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Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Hans Dietrich
XQueue implements a shared-memory first-in first-out (FIFO) queue, based on memory-mapped files, that works on all versions of Windows.
by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.

Latest Articles

by LeisureBamboo
Randomly read any embedded_mono_matrix in TTF file, export it to bitmap files (in package)
by steveb
Dynamic string for the C language
by .dan.g.
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
by Gonzales Cenelia
Tutorial on making an artificial intelligence chatbot

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18 May 2003
Member 307612
Provides an extensible class for drawing disabled and inactive toolbar button images.
28 Apr 2009
Member 2516638
C++ wrapper class to compute moving averages
12 Jun 2001
Brett R. Mitchell
A combobox-like control that allows groupings within the elements in the dropdown list.
17 Mar 2000
Daniel Kaminski
A class used to serialize object into a database field
13 Feb 2001
Ivan Martynov
Samples of C++ coding styles that will help you to create solid code
16 Apr 2001
Oscar Kogosov
Class CIniEx carries out an extended set of INI file functions in memory
24 Aug 2000
Raja Segar
A few routines that makes implementing the ideas in Chris Becke's GDI tutorial a snap
31 Mar 2005
Registry access, to append customized menu to system's menu.
16 Apr 2001
Technique for utilizing a CResizablePage in a CFormView-derived class
22 Dec 2003
Add a scrollbar to a property page when the SIP is displayed.
29 Nov 2006
Here's some code that will automatically start your app on a secondary monitor if it's compiled with debug info.
6 Jun 2001
Extension of Paolo Messina's CResizableDialog concept
14 Mar 2002
Parse strings with specified delimiter and specified quote character
9 Aug 2005
Enumerate all controls in a dialog box or form view.
17 Nov 2006
A technique for making stdio functions compile clean regardless of the Microsoft compiler used
9 Dec 2002
One technique for performing a binary insertion sort on a std::list
12 Dec 2001
A small function to either accept or create a UUID* and return a CString
8 Dec 2002
Some dialogbox code to give the Blonde a clue
12 May 2005
Build a menu and/or a toolbar dynamically without using resource files (well, almost).
7 May 2001
Track a mouse click, even in a scrolled view
15 Apr 2008
Helps with copying a device independant bitmap to the clipboard.
13 May 2005
Create blinking cells for Chris Maunder's grid control.
24 Sep 2009
$uresh $hanmugam
How to upload images into a MySQL BLOB field using the ODBC driver.
17 Feb 2002
<b>T</b>om <b>C</b>ollins
Shows how to develop ATL-Objects to extend VB-Script. Uses ISharedPropertyGroupManager to keep data in memory. Supervises MSDEV-shutdown.
15 Jul 2001
(Steven Hicks)n+1
Learn the basics of WML without any previous knowedge of XML
18 Jul 2001
(Steven Hicks)n+1
Add 404 encoding to your application with this DLL
27 Jul 2003
High level wrapping of the zlib library to make easy work of zipping and unzipping files and folders
30 Jun 2002
A framework for overriding all aspects of a tab control's apprearance, including the borders, the background and of course the tabs themselves.
27 Sep 2003
A 'Visio-like' tool for adding and editing ascii diagrams in your source code
25 Mar 2006
A support tool to allow those performing builds to independently determine exactly what source files have been changed and by whom
10 Dec 2002
Presents an extended yet simplified interface to querying, filtering and extracting multiple files from a zip archive
21 Mar 2003
Simplifying the implementation of Windows hooking through the use of a templatized manager class
31 Mar 2004
A one-click process to building the source files in the active project into a self contained zip file, using this simple-to-use Visual Studio Add-In
14 Dec 2002
Provides built-in graying, rotating, shearing, resizing, blurring, sharpening, flipping, negating and color replacement to CBitmap as well as support for user-defined processing plug-ins
15 Apr 2003
A utility providing enhanced Windows message debugging.
27 Jul 2002
A dynamic window attribute viewer to replace Spy++
31 Mar 2004
Zip your VC6 and .NET workspace and project files using a Standalone Executable, an Explorer shell extension or an updated VC6 Addin
26 May 2003
A new and unique approach to the perennial problem of how to change the default appearance of Windows menus
27 Sep 2003
A Visual Studio addin for creating and editing ASCII diagrams in source files
21 Mar 2004
A 'drop-in' FTP solution for applications providing a full GUI, extended commandline options and no resource files. Use standalone or compiled into your own app.
4 May 2019
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
11 Oct 2003
A self-contained, user-extensible, application-wide skinning architecture for Windows controls.
8 Aug 2005
An MFC implementation of hashing files and strings with CRC32, GOST-Hash, MD2, MD4, MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-2 (256/384/512).
25 Jun 2005
An easy updating method with a small foot print.
22 May 2005
An MFC implementation of a DNS class, it can retrieve multiple IPs and hostnames.
9 Aug 2005
An easy to use class based around unrar.dll.
3 Aug 2000
A step by step guide to write a COM server using C++ without MFC or ATL.
19 Dec 2001
A CRectTracker derived class that is able to do much more
17 Dec 2001
A Garbage Collector framework that is based upon Generational Copying
31 Jul 2001
A simple COM server that is based on Multiple inheritance
19 Apr 2010
It will help to understand the usefulness of writing codes with good programming practice
10 Jun 2008
A Calendar UI extension component for the ToDoList, giving you a timeline view of your tasks
16 Jul 2002
An article on simple loading GIF, JPEG pictures from a resource (.RC) (no MFC)
30 May 2001
[James Pullicino]
Saving the size and positions of windows so that they can be restored next time the app loads up
23 May 2002
[James Pullicino]
Save window sizes, positions and state for all frames in an MDI MFC Application
15 Aug 2004
Shows how simple accessing Windows Registry can be if you do not need bells and whistles.
19 Jan 2005
Use DeviceCapabilities function to get the paper name of a printer.
4 Aug 2001
A program that counts the lines (source, comments, blank) in every file included in a MS VC++ 6.0 project
16 Oct 2014
Tree ComboBox Control
8 Mar 2013
A simple way to have a bitmap menu without any bitmap resource or ownerdraw
23 Sep 2016
A ListCtrl ComboBox control
20 Feb 2012
An enhanced list control based on the standard CListCtrl MFC class.
10 Dec 2015
A combobox control which shows a drop down window to assist the user.
31 Oct 2006
Console process output flushing is no longer a problem with this little stub.
21 Jun 2009
A WTL Hunspell-checked edit control.
22 Mar 2004
Easy to use Interface for Event Logging based on CXEventLog class
16 Sep 2003
Controlling the mouse using an application that runs in the background. Uses system wide Windows Hooks.
18 Sep 2003
Demonstrates the various wait functions used for thread synchronization in a multi-threaded application
14 Mar 2004
Displays current time in various timezones. Also demonstrates some Win32 API programming tricks.
5 Jul 2005
The article demonstrates how to implement polymorphism using the C language.
13 Dec 2004
This application does shutdown, restart, logoff and power off on a given computer at a given time. It works on all OS.
8 Dec 2004
A fully functional replica of Windows Service Manager, with some extra features like Enumeration, Deletion and Updation of the Services.
6 Jul 2005
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 10 Dec 2004 to 23 Jan 2005.
22 Aug 2013
Opensource Outlook Express automation library
6 Sep 2013
Free component for parsing HTML, .NET version of EfTidyCom
15 Jul 2004
This article shows how we can change the IP address with corresponding subnet mask, gateway with corresponding metric, and DNS of local computer through programming.
31 Jul 2005
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 25 April 2005 to 8 June 2005
21 Jun 2013
How and Where to use it!
25 Oct 2004
This application provides General Restriction to local computer like hiding/showing of drives and other UI thngs using registry.
6 Sep 2013
A free component for HTML parsing and cleaning
6 Nov 2004
An article touching simple issues like events, methods and properties.
25 Jul 2010
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
15 Jul 2011
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum
18 Aug 2003
Alexander Ruscle
Uses Windows hooks to monitor the OS for user-specified hotkeys or keywords, uses Windows messages and mapped memory for IPC.
17 Jun 2003
C. Augusto Proiete
The Fake NetSend is a little utility that can be used to send anonymous (or fake) messages through your Windows Network.
9 Apr 2002
Dana Holt
This class will track lines like CRectTracker tracks rects
18 Oct 2000
James R. Twine
A combobox derived class that provides a simple color picker
16 Jul 2001
James R. Twine
An edit control that provides auto-completion functionality for small data sets.
3 Oct 2000
James R. Twine
An edit control that provides strong visual feedback when it has the input focus, and allows filtering of input and/or displayed characters.
21 Jan 2003
James R. Twine
An article that describes yet another hyperlink control
28 Aug 2001
James R. Twine
An edit control that can provide visual cues in its text area.
16 Mar 2006
Lars [Large] Werner
Customized version of the "Browse for folder" dialog. It creates quick picks to your selected directories.
1 Jul 2003
Lars [Large] Werner
Removes the scrollbars from a CListCtrl without loosing the ability to scroll
31 May 2004
Lars [Large] Werner
How to implement a header to your SDI/MDI project.
3 Feb 2004
Lars [Large] Werner
Description on how to implement a full screen caption bar in Win32/MFC.
13 Aug 2012
Lars [Large] Werner
When loading a keyboard dll as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system, the keyboard-dll-files does not work as expected, this class fixes that problem
1 Jul 2002
Ryan Johnston
An article on using GDI+ in an ActiveX control
24 Apr 2004
Thomas Latuske
Easy to implement splash screen for dialog based applications that <b>displays the contents of VERSIONINFO</b>. Look at this!
13 May 2004
Thomas Latuske
This class enables you to build shortcuts to any File/Folder (like the Startmenu, SendTo-contextmenu...)
13 Jun 2004
Thomas Latuske
Bitmap - buttons for the Titlebar
12 Jun 2004
Thomas Latuske
Get the frequency of the processor either from the registry, or calculate it.
18 Apr 2004
Thomas Latuske
An article on creating HTML files with VC++.
21 Nov 2002
Weiye Chen
An article on scrolling your hyperlinks, something like a news ticker
5 Jun 2003
Weiye Chen
This is a simple class that you can use to load and use another resource DLL if it is present during runtime.
5 Oct 2002
Michel Wassink
A control to display text or numbers with a 14 or 7 segment display.
23 Apr 2012
Emilio Garavaglia
A locale codecvt facet from char to wchar_t
17 Jun 2000
matthias s.
How to send debugging output to a console in a MFC application
10 Apr 2007
Find another process running of a specific process
6 May 2002
Ranjan Banerji
SRComHelper makes it easier to call invoke specially in cases where there are several calls to Invoke
10 Apr 2002
Ranjan Banerji
A tutorial on how to create connection points using VC++ and ATL
21 Aug 2005
l a u r e n
A shell application for the asp2php utility.
13 Jul 2010
Cedric Moonen
A flexible charting control to display 2D data
29 Sep 2010
A ShellExtension that lists all the used files in a folder.
25 Jan 2000
A rotary knob similar to that used in the Windows 2000 CD Player
4 Oct 2001
CColorChooser an IDE style Color Picker
17 Aug 2003
Implementation of Auto Completion ComboBox for WTL
26 Jan 2000
Chris Maunder, NormDroid, Santosh Rao
Shows how to use the DrawAnimatedRects function to improve the look of your apps.
2 Aug 2002
A fully stocked owner drawn CStatic class
28 Jul 2003
Describes how to implement flicker free drawing using C# and GDI+.
3 Jul 2003
This article shows the use of a Push button with a drop down menu, similar to the one found in the Office 2000 suite.
22 Aug 2000
A progress control with a difference
4 Jan 2001
Implementing an Ownerdrawn menu
29 Jan 2002
Norm demonstrates how to coerce GDI+ into displaying animated GIFs
22 Sep 2001
Developing a Truly Scalable Winsock Server using IO Completion Ports
14 Feb 2001
An ownderdrawn perpetual calendar control
15 Feb 2001
A simple Windows based ping program
9 Nov 2000
A Doc/View framework for displaying graphical data
6 Jun 2002
Ray Kinsella
How to use the Microsoft Mail API to insert messages into the Window CE Outbox.
16 Apr 2001
Shaun Wilde
Using the Crypto++ library to compress and decompress data
3 May 2000
Shaun Wilde
A wizard that allows you to create an ATL Object Wizard Property Page
20 Nov 2000
Shaun Wilde
Encode binary data to and from hexadecimal format using the Crypto++ library
17 Jan 2000
Shaun Wilde
A wizard that allows you to create an ATL Property Page or Context Menu extensions
24 Jan 2000
Shaun Wilde
An extension to MFCs CSplitterWnd that provides splitter locking and dynamic view replacement
9 May 2007
Sherin Iranimose
An article on launching and embeding .exe applications into a dialog-based application
29 Mar 2004
1 alternative  
A lightweight, fast, simple, and low-overhead C++ class library based on push model parsing.
2 Mar 2004
How to subclass an edit control in MFC so that it accepts numeric values only
7 Oct 2003
R. Thomas
An article on how to make a 'Java type' listener method.
23 Oct 2003
An article on conversion of EMF file to Bitmap file format and BMP to EMF
11 Jan 2005
An MFC class for fast extraction and interpretation of values from a 32 bit provided value.
17 Jan 2005
Read-Only button control to display LED statuses (activity, multi-state, etc.).
6 Nov 2007
Generating smooth lines with antialiasing; sample code for animation is included
11 Feb 2002
This article talk about reusing COM objects in ATL
8 Oct 2002
This version of MFC grid works with database.
11 Feb 2002
Simple example about Double Buffering with GDI+
21 Sep 2001
Alvaro Mendez
A simple app that converts to and between time_t, DATE, and regular date string expressions
21 Mar 2004
Alvaro Mendez
CEdit-derived classes which validate the most popular types of data input.
6 Dec 2002
Alvaro Mendez
Class with static functions and nested classes to make working with CWnd-derived objects easier
12 Aug 2002
Victor Vogelpoel
A speedy algorithm to convert Excel numbers to DMY and vice versa
27 Jun 2001
Victor Vogelpoel
This article describes how to hook up a protocol, in the example &quot;vss:&quot;, to a custom handler to open a document from a Visual SourceSafe repository using automation.
11 May 2003
A simple XML style logging class for all purposes.
18 May 2003
A Qt based tool designed to control Windows NT services (start, stop, pause, continue) and to show information about them.
30 May 2003
MP3FileInfo is able to extract both ID3v1 and ID3v2 Tags of an MP3 File.
28 Mar 2003
An article on 2-D Polygon Clipping
3 Jun 2000
Farhan Noor Qureshi
An easy to use and implement Text Only Status Bar with Tool tip text extracted from the status bar panes.
8 Jul 2002
Advanced critical section which features TryLock and timeouts
6 Jan 2003
A. Riazi
Add an analog clock to your project (A tutorial for creating CStatic derived controls)
25 Jan 2003
A. Riazi
Use WiNRADiO card to add radio support to your desktop computer
18 Apr 2004
A. Riazi
A CStatic derived class for displaying GIF Animations.
18 Nov 2003
A. Riazi
Call a Dynamic Linked Library from MATLAB using MATLAB Interface to Generic DLLs.
26 Apr 2004
A. Riazi
Enumerate properties of an installed device using Setup API.
12 Aug 2004
A. Riazi
Showing property sheet dialog of a specific device.
3 Aug 2003
A. Riazi
A free utility to convert text files to Adobe PDF.
20 Sep 2003
A. Riazi
This article shows you how to create MATLAB MEX-files for improving speed of MATLAB when executing a function.
16 Apr 2005
A. Riazi, Shafiee
This article introduces some useful classes that wrap the WAVE APIs.
22 Apr 2005
A. Riazi
A utility for bulk scanning, converting the scanned pages to PDF and burning them on CD/DVD for archiving.
23 May 2003
A. Riazi
Using MATLAB engine to solve engineering problems.
1 Jul 2003
A. Riazi
Using MATLAB Engine API to control MATLAB
21 Jul 2003
A. Riazi
Using MATLAB C++ Math Library to solve engineering problems
8 Sep 2003
A. Riazi
Calculating Magic Square In Any Order Using Standard Template Library (STL)
20 Nov 2005
A. Riazi, Mohammad Riazi
Implementation of BCH Error Correcting Code (ECC).
26 Aug 2003
A. Riazi
This is a handy utility to show system information of a remote computer by using common gateway interface known as CGI, a must have tool for administrators!
20 Jan 2004
A. Riazi
Exporting/Importing Variables Data To/From MATLAB Using C MAT-File API
16 Mar 2004
A. Riazi
Enumerate installed devices on a local or remote computer.
21 Jul 2003
A. Riazi
A Free Tool to Convert Bin Image Format to ISO Image Format
2 Apr 2004
A. Riazi
A tree control to show installed devices like Device Manager
10 Jan 2003
A. Riazi
A List Control to Monitor Windows Registry
15 Mar 2003
A. Riazi
A Shell Extension Context Menu to Change Skin of Windows Explorer
12 Dec 2003
A. Riazi
Add General Purpose Interface Bus (GPIB) capabilities to your desktop computer for measuring purposes.
23 Feb 2006
A. Riazi
The article is about encoding a text message for pagers using POCSAG encoder.
18 Feb 2003
A. Riazi
Use serial ports to add GPS (Global Positioning System) support to your desktop computer by using NMEA0183 protocol
8 Feb 2003
A. Riazi
A CStatic derived class to show drive information.
16 May 2004
A. Riazi
A CStatic derived class to show some visual effects on images.
21 Aug 2004
A. Riazi, Shafiee
This article shows you a very simple way to show system dialogs like Internet Options, Add/Remove Programs, and etc.
5 Nov 2004
A. Riazi, Shafiee
Introducing AVI functions for extracting frames of an AVI movie and saving them in bitmap files.
19 Aug 2003
A. Riazi
Obtaining Information from Computer Hardware/Software
30 Dec 2003
A. Riazi
Using MATLAB compiler to build a shared library (DLL) from m-File.
3 Feb 2003
This article explains inserts and deletion of queues
25 Sep 2006
The Win API cannot access inifile in UNICODE, sometimes, we may want to add some wide characters into INI file, so I wrote a class to access INI file in UNICODE
27 Sep 2011
Aamir Butt
This is an article just to describe how to use WMI with Visual C++ 6. I had to do this for one of my projects and I finally came up with this solution. I hope this will be beneficial to others as well.
20 May 2003
This article explains how to effectively use variable argument functions and what's going behind the scenes
18 May 2003
This article explains how to prevent your programs from memory leaks, by incorporating Garbage Collector in your class.
26 Jun 2003
This article explains how you can can send anonymous net send messages to any host
25 Sep 2007
An article on generating all possible permutations and combinations rapidly in a new and simple manner
1 Sep 2007
How to delete/modify a system file which is protected by Windows without being detected by the OS protection.
20 Jun 2004
Abdul Hye
Usage of Progress Bar control.
19 May 2008
Implementation of Shared Pointer
23 May 2000
Abhijit Bhole
A set of MFC classes the duplicate the Java Swing look and feel
6 Jul 2004
This article describes creation of splash windows using Win32 APIs