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Posted 14 Dec 2007


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C++ Class Implementation of HMAC-SHA

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2 May 2010CPOL
C++ class of HMAC-SHA1


This is my first article on CodeProject. Sorry for my poor English.

The reason I think it might be helpful that I share this HMAC-SHA1 class is because I found no related source I could refer to. This is a simple C++ class of HMAC-SHA1 with only single byte character support. You could add double bytes character support if needed. You will find this class contains only a function HMAC_SHA1 that accept test input and hash key, then generates a digest.


Thanks to Dominik Reichl, the SHA1 class I wrapped is from his amazing class. I simply implemented the HMAC algorithm on it. For MD5, you could refer to RFC. There is a detailed programming flow of it.

Using the Code

The usage of this class is extremely simple. Declare CHMAC_SHA1, call its HMAC_SHA1 function. That's it!

You may use HMAC-SHA1 in RFC 2202 test case to verify your implementation.

Following is test case 1 in RFC 2202.

#include "HMAC_SHA1.h"
BYTE Key[20] ;
BYTE digest[20] ; 

unsigned char *test = "Hi There" ; 
memset(Key, 0x0b, 20) ;
HMAC_SHA1.HMAC_SHA1(test, strlen(test), Key, sizeof(Key), digest) ;
// Check with digest equal to 0xb617318655057264e28bc0b6fb378c8ef146be00
// or not


  • 2007/12/17: Updated sample code with RFC 2202 test case 1


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)


About the Author

Chien-Chung, Chung
Software Developer (Senior)
Taiwan Taiwan
Life is nothing but choices.

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