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Industry News Apple Insider 4 Oct 2023 702
Industry News The Verge 4 Oct 2023 1,278
Dead grandma locket request tricks Bing Chat’s AI into solving security puzzle
It might just be easier to figure out that CAPTCHA yourself
Industry News Ars Technica 4 Oct 2023 1,989
Microsoft admits what many Windows 11 users already knew: Copilot is buggy
The first version of a Microsoft product is buggy? I boggle!
Industry News Beta News 4 Oct 2023 1,173
Sauce Labs exposes some developers’ risky habits
Trying to take and hold all of Asia early in the game?
Developer News Developer Tech 4 Oct 2023 1,502
Open sourcing IFC SDK for C++ modules
Bonus points if you can explain this concept better than the author
Developer News Microsoft C++ team 4 Oct 2023 803
Rolling forward to major versions in .NET
"Keep rollin', rollin', rollin'"
Developer News Rick Strahl 4 Oct 2023 1,452
Developer News yahoo! Finance 4 Oct 2023 893
Hot Threads CodeProject 4 Oct 2023 805
Think you have a lot of disk space? Oh, no you don't!
I could finally store ALL the cat videos!
Hot Threads CodeProject 4 Oct 2023 1,207
Science And Technology The Verge 4 Oct 2023 1,075
Science And Technology ZDNet 4 Oct 2023 1,012
Industry News Ars Technica 3 Oct 2023 2,771
Industry News 9to5 Mac 3 Oct 2023 836
Microsoft says it won't let users remove this divisive Windows 11 app
But yet we have to download Solitaire separately?
Industry News Tech Radar 3 Oct 2023 4,808
Crux: Cross-platform app development in Rust
In case you need a reason to rewrite everything
Developer News Red Badget 3 Oct 2023 1,320
Code confidence using NASA’s Ten Simple Rules
You might not be a rocket scientist, but you can code like one
Developer News Coding Blocks 3 Oct 2023 3,250
Developer News Microsoft C++ Team 3 Oct 2023 1,992
AI Economic Modelling
"To err is human, but to really foul things up you need a computer"
Hot Threads CodeProject 3 Oct 2023 824
All your mainstream UI frameworks are lying to you
Why does the solution for reactivity in components still require transpiling/compiling? Why is hijacked HTML syntax with fake directives still being used? Why is the UI representation still described in an imperative way? And why is technology still trying to mimic HTML in the first place?
Tips and Tools Moonthoughts 3 Oct 2023 192
Deno adds scaleable messaging with new Queues feature, sparks debate about proprietary services
Deno has previewed Queues, a messaging system which enables asynchronous processing of long-running tasks.
Tips and Tools Dev Class 3 Oct 2023 64
New FREE Ebooks: Modernize Your Apps with Blazor and .NET MAUI
Are you exploring how to modernize existing applications? Or are you still weighing the pros and cons of using Blazor or .NET MAUI for your next app? Look at two new ebooks on the topic and learn more about why, when and how to modernize your legacy apps.
Tips and Tools Telerik 3 Oct 2023 502
10 JavaScript concepts every Node developer must master
Want to build efficient and scalable Node.js applications? Learn how to make JavaScript work for you, not against you.
Tips and Tools Infoworld 3 Oct 2023 176
Effectively loading ads without impacting page speed
Learn how to effectively load ads without impacting your page speed, ensuring a seamless user experience, and maximizing revenue opportunities for website owners.
Tips and Tools 3 Oct 2023 67

Page 1 of 2,596