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Great Reads

by Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
by Hans Dietrich
XBreadCrumbBar is a windowless non-MFC class that allows you to display a breadcrumb trail as HTML text, with support for web links and APP: links.
by Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
by Michael Dunn
Create custom tasks in your app's jump list on Windows 7

Latest Articles

by Yuksel YILDIRIM
Draw Multi Parametrik Shapes in 2D
by LeisureBamboo
Randomly read any embedded_mono_matrix in TTF file, export it to bitmap files (in package)
by Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
by Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous control

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27 Mar 2007
This article demonstrates how to leverage the power of images and inheritance to achieve a "skinned" look for your Windows applications.
24 Jan 2005
An article on creating 2D animated charts using Windows GDI.
20 Jul 2012
Dr. Vinayak Ashok Bharadi
Two dimensional Fast Fourier Transform of an image in C#.
14 Apr 2014
auralius manurung
An article on designing your own robot simulator
8 Oct 2009
Anthony Mushrow
Create and edit 2D maps using tiles
1 Apr 2019
Smooth a 2D polyline through interpolation (Catmull-Rom) or approximation (Chaikin)
18 Mar 2011
This article is about the 3D software rendering engine.
17 Feb 2009
Helper class to display 3D data
19 Apr 2005
Itay Sagui
Introduction to the basic idea of the particle systems, and how to create basic effects such as explosions and water fountains.
18 Feb 2010
A practice of using Windows GDI and Winsock.
27 Aug 2003
A cool GDI pattern brush tool with C++ source code. You can create a new office XP style pattern fill mode quickly.
8 May 2008
A Cool Vista Sidebar Gadget Style CPUInfo Animate Control! (Fixed)
6 May 2005
Naveen Karamchetti
Creation of a custom drawing application based on the .NET Panel class.
24 May 2007
Nicolas Bonamy
A grid to display and edit properties of objects (as in Visual Studio)
9 Apr 2002
Paul M Watt
Guide to understand the three different types of clipping regions, and how they relate to the Device Context
29 Dec 2010
A multi-select tree control that is based on Richard's implementation
10 Dec 2007
Mohammed Abd Alla
This is a simple class that can view scroll and zoom pictures
21 Dec 2009
A simple custom progressbar.
28 Dec 2009
Aric Wang
Just a simple digital LCD class and do not use an external bitmap.You can use and change it.
5 Aug 2003
Drawing HTML text onto a device context
8 Sep 2006
Animate and control sprites using GDI+.
18 Aug 2011
Dave Franco
Adding Lightbox effect to Winform Applications
20 Jun 2007
Stefan Kuhr
Adding Aero Glass to Windows applications while keeping them backwards-compatible with legacy Windows versions
18 Jun 2016
Patrik Mlekuž
Image Control for viewing most common image formats with advanced features included (Import Image, Preview, Resize, Position, Pan, Zoom, Export Image, Extract Resource Icon).
19 Jun 2007
Exploring the MFC GDI classes' inner working and proposing an alternative
5 Oct 2009
Jeff J Anderson
An alpha channel composited form for image based Window frames
22 Dec 2007
An apple style docking bar implemented by eGui lib
11 May 2010
Gustavo Ricardi
A Remote Desktop software built on AJAX, JSON and HTML5
4 Oct 2003
Terry O'Nolley
An article using GDI to create a scalable periodic table of the elements
17 Apr 2000
Anton Stuck
A class that provides some simple, yet spectacular window animation effects. Try the demo!
28 Jan 2015
syed shanu
Animated Image Slide Show for winforms using C#
17 Jul 2010
Hoang Khanh Nguyen
A highly object-oriented ListView control with varying-height items and support of complex data types
1 Dec 2007
An article on a simple but efficient method to do antialiasing using plain Windows GDI
6 Nov 2007
Generating smooth lines with antialiasing; sample code for animation is included
17 Apr 2003
Barretto VN
Article on changing screen resolution
20 May 2002
Jason Henderson
Draw and animate ASCII characters to a window using this COM object.
11 Jun 2009
Audio player designed specifically for listening to audio books
14 Aug 2014
Jamie Nordmeyer
A class to make working with LOGFONTs easier
19 Nov 1999
Maximilian Pasternak
Autopan within your own application
11 Jan 2003
Barretto VN
An article showing methods of screen capture
25 Jun 2012
Basics for setting up a 2D Game using GDI+, Renderloop, and Threading. And a few tips.
16 Nov 2004
Using boost, we can write "almost perfect" wrappers for GDI and other resource handles, in a few lines of code.
15 Dec 2011
Stream a live camera video stream or single images between applications using the TCP protocol.
30 Jun 2008
Implements a Rubber Rectangle in C#.
20 Jun 2006
Ertan Tike
A calendar DayView control.
24 Apr 2006
Franc Morales
A simple wrapper to dynamically install/uninstall application specific fonts from compiled resources.
3 Mar 2000
Chris Becke
Notes on TrackMouseEvent, and SetCapture on Win32
24 Nov 1999
Anneke Sicherer-Roetman
CAutoPen Class - a CPen that is correctly destroyed
11 Feb 2009
An article on a free C++ bitmap manipulation class
3 May 2007
Elia Sarti
A CPaintDC replacement in OnPaint painting. Simply change CPaintDC dc(this) in CBufferDC dc(this), and you're done.
26 Feb 2009
auralius manurung
A reusable class for drawing a simple graph
17 Sep 2004
Andrzej Markowski
An owner-draw bitmap button and a frame for the caption bar, in one class.
29 Jan 2006
A ListBox which could display and allow selection of fonts, with special features.
7 Aug 2001
This article demonstrates a tool for previewing foreground and background color combinations.
22 Oct 2001
David Hall
An article describing the CColor class - an RGB encapsulation which supports named colors, system colors and translation to HSV values.
15 Nov 2005
Emmanuel Arun Vinod
Creates a full screen window and shows a color gradient on it
25 Mar 2007
This article describes ColorTextBox, a customizable User Control which was written completely from scratch and is intended to fill the gap between the TextBox and RichTextBox controls found in the .NET 2.0 library.
28 Aug 2006
Jeremy Falcon
Aids developers with color intensities
14 Feb 2005
Very addictive game that demonstrates some GDI, sound, and 100% solvable puzzle creation (from all the testing so far).
19 Dec 2006
PJ Arends
Code snippet that compares two HBITMAP handles to see if the bitmaps they contain are the same
27 Jan 2015
syed shanu
USL/LSL Control Chart using .NET for Quality Control
15 Mar 2011
How to draw and manage shapes onscreen via mouse gestures
3 May 2007
Elia Sarti
A c++ function which uses GDI to create a channel based version of an icon. Using all the channels you can create a gray scale one
10 Dec 2001
Yuriy Zaporozhets
Very primitive function that creates region from *.bmp files
23 Jun 2004
A fix for creating pens using PS_DOT.
6 Feb 2000
Keith Rule
Create visually complex, yet programmatically simple, non-rectangular GUIs
6 Feb 2000
Amir Zalzberg
How to create a window with holes in it
9 Feb 2005
Paul C Smith
Apply a translucent watermark to a JPEG image using VB.NET.
29 Sep 2005
A self drawing, round button for different styles and usages.
22 Jan 2005
Henry Tan Setiawan
A simple SpeedoMeter class based on CStatic base class.
13 Dec 2006
An article on anti-aliased C++ drawing.
13 Nov 2011
Suggestion about another curve representation
15 Jul 2000
Dave Lorde
Simple customised Window captions, including multi-line captions
11 Jun 2004
Regions encapsulation in light-weight C++ objects.
12 Apr 2007
Put anything you want in a ToolTip
6 Dec 2004
Mike O'Neill
How to use custom draw to change the appearance of a Track Bar control and CSliderCtrl.
27 Aug 2000
Randy More
Provides a memory based DC into which an image may be drawn using standard GDI calls.
2 Nov 2019
Alaa Ben Fatma
Use your skills as a designer to create gorgeous control
12 Sep 2006
Hadi Dayvary
A Desktop puzzle game.
25 Oct 2002
Chen Su
Simple function to enable you to programmatically detect the user-selected font at runtime
24 Jan 2001
Jason Troitsky
A class that encapsulates some useful, GUI related, static functions
6 Jan 2004
A resolution changer to get per-user resolution settings
4 Dec 2009
Dr. Vinayak Ashok Bharadi
Digitzer device interface using VBTablet in C#.
14 Dec 1999
Bernd Wißler
Demonstrates how to use an animated gif stored in your resource file as an animated cursor
13 Jun 2002
How to achieve flicker-free drawing when using the methods MFC provides
15 Jan 2004
Alex Kolesnichenko
CDC descendant with double buffering abilities
19 Apr 2011
Paula Scholz
Using pure Win32, WinInet, and STL Vectors, we open an Internet connection, download, and display a Google map on a Windows Mobile phone.
22 Dec 2014
Gerald Degeneve
Draw or render a Windows Form directly over the Wallpaper, behind the Desktop Icons in Windows 8+10
21 Jun 2001
Wooseok Seo
You can implement skin control by returning a brush from the OnCtlColor() method.
28 Oct 2004
A drop-in replacement for the DrawText() SDK function with minimal HTML support
30 Nov 2002
Jamie Hale
How to draw arrows (with arrowheads) to an arbitrary DC
22 Jul 2014
Ray Koopa
Visual Style-like image stretching for custom skinning
12 Apr 2002
Davide Pizzolato
Quick reference to draw lines, shapes, or text on bitmaps
16 Mar 2005
Henrik Pettersson
Functions for drawing Bezier splines on Pocket PC. Since they are missing in GDI for Pocket PC.
14 Jun 2019
Andy De Filippo
GDI+ does not support rendering of Rich Text and this has always represented a challenge for developers. The approach described in this article offers a solution to such limitation by tapping into the power of API hooking.
31 Mar 2001
Joseph M. Newcomer
Learn how to effectively draw your dialogs
11 Sep 2006
An extension to the GDI DrawText
31 Mar 2018
David O'Neil
Everybody Loves the Mandelbrot Set! Here's a browser for it!
18 Sep 2000
Craig Henderson
A Device Context class to draw on a window outside of a WM_PAINT handler
14 Sep 2008
Toufiqur Rahman Chowdhury (TRC)
This article is about an application that parses a XML Configuration File and creates Menus and ToolBar dynamically.
3 Oct 2008
Ardavan Sharifi
in this Article we following how to dynamic validation data with defind validation type and use of regular expression
3 Aug 2013
Tammam Koujan
Demonstrates creating EAN-13 Barcodes with VB.NET
3 Mar 2020
Randomly read any embedded_mono_matrix in TTF file, export it to bitmap files (in package)
16 Dec 2007
Yang XiaoWang
A easy-to-use widget libary to develop the animation GUI based on Windows GDI
11 Jul 2004
Catalin Stavaru
This light, yet very usable, application notifies users when new mail is received on multiple GMail (and other) accounts. Written in C++/MFC. No .NET framework, no browser instances launched, low system resource requirements!
11 Nov 2009
Send E-mail via Application with an HTML editor and a drawer to draw your own attachments and send them immediately.
1 Sep 2005
An article about how to enhance current image characteristics
16 Nov 2011
Michael Hodel
Enigma Puzzle – a game as difficult as the Rubik's cube
15 Aug 2013
Chris Boss
OpenGL based 3D learning software
23 Mar 2015
Novar Striker
Multi technics in one application, for an extreme relaxation moment
2 Jul 2014
Yang Kok Wah
Implementing the all time favourite game as .NET custom controls, complete with animation and sound for full gaming experience
20 Dec 2006
Igor Tolmachev
This article explains how to create an application that makes it snow on the desktop.
1 Oct 2005
Describes the summed area table algorithm of Franklin Crow.
29 May 2011
This article demonstrates a file preview control in a WTL application.
10 Jul 2001
Hans Dietrich
How to find the name of a font file, given the display name of a font
20 Nov 2005
Mohamed Elzahaby
how to get the Font File Name from the Font Name
25 Mar 2002
Keith Rule
A simple animation example which is used to show CMemDC in several modes
6 Sep 2008
Flicker free drawing without using double buffer
31 Oct 2005
This dynamically reziable control does not flicker. The article describes the problem and the technique used to solve the flickering.
1 Aug 2009
Component for adding scriptable forms capabilities to an application.
29 Nov 2007
This graphical application will play and display frequencies and mix them together so that you can analyze what's really going on with sounds that we call intone. Handling a basic DFT version that will prove to us which frequencies are involved. It was originally made in plain C.
24 Apr 2014
Mattias Högström
Learn the basics of how to draw with GDI on screen and to printer. We will look closer at the different GDI map modes, and how to do proper adjustments when you need to send the output to a printer. We will also create a metafile and load it back in again.
10 Apr 2008
Durga Prasad Dhulipudi
This is useful mainly in CAD/GIS and allied applications where there is a need for customized line types.
14 Jan 2005
Get icons from Exe or DLL the PE way or how to emulate PrivateExtractIcons.
27 Oct 2007
An article on creating glow and shadow effects using plain Windows GDI
7 Oct 2018
Mojtaba Hosseini
A graphical binary tree. Features: add, remove, or search for a node. Recursive algorithm has been used
1 Mar 2017
GtProject is intended to provide the user a Microsoft Project equivalent control to use for scheduling tasks.
9 Sep 2011
Paul M Watt
With respect to Image Composition, your imagination is your only limit.
21 Jul 2011
Paul M Watt
Guide to creating and using Memory Device Contexts (DC) in Win32.
20 Mar 2002
Paul M Watt
Beginner's guide to understanding how to paint to a window in the WIN32 SDK environment
4 Apr 2002
Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how Windows generates WM_PAINT messages, manages the update region for a window, and how to use all common type DCs.
10 Mar 2002
Paul M Watt
Guide to understanding how to create and use regions with the WIN32 SDK
28 Mar 2000
Randy More
Using Hershey vector fonts for faster rendering
7 Dec 1999
Zoran M. Todorovic
A technique for changing the font for all child windows in your main application
12 Apr 2016
Shao Voon Wong
How to use a font without installing it first on user systems
3 Jan 2009
To learn the usages of TrueType structures, TTPOLYGONHEADER and TTPOLYCURVE.
25 Aug 2008
How to use sharepoint webservices in web application
13 Feb 2010
1 alternative  
Capture an HTML document as an image.
21 Jun 2012
Terence Wallace
This is an alternative for "HTML to Image in C#"
20 Jun 2013
Smart K8
A set of handy extension methods to help you with quick Image modifications
6 May 2009
Algorithm for easy transformation images
24 Jul 2006
A generic class to import Adobe's Photoshop (.psd) images.
12 Oct 2016
As users are migrating from traditional desktops to mobile devices, transitioning your Windows application to the web is the next step to increasing your exposure. Thinfinity VirtualUI delivers your Windows applications to users on any device, anywhere.
9 Oct 2009
Syed Hasan Hyder
Internal supply chain management system's objective is to visualize organization's activities and events spawn during its work flow and offers panoramic view of upstream and downstream activities
8 Oct 2009
Syed Hasan Hyder
This article focuses on internal supply chain management systems visibility via chart reports, and provides assessment apparatus to manage and monitor activities spawned during business processes, hence paves the way for timely and precise business decisions.
20 Mar 2000
William T. Block
A simple introduction to using DCs to draw in Windows
4 Feb 2008
vikas maan
Convert rectangular bitmap into non rectangular bitmap (.ppg)
18 May 2017
Article about the 2D isometric game engine
14 Feb 2001
Eric Crahen
Display Chinese & Japanese characters on unicode & non-unicode systems
13 Jan 2020
Dominik Reichl
KeePass is a free, open source, light-weight and easy-to-use password manager.
24 Nov 2014
Jeremy Falcon
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
27 Jan 2003
Aniket Nayak
This cursor can magnify...
24 Feb 2014
PJ Arends
A C++ class that makes it easy to print text in clearly defined rows and columns
9 Jul 2012
Manoj K Bhoir
MBGlassPanel with Microsoft Office Ribbon Visual Style
1 Aug 2013
Method for edge detection in color images, using 1-Dimensional liner image or scan line, sampled at 1 pixel intervals, at any arbitary angle
27 Aug 2003
Don Kackman
Class wrappers around the Win32 multi-monitor API
16 Aug 2013
A modified version of the Bresenham's line drawing algorithm
27 Oct 2019
Steffen Ploetz
How to do the second step to a serious looking OpenGL application on plain old Win32 API for ReactOS (and also for Windows or WINE).
11 Aug 2004
This article shows how to process one or many MSI packages just by providing a configuration file. It gives also many useful hints and tricks that can be used in other projects.
26 Nov 2008
A simple and useful viewer of multipage TIF/TIFF images
28 Jul 2001
Ales Krajnc
An include file that allows you to specify colors by name instead of RGB value
12 Dec 2008
Johnny J.
A Nero style "progress" bar with multiple color segments
6 Aug 2007
Tarmo Kalda
Nice Libraries offers you a set of libraries and helper applications
25 Jan 2016
Samuel Teixeira
Why simple if we can be complex?
5 Oct 2012
Sunasara Imdadhusen
PDF MERGER and PROTECTOR is the best pdf merger software which is fast and powerful way to join(Merge) PDF files with password protection as well as you can apply stamper with either any type of image or text. Using this utility you don’t required installation of Adobe Acrobat. Looks Exciting ???
20 Apr 2001
Rui Lopes
Demonstrates how to create per pixel alpha blending windows
9 Feb 2010
This article tries to find a way to show standard controls, ActiveX controls, translucent controls on layered windows. Native MFC source code provided.
17 Aug 2009
Michael Mangelsdorf
A DLL implemented in assembler featuring a console GUI component.
29 Oct 2007
Horia Tudosie
Produces color sets by adveraging areas of colors from scanned pictures
28 Nov 2005
A small utility that splits an image into two images for use with dual monitor wallpaper setups.
19 Dec 2007
A small DLL providing two functions to resample GDI-based bitmap
24 Dec 2008
An article to show how to play audio file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time accurately
15 Sep 2008
An article to show how to play a Wave file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time.
21 May 2009
An article to show how to play a Wave file with DirectSound and display its spectrum in real time.
9 Mar 2008
Nibu babu thomas
Lists out the details of running processes in a system, loaded drivers, loaded dlls, version of each dll and process, process times, command line, owner, priority, GDI resource usage, privileges, loaded symbols, window heirarchy, autostart app finding and more.
31 Mar 2010
Mohd Arshad Malik
.NET provides extensive support for image conversion. Any image can be processed from one format to another. The most common formats which .NET support are .BMP, .EMF, .GIF, .ICO, .JPG, .PNG, .TIF and .WMF.
31 Mar 2010
Mohd Arshad Malik
This article guides about optimization of the size of an image file (in bytes) and resizing its dimensions (in pixels).
31 Mar 2010
Mohd Arshad Malik
To uniquely identify the images from our storage, we watermark them with some text (usually company / portal name)
15 Sep 2009
This article presents code for a WinForms implementation of the Google-like compact progress indicator.
16 Dec 2008
Simon Hart
Ever wanted to create a standard look and feel property header type control as seen in many Microsoft applications on Windows Mobile? Well, here is the code to do it.
28 Sep 2006
A generic class to import Adobe's Photoshop (.psd) images under PocketPC Windows Mobile 2003.
30 Aug 2011
Non-affine transformations, four-point distortions, or whatever you want to call it.
23 May 2011
Rotted Frog
A library for creating simple dialogs declaratively with minimal overhead.
12 Mar 2004
John R. Shaw
Design and implementation of efficient flood fill algorithms.
16 Nov 2009
Inaki Ayucar
Why not building your own C# Maths library instead of using the ones included in APIs like DirectX or XNA?
29 Dec 2008
Durga Prasad Dhulipudi
Rendering ESRI Shapefiles(.shp) using OpenGL
28 Jul 2006
Copy a bitmap over a portion of another bitmap
16 Feb 2000
Shahzad Khan
How to replace the default MFC icon in your application