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Great Reads

by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB
by csrss
A tool for loading device drivers
by Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
by logicchild
An article that explains how to use this library

Latest Articles

by fd9750
Overview of required tools to cross compile/build/remote debug C/C++ projects on a Windows host ( 10 ) for a Raspberry PI 3B
by qqmrichter
Overuse of #define can be ludicrous.
by raddevus
Intro and Chapter 1 - In this book, we will learn basic electronics as we build our first circuit, learn what electronic components do and finally build our own devices.
by Piotr Grygorczuk
Enable C++11 multithreading features in GCC for FreeRTOS

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22 Mar 2019N
Overview of required tools to cross compile/build/remote debug C/C++ projects on a Windows host ( 10 ) for a Raspberry PI 3B
4 Mar 2019
Intro and Chapter 1 - In this book, we will learn basic electronics as we build our first circuit, learn what electronic components do and finally build our own devices.
27 Feb 2019
Piotr Grygorczuk
Enable C++11 multithreading features in GCC for FreeRTOS
21 Feb 2019
The following program is a code generator that generates a C program or a C++ program that has auto-generated parsing code.
11 Feb 2019
Sarthak S
Assembly inspection and hacking with windbg
10 Feb 2019
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple SDK for capturing, recording and streaming video and audio from web-cams on Windows OS by Windows Media Foundation.
7 Feb 2019
Mark H Bishop
Computational classes and a GUI interface to illustrate usage
4 Feb 2019
Igor Ladnik
Compact infrastructure for custom hosting of .NET Core component in unmanaged C/C++ code with reciprocal methods calls between the parts running in Windows and Linux. Section Threads and Processes
2 Feb 2019
David Lafreniere
A compact C finite state machine (FSM) implementation that's easy to use on embedded and PC-based systems.
29 Jan 2019
Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on some basic practices highly recommended in Assembly Language Programming.
29 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads with this portable C language callback library.
22 Jan 2019
Andrea Ricchetti
Two ways to make a IEEE 754 conversion (32 bit) pack and unpack
19 Jan 2019, sibani.p
Creating a simple ORM for C++ on-top of SQL database
6 Jan 2019
José Cintra
Step-by-step guide on how to develop wi-fi remote control HTML5 applications for mobile phones and use them in IoT applications with NodeMCU and compatible devices (ESP8266 / ESP32)
4 Jan 2019
Sauro Abbondanzieri
UWP, COM, C++/WinRT, OOP in plain C. What else?
29 Dec 2018
Sauro Abbondanzieri
Implementing a Canvas concept with OOP, in a fresh, polished and effective, pure and plain ANSI C
25 Dec 2018
Sauro Abbondanzieri
A fresh, polished and effective way to deal with OOP in pure and plain ANSI C
24 Dec 2018
David Lafreniere
Unique allocator features improve performance and protect against heap fragmentation faults on any C or C++ project.
15 Dec 2018
How to encode binary trees for algorithms such as RandomForest
24 Nov 2018
MuPDF is an open-sourced, high performance PDF rendering and editing engine written in C. This article describes how to compile its source code to a DLL for use in other programming languages.
21 Nov 2018
David MacDermot
This article describes the creation of a non-MFC custom PropertyGrid control.
13 Nov 2018
This article will explain you the basic 3D math applied on video games.
9 Nov 2018
Сергей Челноков
How to write your Notepad
8 Nov 2018
Member 13737597
This article shows you how to implement trampolines on x64, introduces the idea of sync and async hooks, and dynamically added runtime filters and loggers.
4 Nov 2018
Michael Chourdakis
A ready to be used hotpatching library with five methods!
29 Oct 2018
This tool lists all available .NET Frameworks and checks the needed/linked .NET components of installed apps by selecting a target directory.
18 Oct 2018
Emre Guldogan
A System for Simulation and Analysis of Logic Circuits
10 Sep 2018
Kewin Rausch
Moving forward in the future networks evolution
5 Sep 2018
Dynamic string for the C language
2 Sep 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
25 Aug 2018
Kewin Rausch
Introduction to protocols to manage Key Exchange in secure channels communication
20 Aug 2018
Software protection & Decompiling software as a new cracking method
8 Aug 2018
Artem Moroz
Using ESP8266 module to remotely control high power electrical appliances
8 Aug 2018
This article describes one of my experiments: a temperature control system for a cartoon box.
6 Aug 2018
Manage the rotation degrees of your 4WD chassis
6 Aug 2018
Build this circuit and learn how easy it is to grab GPS data and store it on an SD Card. Walk around your neighborhood and then upload data to a map.
6 Aug 2018
Jan Dolinay
Explains how to reliably read data or commands from serial line in Arduino without blocking the loop.
6 Aug 2018
A password protected door lock based on Arduino which can be controlled by a smartphone over Bluetooth.
6 Aug 2018
Let's make a small Math game with Arduino
4 Aug 2018
David A. Gray
Beware the abandoned stack frame, for it can be plundered at will.
4 Aug 2018
Learn to configure your HC-05 Bluetooth module using the included Arduino sketch
2 Aug 2018
Learn To Use HC-05 Bluetooth Component so you can communicate with your Arduino
2 Aug 2018
Shao Voon Wong
Language design differences between C/C++ and Java, and attempting to solve the fare evasion problem in French Metro system with that insight.
1 Aug 2018
Member 13737597
This article show the structure of import library file (.lib) used along with header to link against DLL
28 Jul 2018
Build one or more of these devices so you can monitor how temperature fluctuates over time in your home.
19 Jul 2018
Michael Moroz
This articles describes how to open SVG files in C++ application, work with Bezier curves and export to PDF.
3 Jul 2018
Ryan Peden
A small project to display a message in Morse code using an Arduino's built-in LED
3 Jul 2018
Generate 26-bit Wiegand codes with Arduino Nano
30 Jun 2018
Matt McGuire
Using an Arduino Nano to control all the working lights on an old 1978 Suzuki GS500
28 Jun 2018
Florian Rappl
A car distance sensor using the Arduino with an ultrasonic transducer
25 Jun 2018
Jan Dolinay
Notes on connecting LEDs to Arduino and on microcontroller programming in general presented on improved binary counter.
24 Jun 2018
Build this Arduino-driven device which incorporates a touch-screen and Bluetooth and you'll never have to type a password again.
19 Jun 2018
José Simões
Using Interop to call native (C/C++) code from C# (managed) library with .NET nanoFramework
23 May 2018
Andreas Schoenle
How to use CrashRptEx, to avoid some of the pitfalls of crash reporting in MFC apps or if you want the ability to continue your application after a crash
20 May 2018
Chapter 4 - Resistors and Resistance
19 May 2018
Member 13737597
This article shows how to enter vga text mode and return from it on Windows
10 May 2018
Member 13737597
This article shows how to enter vga text mode and return from it on Windows 7
14 Apr 2018
George Shagov
Four Boolean Logic induction
14 Apr 2018
Kewin Rausch
An introduction on how these applications self-defend themselves against scanning techniques, and how they could have evolved from simple and naive forms to more sophisticated ones.
14 Apr 2018
Andy Galluzzi
Join me to create the most advanced yet most simple to use full duplex MMF based IPC for Windows
12 Apr 2018
Leandro T C Melo
In this article, I will present PsycheC, a type inference engine for the C language.
31 Mar 2018
David O'Neil
Everybody Loves the Mandelbrot Set! Here's a browser for it!
28 Mar 2018
Member 13737597
This article shows you how to share builtin CD-ROM / HDD over network
14 Mar 2018
A simple set of functions to write C variables out to JSON with no fuss or errors
13 Mar 2018
Kumar_Shiv, Rahul Kandu
Boosting Java Performance in Big Data Applications
11 Mar 2018
Not 'Just Another Parser', this reads elements from JSON simply and without memory overhead in C
11 Mar 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we’ll formulate and thoroughly discuss about probabilistic Bayesian classification algorithm and its implementation in Node.JS and JavaScript that can be actively used to detect and locate messages containing potential spam and other unsolicited data.
8 Mar 2018
Alex the Green Apple
C library defining string type and string manipulation functions
1 Mar 2018
Further investigation of switches (mercury, tilt, slider, magnetic) with circuits and our first automation circuit using an Infrared sensor.
26 Feb 2018
Martin Mitáš
How to support scrolling within your controls.
22 Feb 2018
Marius Daniel Ciorecan
A library that provides an easy to use class (CDecompressLibrary) that will detect and decompress into memory buffers an archive file (zip, gz, tar.gz).
17 Feb 2018
Member 10392111
This article shows you how to dig into windows kernel using IDA and Virtual Box
26 Jan 2018
Can we write a new better hash function?
18 Jan 2018
Member 10392111
This article shows you how to hook driver's dispatch routines.
18 Jan 2018
Jan Dolinay
Source level debugger for Arduino with GDB and Eclipse
13 Jan 2018
Pritam Zope
In this article we will create a simple kernel from scratch such as printing HelloWorld first and then writing functions for them and use of 32 bit simple arithmetic operations and also creating a singly linked list in kernel code
9 Jan 2018
Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
8 Jan 2018
Learn about batteries, breadboards, continuity tests, drawing circuits, reading schematics. Learn what a breadboard is, how it works and build our first circuit on one.
16 Dec 2017
Kewin Rausch
A really tiny IPC mechanism which does not rely on any existing system call or API.
1 Dec 2017
This article describes the easiest way to remote control any computer with any infrared remote control that you already have.The idea is to control your music or video player on the computer from your couch. I have seen serveral projects for this purpose in internet but none of them satisfied me.
21 Nov 2017
Shmuel Safonov
Using Bison/Flex for creation of the code convertor from subset of MATLAB language to C code. The converter is used for building native applications and libraries from MATLAB code.
17 Nov 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article, we’ll introduce the new fast sorting algorithm that can be used to sort arrays with typically huge amount (about 10^8-10^10) of data items, based on the idea of using an improved 3-way quicksort algorithm.
13 Nov 2017
This article describes how to use a Teensy 3.1 board from to simulate keyboard, mouse and touch screen USB HID devices at the same time. This allows to remote-control a computer through one USB cable.
8 Nov 2017
Andy Allinger
adds features to k-means for missing data, mixed data, and choosing the number of clusters
2 Nov 2017
Jose A Pascoa
Rolling up a practical solution.
25 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
DotNetPELib is a library which abstracts managed information such as namespaces, classes, fields, methods, and instructions. The information can then be used to generate assembly language source files, or PE executables or DLLs.
24 Oct 2017
Intel Corporation
This tutorial shows you how to incorporate a digital signature algorithm (DSA) and key agreement protocol (KAP) into the programmable FPGA fabric and HPS of the Cyclone® V SoC FPGA device on a DE10-Nano board.
15 Oct 2017
Kewin Rausch
Design and development of a TOR-like protocol to keep your communication secure and your identity unknown.
12 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET.
12 Oct 2017
Michael Haephrati
When you need encrypt/obfuscate strings in your program so that they don't just show up with a strings or hex tool when your executable is examined, this tool can be useful.
12 Oct 2017
Alexandre Bencz
With this new OrangeC/C++ compiler back-end, you can compile your C code to .NET
5 Oct 2017
Multi-device OpenCL load balancer and pipeliner for C# in few lines of code.
4 Oct 2017
Ditching the slowdowns and applying a little elbow grease can create dramatic speed improvements in GDI image blending.
1 Oct 2017
When they first meet them, developers are often tempted to play with pre- and post- increment operators. Then they get confused, because they don't do what is expected. Or ... do they?
29 Sep 2017
The simple native DLL (made in VC++) uses Win32 Core API to capture the live audio signals from the default audio device (speaker or headphone). A little C# console EXE grabs the signal from the DLL and set the volume bars up/down in the real time. It's fun to watch and easy to understand.
21 Sep 2017
Andy Bantly
Visualizing the Mandelbrot set using multiple threads of execution.
18 Sep 2017
Shmuel Safonov
Creation a numeric library that calculates with quadruple floating-point precision and used from MSVC C/C++ code
17 Sep 2017
leon de boer
Introducing SmartStart something like a BIOS for the Pi
13 Sep 2017
Pete Garcin
"Porting a library from C gave me the perfect opportunity to put that to the test and to understand the differences between these languages and what Go is bringing to the table."
5 Sep 2017
Brian Aberle
Dont kill time. Do things. Dont make trash. Make things out of your trash and organize it into wires here, paper there, plastic there. if paper can still be put under ur foot to mop the floor it's not trash - when it's finally used - you dry it out and it help start camp fires.
31 Aug 2017
Intel Corporation
The JuliaProject Continues to Break New Boundaries in Scientific Computing
22 Aug 2017
Lay the groundwork for investigating crashes in windows platform - Learn how to generate c stack trace and dump files when errors occurred. With those files at hand , you can easily find the reason why the application crashes.
18 Aug 2017
Intel Corporation
In this example application, you'll learn how to interact with the Terasic DE10-Nano board's digital I/O
9 Aug 2017
Wajeeh Ahmed
This article is about launching a secondary process from within a process and verifying the successful launch.
27 Jul 2017
Traces the evolution of a high-speed EXPRESSION EVALUATOR to demonstrate the various PATTERNS you will need to "roll your own" recursive descent compiler.
20 Jul 2017
Jose A Pascoa
The much talked about Kernel data structures
11 Jul 2017
Kewin Rausch
How to patch the Linux kernel with a custom mechanism and without having to reboot the system.
5 Jul 2017
Hernán Di Pietro
A ClassWizard-like helper tool for using WINDOWSX.H message crackers.
3 Jul 2017
Alexander Semjonov
Developing fastest FFT implementation based on precompile tool using data driven approach
14 Jun 2017
Andy Allinger
Introduces data clustering and the k-means++ algorithm
10 Jun 2017
Reza Schadmani
The main goal of this article is to explain the practical details of low level network security programming.
9 Jun 2017
David Lafreniere
A type-safe multicast callback library used for anonymous function invocation implemented in C
8 Jun 2017
David A. Gray
Historically, ETW has been portrayed as having a very steep learning curve, along the lines of the effort required to summit Everest. Realizing its potential value, I set about to reduce the effort to that required to summit Pike's Peak.
7 Jun 2017
David MacDermot
This article describes adding checkboxes to the standard combobox and listbox control.
25 May 2017
IncrediBuild, Vince Power
Are you curious what exactly precompiled headers, or .pch files are and why you would use them? This article will cover this and provide an example of how to use them.
9 May 2017
Chances are you have heard, or even told someone, not to use the Hungarian Notation naming convention. Chances are, you are using it yourself. Hungarian Notation is the king of naming conventions. Though many call for its demise, it is here to stay.
2 May 2017
Arthur V. Ratz
This article is a practical guide on using Intel® Threading Building Blocks (TBB) and OpenMP libraries for C++ based on the example of delivering parallel scalable code that implements Burrows-Wheeler Transformation (BWT) algorithm.
23 Apr 2017
Zuoliu Ding
A discussion on how Visual C/C++ code works with bit-wise logical and shift operators, as well as a loop optimization.
19 Apr 2017
Intel Corporation
In Part 2 we will explore how to configure an integrated development environment (IDE) to build the C++ code example, and provide a code walkthrough based on the AlexNet deep learning topology.
12 Apr 2017
Intel Corporation
In this blog post we will explain transfer learning and some of its applications, explain how neon can be used for transfer learning, walk through example code that uses neon for transferring a pre-trained model to a new dataset, and discuss the merits of transfer learning with some results
11 Apr 2017
Intel Corporation
This tutorial shows you how to create the hardware equivalent of “Hello World”: a blinking LED.
8 Mar 2017
Eric D Schmidt
A crash course in working with the BeagleBone and its built-in A/D converter, GPIO, and I2C bus using C++
24 Feb 2017
Ebenezar John Paul
An Ideal Code Review Checklist that applies for most programming languages
16 Feb 2017
Ashley Davis
A demo of Highstock using Data-Forge with financial data loaded from Yahoo.
6 Feb 2017
Gregory Morse
UTM based on mov is Turing-complete paper x86 and x86-64
2 Feb 2017
Jitesh Varma
Dynamically load a DLL with a name mangled interface, and use the undecorated interface.
30 Jan 2017
Michael Haephrati
Firefox is the most secured web browser. Finding a way to fetch its stored credentials wasn't easy, especially when it comes to the more recent versions. However, there is a way and it is shown in this article.
30 Jan 2017
Michael Haephrati
Chrome stores all passwords and other credentials in an encrypted database but guess what: they can be retrieved by anyone with the proper knowledge. This article will show you how.
25 Jan 2017
Saineshwar Bageri
In this article, we are going to learn how to use Grunt.js to minify & uglify (JavaScript, cascading style sheets, Images and HTML) and to configure Task Runner Explorer in ASP.NET Core MVC.
23 Jan 2017
Kewin Rausch
How an application performs metamorphism to adapt and survive in an "hostile" environment.
18 Jan 2017
leon de boer
Third in the series of frustrations and adventures with the Raspberry Pi
16 Jan 2017
A good example of how build a CRUD web application using ASP.NETCORE with Angular2 and WebApi
9 Jan 2017
Sem Shekhovtsov
This article describes how to integrate simple error logger for .Net Core MVC 1.0 web project.
27 Dec 2016
RIOT Community
Using and Developing with RIOT
16 Dec 2016
David MacDermot
An HPGL renderer and demo application for use in data acquisition
15 Dec 2016
leon de boer
More playing, crying and laughing with the Raspberry Pi
4 Dec 2016
Carsten Breum
Showing an architecture for a service to handle multiple clients on their own thread using the DispatcherObject.
28 Nov 2016
leon de boer
Failing and musings of two weekends with the Raspberry Pi
12 Nov 2016
Zebedee Mason
Perform dependency analysis by using Doxygen to parse source code and produce a report
11 Nov 2016
An example state machine framework that uses Doxygen to auto-draw the actual code's behavior.
1 Nov 2016
Sleeper 11888211
A beginner/hobbyist project that uses Visual Basic to send gamepad data via a Bluetooth connection to control an Arduino remote tractor is presented.
27 Oct 2016
Eduardo Mireles
POOV is a programming technique for object-oriented languages developed in MIRA Software Factory by Ing. Eduardo Mireles and experts programmers. It facilitates coding software solutions.
11 Oct 2016
Mahmoud Samir Fayed
Simple database application for Desktop and Android written in the Ring Programming Language
5 Oct 2016
The article describes a general approach to using Cocos2d-x on top of native components and relevant coding specifics for Cocos2d-x, iOS and Android.
15 Sep 2016
Ariel Segal
Applying Object Oriented Programming principles when coding in C
6 Sep 2016
Mahmoud Samir Fayed
Free Open Source Innovative and practical general-purpose multi-paradigm Scripting language developed using C/C++
26 Aug 2016
T. Herselman
C++11 header-only class, executes functions on a separate thread, including return values. Featuring a unique custom built, low level, lock-free double buffered queue; with a high speed data format, executes a queue of functions in only 6 CPU instructions; lea,call,mov,add,cmp,jb
22 Aug 2016
Tuned function for searching a needle in a haystack
19 Aug 2016
Following my first article about X macros, I describe how to build a macro library to extend the enum functionalities in C.
13 Aug 2016
Mohiuddin Awan
I am presenting a new implementation of Arduino GPIO functions which are faster and more efficient than the original functions.
13 Aug 2016
D. Infuehr
How to implement and use objects in C (not C++)
9 Aug 2016
How to enhance C/C++ language with macro to auto generate some code
4 Aug 2016
Abhishek Nandy
Introducing powerful industrial Temboo Choreos to scale industrial IoT framework and ecosystem
27 Jul 2016
Steps for building a device you can add to your existing garage door, which implements an atmega328, bluetooth (hc-05) and relay module which will allow you to open your garage door from any paired Android device.
18 Jul 2016
Sébastien Jodogne
This article explains how to create a basic WADO server to provide Web access to DICOM images. The WADO server is implemented as a plugin for Orthanc, a lightweight DICOM store.
12 Jul 2016
David A. Gray
The Excel powered resource generator, version 2, is vastly improved and better documented.
7 Jul 2016
Zebedee Mason
Software for automatically constructing architecture diagrams and metrics from source code and .NET assemblies is presented. Examples for Visual C++, Python, the Linux kernel, Boost and .NET are discussed.
6 Jul 2016
Victor Soldatov
A coarse approach to operate huge integers.
5 Jul 2016
T. Herselman
2 years ago I went OCD on memcpy/memmove; and wrote over 140 variations (80,000 lines of code) of memmove; testing, disassembling, optimizing and benchmarking them on multiple machines. I never released the article or the code; until now! So I need to do it before I loose my mind!
28 Jun 2016
Mohamed Kalmoua
This article describes how to create a UWP application that uses a Window Runtime Component.
18 Jun 2016
David A. Gray
A Microsoft Excel worksheet for accurate, easy, fast design and application of Windows forms and resource strings
8 Jun 2016
cobj is a preprocessor based generator for interface based polymorphism
3 Jun 2016
A C function that merges the content from an arbitrary number of text files into a Character-Separated-Variable-Width result file
2 Jun 2016
Learn to create dynamic menus, inline editing controls, and custom dialogs, including a simple image selection dialog, allowing image selection from gallery. Uses image-picker and bootbox third party libraries.
1 Jun 2016
Automatically generate Business and Data layers in C# or VB.Net from a SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySql or SQLite database design.
22 May 2016
Ryan S White
CppHeader2CS: A compile-time tool for converting C/C++ header constants, enums, and structures to C#.
17 May 2016
Fast binary tree algorithmus
4 May 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
The following article demonstrates the implementation of a smart cross-platform textdiff lexicographical analyzer utility which can be used to find and locate the differences between two files.
30 Apr 2016
This will be a simple article about Linux Device Drivers, in fact about a char driver that controls the GPIO ( General Purpose Input-Output) port of the Beaglebone Black.
26 Apr 2016
Dr. Song Li
This is a note on how compilers implement function calls to pass the parameters to and get the return value from the called functions.
17 Apr 2016
leon de boer
In this second part, we will create an OpenGL MDI application
17 Apr 2016
leon de boer
Native Win32 API OpenGL Tutorial - Part 1
15 Apr 2016
Eyal Rosner
Easily setting debugger to attach a process on start
14 Apr 2016
Handle the dynamic allocated
11 Apr 2016
Martin Mitáš
Direct2D or GDI+? Perhaps both, with a help of the right library.
11 Apr 2016
Serge V. Sushko
SQLite access C++ classes
5 Apr 2016
Matt Scarpino
Developing Low-Level Linux Applications with XCB (X protocol C-language Binding)
3 Apr 2016
Matt Scarpino
This article explains how to perform mathematical SIMD processing in C/C++ with Intel's Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX) intrinsic functions.
1 Apr 2016
Nagaraj Krishnamurthy
This article goes into the details of how to write a Linux Device Driver for a pseudo Ethernet device simulated on a Qemu platform.
24 Mar 2016
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This article describes the way many programming languages can be selected to find that one best language for your projects!
14 Mar 2016
syed shanu
In this article you will learn about ASP.NET Core 1.0 MVC 6 using WEB API and AngularJS.
13 Mar 2016
Rathore Amit
I am using Arduino board as IoT device, demonstrating how we can relay sensor data over the internet to many clients using signalR
11 Mar 2016
Marco Bertschi
Serial communication with an Arduino Board via C# and the SerialPort class from the System.IO.Ports namespace
8 Mar 2016
David MacDermot
A simple to use grid control for Windows SDK C applications.
7 Mar 2016
Will J Miller
Using UIImagePickerController to replicate the profile selection features found in the contacts app requires solving some vexing problems. This article presents one approach for a class that replicates the functionality using the UIImagePickerController.
4 Mar 2016
John Jiyang Hou
An algorithm to determine if a point is inside a 3D convex polygon for a given polygon vertices in MASM Assembly.
3 Mar 2016
Moumie Soulemane
The main aim of this study is to implement the QuickSort algorithm using the Open MPI library and therefore compare the sequential with the parallel implementation.
1 Mar 2016
syed shanu
In this article, we will see in detail how to create a simple Student Master CRUD (Create/Read/Update and Delete) using scaffolding.
29 Feb 2016
Alexandr Surkov
My expiriance of using C++ with microcontrollers
28 Feb 2016
John Jiyang Hou
A List data structure implementation in MASM Assembly with C function realloc
12 Feb 2016
Dr. Song Li
This is a note on writting C/C++ programs with the help from Eclipse and CDT.
25 Jan 2016
Asif Bahrainwala
Basic debugger for linux
20 Jan 2016
David A. Gray
This article documents issues that I have identified in the new secure overloads of the CRT buffered print routines.
27 Dec 2015
Frank-Rene Schaefer
Using Quex to generate lexical analyzers
22 Dec 2015
Simone Serponi
A way to ensure the deallocation of all used dynamic memory using one DLL
20 Dec 2015
Afzaal Ahmad Zeeshan
This post discusses the Ubuntu SDK and Qt IDE used in Ubuntu SDK for developing different types of Ubuntu applications and software services.

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