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Great Reads

by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on writing a shell extension that can be used on the Send To menu.
by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Michael Dunn
A tutorial on using owner-drawn menus in a context menu shell extensions, and on making a context menu extension that responds to a right-click in a directory background.
by Nish Nishant
CProcessData is a template class that makes it easy to use data allocated in a different process, and is useful when making inter-process SendMessage/PostMessage calls.

Latest Articles

by .dan.g.
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
by Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
by libbyliugang
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
by Shao Voon Wong
An article on finding combinations

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29 May 2003
Nicolas Bonamy
Simulate the Class Wizard in VS.NET 2003
20 Dec 2005
Johann Anhofer
Extend the VS6 IDE with .NET addins.
2 Nov 2010
Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
22 Aug 2003
Command Prompt Here for VS.NET Users
4 Apr 2007
Perry Marchant
An article on decoding Ogg Vorbis audio files in .NET.
28 Oct 2005
Daniel Pistelli
An article on .NET Manifest Resources internal format.
20 Jun 2003
An upper logic layer transparent way to redirect .NET remoting calls, enabling exposure of .NET remoting services behind firewall/NAT, to anywhere.
27 Sep 2010
This article provides a macro + template solution to support .NET-like Reflection for enums such as ToString, IsDefined, Parse, GetValues, GetNames.
18 Apr 2012
Ivan Shcherbakov
The article describes 10 time-saving debugging techniques available in Visual Studio.
20 Apr 2005
Karel Donk
Describes how to do 2D Blits in DirectX 9 with direct surface access between various surface formats (using color conversion).
20 May 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates a 2D vector wrapper, optimized with SSE intrinsics, for math operations with floating point precision.
8 May 2003
SafeArray Wrapper to simplify and speed up 2D CComSafeArray
7 Jul 2005
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 10 Dec 2004 to 23 Jan 2005.
31 Jul 2005
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 25 April 2005 to 8 June 2005
19 Dec 2007
Clay Breshears
By following these rules, you will have more success in writing the best and most efficient threaded implementation of your applications.
27 Aug 2008
Tries to solve the queen problem using backtracking
21 Jun 2007
Jonathan [Darka]
Setting up a Microsoft Symbol Server
15 Nov 2003
Phillip Sitbon
Write portable object-oriented threads that work on Win32 and Posix-Compliant systems without modification.
25 Jan 2005
Christos Malliopoulos
A template-library for calculating arithmetic and logical expressions.
19 Oct 2007
Quynh Nguyen
A very efficient reader-writer lock class in C++ that is similar to the .NET ReaderWriterLock one
22 Dec 2004
Hossein Khosravi
A 2D graph component with zoom capability.
29 Jul 2009
This is an article directed at those beginners who might benefit from understanding pointers
25 Jul 2009
An article that steps through some essential C++ concepts.
22 Feb 2010
Aric Wang
The article will give you an idea on how to design a source filter.The source filter creates samples and outputs it from its output pin.
22 Aug 2005
A C# implementation of Mime de/encode
5 Oct 2003
Dave Loeser
A pseudorandom number generator.
7 May 2008
A very simple C++ source code showing how to create an interactive 2D graphical blobs editor, using the CImg library.
23 Feb 2007
I propose a simple version of a Breakout (or Arkanoid) game in few C++ lines.
20 Dec 2008
Antonio Perrone
A C++ class to register and start device drivers.
17 May 2008
An STL based C++ utility class to parse structured config files.
23 Jun 2014
Give a C++ application its own web page
22 May 2008
Alex C. Punnen
The Command Pattern and Chain of Responsibility for implementing a plug-in Thread Pool library.
12 Nov 2010
This article is about detouring functions in a more safe C++ programming style.
28 Jan 2004
Wytek Szymanski
An article on wrapping the Win32 threading APIs.
24 May 2004
Mike Finnegan
A utility which converts your C++ code to HTML.
15 Aug 2005
Luo Pei'en
An article on how to write an Edit control used for HEX and DEC number input.
22 Mar 2004
Rob Manderson
Browse your images with a file open dialog and see what you've selected
24 Jan 2018
An article on how to combine Slider Controls and Progress bar into one class using custom draw
5 Apr 2004
Rob Manderson
Enumerating folder contents the reusable way
16 Oct 2004
Rob Manderson
Synchronising thread completion the easy way
18 Aug 2004
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
20 Jul 2006
A COM class (DLL) that embeds an embeddable OLE object.
22 Dec 2002
Philipos Sakellaropoulos
A COM component written in C++ that offers functions for multiple parallel downloads, Internet cache access, URL and path resolving.
30 Aug 2003
A brief article comparing and contrasting the features of Java and C#.
15 Jul 2003
A web based Google Web services client using ASP.NET.
31 May 2006
Shaun Harrington
A context menu handler that makes it easier to work with paths, command windows, and program arguments from within Explorer.
25 May 2008
James Duy Trinh (VietDoor)
A cool skin GUI with shadow border; display images (supports many formats) on dialogs, buttons, listboxes.
30 Oct 2006
Joaquín M López Muñoz
A block allocator for use with STL containers that greatly improves speed in programs doing massive data insertions and extractions.
4 Oct 2004
liyang yu
A custom TextBox with input validation written in VC++.NET, also walks you through the steps needed to build your own custom controls
14 Nov 2003
A DDK's project wizard for VC2003.
21 Aug 2003
You can arbitrarily add DOC/View, and all the view can be resized.
14 Apr 2009
Jerry Jiang
A fast version of Conway's Game of Life with thread and DirectX draw
4 Jan 2009
Inject a File Switch Tabbar to Source Insight, which like uEdit or Visual Studio
27 Jul 2009
Nish Nishant
The article shows how to interop between a WCF service and a WWS client, and also how to rewrite the WCF service in WWS retaining compatibility with existing WCF clients.
23 Aug 2005
Andrzej Markowski
Provides a fix to the flicker problem in MDI applications.
21 Mar 2004
Nemanja Trifunovic
A policy based deletion functor that can be used with for_each function.
28 Mar 2008
A generic tracing library implementation.
6 Jul 2009
Leandro T C Melo
A generic standalone STL-like implementation of a hash table that uses either linear probing or double hashing as the collision resolution mechanism.
23 Sep 2006
Presentation of a generic, extendable C++ pipeline framework
6 Oct 2003
Ilya Solnyshkin
A Static control with a gradient
7 Mar 2006
Joerg Wiedenmann
A handy and customizable tokenizer function that works with STL strings.
24 Sep 2006
Feng Xu
An article on a mutex pool manager based on heap or shared memory.
14 Feb 2008
pradeep shivadasan
timer based task scheduler
13 May 2004
This is a partially implemented IDE for the Java platform.
7 Jul 2006
Eric Woodruff
A tool to compress JavaScript files to reduce their size and improve page load times.
18 Mar 2004
Daniel Junges
A simple and very small stack implementation for any type.
7 Aug 2004
Koushik Biswas
This DLL and the test MFC application supplied demonstrates how efficiently large number of words can be dealt with lightning fast - for wild card matching and checking existence. This DLL is just the all-in-one tool that a word game writer needs - one who needs a very fast dictionary facility.
26 Feb 2008
This control provides hyperlink function for the list control with exact positioning for the cursor.
31 Aug 2004
A Dialog using Listview in report style and icon style
19 Aug 2009
Tom Gee
A helper class to convert integer literals between decimals, octals, binaries and hexadecimals.
6 Aug 2003
Marc Clifton
A look at what is wrong with OOD/OOP based on CPian responses to the question "What is wrong with objects".
24 Apr 2008
Gene OK
This is an update to Don Kackman's UxTheme component originally written for Visual Studio 2003
29 Aug 2005
Ilan Assayag
Asynchronous sequential execution of methods using a message loop.
8 Aug 2006
Simon Gomizelj
A lightweight and typesafe templated signals and slots implementation.
18 Aug 2007
This article explores a more complete method of injecting a DLL into another process using the CreateRemoteThread approach.
30 Nov 1999
Xiao Wu Guang
A multicolumn, customizable, editable combobox
5 Dec 2007
Demostration of a multi-threaded HTTP proxy server implemented with WinSock on Windows.
4 Apr 2005
Christos Malliopoulos
An implementation of the .NET delegate pattern using C++ templates.
23 Feb 2009
Achilleas Margaritis
A new approach to memory management that solves the issues with shared_ptrs
6 Oct 2009
John Hilton
Simple yet comprehensive viewing code for OpenGL and Direct3D.
29 Nov 2006
This article intruduce you a new software encryption method.
20 Dec 2003
This is a fun article on how to solve Einstein's riddle without the help of a computer.
30 Jun 2003
Zeeshan Amjad
A class that cannot be inherited from
3 Nov 2003
Presenting the std::vector with a discussion on STL algorithms and predicates.
27 Nov 2004
Bill Heitler
Explains how to put a CPropertySheet into a CControlBar.
5 Jun 2009
Connecting and disconnecting network drives
17 Jan 2010
Aric Wang
This is a class derived from CWinThread class. It is used to record and play sound in the specific thread.
30 Jan 2009
An article to help explain how C/C++ use pointers.
7 Dec 2008
mutex wrapper class
12 Sep 2003
Jonathan de Halleux
A helper framework for generation of SQL queries in C++ and Lua
12 Dec 2008
Stefan Kuhr
Creating a self-extracting file that allows to start multiple setups
13 Jun 2004
Zuoliu Ding
A CComboBox derived combo-box class
19 Jul 2003
Nikolay Denisov
The article gives a sample of how to implement Internet Explorer-style sizable re-bar and menu bar controls.
27 Sep 2009
Carlos Jiménez de Parga
An introduction to the Visual C++ CORBA development
7 Jan 2008
Jarl Ostensen
A finite field EC and simple ECC scheme in C++ to help understand the principles.
27 Mar 2004
Rob Manderson
Using Variants in your C++ code
25 Oct 2004
WDM Driver programming introduction with three Pseudo Drivers.
6 Nov 2008
auralius manurung
An article on how to build a simple HTTP proxy server
5 Mar 2004
Rob Manderson
Using GDI+ in conjunction with an owner-draw static window
11 Dec 2008
This source code uses the advanced IOCP technology which can efficiently serve multiple clients. It also presents some solutions to practical problems that arise with the IOCP programming API, and provides a simple echo client/server with file transfer.
28 Feb 2008
David Saelman
How to minimize or maximize an SDI application without any flash artifacts.
9 Sep 2008
Introducing a simple method to display a transparent PNG file.
7 Feb 2008
2D basic OpenGL Primitives Lines, Points, Triangles, Quads and Polygons
24 Jan 2005
Truong Pham Dang Khoa
A simple color picker like paintbrush color picker.
30 Jun 2010
A follow up to the simple pie chart control article which will detail the new improvements
9 May 2004
Binoy R
The NotifyIcon Component will display an icon in the status bar notification area, which you can use as notiification purpose to alert users that an action or event has occured.
5 Jun 2003
Weiye Chen
This is a simple class that you can use to load and use another resource DLL if it is present during runtime.
24 Sep 2003
An easy way to do validation for MFC Dialogs, FormViews, PropertyPages
10 May 2004
Article on a simple string generator
31 Aug 2003
Wang Yingwu
CTabDialog bundles buttons and dialogs, so users can add their owner draw buttons and dialogs
4 Apr 2004
Paul Ranson
A template class that allows Win32 object lifetimes to be managed 'smartly', includes an example memory mapped file wrapper.
1 Sep 2007
How to delete/modify a system file which is protected by Windows without being detected by the OS protection.
19 Feb 2008
C# and C++ source code for .NET application packer tool
11 Dec 2005
Sreekanth Muralidharan
A simple task enumerator for Windows Mobile SmartPhones.
25 Jul 2003
This project is a simple Windows port scanner which can be very useful for checking your machine to make sure it is locked down!
23 Sep 2004
liyang yu
A simple GUI written in MC++ providing a DOM tree and XPath navigator for XML files
22 Apr 2004
John Gonzalez
An implementation of the spin-edit control used in Jasc Paint Shop Pro
19 Jun 2005
Tobias Wenig
Writing multiple enumerated configuration entries.
4 Dec 2006
A study of STL container, Iterator and Predicates with the discussion of std::vector
12 Feb 2006
PJ Arends
Presents a header file that allows a single source file that uses STL to be built in either ANSI or Unicode, without any changes or lots of #ifdefs.
1 Jul 2003
Junlei Li
Use an easy-to-use templated class to custom the title bar of windows.
28 Oct 2006
Ma Xi
Using templates to sovle problems in the Observer Pattern.
25 Apr 2003
Rajeev Sadasivan
A simple thread pool
23 May 2005
Ratner Yuri
This article describes a ThreadPool implementation.
25 Jan 2008
Tokenize and access string contents using a format mask
24 Jun 2008
A XP bar with GDI+ for MFC, like the Apple dockbar.
21 Mar 2006
Introduces an open source UDP-based data transfer library.
15 Dec 2003
Nicolas Bonamy
Some dialog boxes separators that replace group boxes
16 Jul 2008
Darren Sessions
With this class, you can add a PNG image to your button and automatically get a highlighted and grayscale version.
16 Sep 2009
Jonathan Enders
A user interface infrastructure quickly attachable to your application, accompanied by a simple text-based platform-independent user interface that builds on the infrastucture.
15 Jul 2009
Jeffrey Walton, Jordan Walters
A UTF-16 class derived from CStdioFile for reading and writing Unicode files
6 Apr 2005
Andrea Cacciarru
This article explains how to publicize and retrieve data from custom Outlook forms programmatically.
19 Jan 2009
A way to avoid unnecessary recompiles when using RCSTamp to update the .RC file.
15 Mar 2006
Jim Xochellis
A simple and fast image encryption technique, which facilitates the secure use of external image files in common applications.
10 Apr 2006
Yubo Dong
A simple wrapper class for the libid3tag to retrieve id3 tag information from a given MP3 file.
21 Jun 2009
A WTL Hunspell-checked edit control.
21 Sep 2005
Keith A. Lewis
Single header wrapper for registry manipulation.
23 May 2007
Basic understanding of Pro*C
19 Aug 2007
This article supplies the source code of the _ValidateEH3RN function in Structured Exception Handling.
29 Mar 2007
Mahfuzur Rahman.
What is the useful of CObject , CRuntimeClass and related macros.
30 Nov 2004
Update the parent's status bar panel(s) from a child MDI form
12 Apr 2004
Lonnie McCullough
A set of macros and classes that allow declarative access to registry settings.
2 Jul 2007
Using this dll anyone can access 3 databases i.e Oracle,SQLServer,Access
6 Mar 2004
When 2 thread are changing global variable without sync , this thing can make problems
26 Feb 2005
An article on how to access data from fixed size record data from the .NET environment
21 Dec 2005
yann bertaud
How to get the song list, song information from ITunes using .NET.
1 Nov 2011
Renato Tegon Forti
A set of class to access and manipulate MySQL database using MySQL C API
18 May 2009
Renato Tegon Forti
A set of class to access and manipule PostgreSql data base using libpq - C Library.
30 Jun 2004
Yingle Jia
This article shows how to create and open shell link with the WinShell library built on ACF.
26 May 2004
Yingle Jia
This article introduces a tiny shell library built on ACF which makes shell programming a joy.
16 Jun 2008
Solving old ACM problems
5 May 2006
Jim Crafton
An article on adding action support to your VCF application.
28 Sep 2005
Peter Tewkesbury
This article shows how to write an ActiveSync file filter in C#.
18 Apr 2004
Binoy R
This example demonstrates how can you make a baloon tooltip message using windows tooltip component.
28 May 2004
Sarvesvara (BVKS) Dasa
An article that explains a method to add your own custom template in the Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE.
2 Aug 2003
The article explains adding a user in SQL Server programmatically, using VC++
11 Sep 2003
Zhang YanFeng
This article will show you how to make MDI window of WTL into ATL control by using a real world example.
20 Sep 2005
An article on adding scrolling to a CWnd or CDialog using a C++ helper class.
2 Nov 2004
Alain Rist
CZoomScrollImpl extends WTL CScrollImpl to allow continuous zooming.
27 May 2003
Catalin Stavaru
Finally, an add-in that increments build number for VC++.NET !
9 May 2003
Tingz Abraham
Creating Add-in Menus in Lotus Notes using Lotus C APIs and MFC.
29 Apr 2005
Mihail Stefanov
Adding "Balloon" style to ToolTip provider.
20 Sep 2006
Igor Tolmachev
This article explains how to add a drop-down menu to a toolbar button of Internet Explorer.
24 Jul 2008
Simon Parmenter
A VS2008 C++ project to add an icon resource in a file to an executable.
6 Sep 2004
Step-by-step instructions on how to add OLE automation to an already existing application. In addition, it illustrates how to do things without using the code as provided by the application wizard.
2 Jul 2014
Mohammed El-Afifi
Given an existing win32 application, how to provide COM automation capability to it?
6 Jun 2004
This short article demonstrates the ability to add Context Help to your application.
2 Aug 2003
Chris Maunder
A class for adding icons to the system tray
6 Mar 2006
Gabriel Graves
An article on adding MDI support to .NET applications.
31 Aug 2003
Don Kackman
Rendering your own theme parts with the Windows XP UxTheme API
1 May 2003
Doc/View MRU reflected in a ComboBox on the document form view
2 May 2004
Kevin Wittmer
101-level tutorial on ActiveX Data Objects
9 Feb 2005
How to use the Adobe Acrobat 7 Reader ActiveX control inside a C++ application.
6 Mar 2007
Scott McMaster
This article presents a friendly C# wrapper class for the MessageBoxIndirect API. The MessageBoxIndirect class allows you to add a help button, custom icon, locale-aware buttons, and different modalities to a message box.
13 Jul 2009
A template class for multi-dimensional regions for any coordinate type.
13 Jun 2008
Noel Frankinet
A virtual WTL ListView control on an SQLite3 table or view.
10 Aug 2007
This article describes a timestamp class that can be used as an alternative to the standard C date time functions.
27 Aug 2003
Okeno Palmer
Create an ASP.NET application that uses the Amazon Web Service to search the Amazon catalogs.
4 Aug 2003
An ActiveX Control - you can create a Skinable Form in Desgin Time.
30 May 2004
An easy to use keyboard hooking DLL that is suitable for most applications.
8 Mar 2008
Jeffrey Walton
An Analysis Demonstrating the PE Checksum is an Additive Checksum based on RFC 1071
9 Nov 2008
Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
22 Dec 2007
An apple style docking bar implemented by eGui lib
28 Jul 2003
This application is just a simple simulator but its ability is that u can simply add much more properties to ur mobile and the interface and the source code are so separate so u can change the interface with just a low cost!!!
14 Jun 2004
Neville Dastur
A COM component that implements interprocess communication, and illustrates firing events to a COM container such as Visual Basic
9 Oct 2003
Jesus Oliva
Firewall application developed using Packet Filtering API.
6 Nov 2005
This article describes an easy to use event class written in standard C++.
23 Dec 2007
Daniel Cohen Gindi
I have created classes to wrap the SQLite3 library, to remove many headaches...
8 Jun 2005
Chen Hao
An article on how to dynamically hide columns in a list control.
14 Sep 2005
Dr. Goulu
DicoLib stores words in lists of anagrams indexed by their length and a 26 bits bitset which describe which letters are present in the words. This makes it extremely fast to search for words which contain specified letters, and to search for words which are "close" for spell checking appli
1 Sep 2004
Andrea Cacciarru
How to implement a class that derives from a Xstream class and how to serialize from and to it.
26 Mar 2005
Uwe Keim
An article about an enhanced wrapper around the popular logging framework LOG4NET.
29 Mar 2007
Introducing a simple event mechanism for C++ using a C# style delegate.

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