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Posted 3 Aug 2000


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DCOM D-Mystified: Questions and Answers

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11 Aug 2000CPOL
Brian's detailed answers to your most frequently asked questions about his DCOM tutorial.


Welcome to the Questions and Answers page for the DCOM D-Mystified tutorial. I have created this extra page so I can more richly (such as with screenshots and following my source code conventions) provide you, my readers, with answers to your frequently asked questions. These are questions that you either ask me directly by e-mail, or that you post to The Code Project's message boards at the ends of each of the steps of the tutorial.

Source Code Archive

If you follow along through the tutorial as it goes, there is source code provided with each step, and all the instructions in the tutorial allow you to follow along and end up with the same source code (we hope) as is provided for download. However, it's also nice to be able to just have a central place where the source code for all steps can be found, regardless of which one you're on.

To get the source code for a particular step, simply click the link in the list below to download the corresponding files.



Questions and Answers

A step of the tutorial mentions that there are these "Back" and "Next" buttons at the bottom of the page. I see "<< Back" and "Next >>" *links*, but no buttons. Do these work? What's up?

The "Back" and "Next" buttons which the question asked about used JavaScript; Chris Maunder (this site's administrator) and I decided to turn the buttons into links because not all browsers support or allow JavaScript. The links work just like the buttons and step you through the tutorial.

Why do you stop at generating the project with AppWizard in Step 1 and make us go on to Step 2?

I do this so if you choose to download the sample source code for Step 1, you get a freshly-started project which hasn't been modified yet, and having just generated the project is a great stopping place if it's late in the evening. Scroll down to the bottom of the article page and click the Next button to move on to Step 2, where we actually begin to modify the source files.

Notes From the Rear

This page is here because DCOM is such a complex and intricate subject that many people have lots of questions, even with the most well-documented tutorial. Also, sometimes it helps to be able to have the ability to answer your questions with figures, charts, diagrams, and screenshots. The message boards, great though they are, just don't provide that functionality. I strongly encourage you to pose questions to the message boards, and I'll either reply to you on the board or put up a "Hey everybody, the answer to this is on the Questions and Answers page!" if a lot of people ask about it.

Each time I've added a new question to this page, Chris Maunder's excellent scripts will mark it with a little 'Updated' graphic, and the home page will let you know it's been updated. Then simply go to this page to see what's new!


This article, along with any associated source code and files, is licensed under The Code Project Open License (CPOL)

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