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Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Dave Kerr
Create Shell Icon Overlay Handlers using .NET!
by J.Starkl
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
by Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax to create a simple lightweight Windows Vista/7 sidebar desktop gadget that allows to preview featured articles contributed to CodeProject's web site

Latest Articles

by WhiskeyBeforeWater
A nodular Singely Linked List for VBA with some basic functions
by Sergey Nozhenko
A technique of invoking and implementing non-standard interfaces of windowsless rich edit controls is demonstrated
by Vincent Radio
VRCalc++ Engine is embeddable in any Delphi Application using Dynamic Packages
by Palavos
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess

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5 Jun 2008
Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
14 Sep 2013
Dave Kerr
Create Shell Icon Overlay Handlers using .NET!
25 Feb 2016
A windows-service which can handle different operations in separate threads and which can be controlled by a small GUI program
1 Aug 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll discuss on how to use HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Ajax to create a simple lightweight Windows Vista/7 sidebar desktop gadget that allows to preview featured articles contributed to CodeProject's web site
29 Jun 2009
Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7
23 May 2013
Dejan Mauer
Free and easy way to access a web camera by using the Aforge library.
14 Oct 2009
Alex Blekhman
Example of handling real-life challenges when hosting WebBrowser control: separate creation of hosting window and the control, keyboard shortcuts, control's dimensions, etc.
8 Apr 2013
Dave Kerr
Use .NET to rapidly build Shell Property Sheets.
8 Jan 2009
Tamir Khason
This article explains how to build a simple FM radio player with RDS support by using WPF and USBFM library
31 Mar 2011
Gregory Gadow
Prank your coworkers with a dialog box that appears and disappears randomly by using a notification area app.
18 Dec 2012
Lars [Large] Werner
Windows has built inn support for a lot of keyboard languages, this class makes it possible to extract that info in an easy manner and present it to screen.
21 Jan 2017
Michael Chourdakis
A few functions and you can call various Web libraries like Google Drive.
24 Jul 2018
PolyHook v2 - the C++17 x86/x64 library supporting multiple methods of hooking
2 May 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
This article is a practical guide on using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and OpenMP libraries for C++ based on the example of delivering parallel scalable code that implements Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT) algorithm.
3 Apr 2017
Edgar Maass
Display a Point Cloud grabbed by the Microsoft Kinect v2 in a OpenGL control
10 May 2009
Michael Chourdakis
Draw your vectors using a new, ActiveX based hardware accelerated interface.
1 Nov 2018
Alexander Eremeev
The Windows kernel-hacking library and development framework written on C++17
9 Apr 2015
Dirk Bahle, Alex Maitland
How to implement a ResourceHandler in CefSharp to display custom HTML in WPF
24 Oct 2015
Michael Chourdakis
A simple template for manipulating the registry
28 Mar 2016
Mr. xieguigang 谢桂纲
machine playing snake game
19 Dec 2016
Machine Learning. What languages come to mind? R? Python? Matlab? Bet you didn't think Visual Basic.
20 Sep 2012
A paradigm of Noiseless Steganography for secretely transmitting messages via Excel graphs.
21 Jan 2013
Kerem Guemruekcue
This short article shows how to use an undocumented internal class method from the System.Deployment.Application.Win32InterOp namespace to get a PE images manifest resource.
28 Feb 2018
Omar Saad (IREQ), Eric Ouellet
Ouellet Convex Hull is currently the only ‘Online’ Convex Hull in O(log h) per point, where 'Online' stands for dynamically add one point at a time. Based on our own test against many other algorithm implementations, including Chan and Voronoi/Delaunay, it appears to be the fastest one.
11 Feb 2019
Sarthak S
Assembly inspection and hacking with windbg
12 Apr 2013
Jonathan Nethercott
Describes an algorithm for calculating the equation of a line in an image using orthogonal linear regression.
22 Aug 2017
This article revises the HTML authoring tool, HTML TOC Generator, that generates a Table of Contents for an HTML document. Optionally, the tool will number the HTML headers.
12 Jul 2016
David A. Gray
Share Win32 string resources without the risk of conflicting resource IDs
27 Mar 2013
Usage of Intel/AMD extended processor features.
5 Feb 2013
To get instant control over Outlook and various operations of outlook.
19 Feb 2018
Working with Windows BCD store in Powershell
12 Dec 2014
Yuriy Magurdumov
Calling native methods from .NET application via standard Windows Named Pipes
25 Jun 2018
Sean Rand
This is an article to help you clean up browser processes during automated Selenium testing.
15 Feb 2016
Ahmed Amer Jaf
Fast n Easy Way to parse Json data
13 Apr 2017
Stereo mix audio capture with peak level display
16 Feb 2010
In this article, we move on and explore topics like Exporting and Importing Virtual Machines.
15 Apr 2012
Russ Osterlund
A totally new version of the article I wrote many years ago called "There and Back Again or Stepping Through the JIT Thunk Layer" but this time examines 64-bit processes and V4.0 of Microsoft's .NET runtime.
7 Jan 2013
Introduce you to the key features of the new .NET OCR classes, provide you with a step-by-step approach for creating an OCR application, and provide you with sample code.
6 Feb 2009
Javier Ibarra
This article is about how to get or set values of an InfoPath form.
5 Mar 2012
This is an alternative for "Simple Tri-State TreeView"
2 Mar 2019
Sergey Nozhenko
A technique of invoking and implementing non-standard interfaces of windowsless rich edit controls is demonstrated
11 Jul 2017
Doug Duerner, Yeon-Chang Wang
In this article we explored a theory; would it be better to not utilize a heap construct when dealing with very large objects in .NET, in order to avoid Large Object Heap (LOH) fragmentation?
12 Aug 2013
Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application uses some simple 2D methods to make 3D scenes which can be seen with Red/Cyan Anaglyph glasses.
6 May 2016
Marius Bancila
Interact, control and configure Windows services using C++ components built on top of the Windows services API
22 Jun 2013
Pero Matić
A detailed analysis of how to inject the .NET runtime and arbitrary .NET assemblies into unmanaged and managed processes; and how to execute managed code within those processes.
25 Nov 2012
Leung Yat Chun (Fainx)
This article describe how to construct FileExplorer controls included DirectoryTree and FileList, using Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.
23 Feb 2010
Ivo Beltchev
Classic Start menu and other shell features for Windows 7 and Vista.
12 Dec 2014
Martin Mitáš
Understanding the basics of custom control painting and avoiding the trap of control flicker
5 Aug 2014
A Simple Profiler for C++ apps on x64 platform
22 Jun 2014
Nathaniel Moschkin
Topics and methods on programming in .NET and performance considerations
17 Jan 2010
Abhishek Sur
Implement services that start/stop automatically to some events like Device attached, Network Availability, Firewall port modified, Domain join, Group Policy change etc
12 Jan 2014
Michael Trembovler
The current article might be useful for users attempting to use NServiceBus. It contains detailed instruction for creating pairs: publisher-subscriber through ServiceMatrix. Solution architects may find this technique useful in many CQRS scenarios as a good alternative to WCF.
15 Sep 2013
Dave Kerr
Learn how to deploy SharpShell servers easily with the new Server Registration Manager tool.
12 Nov 2010
Ajay Vijayvargiya
Learn about parallel algorithms, parallel containers, tasks, task groups, agents library, task scheduler etc in VC10
13 Dec 2018
Michael Chourdakis
A mutex with shared/exclusive access with upgrade/downgrade capability
26 Feb 2018
Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
13 Sep 2009
Johann Anhofer
The goal of this article is to describe a more or less generic way to access .NET managed objects from a native C++ application.
21 Aug 2008
Christoph Husse
This article shows how to bypass PatchGuard 3 on the latest windows versions.
3 Jan 2015
Espen Harlinn
Benchmark C++ std::vector vs raw arrays, move assignable/constructable & copy assignable/constructable
16 Sep 2015
Framework for NET based Shell Context Menus using VB, C#
10 Dec 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we'll demonstrate an approach the allows to increase the performance (up to 600%) of the code that implements the conventional distribution counting algorithm (DCA) using NVIDIA CUDA 8.0 Runtime API
17 Mar 2014
Martin Mitáš
Paint your control consistently with standard/common controls, using the visual styles API.
28 Aug 2009
Alex Blekhman
A simple Calendar utility that demonstrates basic Shell extensibility techniques: desk band, tray notification icon, locales.
1 Oct 2013
Espen Harlinn
A reflection based wrapper for the Oracle Data Provider for .NET – allows your application to dynamically load the Oracle.DataAccess.dll assembly installed on your client’s computer.
11 Nov 2015
Basics of Sciter embedding principles, high-level overlook of Sciter SDK structure.
14 Sep 2009
Michael Dunn
An intro to using Taskbar progress bars and overlay icons with your Windows 7 applications
7 Apr 2016
Apriorit Inc, Kulchytskyi Oleg
Several approaches of anti-debug protection and some tips about how they are usually neutralized by reversers
9 Jan 2014
Jim Parsells
A Class Library for building Forms with a folder navigation TreeView and form specific ListViews that can be tailored for your application and behave like Windows Explorer. Full documentation.
13 Apr 2010
Alain Rist
Including a Ribbon UI Implementation Guide with examples and a dual UI enabled legacy application
10 Oct 2015
yash soman
The article is about window form controls and wpf controls memory management. The difference between them and internals of how they are loaded.
7 Oct 2016
digital performance
This article shows how to access Windows API with plain x64 assembly programming language (MASM style). It shall also give an overview, how to apply some programming techniques like OOP and multithreading on a low level.
3 Jan 2015
Espen Harlinn
Windows API, menus, c++ lambda expressions, std::enable_shared_from_this
3 Jun 2015
john morrison leon
An alternative approach in which dialogs are entirely specified as C++ code that requires neither IDE support to be written nor IDE generated resources to be executed. Powered by the C++ type system.
4 Oct 2017
Ditching the slowdowns and applying a little elbow grease can create dramatic speed improvements in GDI image blending.
21 Nov 2018
David MacDermot
This article describes the creation of a non-MFC custom PropertyGrid control.
6 Dec 2015
Michael Chourdakis
Load an EXE file as a DLL in another EXE and execute the functions
22 Apr 2009
Pero Matić
This article illustrates how to bypass Vista UAC as well as how to correctly launch an interactive process from a Windows Service.
17 Mar 2015
Tsuda Kageyu
Provides the basic part of Microsoft Detours functionality for both x64/x86 environments.
30 Sep 2015
Timo Kunze
Use undocumented parts of the Windows Vista list view API to enhance your application.
30 Apr 2009
Mohammad Reza Khosravi
A simple program to find real size or distance of objects in your digital camera photos
6 Dec 2016
Jon Campbell
Using "thunk" technique to add this pointer as fifth parameter to WndProc call for x32 and x64
11 Dec 2014
Martin Mitáš
Overview of techniques for customizing existing controls.
12 Mar 2008
Warrick Procter
Get the path names to Windows special folders; optionally create the folders if they are missing; access physical and virtual special folders.
21 Apr 2014
Image cryptography using RSA algorithm in C#
12 Dec 2014
Martin Mitáš
A quick introduction into the development of custom controls in plain Win32 API.
10 Jun 2015
Lance A. Endres
The algorithm presented by Radhakrishnan, et al., originally used to segment well logs for the oil industry, has been ported to C and C#.
29 Oct 2013
Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
15 Apr 2016
Eyal Rosner
Easily setting debugger to attach a process on start
1 Feb 2011
Artour Bakiev
A short overview of the Extensible Storage Engine technology.
15 Aug 2008
Christoph Husse
Now supports an unmanaged API, kernel mode hooking, and extending unmanaged APIs with pure managed handlers since Windows 2000 SP4.
15 Nov 2010
Mathias S.
A generic MFC breadcrumb controller that shows a clickable breadcrumb list.
17 Mar 2014
Martin Mitáš
Make your control answer to the questions system or application may ask.
15 Jun 2009
Eugene Sichkar
Implementing native WinForms flicker-free TreeView and ListView descendants
2 Apr 2009
Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This application shows a simple algorithm for drawing random flowers and trees. The logic is based on fractal sets.
30 Mar 2011
1 alternative  
Provides another, simple way to get a tri-state TreeView, ensuring compatibility to all Windows UIs / styles
9 Jul 2016
A Winforms control that looks like a console screen, with full reading and writing support.
6 Oct 2008
Michael Chourdakis
The way to automate the help assistant process in C++ without dirty scripting code.
30 Mar 2006
Bruno van Dooren
This article describes the process of developing a USB Kernel mode device driver using the WDF Kernel Mode Driver Foundation.
17 Aug 2016
Edgar Maass
Open and display point clouds using a simple user control. Technology used: C# and the OpenGL library via the OpenTK port to .NET.
13 Feb 2013
Subclassing a window using the DLL Injection technique.
28 May 2015
Cristian Amarie
Outlook add-in integration for Skype IM: Skype events, Outlook Skype ribbon, and more.
19 Apr 2009
This article exposes the Microsoft Vista and Server 2008 (and Windows 7) exclusive features that can be programmed using .NET languages like C#. It includes UAC, the Vista Bridge control library, and the Windows Search Provider.
2 Jan 2011
Ashish Kaila
Learn how to leverage UI automation in testing your UI and also to support accessibility features
27 Nov 2014
Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Context Menu Extensions using .NET.
23 Oct 2014
Szymon Roslowski
This article is continuation about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
20 May 2014
Dave Kerr
Quickly create Shell Preview Handlers for Windows or Outlook using .NET!
9 Nov 2011
Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize to XML, any generic, derived, or other complex type, which XMLSerializer cannot serialize
3 May 2017
A Visual Studio add-in that inserts some commonly known OO patterns into your working project and searches your highlights online.
21 Nov 2012
Johnny J., Brisingr Aerowing
Get the operating system version and edition, updated with Windows 10
26 Nov 2014
Jeremy Falcon
Provides a base to use when programming OpenGL-enabled applications for the real world, rather than a simple hello world.
4 Nov 2018
Michael Chourdakis
A ready to be used hotpatching library with five methods!
16 Apr 2017
Midi keyboard with both mouse and computer keyboard control
24 Nov 2014
Jeremy Falcon
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
27 Apr 2011
Michael Dunn
This article describes how to lay out controls in the Windows native Ribbon
25 Jun 2008
Derek Bartram
A WPF / C# Library for implementing Office 2007 Style Ribbon Interfaces
25 Feb 2015
This article discusses how to create animated controls using graphic layers.
12 Sep 2013
Create a "C" project in VS2012, then add Flex lexing and Bison parsing capability.
28 Jun 2015
Simply add a single code module to add instant design capabilities to all windows forms of your application!
6 Jan 2013
Captain Price
Several ways of associating a class or a structure with a window and their differences
13 Jul 2009
A template class for multi-dimensional regions for any coordinate type.
14 Aug 2011
Pawel idzikowski
Is it better to serialize types without default constructor with Custom Serializer or a Substitute Pattern? Example of serialization of FontFamily into isolated storage in WP7.
19 Jan 2015
Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Icon Handler Extensions using .NET
7 Aug 2014
D. Infuehr
An introduction on how to implement global interceptable hooks in .Net
6 Aug 2007
Omar Al Zabir
Learn about 13 production disasters that can bring down your business
18 Jul 2011
Michael Dunn
This article shows how to control various Ribbon and command properties at runtime
22 Jun 2016
Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous controls.
19 Dec 2011
David Catriel
Creating a .NET trigger for SQL Server that will log (down to the field level) all changes made to tables.
3 Sep 2018
Michael Chourdakis
Easy to use simple parser with S/MIME Support. Version 2.
19 Sep 2014
Simon Cooke
A bi-partite circular buffer for high performance buffering, where it comes from, and why you'd want to use it.
16 Mar 2015
Rolf Kristensen
A custom draw CListCtrl with subitem editing and formatting
16 Jun 2015
Customize OpenFileDialog and SaveFileDialog using a WPF Window
16 Oct 2008
Günther M. FOIDL
Shadow copied applications aren't locked by the loader, so they can be updated/substituted at runtime.
9 Sep 2013
Winfried Wille
MySQL-Fullltext: Start for a simple search-engine using MySQL C-API, WCF, and jQuery
11 Aug 2016
Michael Chourdakis
A quick implementation of my ideas
13 Jan 2013
This article has been presented at The Ninth International Conference on Simulated Evolution And Learning (SEAL 2012). I would like to post it here with my previous articles to everybody can more understand to my project.
21 Aug 2014
Easy to use command line argument parser, with loaded features like usage creation, type-safe management etc
6 Apr 2013
Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Info Tip Extensions using .NET
28 Sep 2009
Michael Chourdakis
A "Sensor Explorer" demonstration of the Sensor API in Windows 7.
4 Oct 2013
Antonio Petricca
.NET ServiceController class extension
30 Oct 2011
A very easy to use mathematical parser library for .NET.
11 Feb 2018
Using serial or paraller port to control a machine
20 Mar 2009
Jeffrey Walton
Using WinDbg to survive in a .NET world.
14 Mar 2009
Mohammad Reza Khosravi
This simple application simulates a 3D environment with some objects in different depth and size based on stereoscopic calculations.
18 Oct 2011
Jose A Pascoa
This article deals with building a standalone 64-bit .NET .exe file that is statically linked with an Assembly Language compiled object file.
17 Dec 2013
Mike Gledhill
How to easily add an "export to Excel" feature to your app
2 May 2011
Asif Bahrainwala
Snoop network using API hooking
24 Mar 2015
Carlos Jiménez de Parga
Explanation of a consistent 3D graphics software architecture through a basic OpenGL application
17 May 2012
Jim Parsells
Explorer TreeView control with Shell Folder access class and Icon management.
5 Dec 2007
Jeffrey Walton
Create Semi-Anonymous Installation Fingerprints Using Truncated Hashing and Crypto++
15 Dec 2015
A sample infrastructure project such as erp, mrp, crm, admin panel.
11 Dec 2014
Martin Mitáš
Few techniques for getting rid of customized-control-specific code from parent window procedure.
12 Oct 2010
Allen C. Copeland Jr
Gives an example of code to arbitrarily iterate through the elements of a .NET Array using an iterator in C#
27 Mar 2009
Jeffrey Walton
Yet another C++ class wrapper for AES and Windows CAPI.
27 Dec 2010
Ashish Kaila
Declaratively and visually create custom windows in WPF
9 Nov 2008
Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
7 Mar 2016
John Torjo
You can easily apply Pretty Formatting to your logs. Make the information that's relevant to you easily stand out!
10 Feb 2019
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple SDK for capturing, recording and streaming video and audio from web-cams on Windows OS by Windows Media Foundation.
25 Mar 2012
Andreas Schoenle
A DLL-wrapper that requires no code changes when switching to dynamic loading and provides detailed error checking functionality.
7 Apr 2014
A first approach to mixing .NET and native code, using the C++/CLI gateway.
30 Jan 2012
Introduction to Volume Shadow Copy API in C++
23 Sep 2016
Angel Gabriel Valdés Sarduy
It tests an ANN structure selector criteria for generic kinds of problems with ANNs.
9 Feb 2010
This article tries to find a way to show standard controls, ActiveX controls, translucent controls on layered windows. Native MFC source code provided.
5 Mar 2010
A simple control to draw graphs of points as a function of time
6 Apr 2008
Jeffrey Walton
Encrypt data using Block Ciphers with Crypto++.
8 Sep 2009
No more unboxing/casting! Use generic type parameters with this background worker. Source code for C# and VB.NET.
22 Nov 2010
Vitaly Tomilov
A simplified and unified way for accessing most frequently used information about Process, System, and Environment.
13 Aug 2012
Lars [Large] Werner
When loading a keyboard dll as a 32-bit application on a 64-bit system, the keyboard-dll-files does not work as expected, this class fixes that problem
22 Nov 2010
Vitaly Tomilov
Access detailed information about the current process the easiest way.
3 Jan 2018
Michael Chourdakis
Private fingerprint databases using a simple library, along with system database support.
23 Mar 2008
Jeffrey Walton
Perform Advanced Post-Build Executable Processing with the DbgHelp Library
21 Sep 2014
A USB library to detect USB devices, and manage Attach and Detach events
16 Jan 2019
Indent code, add line numbers, error handling, expose a .NET library and number to words to Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point macros writers and Access VBA code
21 Nov 2009
Michael Chourdakis
Learn how to use the new Ribbon under Windows 7
12 Mar 2009
How to create a Sudoku game with speed in mind.
15 Mar 2010
Log all that is necessary ONLY when really necessary.
22 Apr 2008
Tamir Khason
This article is about how to use Windows Vista Preview handlers within a WPF application
17 Mar 2013
Dave Kerr
Create Shell Thumbnail Handler Extensions using .NET!
1 Jan 2012
Mike G. P.Mee
1 alternative  
An alternative to hooked key logging.
28 Feb 2010
Mladen Janković
A simple application that allows the user to run more then one instance of the Task Manager.
19 Oct 2010
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
Simple parsing of VS_VERSIONINFO version information strings displayed in an XP-style file-properties "Version" tab
11 Jul 2007
Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
This article gives you a deeper view into the registry redirector on x64 / IA64 systems
20 Oct 2014
Szymon Roslowski
This article is about a HID USB Stack for Microchip PIC 16F1455 and the way of communicating with it on Windows Platform.
26 Aug 2014
Muhammad Taqi Hassan Bukhari
Understand the Complete Scene of Postback in with Examples
31 Dec 2018
Rodrigo Cesar de Freitas Dias
Introducing WinLamb, a modern C++11 object-oriented library to write native Windows programs
20 Feb 2009
Vitaliy Liptchinsky
This article describes the basic ideas of how to build workflow engine a-la WF based on F# workflows and CCR
28 Jan 2013
Bruno Tabbia
Encrypt your C# classes and compile them during run-time (hiding their code in the exe file).
6 Oct 2010
Pawel idzikowski
How to serialize binary data to IsolatedStorage in a Silverlight client when there is no BinaryFormatter in Silverlight? Why not with sharpSerializer? - An open source XML and binary serializer for .NET and Silverlight
26 May 2012
Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A .NET wrapper for NT Registry and a .NET NT RegEdit demo
6 Feb 2014
Mahesh Bailwal
Basics about Windows thread which may help you in understanding how operating system implements threads.
6 Feb 2012
Apriorit Inc, Kotik Anton
In his article, we will consider an interesting, universal and rarely used method of code injection into a Windows process using KnownDlls sections. To demonstrate the method work we will develop a sample project to inject into all running processes and intercept some calls from ws2_32.dll.
4 Jan 2013
Pawel idzikowski
How to effectively build modular .NET applications of any size using messages, commands and components of MCM-Framework.Net?
1 Apr 2014
Jörg Anslik
How to detect Desktop mouse (double) clicks using MH_MOUSE_LL.
15 Jun 2016
Vishnu Prasad C
Data insertion from flat file into SQL through BCP utility

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