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by roscler
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
by Sacha Barber
Azure Service Fabric Demo + IOC, logging, encryption
by KristianEkman
An online Angular, .NET 7 Web API, SQL Server on Azure backgammon game
by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app

Latest Articles

by Daan Acohen
Learn how to simplify .NET application logging by integrating with Azure Log Analytics and automating the process using GitHub Actions.
by Wessel Beulink
What is Azure Virtual Network Encryption? Azure Virtual Network encryption provides a layer of security that encrypts virtual network traffic, specifically between Azure Virtual Machines that communicate securely within a subnet or across different subnets.
by Wessel Beulink
As businesses navigate the end of BizTalk and seek potent data transformation solutions, Azure Logic Apps has surged to the forefront, offering an agile, serverless platform that simplifies workflow automation.
by Pranay Bakre
How to deploy applications to the Azure Kubernetes Cluster powered by arm64-based virtual machines

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7 Oct 2020 by roscler
Azure based pet adoption agent that helps pet lovers find the perfect pet while saving the lives of kittens & puppies
29 Nov 2017 by Sacha Barber
Azure Service Fabric Demo + IOC, logging, encryption
19 Nov 2022 by KristianEkman
An online Angular, .NET 7 Web API, SQL Server on Azure backgammon game
14 Aug 2014 by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
14 Aug 2014 by Sacha Barber
Angular.Js / Azure / ASP MVC / SignalR / Bootstrap demo app
5 Nov 2018 by Jovan Popovic(MSFT)
Create powerful REST API with just few lines of C# code using MsSql.RestApi package
20 Feb 2022 by Roman Kiss
Design and implementation of small tool, tester for exploring Azure IoT Hub with virtual MQTT device
26 Nov 2011 by Brij
This article discusses some problems with the earlier approach and discusses Identity federation
30 Apr 2020 by Rubén Hinojosa Chapel
A MBFv4 template (Node.js and TypeScript) that will let you quickly set up a Transactional, Question and Answer, and Conversational AI chatbot
22 Mar 2015 by Sacha Barber
Shows one way to Azure Cloud Service : Inter role communications
19 Jul 2016 by Duncan Edwards Jones
A quick example of how to use the Microsoft Orleans library to develop a distributed, fault tolerant fund accounting system
9 Dec 2018 by Duncan Edwards Jones
Using Azure Event Grid and Durable Functions as the backbone for a serverless CQRS architecture
9 Jun 2013 by Ravi Gadag
Azure based e-learning product.
29 Apr 2019 by Florian Rappl
Why not use serverless computing to perform maintenance tasks in Azure DevOps?
1 Aug 2018 by Habibur Rony
This article mainly covers how to setup and configure Azure AD tenant and integrating Azure AD into ASP.NET Core 2.0 web app for authentication and role based authorization.
10 Dec 2014 by Max R McCarty
Everything you need to know about Azure Service Bus Brokered Messaging (Part 1)
22 Jan 2024 by Nicolas DESCARTES
How to write resilient .NET applications ?
20 Jan 2023 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
How to efficiently create Docker images using Node.js web app
15 May 2018 by Sacha Barber
Examiniation of Apache Spark Databricks platform on Azure
27 Nov 2019 by Akhil Mittal
This article will explain the concept of CI/CD, Jenkins, getting started with Jenkins, integrating and deploying an ASP.NET Core application locally and to the Azure Service as well. We’ll also cover topics like creating Azure service, creating Azure service principal, configuring Jenkins on Azure.
8 Jun 2013 by Phil Lee NZ
A strategy for keeping sensitive configuration values, such as connection strings, out of your source control repository, but still available to your app both locally and in the cloud. We're looking specifically at Azure websites and GitHub.
10 Nov 2014 by Dirk_Strauss
Securing Your .NET Applications – A Summary Review Of Visual Guard
30 Jan 2014 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how a Windows Azure BizTalk Service Bridge pipeline can be extended for message mediation by Workflow (VETER + WORKFLOW Pattern).
25 Nov 2017 by DataBytzAI
Use KubeSpray to remove the pain of setting up a Kubernetes cluster
17 Feb 2012 by Anitesh Kumar
Azure Role Endpoints and Network Traffic Rules
30 Apr 2012 by Luke Jefferson
Learn how to configure SMS alerts to fire based on your Windows Azure application deployment status.
20 May 2013 by Jon Honess
Using Windows Azure to build an online board game.
9 Jun 2013 by Roman Kiss
This article describes how the Azure Lease Blob can help the composition of the business model during the runtime in the distributed event-driven pub/sub architecture.
14 Oct 2013 by DataBytzAI
Using SQL job agent to backup databases in virtual machines to an Azure blob container, SQL, Cloud, SQL-Server, Azure
19 Apr 2017 by Robert_Dyball
Publishing the ASP.Net Core 1.1 / Angular 4 SPA to Azure and external IIS hosts. Also covering code cleanup, optimization, bundling and minification. Gulp, Grunt, Webpack and some architecture and development philosophy.
21 May 2017 by Emiliano Musso
In the present article, we'll analyze some functionalities offered by Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services, and in particular that part of Cognitive Services dedicated to facial recognition (Face API). At the end of the article, the reader will be able to develop a simple C# application to detect face
24 Oct 2017 by DataBytzAI
Part 1 of 'Making an e-Learning platform for Microsoft Azure'
12 Aug 2018 by Sarathlal Saseendran
We will create an Angular 6 application with Cosmos DB and Web API 2.0.
11 Sep 2019 by GauravGahlot
This article is the first in the series where we are going to build a simple ASP.NET Core web application, containerize it with Docker and run it on local host.
5 Aug 2019 by Vincent Maverick Durano
This is the first article of the ASP.NET Core and Blazor Code Venture series. The goal of this article series is to build a data driven Blazor app from scratch starting from setting up your development workspace, authentication, data access with CRUD, consuming Rest APIs and down to deployment.
27 Nov 2019 by Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll publish the ASP.NET Core application to Azure App Service and Configure Jenkins on Azure before we move on to next steps.
27 Aug 2019 by Glenn Prince
Over the next few posts, I am going to go through designing and building a Discord bot application using a microservices architecture and implementing a variety of services within Azure.
4 Mar 2016 by Rishabh S Ajmera
Second post in a series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
5 Sep 2016 by PureNsanity
Architecture to support multiple transport and service bus technologies integrated to provide a unified messaging framework to communicate between any platform.
23 Mar 2017 by Vladimir Dorokhov
Design and development simple analytics system using Lambda Architecture principles and Microsoft Azure cloud
10 May 2017 by Antony Gino
Microsoft QnA Maker helps turn your FAQ pages into interesting Chat Bot. It is very simple to configure and integrate with.
3 Aug 2017 by DataBytzAI
How to use Terraform to build out a more complex network
15 Dec 2018 by Roman Kiss
Design and implementation of small tool for exploring Azure Event Grid model on local machine
9 Nov 2018 by DataBytzAI
Use cases for Azure Search and why it's worth considering
27 Dec 2018 by Prabakaran Rajendran
Create, build and deploy ASP.NET Core application into Azure app service
7 Feb 2019 by Sibeesh Passion
Create own cryptocurrency and own private consortium network in Azure
10 Mar 2019 by Ryan Peden
Get up and running with serverless by creating a geocoding function on Azure
6 Mar 2020 by YegorDovganich
In this article I will explain and show step-by-step how to run the simplest web-page hosted by the Load Balancer which has nodes both on AWS and Azure behind.
17 Jan 2022 by Roman Kiss
Design and implementation of small tool, tester for Azure IoT Central
23 Jun 2013 by Tim Corey
Learn how to get started in Windows Azure by following the progress of an actual web application as it is constructed.
31 Jul 2013 by apmyhr
Job Match helps job seekers find employment with the right company
31 Jul 2013 by roscler
Expanding the power and utility of the D&B API with artificial intelligence and natural language processing
2 Apr 2014 by Gareth Barlow (NBNi)
Integrating Roles Based Access Control with the Azure Active Directory Graph API in a MVC application
4 Feb 2015 by Jabeen Begum
Create a timer job using SharePoint App model, CSOM and azure webjobs
25 Jun 2015 by David Catuhe
Vorlon.js is powered by node.JS,, and late-night coffee. I would like to share with you why we made it, how to incorporate it into your own testing workflow, and also share some more details into the art of building a JS library like it.
14 Oct 2015 by Jim Holmes (OR)
Larger projects tend to slow this feedback cycle, both in their build and test execution phases. IncrediBuild's new release, version 7, is intended to help teams ease this problem by providing a highly-configurable, simple-to-use build distribution and acceleration system.
1 Mar 2016 by Emiliano Musso
In this short article we will see how to create a SQL database using the services provided by Microsoft Azure cloud platform, and then connect to it via C # code, to perform the normal data insertion and retrieval operations
2 Aug 2016 by Chris_Riley
Warewolf is a promising offering to help nimble front-end applications perform heavy backend tasks. This write up is on my experience with the product.
27 May 2017 by Sibeesh Passion
This post is going to walk through about Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN).
28 Mar 2018 by Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
How to build an app with chat capability using Azure Redis cache
10 Nov 2018 by DataBytzAI
What is Azure Key Vault and where is it useful?
19 Nov 2018 by Vivek Johari
Migrating SQL Database to Azure SQL Database using SSMS Export/Import Contents
19 Dec 2018 by Sibeesh Passion
In this article, we are going to see how we can set up an Azure Function as an Output job topology of an Azure Stream Analytics job. Doesn’t that sound interesting?
10 Sep 2019 by GauravGahlot
In this article, we are going to set up a Release Trigger to automatically deploy our application on Azure App Service as a Docker Container, each time we push our code.
28 Nov 2019 by Akhil Mittal
In this article, we’ll learn the CI/CD of ASP.NET Core application on Azure using Jenkins Azure Pipeline.
31 Oct 2021 by Matt Scarpino
This article explains how to build, program, and deploy high-level applications that run on the Azure Sphere OS.
24 Jul 2019 by Glenn Prince
Quick guide on how to save some money by switching your Azure WebApp service to a Azure Storage and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting setup for static websites
24 Jan 2024 by Nicolas DESCARTES
Comprehending the CQRS architecture and learning how to implement it
15 Sep 2012 by Michael R Duffy
A discussion of using Azure table storage to store an application's logging information for Microsoft Windows Azure based cloud deployments
11 Dec 2012 by James Newton-King
In this blog post I'm going to try out Foglight with a demo application I've put together for simulating a broken website (demo source code available at the end of the blog post).
4 Jun 2013 by PRANAV SINGH
In this blog post, we will go through step by step how to actualize DotNetNuke on Windows Azure Website from Gallery.
9 Aug 2013 by UmarSiddiqui
The Intelligent Way to Develop Business in the World of Healthcare
13 Aug 2013 by Roman Kiss
This article describes design and implementation of the Blob lifetime in the Azure Container.
3 Mar 2015 by Gaston Verelst
This article describes how to set up the deployment from VSO to an MS Azure website
5 Mar 2015 by Tom Corbett Space Cadet
One of the biggest problems in making simple devices into IoT devices is cost. The ESP-8266 module solves that problem.
18 Sep 2015 by Kurt Friedrich
I wanted to use MySQL as the database to hold code first models with ASP MVC.
12 Nov 2015 by Alvin Ashcraft
Open source software (OSS) development has reached the mainstream .NET community and created a whole new customer segment for development tools. Microsoft has responded to this need by creating the Visual Studio Community Edition.
12 Feb 2016 by Chris_Riley
Zend Server is the most comprehensive release automation, APM, and extension management tool I’ve found that supports PHP applications.
4 Mar 2016 by Rishabh S Ajmera
Third post in series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
4 Mar 2016 by Rishabh S Ajmera
Fifth and final post in a series of articles that show practical application of CQRS architecture with emphasis on decoupling messaging as infrastructure component
2 Jul 2016 by Abhishek Mishra - Dotnet and Azure PAAS Architect
This article demonstrates how to create a new Azure storage table and perform CRUD operations on the table.
25 Oct 2016 by Ahmed Khateeb
In this article, I will describe how to Create WordPress Bitnami VM, how to connect to VM, how to add Custom Domain to that VM and important steps to follow after fresh installation.
31 Aug 2017 by DataBytzAI
Provisioning with Terraform on Azure
3 Aug 2018 by g96b10
Create a console application that listens to the data your Raspberry Pi 3 uploads to Azure IoT Hub
12 Oct 2018 by DataBytzAI
A quick run through important points for IoT security
8 Nov 2018 by DataBytzAI
Overview of encryption at rest, in motion and in use with Azure Encryption
5 Jan 2019 by Arkadeep De
Azure Storage Account - what is blob?
15 Apr 2019 by Christian Graus
First in a series on using Azure AD with Angular applications
6 Jun 2019 by Tom Ling
The code for this example can be found here. What is dependency injection. Dependency injection (DI) is a software design pattern that allows developers to write loosely coupled code.
18 Jul 2019 by Allister Beharry
OLAF is a digital forensics tool designed for public-facing PCs or corporate desktops which can classify in near real-time images a user downloads while browsing to help enforce computer use policies regarding intellectual property, inappropriate content, and incitements to violence.
15 Jul 2019 by Glenn Prince
For those who haven’t heard of them, Azure Functions are a service that lets you build event based micro services without the need to manage any infrastructure.
29 May 2020 by Jayson DeLancey
This article is the seventh in the Sentiment Analysis series that uses Python and the open-source Natural Language Toolkit. In this article we look at some alternatives to VADER.
25 May 2021 by Jarek Szczegielniak
In this article, we publish our NLP API service to Azure using Azure Container Instances.
18 Oct 2021 by Matthew Casperson
In this article we’ll explore integrating Azure AD and MSAL with a Spring Boot web application.
14 Jun 2023 by Leszek Koc
Auto subscription of Azure functions to Event Grid
12 Dec 2017 by DataBytzAI
How to make some data storage resources available to the cluster
31 Dec 2017 by DataBytzAI
Simple step by step guide to exposing ports to Kubernetes pods/containers on Azure