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20-Sep-16 9:39am by Amir Shahinkar (moved) 
This article walks you through the steps of creating a single page application with ui-router.
52 mins ago by varocarbas (new) 
Comprehensive unit parsing library
4hrs 10mins ago by DX90 (new) 
A simple library to control registry easier
5hrs ago by Akram El Assas (updated) 
An extensible workflow engine with a cross-platform manager and designer.
7hrs 15mins ago by Jeremy Likness (new) 
The LEADTOOLS® HTML5 Zero-footprint Medical Viewer helps shorten the learning curve for developers to build applications that support DICOM. It is the perfect way to quickly get started building medical applications that are accessible from any device.
9hrs ago by Patrick P. Frey (updated) 
This tutorial based on a docker image will guide through the development of a search engine service based on Strus and its Python Bindings within the Tornado web-framework.
9hrs 5mins ago by Patrick P. Frey (updated) 
Article about implications of scalability requirements on full-text search engines and how Strus meets these requirements.
9hrs 10mins ago by fernandoc1 (new) 
This article describes how to extract RAW image information from Thermal Flir JPEG images
10hrs 20mins ago by matt warren (new) 
Recently I was listening to the excellent DotNetRocks podcast and they had Steven Sanderson (of Knockout.js fame) talking about ‘WebAssembly and Blazor’. In case you haven’t heard about it, Blazor is an attempt to bring .NET to the browser, using the magic of WebAssembly. If you want more
14hrs ago by massimiliano aronica (updated) 
Enable a button with a simple expression in its attribute , basing on the status of the referenced elements
15hrs ago by Nikola M. Živković (updated) 
Learn how to use MongoDB in C# following implementation of simple repository class

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Fri 20 Oct 2017
The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe has filed patent lawsuits against Amazon and Microsoft, using patents it acquired from a company called SRC Labs.
Fri 20 Oct 2017
If you are beyond a certain age, you will recall when getting on the Internet was preceded by strange buzzing and squawking noises.
Fri 20 Oct 2017
Microsoft discovered a remote Chrome vulnerability last month and is now demonstrating what it feels is responsible disclosure.
Fri 20 Oct 2017
With all the things Azure can do, it’s hard to know where to start answering these important questions. But there’s a really easy way to explore...
Fri 20 Oct 2017
Samsung says that SmartThings Cloud will provide “a single, powerful cloud-based hub,” and that SmartThings Cloud will be a new open ecosystem,...

Discussions Latest Discussions

by Member 12429318
I'm making a application for send one file from other computer and it work well, the thing I want its when you start as a client you can select de IP of de server (like a Halo CE when you what to join in a game), because can be open in diferents computers and I don't what say de IP all the time ...
by Member 12494591
client 1 encrypt the text file and send, and the client 2 decrypt the file and save it What I have tried: ...........................................................................................
by Member 13461662
I have json object in my controller which is not binding to jqGrid of GET method. Controller.cs --------------------- public ActionResult Index() { return View(); } [HttpGet] public JsonResult ImportKFSData(int...
by Member 9983063
Hello, Guys, I am facing another issue that is my form getting freeze and close on onload please check my code and suggest me the solution Thanks in advance What I have tried: con_string.ConnectionString = @"Provider = Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source...
by Member 9983063
Hello Guys, I am facing an issue that is I get value null from DB I have values in my DB but in my form when I select so I get null please help me how can I do it What I have tried: con_string.ConnectionString = @"Provider = Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0;Data Source...

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by Dirk Bahle  4.95/5 (13 votes)
A quick guide to managing 100000'ish records efficiently with SQLite and C#/.Net.
by Vincent Maverick Durano  4.95/5 (13 votes)
This article is the first part of the series on Getting Started with Entity Framework Core. In this post, we will build an ASP.NET Core MVC application that performs basic data access using Entity Framework Core.
by Yahya Mohammed Ammouri  5.00/5 (9 votes)
This article describes how to add a fully client side Multiple File Upload functionality to your page. Include select multiple files at a time, Select from different folders, Apply validation, show files in thumbnails and remove files from the list.
by Michael Haephrati  4.91/5 (9 votes)
When you need encrypt/obfuscate strings in your program so that they don't just show up with a strings or hex tool when your executable is examined, this tool can be useful.
by Eric Ouellet  5.00/5 (8 votes)
Many improvements over a pretty new and unknown very fast 2D Convex Hull algorithm and much more.

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