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Industry News Tom's Guide 30 Jul 2021 7,220
Windows 11 now has its first beta release
"I'm not gonna try it—you try it!"
Industry News The Verge 30 Jul 2021 2,502
Industry News Ars Technica 30 Jul 2021 1,707
Developer News The Register 30 Jul 2021 813
Speed up your .NET and C++ development with Hot Reload in Visual Studio 2022
"Third gear, hang on tight. Faster, it's all right."
Developer News Visual Studio blog 30 Jul 2021 1,412
What does saying that 'programming is hard' really say, and about whom?
"It depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is"
Developer News ACM 30 Jul 2021 1,891
I'm looking to hire a "junior" programmer
"Teach your children well"
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Jul 2021 1,488
How do you maintain code quality / complexity?
"The gods had thought with some reason that there is no more dreadful punishment than futile and hopeless labor."
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Jul 2021 976
Machine learning applications need less data than has been assumed
A combined team of researchers from the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta has found that at least some machine learning applications can learn from far fewer examples than has been assumed.
Tips and Tools Tech Xplore 30 Jul 2021 189
OpenAI debuts new AI programming language for creating neural networks
Prominent artificial intelligence research lab OpenAI LLC today released Triton, a specialized programming language that it says will enable developers to create high-speed machine learning algorithms more easily.
Tips and Tools Silicon Angle 30 Jul 2021 1,596
How to run R in Visual Studio Code
If you’re an R programmer hoping to try GitHub Copilot, you’ll need to use Microsoft’s Visual Code Studio. Here’s how to set up and use VS Code for R.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 30 Jul 2021 105
Lizard logic, Abbyy NeoML open source library adds Python
Abbyy didn’t let the summer slowdown ‘silly season’ dampen its news cycle too much, the ‘digital intelligence company’ announced an update for NeoML, its cross-platform open source machine learning library.
Tips and Tools Computer Weekly 30 Jul 2021 44
How to Build a Raspberry Pi Cloud Server with ownCloud
Set up your own cloud storage server to access your data anywhere with ownCloud and a Raspberry Pi.
Tips and Tools Make Use Of 30 Jul 2021 287
Getting Started with Natural Language Processing using Python
Natural Language Processing has always been a key tenet of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With the increase in the adoption of AI, systems to automate sophisticated tasks are being built. Some of these examples are described below.
Tips and Tools Analytics Vidhya 30 Jul 2021 121
Satire xkcd 30 Jul 2021 633
Scientists have seen light from the far side of a black hole for the first time
Does it make everything glow in the dark and look groovy?
Science And Technology Vice 30 Jul 2021 2,492
D'oh! Misplaced chair shuts down nuclear plant in Taiwan
Now management will bring in standing desks
Science And Technology The Register 30 Jul 2021 3,277
Industry News ZDNet 29 Jul 2021 777
Turn off, turn on: Simple step can thwart top phone hackers
When in doubt: reboot. It's not just for Windows anymore
Industry News Associated Press 29 Jul 2021 3,633
Industry News IT Pro Portal 29 Jul 2021 1,506
Developer News Uno Platform 29 Jul 2021 2,905
Will artificial intelligence be the end of web design & development
I don't think we can make an AI that can figure out CSS
Developer News Media Temple 29 Jul 2021 1,353
WhiteSource tool automatically fixes code vulnerabilities
Fixes as in 'plumbing', or fixes as in 'puppy'?
Developer News DevOps 29 Jul 2021 1,217
Developer News ZDNet 29 Jul 2021 1,076

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