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Microsoft deprecates Windows DirectAccess, recommends Always On VPN
They almost had me panicking there when I heard ___Access was going away
Industry News Bleeping Computer 13 Jun 2024 2,082
Industry News The Register 13 Jun 2024 2,807
Visual Studio 2022 – 17.10 performance enhancements
Not just bigger, but faster too (in places)
Developer News Visual Studio 13 Jun 2024 2,140
Swift the best choice to succeed C++, Apple says
So get busy rewriting, C++ folks
Developer News Infoworld 13 Jun 2024 3,219
Why is javascript so disliked?
Because it's used (popular stuff tends to get the most complaints, IMO)
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Jun 2024 1,429
I need your ideas
The ultimate in Agile - just keep building until you figure out what you're building
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Jun 2024 1,020
Apple rolls out new resources for developers
Alongside yesterday's raft of operating system announcements, Apple also unveiled a suite of new tools and features for developers to help them create more powerful and efficient apps.
Tips and Tools Beta News 13 Jun 2024 59
Getting started with UI testing .NET MAUI apps using Appium
In this blog post we will have a look at how to get started with UI testing your .NET MAUI app, on mobile and desktop, by using Appium.
Tips and Tools .NET 13 Jun 2024 79
Android’s new antitheft feature is now in testing
Theft Detection Lock, as it’s called, uses AI to determine whether certain jerky movements are indicative of an ongoing theft attempt.
Tips and Tools The Verge 13 Jun 2024 49
What's new in Swift 6.0?
When fully enabled, Swift 6 is likely to require changes in pretty much every project.
Tips and Tools Hacking with Swift 13 Jun 2024 1,849
Getting Started with Jetpack ViewModels and DataStore in Kotlin Multiplatform
With Google adding KMP support to the AndroidX Jetpack ViewModels and DataStore, I was excited to try this on a Kotlin Multiplatform app using SwiftUI and Jetpack Compose on iOS and Android.
Tips and Tools Appmilla 13 Jun 2024 48
iOS 18 adds Apple Intelligence, customizations, and makes Android SMS nicer
Mail gets categories, Messages gets more tapbacks, and apps can now be locked.
Tips and Tools Ars Technica 13 Jun 2024 79
How To Secure API Access in Mobile Apps
By using the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework, you can avoid expensive mistakes and enable the most up-to-date security behaviors in your apps.
Tips and Tools The New Stack 13 Jun 2024 128
Science And Technology Futurism 13 Jun 2024 4,046
Science And Technology MIT News 13 Jun 2024 1,700
Industry News Neowin 12 Jun 2024 6,202
Industry News The Verge 12 Jun 2024 1,858
Industry News The Register 12 Jun 2024 3,803
Apple unveils “Apple Intelligence” AI features for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS
Get it? It's still AI. Oh, what clever elephants.
Industry News Ars Technica 12 Jun 2024 1,219
Developer News The Old New Thing 12 Jun 2024 2,467
Can LLMs find bugs in large codebases?
After it put them in there?
Developer News Hamming 12 Jun 2024 1,274
Developer News The Register 12 Jun 2024 1,896
Developer News The Next Web 12 Jun 2024 2,859
Rabbit holes
Better go down a rabbit hole than play whack a mole
Hot Threads CodeProject 12 Jun 2024 1,253

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