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Great Reads

by Oz Solomon
Window and File Management add-in for Visual C++
by Ana Carolina Zambon
This is a demonstration of how to use the basics of Mono.Cecil by adding method calls to existing assemblies.
by Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
by Davide Calabro
The reference control for MFC flat buttons with text and icons. Give your CE applications a professional look!

Latest Articles

by Radhakrishna Banavalikar
How to develop patient monitoring systems based on a WinMobile device
by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on using checkboxes within a WPF treeview.
by Ahmed Elkafrawy
Implementation of an easy, fast, and optimized (CByte, CShort, CInt) with bits access using bit field and union
by Alvin Bunk
How to dynamically format Phone field with JavaScript

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Windows Mobile 

11 Jul 2002 by Oz Solomon
Window and File Management add-in for Visual C++
24 Apr 2012 by Ana Carolina Zambon
This is a demonstration of how to use the basics of Mono.Cecil by adding method calls to existing assemblies.
5 Mar 2009 by Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
18 Dec 2001 by Davide Calabro
The reference control for MFC flat buttons with text and icons. Give your CE applications a professional look!
9 Oct 2008 by Paul M Watt
Macro based framework written for C++ applications that will allow basic instrumentation and profiling features
21 Apr 2009 by Fredrik Bornander
How to implement an iPhone style icon menu using the .NET Compact Framework.
7 Sep 2009 by Tamer Oz
PocketPcAgent is an application that can be installed on Windows Mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. The application listens to events such as SMS Received, Call Missed, E-Mail Received, Battery Strength Changed, and much more on the Pocket PC.
30 Oct 2009 by mstruys, dougturn
Learn to create web based apps for Moble Devices with AJAX support enabled using browser controls.
28 Feb 2015 by Pooja Baraskar
Make your app usable by people who have limitations.
12 Jul 2009 by Eric J. Smith, Shannon Davidson
Easily detach entities when using LINQ to SQL
19 Dec 2007 by Bryan Sachdeva
This article describes how to create a wrapper class for the native Phone API, and then uses it to retrieve and store the call history.
25 Jul 2009 by emranallan
A Windows Mobile Spy.
3 Jun 2000 by Chris Maunder, Fred Ackers
A new class that adds hyperlink support to the MFC Grid Control
19 Jun 2015 by Emiliano Musso
Geolocalize a device and store coordinates on webserver
11 Jan 2018 by Dirk Bahle
Tips & Tricks on using checkboxes within a WPF treeview.
13 Aug 2012 by gggustafson
This article discusses two lessons learned during the development of a mobile application.
31 Mar 2013 by Azim Zahir
This article describes how we can develop pocket PC applications using Pelles C IDE.
23 Jul 2014 by Saad_Mahmood
Expression Blend - Playing with Sample Data (WPF , Windows Phone)
14 Jan 2009 by Anil_gupta
This article describes how to get notification when a Windows CE based device is connected or disconnected from a desktop machine.
15 Dec 2010 by EFEaglehouse
Windows CE/Mobile printing client for LPR, LPRng, and Socket API.
16 Jan 2011 by Nikos Baxevanis
How to use types implementing the IAsyncResult interface on Windows Phone 7.
14 Sep 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Display objects and get user input with Corona SDK and Lua
16 Apr 2009 by MiamiCoder
How to create a real-world BlackBerry application.
6 Oct 2010 by guidebee
Code example on how to draw enhanced graphics 2D pictures on Windows Mobile
30 Nov 2011 by saharkiz
Generate Front end screens and database on a Windows Mobile 5 for data collection
23 May 2012 by Sergeant Kolja
This is an alternative for "Memory leak detection for WinCE".
23 Jun 2009 by trxStudio
A Duckworth Lewis calculator for Windows Moblie and .NET 3.5.
14 Jun 2010 by Paul Heil
Using the RAPI2 interface safely and effectively.
6 May 2012 by emranallan
Add your local inside windows local to be supported for unicode
18 May 2012 by emranallan
Server Application to remote your mobile device through wireless/wire connection not based on RAPI
7 Jul 2012 by CJ Kent
Create an Interpolating Timer and use it to fade textures in and out in XNA 4.0
31 Jul 2013 by Ayush001
Traditional game which becomes more interetsing.
6 Jun 2002 by Ray Kinsella
How to use the Microsoft Mail API to insert messages into the Window CE Outbox.
26 Mar 2009 by BalintN
This mini-series is a pair of articles on two scenarios using SHCameraCapture.
22 Sep 2009 by Gong Liu
This is a TreeView based options component for Windows Mobile
21 May 2010 by Bee Mobile
Download data from the local mobile database within sdf file. Create iPhone-like GUI on Windows Mobile to display the data. Create functionality to search the table data. Polish the app by adding some cool features such as round buttons, vibration, glass effect. Find out how to detect the current re
18 Feb 2010 by Ming_Lu
A custom VScrollbar to make DataGrid finger flickable.
31 Aug 2010 by Resco Developer Tools
No doubt, Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the world's most popular CRM systems. It's unique because of its customization capabilities allowing enterprises to adjust it to their specific needs whether their main focus is selling goods, providing services, or something completely different.
16 Mar 2011 by R%S
Enable access from mobile phone emulator to Visual Studio WebDev.WebServer listening on localhost
18 Jun 2011 by NunoGodinho
What we should do to take the best out of Windows Azure for Connected Devices.
15 Aug 2011 by Resco Developer Tools
With rise of iOS, Android and Windows Phone platforms, plenty of mobile developers are starting to question the future of Windows Mobile platform. Is it gonna last or is it already dead??
1 Jul 2012 by Peter Hanustiak
Resco's solution will significantly decrease the time the developer needs to code such application that will print something on Zebra printer via Windows Mobile or CE device
23 Jul 2010 by Daniel Vaughan
Get a head start with the new Windows Phone 7 developer tools. Learn how to create a Sokoban game in Silverlight for the WP7 platform.
23 Oct 2013 by Syed Rafey Husain
Mobile app development for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.
13 Mar 2014 by AshakiranBhatter
Understanding FAT file system and kernel programming in C/C++
7 Sep 2011 by Frédéric Pailloux
Nice 7/16/Matric Segment LCD Control derived from CStatic and using GDI+ library
7 Jan 2015 by Pooja Baraskar
Making the App World-Ready by adapting it for a specific culture and language.
29 May 2009 by Vince Ricci
Gynoid is a wrapper around mobile phone APIs (WinCE, symbian, iPhone)
21 Sep 2009 by Apriorit Inc, Oleksandr Dodatko
This article describes the process of initial configuration and basic work with Palm Web OS on the lower level than it's described in Palm SDK docs.
24 Mar 2009 by Dr.Luiji
It's an interface that works with transparency effects. As a sample, I used an interface just like the iPhone one. In this tutorial, I explain how simple it is to work with transparency on Windows Mobile.
17 Jun 2010 by Paul Heil
How to programmatically read text from any process at any point on the screen
21 Aug 2009 by Werner Willemsens
An article on analysing a program exception or software crash.
29 Jan 2010 by lepipele
Detailed comparison between Windows Mobile Marketplace, Apple's iPhone AppStore and Android Market from developer point of view.
20 Jan 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Wrapper and sample programs demonstrating the use of the Skyhook Wireless XPS SDK (hybrid position system using GPS, WiFi Positioning, and Celltower positioning)
14 Oct 2008 by Jaime Olivares
A useful control that mimics most of the PropertyGrid functionality in the .NET Compact Framework.
30 Oct 2009 by mstruys, dougturn
Using the Device Emulator and the Cellular Emulator to test your applications.
20 Sep 2011 by Soroush Falahati
Introducing a class for generating 3D images (Stereoscopic and Anaglyph) from DepthMaps.
22 Sep 2002 by Jim Koornneef
Combine CXImage and DibSectionLite on Pocket PC.
12 Jun 2008 by Fredrik Bornander
An article on creating an iPhone style ListBox.
1 Aug 2008 by Jammer
An article detailing with the odd problems and solutions to using SQL Compact 3.5 in desktop applications.
10 Feb 2009 by TylerBrinks
A step by step tutorial for getting GPS from any SmartPhone, even without GPS built in, and then making location useful.
30 Dec 2007 by Snews
A control that mimics the look-n-feel of iTunes and the iPod manager.
30 Oct 2009 by mstruys, dougturn
Correctly install VS2008 and Windows Mobile SDK to create your first mobility app. Part 1 of 7 from
18 Jan 2008 by Valentin Ivanov
This article explains how to use the GPS API and Web Service on a SmartPhone to show demographics information for the current location.
22 Mar 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Collection of information on interacting with the power manager to take advantage of or disable power saving features in Windows Mobile devices.
17 Apr 2006 by Werner Willemsens
This article shows how to use DCOM on Windows CE 5.0. We will add full DCOM rich error information, and implement a DCOM interface between a Windows XP .NET 2.0 client and Windows CE DCOM server. With this code, it is possible to code .NET remoting alike functionality through DCOM interop.
6 Jan 2009 by Dr. William J. Blanke
This article presents VirtualMemory.exe, a memory monitor application that visualizes Windows Mobile's virtual memory model graphically, and thus allows common memory issues, such as the infamous DLL Crunch, ordinary leaks, and a full device.exe, to be identified quickly and easily.
23 Nov 2005 by Heath Stewart
Use XML Digital Signatures for a request- and signing-based licensing mechanism for your applications.
22 Jun 2008 by Jim Rogers
Modify config files with machine- or build-specific differences at compile time.
28 Apr 2002 by Brent Corkum
This class implements an owner drawn menu class that mimics the menu style used in XP, Office and Visual C++
9 Nov 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
22 Nov 2009 by Dimitri Witkowski
SQLite lacks case-insensitive sort of UTF8 data. In this article, you will see how to get rid of this limitation in .NET.
8 Jan 2009 by paulyhop
A DynDNS updater for the Compact Framework.
3 Jul 2008 by RescoDeveloper.Net
This article describes how to use the built-in camera and microphone of a mobile device in business applications targeting .NET Compact Framework.
10 Jul 2013 by Bishal Goswami
The Companion App: Its basically a utility app proposed for ultrabook which consists of the likes of a search tool, a geo location browsing tool and a language translator tool.
7 Sep 2002 by Tanzim Husain
This article describes a non full screen dialog class that does not switch to full screen when the SIP is activated.
19 Aug 2010 by Paul Heil
An in-depth view in to monitoring and controlling the power of your Windows Mobile device's wireless communications systems.
27 Sep 2009 by Ernest Laurentin
Complete Client/Server Socket Communication class with threadpool implementation. Easy to use and integrate into C++ application. Linux/UNIX port available.
27 Oct 2012 by Anand Ranjan Pandey
The purpose of this article is to create a proof of concept to demonstrate the feasibility of ASP.NET Web API Beta Version.
31 Jul 2008 by Joel Ivory Johnson
An article discussing the various methods that you can use to automatically start an application on Windows Mobile, either by schedule or in reaction to a system event.
28 Mar 2008 by João Paulo Figueira
Control your Windows Mobile device from your desktop.
14 Jun 2007 by Oleg Levin
Introduction to working with LINQ and DataSets in Compact Framework 3.5 Beta 1
29 Jul 2009 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Recreated an old game as a simple demonstration of DirectDraw.
4 Oct 2010 by rudigrobler
Podium is a PowerPoint add-in and Windows Phone 7 app for controlling Powerpoint from Windows phone 7 devices
31 Jul 2009 by Dmitry Klionsky
Bluetooth for Microsoft Device Emulator enables Bluetooth communication from and to the emulator.
4 Jul 2010 by Amit Kumar Tiwari
This code sends automatic SMS to birthday boys/girls :) from phone
4 Dec 2008 by Joel Ivory Johnson
Program for displaying CallerID information on computer and muting computer sounds while on phone.
14 Aug 2011 by Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
27 Jun 2006 by Marco Zaratti
This article presents a new socket wrapper class specifically designed for the WinCE (PokcetPC) platform that solves the issues of asynchronous notifications and more.
29 Feb 2004 by Peter Tewkesbury
Allows the reading of CHM files on a Pocket PC2003.
30 May 2009 by Frank Th. van de Ven
Terminate a process, or check if it is running, using the full file path. It also enumerates processes returning the full path to the running EXE file.
2 Aug 2003 by Chris Maunder
A class for adding icons to the system tray
23 Jan 2005 by Colin Angus Mackay
Discusses various aspects of SQL Injection attacks, what to look for in your code, and how to secure it against SQL Injection attacks.
10 Oct 2007 by c-smile
HTML/XML scanner/tokenizer, also known as a pull parser
15 Jan 2005 by Ramanan.T
Useful tool to view functions in a library (.LIB) file and export them to a header (.H) file
10 Jun 2008 by Florin Badea
This article presents a mobile device application that uses serial ports to simulate a Bluetooth connection.
16 Mar 2003 by João Paulo Figueira
Handling multiple toolbars - Pocket Word-style.