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The man who was fired by a machine
"We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error."
Industry News BBC 22 Jun 2018 3,819
Linux and open-source jobs are in more demand than ever
Because it's The Y-- you know the rest
Industry News ZDNet 22 Jun 2018 1,908
Supreme Court rules that states can collect internet sales tax on online retail purchases
"Should five per cent appear too small, be thankful I don't take it all"
Industry News The Verge 22 Jun 2018 1,560
Is Microsoft already killing off Windows 7?
"They stab it with their steely knives, but they just can't kill the beast"
Industry News ZDNet 22 Jun 2018 3,314
Developer News Christian Nagel 22 Jun 2018 10,529
Should we worry the ‘Junior Developer’ role is dead?
Now they jump straight from college to Senior Dev? Or CTO?
Developer News Dice Insights 22 Jun 2018 2,330
GitHub: Changes to EU copyright law could derail open source distribution
A side effect of a political decision? Well, I never!
Developer News ZDNet 22 Jun 2018 2,023
Developer News Engadget 22 Jun 2018 702
A philosophical question...
To do is to be?
Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Jun 2018 959
We should have cake
Cake is always a good idea
Hot Threads CodeProject 22 Jun 2018 785
Artificial intelligence + human intelligence: Training data breakthrough
If you have ever been involved in any machine learning or AI project you know that frequently the key to success is good training data (a set of labeled examples that helps train the algorithm). Getting enough high-quality training data is often the most challenging piece of building an AI-based service.
Tips and Tools Bing blogs 22 Jun 2018 168
Salesforce develops natural language processing model that performs 10 tasks at once
The researchers found that the MQAN, when jointly trained on all 10 tests without any task-specific modules or parameters, performed at least as well as 10 MQANs trained on each test separately.
Tips and Tools VentureBeat 22 Jun 2018 77
How ARKit 2 works, and why Apple is so focused on AR
Apple is investing in AR today, even though the killer use case isn’t here yet.
Tips and Tools Ars Technica 22 Jun 2018 101
IoT School
Learn about Azure IoT solutions, platform services and industry-leading edge technologies. See how you can connect devices to create powerful IoT applications on the flexible Azure IoT platform.
Tips and Tools IoT School 22 Jun 2018 141
Blockchain projects’ life expectancy: GitHub is full of neglected blockchain projects
The blockchain market shows no signs of slowing down and this technology is one of the hottest skills in the IT job market. However, if you want to get an overview of all the open source blockchain projects out there, you should head over to GitHub. That’s exactly what we did.
Tips and Tools Jaxenter 22 Jun 2018 164
Introducing MLflow: an Open Source Machine Learning Platform
Everyone who has tried to do machine learning development knows that it is complex. Beyond the usual concerns in the software development, machine learning (ML) development comes with multiple new challenges.
Tips and Tools databricks 22 Jun 2018 234
Microsoft launches ambitious blockchain project to help creators get paid
Microsoft and Ernst & Young (EY) announced the launch of a blockchain solution for content rights and royalties management on Wednesday.
Tips and Tools The Next Web 22 Jun 2018 101
Satire Bizarro 22 Jun 2018 629
Quantum step forward in protecting communications from hackers
So all we need are quantum computers, and our cats are safe?
Science And Technology Science Daily 22 Jun 2018 935
Study of 800 million tweets finds distinct daily cycles in our thinking patterns
Did you just use "thinking" and "Twitter" in the same sentence?
Science And Technology MedicalXPress 22 Jun 2018 1,345
Microsoft to tighten screws on traditional Office, Gartner predicts
Paying for something once and using it forever is so last century, isn't it?
Industry News Computerworld 21 Jun 2018 3,850
EU takes first step in passing controversial copyright law that could ‘censor the internet’
Who better to plan and run the internet than politicians? (Who probably have trouble finding Google without tech support)
Industry News The Verge 21 Jun 2018 2,714
Developer News The Keyword 21 Jun 2018 1,108
Developer News .NET blog 21 Jun 2018 2,244

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