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Posted 13 Feb 2002


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Registry Editor for Windows CE

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4 Nov 2002CPOL1 min read
A Registry editor for a Windows CE device.


How many times have you had to edit the registry on a Pocket PC device and became frustrated because there was no registry editor on the device?. The remote registry editor was time consuming and also not available on a non-development platform such as a customer or a user site. So here I have developed a modest registry editor for the Pocket PC. I have been able to compile and test this on the Compaq IPAQ and HP Jornada. I feel the code should compile for other Pocket PC devices. If at all, only minor modifications might be required.

The application has a similar UI to the standard registry editor (regedit) available on the Windows platform. The actual code to read the registry entry and display the values is performed in reditview.cpp. It is standard Win32 registry API and the code is mostly self explanatory.


15 Mar 2002 

updated download

06 June 2002 

updated download. Includes facility to load binary data from file. contributed by Tony Robertson.

12 June 2002 

Updated source code. Rewrote node structures to handle add/edit/ registry keys and values.   
Clipboard copy of Key path. 
Includes facility to load binary data from file contributed by Tony Robertson as per June 6, 2002


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


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srinivas vaithianathan
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Comments and Discussions

Questionvirus in Binaries... caution! Pin
Member 1478397126-Mar-20 9:45
MemberMember 1478397126-Mar-20 9:45 
Generalthank you Pin
LiQiangZHUZHU3-Jul-12 22:25
MemberLiQiangZHUZHU3-Jul-12 22:25 
AnswerSave the Registry to Card (otherwise after an reset/ poweroff it will be lost/resetet) Pin
StefanKrueger19-Nov-08 1:16
MemberStefanKrueger19-Nov-08 1:16 
Generalexcellent work Pin
qwerty_trashymail11-Sep-07 20:11
Memberqwerty_trashymail11-Sep-07 20:11 
GeneralTools for white box testing Pin
vijaydandi14-Feb-07 18:39
Membervijaydandi14-Feb-07 18:39 
GeneralCode works on WinCE 5.00 Pin
Parsley725-Sep-05 14:21
MemberParsley725-Sep-05 14:21 
GeneralThere is a problem with your program. Pin
shubhan11-Feb-05 9:15
Membershubhan11-Feb-05 9:15 
GeneralRe: There is a problem with your program. Pin
Mike_Swierczek26-May-05 10:42
MemberMike_Swierczek26-May-05 10:42 
GeneralRe: There is a problem with your program. Pin
jan wilmans12-Jan-07 0:17
Memberjan wilmans12-Jan-07 0:17 
Generalfilesystemobject and pokcetpc 2003 Pin
vega2144524-Feb-04 13:10
Membervega2144524-Feb-04 13:10 
GeneralRe: filesystemobject and pokcetpc 2003 Pin
Michael Elfial14-Oct-04 11:36
MemberMichael Elfial14-Oct-04 11:36 
GeneralApplication regedit Pin
Anonymous22-Aug-03 4:21
MemberAnonymous22-Aug-03 4:21 
QuestionHow to modify the emulator registry remotely Pin
Raphael Amorim11-Feb-03 9:10
MemberRaphael Amorim11-Feb-03 9:10 
AnswerRe: How to modify the emulator registry remotely Pin
Halvey26-Oct-04 16:58
MemberHalvey26-Oct-04 16:58 
GeneralThx Thx: Code is more important than apps Pin
Wah Dee5-Feb-03 21:21
MemberWah Dee5-Feb-03 21:21 
GeneralSDK Tool kit Pin
12-Mar-02 22:24
suss12-Mar-02 22:24 
GeneralThanks Pin
Chris Maunder28-Feb-02 14:17
cofounderChris Maunder28-Feb-02 14:17 
GeneralI like your regedit but the difference is Pin
28-Feb-02 11:21
suss28-Feb-02 11:21 
GeneralNice to see code but... Pin
Juan Miguel Venturello15-Feb-02 6:06
MemberJuan Miguel Venturello15-Feb-02 6:06 
GeneralRe: Nice to see code but... Pin
srinivas vaithianathan15-Feb-02 7:57
Membersrinivas vaithianathan15-Feb-02 7:57 
GeneralRe: Nice to see code but... Pin
Juan Miguel Venturello15-Feb-02 8:35
MemberJuan Miguel Venturello15-Feb-02 8:35 
GeneralRe: Nice to see code but... Pin
Anonymous26-Jul-02 19:07
MemberAnonymous26-Jul-02 19:07 
GeneralRe: Nice to see code but... Pin
jan wilmans12-Jan-07 0:08
Memberjan wilmans12-Jan-07 0:08 

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