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Access Internet Explorer's History in MFC

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14 Aug 2004CPOL 50.8K   2.1K   23   5
Getting the History from Internet Explorer in MFC.

Sample Image - iehistory.gif


I just wanted to access the history of Internet Explorer. I found no code anywhere to get it directly, but somehow I managed to combine some of the code and get this working application. The code isn't very great, but it is somewhat useful, you can say. I am not a great writer, so don't expect a good explanation. My coding style is self-explanatory. If you open the IEHistory.h file, you will get to see everything.

  #include <atlbase.h>
  #include <comdef.h>
  #include <mshtml.h>
  #include <UrlHist.h>
  #include <afxtempl.h>

  BOOL  GetHistory(CStringList & list)
    STATURL url;
    CString strUrl;
    ULONG uFetched;
    IUrlHistoryStg2Ptr history;
    IEnumSTATURLPtr enumPtr;

          ( void**)&history)))
            return false ;

      return false;

      strUrl = url.pwcsUrl;
    return true;

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Comments and Discussions

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