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Industry News Vice 30 Nov 2022 4,755
Sony steps into the Metaverse with the 'Mocopi' motion tracking system
For everyone waiting to "jack into cyberspace" as an anime heroine
Industry News Engadget 30 Nov 2022 1,362
Software disenchantment
Evergreen article: Things aren't as good as they were in the old days
Developer News Nikita Propokov 30 Nov 2022 2,293
Developer News Visual Studio 30 Nov 2022 1,730
Developer News The Register 30 Nov 2022 2,623
Developer News Tech Xplore 30 Nov 2022 1,997
Elon goes to war
"When two tribes go to war, a point is all you can score"
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2022 1,905
Underappreciated surprisingly well
Read me a bedtime story, Mr. Edge
Hot Threads CodeProject 30 Nov 2022 1,640
Science And Technology Tech Xplore 30 Nov 2022 831
Nvidia AI plays Minecraft, wins machine-learning conference award
Then they came for ... whatever Minecraft is, but I did nothing as I still don't understand it
Science And Technology Ars Technica 30 Nov 2022 964
Industry News Bleeping Computer 29 Nov 2022 2,732
Meta fined $276 million over Facebook data leak involving more than 533 million users
That should make them think about privacy more than the last 50 fines
Industry News The Verge 29 Nov 2022 1,191
AWS releases Wickr, its encrypted messaging service for enterprises
People that sent this message also sent these messages
Industry News Computerworld 29 Nov 2022 1,366
A tour of 4 MSVC backend improvements
"She gotta pack much back"
Developer News Microsoft C++ team 29 Nov 2022 1,384
Developer News Vocal Media 29 Nov 2022 2,733
Developer News Atomic Object 29 Nov 2022 3,075
A new wave of analyzers in .NET 8
And how did that bug make you feel?
Developer News Steven Giesel 29 Nov 2022 1,994
Hot Threads CodeProject 29 Nov 2022 1,031
This week's survey
Dream job, or nightmare?
Hot Threads CodeProject 29 Nov 2022 1,016
Tree views in css
A tree view (collapsible list) can be created using only html and css, without the need for JavaScript.
Tips and Tools Kate Rose Morley 29 Nov 2022 448
Using Live Server with Developer Tools in Visual Studio Code
By using the Edge DevTools extension together with Live server in VS Code you don’t only get a server that shows your changes live in the browser, but a browser and developer tools right in the editor
Tips and Tools Christian Heilmann 29 Nov 2022 234
An Interactive Guide to Flexbox
Flexbox is a remarkably powerful layout mode. When we truly understand how it works, we can build dynamic layouts that respond automatically, rearranging themselves as-needed.
Tips and Tools Josh W Comeau 29 Nov 2022 275
Angular Basics: What Is Angular Material, When To Use It, When To Look Elsewhere
In this article, we learn about Angular Material for creating a beautiful app with styling help. But what about when we build a custom product or lack experience?
Tips and Tools Telerik 29 Nov 2022 135
You can add biometric authentication to your webpage. Here’s how.
Prompting for a username and password is so 2005. Today, you can just prompt for a fingerprint.
Tips and Tools Stack Overflow 29 Nov 2022 297

Page 1 of 2,464