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Posted 9 Aug 2004


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28 Oct 20046 min read
A drop-in replacement for the DrawText() SDK function with minimal HTML support


The DrawHTML() function is nearly a drop-in replacement of the standard DrawText() function, with limited support for HTML formatting tags. It is only nearly a replacement for DrawText(), because a few formatting flags of the real DrawText() function are not supported. More limiting, perhaps, is that only a minimal subset of HTML tags is supported.

DrawHTML() is inspired by Pocket HTML by Petter Hesselberg; published in Windows Developer Journal, February 2000. The implementation is fully mine, however, because I felt that the HTML parser in Pocket HTML leaves to be desired. My implementation is very limited, but already more complete than that of Pocket HTML; it is more easily extensible; and it scales better by allocating resources on an "as-needed" basis, rather than grabbing all possibly needed resources on start-up of the function.

Why DrawHTML() when there are full HTML parsers with comprehensive support for all tags? My reasons for implementing this are:

  • Windows API functions do not support markup codes at all; very limited markup support is already very helpful. This is why Petter Hesselberg published Pocket HTML (and my implementation improves on it).
  • DrawHTML() consists of a single, and fairly small, file (less than 400 lines). It is therefore fairly easy to add it to a project. No extra components or DLLs are needed for the application, because DrawHTML() can easily be statically linked.
  • DrawHTML() makes a single pass through the string; apart from obtaining the needed font resources, DrawHTML() does not allocate memory or other resources. As a result, DrawHTML() is lightweight and quick.
  • DrawHTML() is actually robust if what you throw at it is not fully valid HTML: many people forget to replace "&" by "&amp;", "ü" by "&uuml;" and "<" by "&lt;". A browser may skip the code or print the wrong character, but DrawHTML() will print "&", "ü" and "<" if they appear in the string. This way, you can display strings with DrawHTML() without taking extra care for reserved characters like "&" and "<".

Using the Code

The function prototype for DrawHTML() is the same as that of the standard Win32 SDK function DrawText(). In your program, you would use DrawHTML() just like you would use DrawText().

The source code archive (see the top of this article) contains a little demo program. The relevant Cls_OnPaint() function is reproduced below:

static void Cls_OnPaint(HWND hwnd)
  PAINTSTRUCT PaintStruct;
  BeginPaint(hwnd, &PaintStruct);
  HFONT hfontOrg = (HFONT)SelectObject(PaintStruct.hdc,

  RECT rc;
  GetClientRect(hwnd, &rc);
  SetRect(&rc, rc.left + Margin, + Margin,
               rc.right - Margin, rc.bottom - Margin);

           "<p>Beauty, success, truth ..."
           "<br><em>He is blessed who has two.</em>"
           "<br><font color='#C00000'><b>Your program"
           " has none.</b></font>"
           "<p><em>Ken Carpenter</em>",

  SelectObject(PaintStruct.hdc, hfontOrg);
  EndPaint(hwnd, &PaintStruct);

There is a bit of scaffolding code around the call to DrawHTML(), to offset the text from the frame of the window and to select a bigger font. The font, hfontBase, is created in the Cls_OnCreate() function (not shown). I used a 20-pixel high TrueType font to better show the effects of italics and bold.

As I wrote already, the HTML support by DrawHTML() is very limited:

  • The only supported tags are <p>, <br>, <font>..</font>, <b>..</b>, <i>..</i>, <u>..</u>, <strong>..</strong>, <em>..</em>, <sub>..</sub> and <sup>..</sup>. The tags <strong>..</strong> are equivalent to <b>..</b>, and <em>..</em> map to <i>..</i>.
  • The <font> tag is only supported in the extent that you can change the text color with it. It is also the only tag that can take a parameter, and this parameter should be "color" with a value in the well known HTML hexadecimal notation. For example, "<font color='#ffff00'>" (this is yellow, by the way).
  • With the exception of tags that take parameters (currently only the <font> tag), there may be no spaces in the tags; <p> is okay, but <p align='right'> will be considered as two words "<p" and "align='right'>". That's right: when DrawHTML() considers that something is not a valid HTML tag, it prints it as a word.
  • Any special characters like &lt; and &agrave; are unsupported, you must just type in the correct characters. That is, you can just use the characters "à" and "&" in the text, and "<" too.

Points of Interest

DrawHTML() is Unicode-compatible, but in a way different than a web-browser does it: instead of using an 8-bit encoding for the Unicode data (UTF-8), you just pass in a "wide character" string. To have Unicode support, you should compile the DrawHTML() source code with the UNICODE and _UNICODE macros defined.

The code for DrawHTML() consists of three blocks:

  1. There is a simple HTML parser. The parser is fairly strict, and it has a fall-back in that everything that it does not recognize is "plain text". This includes unknown tags, and there DrawHTML() differs from browsers, which ignore unknown HTML tags.
  2. The text drawing function, which outputs text word for word, and handles line breaking and the calculation of the size of the bounding box.
  3. A simple small color stack for the colors set with the <font> tag. When changing a color, the old color must be saved somewhere, so that the </font> tag can restore it. Hence, the stack.

A few "formatting flags" of the DrawText() function are not supported by DrawHTML(). These are related to alignment (horizontal and vertical) and to setting TAB stops. Supporting horizontal and vertical alignment requires an extra pass over the text, to get the full height and the width of each individual line. Specifically, the following formatting flags of the DrawText() function are not supported:

Flag Description
DT_CENTER Center text lines horizontally
DT_RIGHT Align text lines to the right border
DT_TABSTOP Expand TAB characters (to 8 spaces)

These three flags are ignored if they are set. The "&" character is never a "prefix character" in DrawHTML(), so the DT_NOPREFIX flag is not necessary.

More noteworthy, in fact, is that all the other flags are supported, specifically the flags DT_SINGLELINE, which causes the tags <p> and <br> to be ignored, and DT_CALCRECT, which calculates the bounding rectangle for the text without actually drawing it. Compatibility with DrawText() is furthermore improved by using DrawText() in the back end to actually draw the text after having parsed the HTML code.


  • 26th October, 2004
    • DT_BOTTOM and DT_VCENTER are allowed, as the original function DrawText() defines them only for single line text and this is compatible with DrawHTML().
    • The underline style (<u>...</u>) no longer causes gaps in the underline between the words; i.e., space characters between the words are now underlined too.
    • A fix for negative heights was implemented (thanks to "Sims", see the comments at the bottom of this article).
    • I added support for the HTML tags <sup>...</sup> and <sub>...</sub>, for superscript and subscript respectively. Only one level of these tags is supported, however (so a <sub>b<sub>c</sub></sub> will put "b" and "c" at the same base line).
  • 11th August, 2004: The article was enhanced with a screen shot and an example for the use of the function. The archive now contains a demo program.
  • 10th August, 2004: First release.


This article has no explicit license attached to it, but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt, please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here.


About the Author

Software Developer (Senior) ITB CompuPhase
Netherlands Netherlands
Thiadmer Riemersma develops system software, embedded software and multimedia software for his company CompuPhase in the Netherlands.

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