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Posted 14 Mar 2004


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XML File/Stream Processing

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5 Jan 20072 min read
Process an XML file or stream; read group and attribute values; write and delete groups, attribs, values and comments

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This DLL provides routines to manipulate XML files. The set provided is not all-singing-and-dancing, but a useful, small collection. Several co-operating executables living off a common XML file may find their operating parameters and set parameters for others.


Initially, the read functions were implemented to save incorporating the large overhead of using a proprietary interface. From this grew a certain understanding of the mechanism. Then were added write and delete routines; stream routines that allowed the user program to supply and recover the XML data (without using disk files); some super (i.e., over-arching) routines to shrink the user's code.

Using the Code

VC 6.0 projects: Place the XMJDLL.dll in a directory on your path variable. Add the library XMJDLL.lib to the project resources. Add the module XMJcalls.h to the project. Use the routines therein.

VB 6.0 projects: Register the XMJDLL.dll with regsvr32. Add the module XMJDLL.bas to the project. Use the public routines therein.

// Sample source to produce the above file


  XMJ_newGrpPutVal("Customer","Acme Ltd");

  XMJ_pokeNewGrpPutVal("Description","Production-Class Widget A");

  XMJ_pokeNewGrpPutVal("Description","Production-Class Widget B");


Points of Interest

  • For C/C++ only users, a static library can be built using workspace and project files provided.
  • The private routines in the XMJDLL.bas module are to get around C/C++ <-> VB differences.
  • The implementation of 'false' (C/C++ 0, VB -1).
  • VB string addresses to C/C++ routines.
  • VB return-string-parameter is handled in the DLL.


  • 3.5 Corrections to XMJ_deProfundis
  • 3.4 Encryption and catch up XM8
    • New - demonstration of TEA encryption applied to XML files
    • Four new encryption routines to implement Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA)
    • XMJ_sNew.cpp - new loop routine XMJ_deProfundis
    • handles <,&,>," and ' within values; both read and write
  • Group to attribute, and attribute to attribute, white space handled
  • What took 440 mS now takes 160 mS


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About the Author

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BSc (St.Andrews(1963-67))
Systems Programmer 39+yrs
Married to first wife 35yrs & counting, four grown-up children
Religious opinions similar to MelG's
It is not the gnosis, but the praxis must be the fruit. (Aristotle)

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