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Industry News ZDNet 13 Jul 2020 2,967
LinkedIn sued over clipboard snooping iOS app activity
But what if there was a job opportunity on your clipboard?
Industry News Apple Insider 13 Jul 2020 1,287
The future of work—the good, the challenging & the unknown
Strange how so much can be fixed with just a healthy (or unhealthy) addition of Microsoft software
Industry News Microsoft 365 blog 13 Jul 2020 1,997
Microsoft will not support PHP 8.0 for Windows in 'any capacity'
That one guy planning on using it will be sad
Developer News Bleeping Computer 13 Jul 2020 3,241
What is hyper-automation?
If it's jumping too fast on the automation bandwagon, I think we're there already
Developer News functionize 13 Jul 2020 1,500
Developer News MS Power User 13 Jul 2020 2,106
Storing huge numbers of files
You don't want the folder to get too bulky, do you?
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Jul 2020 1,571
Best keyboard ever
Hammond C3?
Hot Threads CodeProject 13 Jul 2020 1,571
Science And Technology Futurism 13 Jul 2020 3,322
Science And Technology The Verge 13 Jul 2020 1,136
Science And Technology Jalopnik 13 Jul 2020 3,133
Industry News Tech Xplore 10 Jul 2020 1,700
Industry News Ars Technica 10 Jul 2020 2,189
Industry News ZDNet 10 Jul 2020 1,719
The future of programming, part 2
They can't get rid of us that easily
Developer News O'Reilly Radar 10 Jul 2020 3,935
Apple launches new Everyone Can Code, Develop in Swift resources
"'Will you walk into my parlour?' said a spider to a fly"
Developer News Apple Insider 10 Jul 2020 1,633
Developer News The Register 10 Jul 2020 5,275
Hot Threads CodeProject 10 Jul 2020 1,681
Program IoT systems using Python with this VSCode plugin for RTOS
A real-time embedded OS like RTOS makes programming embedded systems easier.
Tips and Tools Open Source 10 Jul 2020 286
TaBERT: A new model for understanding queries over tabular data
TaBERT is the first model that has been pretrained to learn representations for both natural language sentences and tabular data.
Tips and Tools Facebook AI blog 10 Jul 2020 90
IBM Has Open Sourced Its Edge Device Platform and Wishes AWS and Microsoft Got On Board
IBM's Open Horizon is meant to make it easier to manage thousands of IoT devices as edge computing nodes.
Tips and Tools Data Center Knowledge 10 Jul 2020 99
AI researchers create testing tool to find bugs in NLP from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft
AI researchers have created a language-model testing tool that has discovered major bugs in commercially available cloud AI offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.
Tips and Tools Venture Beat 10 Jul 2020 112
Azure Machine Learning Studio Web Debuts
The company announced the advancement to GA, with a bevy of new features touching upon Notebooks functionality, the designer, experiment enhancements, new modules and more.
Tips and Tools Visual Studio magazine 10 Jul 2020 80
SwiftIO microcontroller programmable using Apple Swift
Swift developers or those looking to get started may be interested in a new microcontroller that is capable of using the Apple Swift programming language to create a wide variety of different applications and solutions.
Tips and Tools Geeky Gadgets 10 Jul 2020 108

Page 1 of 2,092