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7-Dec-15 3:19am by Den367 (updated) 
Short glance at drawing on geographical tiles by using of Microsoft.SqlServer.Types assembly.
yesterday by Bill SerGio Jr. (updated) 
Angular 2 SwipeClouds Mobile App Framework Combines HTML5 Canvas with JQuery Mobile's Stunning Graphics. Our starting Angular 2 Mobile App displays and plays your monetized videos from Hundreds of Tube Servers like YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, etc. Streams videos from app to any Smart TV. Uses the new Sw
yesterday by raddevus (new) 
Building the ASP.NET MVC desktop UX (User Experience). See ContextMenu in action.
yesterday by Tyler Rhodes (new) 
Reflections on writing a simple blog engine in ASP.NET Core with Entity Framework Core
2 days ago by NewPast (moved) 
Floating point numbers as approximates and understanding error happened when using single and double data types
2 days ago by Sergey Alexandrovich Kryukov (updated) 
This toolchain helped me to greatly accelerate article writing, reduce the number of mistakes and save tons of time; some of my recommendations could help
2 days ago by Ricardo_Torres_Torres (new) 
The purpouse of this article is to explain how to show data in a Nested Grid in Mvc5, because Often we face the challenge to show data in Master - Detail way.
2 days ago by Robert_Dyball (updated) 
Accelerate development using C# tag helpers and Razor from ASP.Net Core MVC together with Angular 2. Yes - have your SPA and eat it too. Source now includes VS2015 and VS2017 versions.
2 days ago by luigidibiasi (updated) 
In this article, we will investigate how to build "the kernel" of the jewel game (similar to candy crush and others)
3 days ago by Daniele Fontani (updated) 
A simple POC to demonstrate how to use GitHub API and Oauth to create a real application.
3 days ago by Ricardo_Torres_Torres (updated) 
The power of the XmlHttpRequest in Ajax requests to retrieve data from server side

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Fri 24 Mar 2017
Just over 2 years ago Microsoft open-sourced the entire .NET framework, this posts attempts to provide a ‘Hitchhikers Guide’ to the source-code...
Fri 24 Mar 2017
It is now table stakes for artificial intelligence algorithms to “learn” about the world around them. The next level: For AI bots to learn how to...
Fri 24 Mar 2017
The company has been repositioning via acquisitions to focus on Internet of Things to autonomous vehicles. The upshot is that Intel is trying to...
Fri 24 Mar 2017
IBM Blockchain is a public cloud service that customers can use to build secure blockchain networks.
Fri 24 Mar 2017
The standard provides rules for secure coding in the C++ programming language to help developers create safe, reliable, and secure systems free...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by FlatlanD_
Hello,I'm trying to create DB in C# using ADOX, but the main problem is that AxImp.exe could not be found and started. I have installed Windows 10 SDK, but it was installed on C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs and I think Windows still tries to start AxImp.exe from C:\Program...
by Member 13081540
Hi,I have encountered an error like the title says and can't really understand what this error means. Could someone explain it?Exception: "The added or subtracted value results in an un-representable DateTime.\r\nParameter name: months"Thanks.What I have tried:My dates takes...
by Member 12469390
How we can Get Internet IP,Local Machine Name,Local Machine IP using Jquery Or C#What I have tried: public static string GetMachineInfo() { System.Net.IPAddress[] ips = System.Net.Dns.GetHostAddresses(System.Net.Dns.GetHostName()); return...
by Amanjstar
I have all components but i need a circuit design how to connect all them together on pcb . Please give me program also.What I have tried:I tried on google and also did some programming by itselt but no idea further .
by Member 12328488
I sent an email but I did it with and smtp I want to send email without password in c# How can ı do it Actually I am using c++ sending email difficult for c++ so I am trying c# console app , windows application, windows form applicationWhat I have tried:I tried send email without password

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by  4.93/5 (15 votes)
In this article, we will learn how to create/edit Role
by Daoudi Zakaria  5.00/5 (7 votes)
by Robert_Dyball  5.00/5 (7 votes)
Adding a simple Angular 2 datagrid, adding server-side model-driven data validation and async CRUD operations to our Web API services and more Core tag helpers.
by raddevus  4.43/5 (8 votes)
Part 1: Master the ASP.NET MVC Project Template & Technologies (Razor, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, CSS). Part 2: Build an ASP.NET MVC app which runs in the browser but feels like using a desktop app.
by Daniele Fontani  5.00/5 (7 votes)
A simple POC to demonstrate how to use GitHub API and Oauth to create a real application.

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