votes)
This article will help the beginners to step-up Angular2 in ASP.NET MVC, create the RESTful APIs in ASP.NET MVC Web API and front end in Angular2.
by HR Rony  4.81/5 (19 votes)
This article is about dependency, type of Dependency, its use, advantages and disadvantages; as well as it will cover Dependency Inversion, Inverse of Control, and IOC Framework.
by Wolfgang Foerster  4.97/5 (18 votes)
Or why my guitar is always out of tune

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