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Great Reads

by Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by Sherwood Hu
A class to manage the thread pool
by Jecho Jekov
Provides an easy way to use C calling convention callback functions in C# and VB

Latest Articles

by EgorYusov
This article introduces Diligent Engine, a modern cross-platform graphics API abstraction library
by Jovibor
List control with cells tooltips, menu ability, and even more
by David Lafreniere
A compact C++ finite state machine (FSM) implementation that's easy to use on embedded and PC-based systems
by Palavos
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess

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14 Sep 2010
An article that creates a simple iPhone application that displays a graphic then cuts out the .XIB, and completes this just from the code.
24 Jan 2005
An article on creating 2D animated charts using Windows GDI.
11 May 2017
Raghavendra Hosad
2D DFT for Color Image - GUI implementation
14 Oct 2001
Joseph M. Newcomer
An improvement on the CBitmapButton class.
21 Feb 2017
Member 1895422
This article discusses bridging from Fortran to the .NET language C#.
29 Apr 2014
Andre' Gardiner
A c banking atm concept console application
7 Mar 2016
Will J Miller
Using UIImagePickerController to replicate the profile selection features found in the contacts app requires solving some vexing problems. This article presents one approach for a class that replicates the functionality using the UIImagePickerController.
27 Aug 2003
A cool GDI pattern brush tool with C++ source code. You can create a new office XP style pattern fill mode quickly.
4 Oct 2004
liyang yu
A custom TextBox with input validation written in VC++.NET, also walks you through the steps needed to build your own custom controls
4 Jan 2005
Chris Hills
Other articles describe replacements for MessageBox() with extra buttons for "Yes to All" and "No to All", but you still have to write the code to handle those buttons. This article presents a class that does all the work for you.
16 Dec 2003
Tibor Blazko, René Greiner
An article about an open source and free fast tree control
9 Oct 2002
Alex Mol
Classes to make working with time and date data in different timezones easier.
24 Dec 2018
David Lafreniere
Unique allocator features improve performance and protect against heap fragmentation faults on any C or C++ project.
30 Jan 2003
Marc Richarme
A small class that gives splitter-windows a flat look
9 Apr 2002
Johnson Zhou
In Visual Studio, you will find an auto-completion list when you type your code in the IDE. This is a similar control but using a tree.
9 Apr 2002
Paul M Watt
Guide to understand the three different types of clipping regions, and how they relate to the Device Context
31 Dec 2018
Craig Muller
This article introduces a convenient class for hooking into idle processing.
25 Jun 2002
Len Holgate
Although socket based TCP/IP servers using IO Completion Ports are often written in C++, it's sometimes useful to write such a server in Visual Basic.
25 Jun 2018
David Serrano Martínez
A lazy stream has been implemented in C++11, so as to highlight the functional capabilities of this new specification
10 Mar 2002
Paul A. Howes
An article detailing a simple memory-based device context for the WTL, to be used when flicker-free double-buffered drawing is desired
23 Jul 2003
A quick reference to pointers and pointer operations
17 Aug 2002
Len Holgate
Writing a high performance server that runs on Windows NT and uses sockets to communicate with the outside world isn't that hard once you dig through the API references. What's more, most of the code is common between all of the servers that you're likely to want to write.
27 Mar 2004
Rob Manderson
Using Variants in your C++ code
12 Dec 1999
Richard Stringer
A class that simplifies common date handling tasks
5 Aug 2003
Drawing HTML text onto a device context
19 Aug 2003
Rama Krishna Vavilala
A utility that can be used to spy the properties of any Windows forms control in the system
23 Sep 2004
liyang yu
A simple GUI written in MC++ providing a DOM tree and XPath navigator for XML files
6 Aug 2002
Alexander Kuzmin
A static splitter with the ability to hide/show multiple columns/rows
1 Dec 1999
David Lantsman
A tree control / list control hybrid
25 Jun 2016
Will J Miller
This article describes the implementation of a custom class called MMSCropImageView. The class gives the feature of drawing and moving a rectangle over an image to identify the crop region and return it in an UIImage. It explains the considerations and solutions for cropping a bitmap.
24 Sep 2018
David Maw
A working example of a Windows client and server using SSL over TCP.
4 Dec 2001
Sidney Chong
The CMenu class is a great help when it comes to manipulating menus, but unfortunately it doesn't implement serialization. CSerializableMenu is a subclass of CMenu that provides serialization support.
11 Dec 2018
Phil Hopley
In this article we will add AI to an existing ROS (Robot Operating System) House Bot.
9 Jan 2019
Describes all aspects of MFC serialization mechanism
19 Jun 2007
Exploring the MFC GDI classes' inner working and proposing an alternative
26 Jan 2004
Corneliu Tusnea
Observer Pattern implemented in a nice template model, easy to use as it does not require the classical inheritance and can easily decouple Subject and Observer
10 Dec 2002
Magerusan Grigore Cosmin
Hybrid control simulating a combo box with checkboxes on a dropdown tree
29 Oct 2015
Web Control - Google Maps
4 Oct 2003
Terry O'Nolley
An article using GDI to create a scalable periodic table of the elements
6 Dec 1999
Jorge Lodos
This article describes an ISAPI project to send a page containing an image to the browser.
6 Dec 1999
Jorge Lodos
This article describes an ISAPI project to show database information.
6 Dec 1999
Jorge Lodos
This article describes an ISAPI project to show database information in frames.
6 Dec 1999
Jorge Lodos
This article describes an ISAPI project to send a page containing two frames to the browser.
25 Oct 2001
Joseph M. Newcomer
This class allows you to create a child process and receive notification of its output.
12 Dec 2013
Cloud Hsu
Samples for present Android and iOS to control torch.
17 Apr 2000
Anton Stuck
A class that provides some simple, yet spectacular window animation effects. Try the demo!
12 Jul 2002
Hung Nguyen
A very simple splitter control for dialogs
6 Nov 2007
Generating smooth lines with antialiasing; sample code for animation is included
27 Jun 2002
Paul J. Weiss
C++ implementation of the Doomsday Rule to determine the weekday
8 Jan 2001
T. Kulathu Sarma
This article explains how to avoid object dependencies using the Observer Pattern with a simple example.
8 Jan 2001
T. Kulathu Sarma
When it is possible to have several different algorithms for performing a process, Strategy Pattern can be used to determine the best solution.
13 Dec 2018
Simple way to create a Multitasking code for your Arduino project without using any external library.
17 Apr 2003
Barretto VN
Article on changing screen resolution
20 May 2002
Jason Henderson
Draw and animate ASCII characters to a window using this COM object.
3 May 2000
Mike Junkin
How to use asynchronous IO to send data from an ISAPI module
29 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads with this portable C language callback library.
25 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
Simplify passing data between threads using this multithreaded, portable C++ asynchronous callback framework
18 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
A C++ standards compliant delegate library capable of targeting any callable function synchronously or asynchronously.
14 Sep 2018
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
29 Mar 2013
Goal: Describe how asynchronous or non-blocking TCP code works
29 Jan 2016
In this post I will explain how quality imaging is the most critical element for an application I’m working on to support both OCR and NLP.And how I’m using the MobileImage SDK to do it.
11 Feb 2015
How you can use AVAssetResourceLoader and AVPlayer in your apps
8 Sep 2010
An iPhone media player designed specifically for listening to audiobooks
20 Apr 2018
Sid Sharma
In this article, we will integrate ARKit in a video conference scenario.
19 Nov 1999
Maximilian Pasternak
Autopan within your own application
27 Dec 2017
Petrov Vladimir
Simple solution for small avi demo performance from Image files of any kind
4 Jan 2006
Dimiter Georgiev
Using the HeightBalancedTree C++ template as an array or as a sorted sequence
11 Jan 2003
Barretto VN
An article showing methods of screen capture
25 Aug 2018
Kewin Rausch
Introduction to protocols to manage Key Exchange in secure channels communication
28 May 2001
Jonathan Gilligan
Windows reports erroneous file modification times, which change according to daylight savings. This article describes why this is so and how to determine correct file modification times and avoid the DST bug.
8 Jul 2010
A simple tutorial on how to create a navigation-based application and transitioning between views.
12 Mar 2007
Description of binary trees and fast search in one-dimensional data
25 Apr 2002
Nicolas Gazelle
This is my attempt to create a simple toolbar class that allows to set a bitmap in the background of a toolbar.
10 Nov 2005
How to build secure private file sharing client/server using a freeware SDK
30 Jun 2010
Learning the basic of developing application on iPhone by developing simple reader app
5 Sep 2018
Dynamic string for the C language
12 Feb 2019
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess
3 Sep 2018
Michael Chourdakis
Easy to use simple parser with S/MIME Support. Version 2.
8 Dec 2018
Mixing audio from multiple WAV files to a single WAV file. Includes a C++ class for reading and writing WAV audio files, derived from an AudioFile class for future support of other audio file formats.
23 Mar 2006
CAlarmClock is a C++ class that can generate repeating asynchronous alarms
19 Jan 2019, sibani.p
Creating a simple ORM for C++ on-top of SQL database
2 Jun 2009
Craig Giles
I have been learning quite a few development strategies as of late, and the newest one that I’ve taken a peek into is Test Driven Development (TDD), or Unit Testing.
26 Jan 2019
David Lafreniere
A framework combining state machines and multicast asynchronous callbacks
26 Nov 2010
Achilleas Margaritis
C++0x Dynamic Message Passing Ala Objective-C
12 Aug 2018
Shao Voon Wong
C++14: CSV Stream based on C File API to remove code bloat from STL File Streams
5 Jun 2018
Shao Voon Wong
Implementing string_view conversion to integral types using Boost Spirit Qi v2
18 Sep 2017
Shao Voon Wong
Read/write CSV in few lines of code!
12 Aug 2018
Shao Voon Wong
Simplistic Binary Streams with endian swap support
23 Nov 2001
Oskar Wieland
How to find Easter Sunday and Ash Wednesday
10 Feb 2019
Evgeny Pereguda
Simple SDK for capturing, recording and streaming video and audio from web-cams on Windows OS by Windows Media Foundation.
28 Jun 2018
Florian Rappl
A car distance sensor using the Arduino with an ultrasonic transducer
25 May 2004
A file/folder browsing control that integrates an editbox and a button with built-in images
3 May 2007
Elia Sarti
A CPaintDC replacement in OnPaint painting. Simply change CPaintDC dc(this) in CBufferDC dc(this), and you're done.
2 Apr 2004
A. Riazi
A tree control to show installed devices like Device Manager
22 Dec 2003
John R. Shaw
CDibData is a utility class for: loading, saving, and manipulating bitmaps
6 Feb 2003
Doru Cioata
A simple but effective class for estimating remaining time in the execution of a process
16 Aug 2002
Ming Liu
CButton-derived control associated with a groupbox to enable/disable controls inside
7 Aug 2002
Chat (Client/Server) project build with code found at Code Project.
7 Aug 2001
This article demonstrates a tool for previewing foreground and background color combinations.
12 Oct 2000
Niek Albers
A simple drop-in class that provides a 'hot' look button using the _TrackMouseEvent function
19 Jul 2018
Elia Sarti
A class which encapsulates a hyperlink control for web page redirection or normal button usage
27 Mar 2002
John P. Curtis
CMultimediaTimer implements a periodic timer using the Windows Multimedia Timer API
16 Oct 2000
Paolo Messina
A CWaitingTreeCtrl-derived class to display network resources
16 Mar 2003
Roger Allen
A base class that provides all the functions you need to print a CTreeCtrl
27 Oct 2013
Bernhard Häussermann
A set of source files that extends the UITableView so that it has sections that can be collapsed and expanded.
28 Aug 2006
Jeremy Falcon
Aids developers with color intensities
13 Oct 2004
Dave Handley
An article on a templatized implementation of composite and visitor interaction
30 Sep 2009
Mugunth Kumar, Singapore
How to consume a RESTful Service ( in an iPhone application
16 Mar 2012
Jozef Bozek
Ligth object wrapper for iOS CoreData.
4 Jan 2019
Sauro Abbondanzieri
UWP, COM, C++/WinRT, OOP in plain C. What else?
29 Dec 2018
Sauro Abbondanzieri
Implementing a Canvas concept with OOP, in a fresh, polished and effective, pure and plain ANSI C
13 Aug 2018
Shmuel Zang
This article shows how we can implement a thread-safe events (similar to .NET events) mechanism using the standard C++ library.
26 Sep 2001
Paolo Messina
Two animation provider classes to add animation effects to any CWaitingTreeCtrl-derived class
2 Dec 2014
PJ Arends
A CTreeCtrl derived control that has four checkbox states
14 Oct 2015
This article shows the steps to create an Apple Watch app that draws a pie chart using CoreGraphics.
21 Nov 2002
Philipos Sakellaropoulos
An article on writing thumbnail shell extensions for your MFC document types
10 Dec 2001
Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
27 Mar 2013
Lukasz Swiatkowski
How to create an animating glass button using only GDI+ (and not using WPF)
6 Feb 2000
Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
6 Feb 2000
Amir Zalzberg
How to create a window with holes in it
18 Dec 2001
Paolo Messina
A CWaitingTreeCtrl-derived class to display Shell's resources
15 Aug 2000
Cristi Posea
DevStudio-like docking window
1 Oct 2002
John O'Byrne
CSplashScreenEx allows to display a non rectangular bitmap with information about the init of your app
13 Jan 2000
Stephane Routelous
A tutorial that shows how to automatically split a view, and also how to indicate which view has the focus
29 Sep 2018
Alexander Atamas
A splitter control derived from CStatic for dialog controls, and that can be used not only within the restricted splitter pane.
24 Jan 2002
ran wainstein
A CTreeCtrl derived class providing tooltips based on item data
13 Jun 2001
Gary Andrew Lewis
A Tree List/Tool Tip control embedded within a CView
27 Mar 2002
Julien Martino
An iterator to parse subtree and execute function on each item/node
19 Jul 2004
A CButton-derived hyperlink control that contains a built-in ToolTip
24 Jan 2000
Shaun Wilde
An extension to MFCs CSplitterWnd that provides splitter locking and dynamic view replacement
15 Jul 2000
Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
14 Oct 2005
Doga Arinir
A CTreeCtrl derived class which is both: a normal CTreeCtrl or a fully custom drawn vertical tree control
11 Jun 2004
Regions encapsulation in light-weight C++ objects.
26 Sep 2001
Paolo Messina
A CTreeCtrl derived class that populates the branches of a tree only when necessary, with optional visual effects
19 May 2002
Dana Holt
This class makes it easier to use the shell function SHBrowseForFolder
21 Oct 2003
How to model a Data Driven UI Behavior Model in MFC to solve 'Everything in One Screen' requirement
21 Sep 2001
Alvaro Mendez
A simple app that converts to and between time_t, DATE, and regular date string expressions
11 Aug 2000
Brian C Hart
Brian's detailed answers to your most frequently asked questions about his DCOM tutorial.
18 Jan 2018
Jan Dolinay
Source level debugger for Arduino with GDB and Eclipse
12 Nov 2016
Zebedee Mason
Perform dependency analysis by using Doxygen to parse source code and produce a report
2 Sep 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this brief article, we will demonstrate how to deploy a Node.js application and run it on Docker's Windows Server Core 2016 Containers
19 Jun 2002
Kevin McFarlane
An implementation of Design by Contract in C++
16 Aug 2004
Jim D'Agostino
Tutorial on designing classes using Boost libraries
29 Oct 2009
It is also possible to write debug messages to the Xcode console when you write your application. Accessing these capabilities is not limited to Objective-C applications. Your hybrid applications can do these things from within JavaScript.
24 Jan 2001
Jason Troitsky
A class that encapsulates some useful, GUI related, static functions
6 Jan 2004
A resolution changer to get per-user resolution settings
17 Aug 2002
Barretto VN
Digital analog clock
9 Mar 2019
This article introduces Diligent Engine, a modern cross-platform graphics API abstraction library
8 Aug 2018
Artem Moroz
Using ESP8266 module to remotely control high power electrical appliances
5 Sep 2000
John McTainsh
An article explaining browsing my computer and the network using a TreeCtrl
16 May 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
Sample of using ISAPI extension to give online data to graphical applets.
15 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
That article present a way to retrieve the GET-POST data from a form into an ISAPI extension.
13 Jul 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
A way to build HTML pages in ISAPI using OLE DB database access
25 Jun 2002
Adrian Bacaianu
This article presents a utility that lets you retrieve raw information from web servers using HTTP's GET and POST commands.
14 Dec 1999
Bernd Wißler
Demonstrates how to use an animated gif stored in your resource file as an animated cursor
13 Jun 2002
How to achieve flicker-free drawing when using the methods MFC provides
3 Jun 2001
Christian Graus
Using GDI+ to create a paint program with soft brushes and loading/saving images
14 Jan 2003
Dan Clark
An article that allows easy drag & drop and a bitmap background with other tree control functions
21 Jun 2001
Wooseok Seo
You can implement skin control by returning a brush from the OnCtlColor() method.
28 Oct 2004
A drop-in replacement for the DrawText() SDK function with minimal HTML support
30 Nov 2002
Jamie Hale
How to draw arrows (with arrowheads) to an arbitrary DC
11 Sep 2006
An extension to the GDI DrawText
18 Nov 2018
An article about class factory with dynamic subscription / auto registration
3 Sep 2001
Create dynamic objects that you can pass using IDispatch interfaces
25 Dec 2001
Eddie Velasquez
A collection of templates that simplify the comprehension of bitwise operations
14 Jul 2001
Matthias Mann
An easy to use set of classes to dispatch any kind of data.
11 Nov 2013
Easy UITableView optimizations.
22 Jul 2002
Pavel Sokolov
This article demonstrates a CButton derived class that is used to enable or disable a set of controls with a single click.
2 Apr 2013
Bernhard Häussermann
Shows how to programmatically enable full-keyboard-access tabbing behaviour in your Mac OS X application.
24 Jan 2012
Jozef Bozek
ESpeakEngine - Objective-C speech synthesizer
22 Sep 2010
This chapter covers only the basic parts of the C language
23 Sep 2010
Sams Publishing
An chapter excerpt designed to help you prepared for iPad development.
26 Apr 2001
An extended splitter window class that makes creating 'T' style layouts simple
12 Jun 2001
Gary Andrew Lewis
A Tree List/Tool Tip control embedded within a CView
20 May 2018
Eric Lynch
In this article, we explore the implementation of a Visual Studio editor that allows editing of a fictitious "Colorful" language. The editor minimally implements both syntax classification / coloring and IntelliSense completion.
1 Nov 2018
Fedor Naumenko
A combined solution of the generalized partition problem, which allows to quickly get the good quality result
23 Jan 2005
Hatem Mostafa
Describes main binary tree operations
25 Mar 2002
Keith Rule
A simple animation example which is used to show CMemDC in several modes
21 Jan 2012
Jozef Bozek
FliteEngine - An Objective-C speech synthesizer.
4 Jul 2018
In this tutorial, I will provide step by step to build your first Flutter App
9 Jul 2018
Let's explore the world of StateFulWidget with respect to Flutter
12 May 2014
Michael Chourdakis
Tutorial for Objective-C beginners
15 Nov 2018
Yves Florido-Monnier
A safe and functional hold of managed types from native c++
10 May 2004
An article that describes the design and implementation of synchronous/asynchronous communication between objects
11 Jul 2006
Sreekanth Muralidharan
Getting system timer without using inbuilt system calls
19 Jul 2010
Joel Ivory Johnson
This is a first in a series of articles to get some one up and running with iPhone development. This first article is to help you identify what hardware you need for development, and gives a quick introduction to Objective-C.
6 Aug 2018
Build this circuit and learn how easy it is to grab GPS data and store it on an SD Card. Walk around your neighborhood and then upload data to a map.
4 Apr 2002
Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how Windows generates WM_PAINT messages, manages the update region for a window, and how to use all common type DCs.

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