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by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a cross-platform HTML5 application for Windows Phone and iPhone.
by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
by Oz Solomon
Window and File Management add-in for Visual C++
by ridoy
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.

Latest Articles

by adriancs
Convert Website into Android Web App with WebView
by Serhii Krotkykh
On easy example shown how to implement UIKit and SwiftUI TableView auto resizable cells and explained difference between Nib and Xib, how to load nib file and what exactly owner parameter of the load nib file method.
by Dearich
First part of the ultimate guide on how to add a Live Activity feature to your project
by Roman Kiss
Design and implementation of small tool, tester for Azure IoT Central

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Mobile Apps 

3 Sep 2012 by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a cross-platform HTML5 application for Windows Phone and iPhone.
10 Mar 2017 by Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
11 Jul 2002 by Oz Solomon
Window and File Management add-in for Visual C++
16 Oct 2015 by ridoy
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.
13 Mar 2019 by Safak Tarazan
Usage of services, alarm manager and broadcast receivers
15 Sep 2014 by Daniel Vaughan
Create best-in-breed cross-platform MVVM apps using Calcium for Xamarin.Forms.
10 Aug 2012 by PavolSatala
How to create an air hockey game for one player against the artificial intelligence for three mobile platforms with only one code?
3 Jul 2012 by Marcelo Ricardo de Oliveira
Learn how to create a Windows Phone crosswords game taking advantage of online internet resources
1 Aug 2018 by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we will discuss about the advanced Android application development based on the example of creating a responsive Airport schedule simulator application.
27 Jan 2021 by Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King
XCODE & Android Studio mobile app projects built using Ionic's Capacitor with an Angular 14 UI. Includes WebRTC for video conferencing, and SwipeClouds for Playing Millions of HD Movies & Videos and A Custom Capacitor Plugin for Scraping User Data for Targeted Delivery of video ads to mobile phones.
14 Apr 2014 by Giannakakis Kostas
Port your libgdx games to run in Windows Phone and Windows 8 platforms
3 Jan 2013 by Colin Eberhardt
A look at how Xamarin MonoTouch allows you to create cross-platform applications, using the native C# / Silverlight for Windows Phone and C#, via Xamarin MonoTouch, for iOS.
6 Jun 2014 by Pete O'Hanlon
An introduction into how to be the coolest dev in your block, writing wearable code
18 Dec 2001 by Davide Calabro
The reference control for MFC flat buttons with text and icons. Give your CE applications a professional look!
21 May 2012 by Dave Kerr
Write your first MVVM application in ten minutes using the Apex SDK!
27 Mar 2013 by danabr
This article explains why and how you should protect your app's settings from prying eyes
7 Sep 2009 by Tamer Oz
PocketPcAgent is an application that can be installed on Windows Mobile devices that are running Windows Mobile 5.0 or higher. The application listens to events such as SMS Received, Call Missed, E-Mail Received, Battery Strength Changed, and much more on the Pocket PC.
4 Jun 2012 by Manas Bhardwaj
First part of an attempt to create Snake and Ladders using HTML5.
18 Dec 2013 by Gokuldas
Real time SPC is a Web Application for iPad and Androind using HTML5 and jQuery AJAX.
26 Jul 2012 by PavolSatala
This article shows how to create Breakout game for iOS, Android and Bada with only one code.
8 May 2015 by Vahe Karamian
The ninth article in a series to discuss Unity 3D and how to get started with your own 3D projects.
26 May 2015 by Vahe Karamian
This article will cover the basics of network programming using Network View in Unity 3D. We will be creating an Authoritative Server based networking environment showcasing the basics functions of network programming using Unity 3D and C#.
16 Jun 2016 by Vince Chan
Pwnage Checker is an iOS app that allows users to check whether an account has been compromised in a known data breach
10 Oct 2018 by Meshack Musundi
Implementing the MVVM pattern in Flutter using ScopedModel
17 Sep 2014 by Daniel Vaughan
Create a Xamarin Forms tabbed page or carousel page by binding to a collection of ViewModels; extending beyond the current capabilities of Xamarin Forms.
8 Jul 2015 by Vahe Karamian
This article will cover the basics of Leap Motion integration into your Unity 3D project. We will look at the basic setup and implementation of the basics to get you started. In order for you to try the code, you will need to have the Leap Motion hardware.
11 Feb 2016 by raddevus
Get the Android device emulator running. Add code to generate Android log output and learn how to step into code using the Android Studio debugger.
12 Aug 2013 by Bill SerGio, The Infomercial King
SwipeClouds HTML5 Canvas Framework for JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap & Cordova
29 May 2017 by
In this article, We will learn why do we need to manage the stages of our application.
21 Aug 2012 by Jaime Olivares
An architectural proposal to integrate mobile and .Net applications
23 Aug 2012 by Harald Heide Gundersen
Geocoordinate positioned Xna model viewable thru Photocamera
9 Aug 2013 by Artem Tabalin
PhoneJS - HTML5 JavaScript Mobile Development Framework
21 Nov 2013 by ThatsAlok
Using Fragments in your mobile application.
10 Feb 2016 by raddevus
Experience the generation of your first Android App while learning to use the newest version of Android Studio.
15 Oct 2012 by ashcairo
How to use OpenGL and friends to write an app that targets mobile and desktop platforms.
3 Apr 2013 by Komin Dmitry
How to write iPhone application to authenticate to SharePoint and read the contents of a list provided by the SharePoint REST API.
21 Nov 2013 by ThatsAlok
TabHost control in MonoAndroid
30 Jul 2014 by Ahmed Alaa El-Din
Help Beginners to create their 1st Android Application by a step-by-step guide
24 Sep 2014 by pogib
Simple and PCF shadow mapping algorithms (Bonus Article - Android Wild Card Category)
5 Dec 2015 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article discusses Android programming and aims at teaching you about Android programming for Camera and Widgets.
20 Jul 2011 by Gil Fink
The post shows how to use the Geocode API in order to make an address lookup for a given location.
4 Dec 2013 by Dirk_Strauss
DevExpress – December is a month of giving and if you are looking to fill the gift stocking of that special developer someone, have a look at the new release of DevExpress. I have been lucky enough to explore the product for the past while. As usual, DevExpress come out tops with some awesome new fe
8 Aug 2014 by Sushil Sh.
Sample Code of Hello World App
14 Aug 2014 by Android on Intel
For those of you who are interested in developing your own “smart” drone, this article provides easy directions for making an intelligent, autonomous drone using an Android* smartphone, OpenCV*, C++, and Java*.
5 Oct 2014 by Grasshopper.iics
The Simplest Graphics and Animation tutorial you ever wanted
19 Jun 2015 by Emiliano Musso
Geolocalize a device and store coordinates on webserver
8 Oct 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
A look at a flexible Java MySQL CRUD PHP script generator
10 May 2020 by Serge Desmedt
An article on the Bootstrap 4 Navigation Bar layout: what makes it work as it does?
14 Sep 2010 by Ohmu
Low-level text rendering in iPhone.
13 Aug 2012 by gggustafson
This article discusses two lessons learned during the development of a mobile application.
6 Dec 2013 by Serge Desmedt
Conception of a DSL for creating touch gestures in Android.
3 Oct 2013 by NitinShrivastava
In this tip, we will discuss a quick way of how to locate a point in the Map and then adding a customized pushpin to these locations through a sample XML.
5 Aug 2014 by Abhishek Nandy
Android app using Intel XDK and three.js Article #3
23 Jul 2014 by Saad_Mahmood
Expression Blend - Playing with Sample Data (WPF , Windows Phone)
2 Sep 2014 by Pavel Sinkevich
Implement TinyWebDb interface on WCF Service to communicate with Android application developed with App Inventor
5 Oct 2014 by Grasshopper.iics
A Simple Step By Step Guide to Social Network Integration In Android
20 Jan 2015 by Android on Intel
Android* Texture Compression - a comparison study with code sample
1 May 2015 by Intel
As one of the interfaces on mobile devices and tablets, the key function of the audio jack is to play music. However, its other usage cannot be ignored—the audio jack can also be used to transmit data.
25 Sep 2015 by khanzzirfan
This article helps you to understand how to listen to nested controls inside the recycler view and update the view dynamically.
9 Oct 2016 by Mahmoud Samir Fayed
The Ring programming language comes with different styles for I/O and Control Structures and support changing the language keywords and operators.
19 Oct 2020 by Roozbeh Abolpour
This article describes the concept of a custom view and implements a circular progress bar.
17 Jan 2022 by Roman Kiss
Design and implementation of small tool, tester for Azure IoT Central
16 Jan 2011 by Nikos Baxevanis
How to use types implementing the IAsyncResult interface on Windows Phone 7.
14 Nov 2011 by Bahrudin Hrnjica
Imlementation of HTML5 Widget apps in offline mode on Windows Phone 7 Mango.
21 Apr 2013 by slodge
Step 3 in the TipCalc tutorial for MvvmCross v3 - Hot Tuna
7 May 2013 by zoyobar
I will explore and learn XNA for Windows Phone with you.
7 Jul 2013 by Siminov Framework
Siminov makes an application developer's life easy and simple by mapping JavaScript/Java objects to a relational database.
17 Feb 2015 by DrABELL
Store securely credit cards' structured meta-data, like contact info, PIN, APR on balance transfer/purchase/cash advance, and other terms/conditions
1 Dec 2013 by Android on Intel
This guide provides application developers with an introduction to the Android Sensor framework and discusses how to use some of the sensors that are generally available on phones and tablets based on the Intel® Atom™ processor.
3 Aug 2014 by Sivamurugan Perumal
Create a simple Hello world android project with Android Studio run in emulator and depoly on Mobile Device
14 Aug 2014 by Android on Intel
In Android, it is very easy to create an app that can play video clips; it is also easy to create a game app with 3D graphic surface. But it is not straightforward to create an app that can play video on a 3D graphic object. This article describes an app I created with the goal of meeting this chall
14 Aug 2014 by Android on Intel
The standard API for 3D graphics on Android is OpenGL ES, which is the most widely used 3D graphics API on all mobile devices today.
24 Aug 2014 by Abhishek Nandy
Article 5 for Android Tutorial Contest
5 Oct 2014 by Prilvesh K
(Wildcard entry)Android Text to speech synthesis with Listview arrays with toast
5 Nov 2014 by Kevin Griffin
Rollbase is the next evolution of rapid application development (RAD) by Progress Software. Instead of releasing a traditional client-side package, Rollbase provides CASE tools in the form of a Software-as-a-Service.
5 May 2015 by Rodrigo De Presbiteris (Presba)
Creating a iOS app with swift to show the water levels of the main reservoir system in Brazil.
2 Jul 2015 by Dave_Voyles
In short, I wanted to determine if does actually have great mobile performance, as well as have an understanding of how straightforward the process was for packaging my web application as mobile app.
14 Sep 2015 by Anele 'Mashy' Mbanga
Display objects and get user input with Corona SDK and Lua
14 Oct 2015 by yuetwong
This article shows the steps to create an Apple Watch app that draws a pie chart using CoreGraphics.
14 Apr 2016 by Kaushal Dhruw
This article deals with Android product flavors in depth. Learn how to create multiple apks from the same source code. Create, customize, group, configure and filter product flavors.
8 Dec 2019 by Abdulrahman Emad
This article proposes a solution for plugging "Rg.Plugins.Popup" asynchronous into your code.
12 Jun 2020 by David Crow
The World's Best Weather Forecasting App (That's the Not Part!)
11 Sep 2021 by Cindy Potvin
Add a close button to a React Native and close the modal by clicking beside it.
15 Jan 2009 by Nic_Roche
A comparison of three WURFL ASP.NET Implementations
22 Feb 2009 by Ponnurangam D
BlackBerry Java application development using Visual Studio.
16 Apr 2009 by MiamiCoder
How to create a real-world BlackBerry application.
30 Aug 2010 by paladin_t
Use Twiggery as JavaME Game Scripting Language
14 Dec 2010 by Jesse Liberty
In this tutorial we will build a meaningful, and nontrivial Windows phone 7 application. This will give us the opportunity to explore layout controls, interactive controls, Visual Studio and a good bit more.
14 Dec 2010 by Jesse Liberty
In this second part of the tutorial, we will describe how to wire up the MainPage.xaml.cs file and bring all of the objects in the Bird Hunt game together into a running application
3 Apr 2011 by Arik Poznanski
This document introduces a helper library for identifying shake gestures by using the accelerometer built into Windows Phone 7 devices.
14 Apr 2011 by Renaun Erickson
Some basic concepts about the RIM BlackBerry PlayBook, the Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash Player runtimes, the relevant SDKs and tooling choices, the BlackBerry ecosystem, and how they all fit together
17 Apr 2011 by Fadi Hania
This is a J2ME beginner article that describes how to add different J2ME components to your application especially StringItems and Commands.
6 Sep 2011 by EmitsorGrp
Automatically generate a Windows Phone 7 settings page.
8 Aug 2012 by Nicolas Humann
Include static JS / CSS / image files from IsolatedStorage in the WebBrowser control
23 May 2012 by Sergeant Kolja
This is an alternative for "Memory leak detection for WinCE".
7 Feb 2013 by Abdullatif M. Abu Al Rub
Simple example of reading RSS feeds from Facebook page using Syndication Library
9 Oct 2012 by PavolSatala
How to create an amazing bike game for three platforms with only one code?
4 Nov 2013 by CodeProject
Dave Butler, VP and Senior Business Leader at MasterCard, offers developers insight into the company’s worldwide OpenAPI platform.
4 Aug 2014 by Febin John James
Article 2 Setting Up Your Android Development Environment (The Fun Way)