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NSA warns of Sandworm backdoor attacks on mail servers
"He who controls the Spice, controls the universe!"
Industry News Threat Post 1 Jun 2020 2,016
Microsoft IIS servers hacked by Blue Mockingbird to mine Monero
And they say you can't make money hosting on IIS
Industry News Bleeping Computer 1 Jun 2020 1,981
Industry News The Register 1 Jun 2020 2,790
Industry News MS Power User 1 Jun 2020 1,949
Developer News The Register 1 Jun 2020 1,459
You’re sold on load testing. But for what “unreasonable” load should you test?
"Take a load off Fanny, and you put the load right on me"
Developer News functionize 1 Jun 2020 1,282
Survey sees increased agile adoption during COVID-19
All the people who normally write the specs are off sick?
Developer News DevOps 1 Jun 2020 605
How companies must prepare for the "great rehiring" in the new normal after the pandemic
Time to write your AI resume to "speak" with the AI recruiters
Developer News Tech Republic 1 Jun 2020 1,774
The "Evolution" of Windows
"Modern" users just use everything full screen?
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Jun 2020 1,647
Strange entry in startup list
It was just there to tell you what tunes were going to be in the performance
Hot Threads CodeProject 1 Jun 2020 1,246
Satire Don't Hit Save 1 Jun 2020 1,066
Science And Technology Digital Trends 1 Jun 2020 1,667
Industry News ZDNet 29 May 2020 3,358
New Octopus Scanner malware spreads via GitHub supply chain attack
Give another cheer for shared code hosting!
Industry News Bleeping Computer 29 May 2020 2,085
Google launches website to help detect and stop scams
I'm a little skeptical of it though
Industry News Neowin 29 May 2020 3,594
Developer News ZDNet 29 May 2020 5,139
46% of employees say new workplace tech negatively impacts productivity in the short term
I'm just complaining about the menu options in the new cafeteria
Developer News Tech Republic 29 May 2020 1,899
What do you do with a person like this?
Send him to ride into the sunset?
Hot Threads CodeProject 29 May 2020 2,558
Custom Package Repositories in R
The best way to maintain R packages for the corporation when access to the internet is limited and/or package zip files are not allowed to be downloaded is to implement a custom package repository.
Tips and Tools Revolution Analytics 29 May 2020 46
End-to-End Mobile Machine Learning with Fritz AI Studio: A Non-Developer’s Journey
Building a cat detector in a weekend — with absolutely no coding experience
Tips and Tools Heartbeat 29 May 2020 163
Baidu releases quantum machine learning toolkit on GitHub
Chinese tech giant's Paddle Quantum development toolkit now is available on GitHub, enabling developers to build and train quantum neural network models, and includes quantum computing applications.
Tips and Tools ZDNet 29 May 2020 1,994
A Practical Guide to Maintaining Machine Learning
This article will share some practices I’ve found useful to maintaining machine learning in production.
Tips and Tools Eugene Yan 29 May 2020 135
Windows 10 IoT to get a major update with several new features
Some of the improvements coming to Windows 10 IoT OS includes expanded silicon support, OS size reduction of up to 40% to enable smaller-footprint devices.
Tips and Tools MS Power User 29 May 2020 271
Create Deepfakes in 5 Minutes with First Order Model Method
In this article we will explore how deepfakes are created and we apply a First Order Modeling method, which allows us to create deep fakes in a matter of minutes.
Tips and Tools Rubik's Code 29 May 2020 293

Page 1 of 2,073