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29-Nov-14 21:11pm by Gavin Coates (new) 
Creating a multi-tenancy system where each tenants data is stored in a separate database, using ASP.NET MVC
5hrs 5mins ago by dreche (updated) 
NuGet package
6hrs 5mins ago by Veronica S. Zotali (updated) 
This article shows how to configure IdentityServer3, when you need to authenticate and authorize usage of your WebAPI/MVC, for users stored in SQL Server.
7hrs ago by Fiyaz Hasan (new) 
This article shows you how to add Angular Material in ASP.NET Core AngularSpa template
8hrs 5mins ago by Kishan K Choudhary (updated) 
Guide for custom google login in MVC without default Identity
8hrs 10mins ago by John Trinder (updated) 
Comprehensive Multi-Slider(-Range) that can add, delete and move arrows (thumbs)
10hrs 10mins ago by Member 10262330 (updated) 
I developed this dll to have more powerfull utility and to simplify sp and query.
10hrs 15mins ago by matt warren (updated) 
Turns out that what I'd always thought of as "Compiler magic" or "Syntactic sugar" is actually known by the technical term "Lowering" and the C# compiler (a.k.a Roslyn) uses it extensively. But what is it? Well this quote from So You Want To Write Your Own Language? gives us
11hrs 20mins ago by Ehsan Sajjad (updated) 
This article is the continuation of the previous three articles regarding how Equality works in .NET, the purpose is to give developers a more clear understanding on how .NET handles equality for types.
11hrs 20mins ago by Ehsan Sajjad (updated) 
This article explains how Equals method and == operator behave differently for String class
12hrs ago by Ehsan Sajjad (updated) 
This article is in the continuation of a series of articles regarding how Equality works in .NET and it is specific to how Equality operator works for reference types.
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Fri 26 May 2017
A new survey of security professionals reveals that 83 percent say colleagues in other departments turn to them to fix personal computer problems.
Fri 26 May 2017
Most applications we develop are stupidly simple, so almost anyone can do them. Too bad our dev tools don’t work that part of the stack well
Fri 26 May 2017
A recent study found that smartphone users are more likely than PC users to make rational decisions when using their device.
Fri 26 May 2017
While Microsoft’s event felt like it embodied the resurgence of the company under the leadership of Satya Nadella, Google I/O — and especially its...
Fri 26 May 2017
Explore machine learning concepts using the latest numerical computing library — TensorFlow — with the help of this comprehensive cookbook (code...

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by Member 13040174
I added a signatue box and saved in db. And again load the signature from db while giving edit. I want to update the signature i.e i want to edit the present signature and merge with that. Is it possible? Can any one help What I have tried: I binded and retrieve. I want to edit the signature...
by Member 13225017
private Thread t; private void EStartO_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { EStartO.Enabled = false; bttnCancel.Enabled = true; t = new Thread( o => { // serialPort1.Open(); ...
by Member 13161941
VB Script Class I am Using as mentioned here: File Upload using a VBScript Class[^] But i need to enter the form fields to sql database also now see my code: My ASP Code: <!---- #include virtual="/misc/vaishali...
by Timothy Vandeweerd
I am new to MVC and am wondering if someone can please help? I have the following which populates the DropDownList for each row in the model yet does not set the selected value (tblcusts.typeid) in the DropDownList when the page is populated. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. What I...
by Member 13224894
hello! im having a problem returning char* in a function. im trying to build a function that getting a string (with few words) and word number. this function needs to return a pointer of the specified word. for example: char string[]="Hello World"; char* Pstring=string; int num=2; char* word;...

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by Emiliano Musso  4.90/5 (26 votes)
In the following we'll see how to realize an image recognition program, using C# and EmGu, a .NET wrapper for the Intel OpenCV image-processing library. At the end of the article, the reader will be able to develop a simple application which will search into a list of images for the one containing a
by HR Rony  1.38/5 (44 votes)
When to use underscore(_) or not with the private member variable; why we shouldn't use var everywhere; when must we use 'var'; when can't 'var' be used. Why we need to follow best practices guidelines.
by Alexander Chernosvitov  4.78/5 (18 votes)
Implementation of a polynomial time algorithm searching Hamilton cycles in an undirected graph
by JUST_Neeraj  4.87/5 (17 votes)
JSON to JSON transformation - XSLT equivalent for JSON

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