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Great Reads

by Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
by Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
by Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.
by Jeffrey Walton
Perform authenticated encryption with Crypto++.

Latest Articles

by .dan.g.
A hierarchical task manager with native XML support for custom reporting
by Gonzales Cenelia
Tutorial on making an artificial intelligence chatbot
by Palavos
An article about Huo Chess, a chess program in C++ and C# that attempts to be smaller in size than the Commodore-era Microchess
by libbyliugang
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position

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7 Mar 2001
This Add-in converts the text format (DOS or UNIX) of a file when it is saved in Visual Studio.
13 Jun 2002
Tim Smith
Color picker control for WTL applications including optional support for XP themes
30 Jul 2002
Vagif Abilov
Guidelines to migrate ATL-based Windows service application to Visual C++.NET
28 Jul 2003
Easiest way to add XML persistence to an existing IDispatch based ATL COM object.
23 Jul 2004
Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a set of templates created around the Microsoft Cabinet library. With these templates, you can extract cabinet files and cabinets stored in the resource section of a module. It can be easily extended to allow extraction through other means.
19 Dec 2007
Bryan Sachdeva
This article describes how to create a wrapper class for the native Phone API, and then uses it to retrieve and store the call history.
4 Apr 2008
Hans Dietrich
XColorSpectrumCtrl displays a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
5 Jun 2008
Jeffrey Walton
Import and export Cryptographic Keys in PKCS#8 and X.509 formats, using Crypto++, C#, and Java.
3 Sep 2008
An extendable report editor. You can simply add your own controls without recompiling the program or writing annoying plug-ins.
27 Aug 2008
The Star Trek game reworked, using a 2D retro look
10 Mar 2009
This is yet another example for memory mapped files. What is cool though is unlike other samples, I have a SetData(TCHAR* Key, TCHAR* value) / GetData(TCHAR* key) pattern here.
23 Dec 2008
How to launch and manipulate applets programmatically.
20 Jan 2009
Valery Grebnev
This article describes testing the results of reader/writer locks on Windows XP/Vista Uniprocessor and Multi-core PCs.
5 Mar 2009
Ernest Laurentin
Full-fledged ATL Windowless ActiveX Container. Ideal for hosting Windows Media Player, Transparent Flash and Silverlight Animations.
23 Mar 2009
Jeffrey Walton
Perform authenticated encryption with Crypto++.
8 Apr 2009
We are going to enable your application to write entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, elevating your application when necessary.
10 May 2009
Michael Chourdakis
Draw your vectors using a new, ActiveX based hardware accelerated interface.
28 Apr 2009
Member 2516638
C++ wrapper class to compute moving averages
22 Jun 2009
Victor A. Milokum, Apriorit Inc
In this article, we will try to make our algorithms work faster using the methods of low-level optimization of memory allocation in C++.
21 Jun 2009
A WTL Hunspell-checked edit control.
20 Jun 2009
Valery Grebnev
This article describes a simple approach and test results when creating distributed pools of objects for high-performance applications on a Multi-core PC.
13 Jul 2009
Hou Tianze
A CStatic derived class that wraps the cool FX effect by dswigger.
13 Jul 2010
Daniel Cohen Gindi
This application adds a property page to show SWF properties in the Windows file properties window.
20 Aug 2009
See how to use SDL to create a simple visual application.
1 Oct 2009
Nishad S
A tool for capturing data from controls like TreeCtrl, ListCtrl, ComboBox, ListBox, etc.
9 Jan 2010
High-performance expression evaluator that allows filtering large number of messages
29 Jun 2010
MSVS Add-in for Doxygen documentation system
9 Jan 2018
Shao Voon Wong
A portable and easy-to-use C++ file library to read and write structured data
4 Oct 2013
This is a sample project for "HTML Reader C++ Class Library"
9 Apr 2006
A WTL tree control that supports Windows Vista style selection and multiple selection.
1 May 2006
Part 2 of an introduction to creating dynamic types. This article shows how to actually generate the methods in a dynamic type and how to call them.
29 Dec 2006
Michael Dunn
How to use power status notifications to make your applications conserve power when necessary.
16 Jul 2007
This is a toolbar for the Internet Explorer which shows information from RSS taken from the Internet.
19 Jul 2007
Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.
7 Aug 2007
Hans Dietrich
XBreadCrumbBar is a windowless non-MFC class that allows you to display a breadcrumb trail as HTML text, with support for web links and APP: links.
16 Sep 2007
Rajasekharan Vengalil
How to switch the thread that a routine is running on.
14 Sep 2013
The Ultimate Toolbox,
The Ultimate Grid is now Open Source
5 Nov 2009
A C++ template class for fixed point mathematics.
4 Apr 2008
Hans Dietrich
XColorHexagonCtrl displays a color hexagon that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
5 Jun 2007
Alain Rist
Enable Aero glass with your native (WTL) applications and keep backwards compatibility
10 Jan 2013
This wrapping class will try to use the latest version of MSXML in the machine, and it is easy because of using auto_ptr.
16 Dec 2005
Aleksei Trunov
An article on generalized functors implementation in C++. Generalized functor requirements, existing implementation problems and disadvantages are considered. Several new ideas and problem solutions together with the compete implementation are suggested.
20 Apr 2005
mark novak
A psychological journey into a project crafted from start to finish.
20 Jan 2006
Nish Nishant
CAutoNativePtr is a managed template class that acts as a smart pointer, and is handy for using native objects in managed code.
31 Dec 2003
Michael Geddes
How Comet can help you create and use COM servers in 'real' C++, extending or replacing ATL.
27 Aug 2007
This is a complete beginners guide to codecaves that covers the main topics of: what a codecave is, what a codecave can be used for, and how to use a codecave.
26 Feb 2007
Nish Nishant
This is an excerpt from Chapter 1 that covers how CLI classes are instantiated, and discusses constructors and assignment operators
7 Jul 2003
John Osborn
Version 3 of the BHO Popup Blocker written in ATL
2 Sep 2008
Hans Dietrich
XGroupBox is an MFC control that displays a flicker-free groupbox with text and/or icon. You can use this to display either a standard groupbox or a header-only groupbox.
7 Apr 2005
Yves Tkaczyk
CTreePropSheetEx is an extension of CTreePropSheet offering new features such as resizing, skipping empty pages, and new property frames such as Office 2003 option sheet.
3 Nov 2008
An article explaining several Win32 reverse engineering techniques applied to Live Messenger research and plug-in development.
20 Oct 2009
Jeffrey Walton
Sign and verify messages using Crypto++, Java, and C#.
14 Jan 2008
Using C++ objects with destructors and exceptions in drivers
11 Aug 2008
Darren Sessions
The Style Toolkit allows you to modernize the look of your programs using gradients, transparency, PNG images, and more.
24 Feb 2006
A discussion on deployment in Visual C++ 2005, and an amended version of the vcredist_x86.exe that includes MSI 3.1.
13 Sep 2009
Johann Anhofer
The goal of this article is to describe a more or less generic way to access .NET managed objects from a native C++ application.
6 Jul 2009
Leandro T C Melo
A generic standalone STL-like implementation of a hash table that uses either linear probing or double hashing as the collision resolution mechanism.
12 Sep 2006
A SolidGraph CAD system source code.
2 Dec 2008
Brad Kremer
A CRecordSet like interface for a SQLite database table.
7 Oct 2002
Magomed Abdurakhmanov
Simple class to store application settings in registry
23 Jul 2008
Michael Chourdakis
Simple code to introduce a hardware breakpoint mechanism.
12 Mar 2007
An introductory article in numerical methods for the beginner.
1 Jan 2008
Hans Dietrich
XHtmlTree is an MFC control based on CTreeCtrl, with support for HTML text, web links, APP: links, XML load/save, Smart Checkboxes, and Drag & Drop.
27 Dec 2005
Ashkbiz Danehkar
This article demonstrates five steps to inject your code in a portable executable (EXE, DLL, OCX,...) file without recompiling source code.
25 Mar 2007
Ernest Laurentin
An Introduction to ScriptRunner. A scripting tool for user interface Unit Testing.
29 Feb 2008
Alexandre Courpron
This article presents the implementation of a fixed-size heterogeneous container.
18 Feb 2009
Alain Rist
OOo::DocWindow and WTL::COOoCtrl classes to work on any Microsoft-Office document, and Open Office SDK integration in Visual Studio/VCExpress 2005/2008
31 Dec 2005
Brian C Hart
Use compiler COM support (even in non-COM applications) to get a Win32 error code or HRESULT's message in one line of code.
21 Jan 2008
Jeffrey Walton
Create and Verify RSA Digital Signatures with Appendix Using Crypto++
14 Nov 2007
Jeffrey Walton
Compel threads to execute out of context code using inline assembly.
26 Nov 2007
Jeffrey Walton
A Survey of Virus Survival Techniques Applied to Protection Schemes
6 May 2010
Chris Maunder
A fully featured MFC grid control for displaying tabular data. The grid is a custom control derived from CWnd
22 Feb 2010
Aric Wang
The article will give you an idea on how to design a source filter.The source filter creates samples and outputs it from its output pin.
9 Nov 2008
Joshua Tully
A look into what goes into the area of preventing reverse engineering, and gives developers some functions and ideas about preventing reversing engineering of their programs.
30 Dec 2008
Sarath C
Dynamically Add/Edit Environment variables of Remote process
18 Sep 2005
Victor Derks
Discussion of a small C++ framework to create Windows shell extensions (IShellFolderImpl).
6 Jul 2007
Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.
8 Nov 2012
Damir Valiulin
JPGDateChanger is a tool that changes last modified date to the one stored in EXIF data
5 Jun 2008
Hatem Mostafa
This article demonstrates a new technique to optimize DBMS output cursor storage using Virtual Cursor.
12 Jul 2010
Borodenko Oleg
Adjustable contol with zooming and scrolling tabs, dragging with the mouse, custom drawing and much more
22 Dec 2008
This article explains garbage collection and memory management using C language
30 Jun 2009
Adam Roderick J
A simple approach to Hook LoadLibrary API with a sample
18 Sep 2003
Zac Howland
An article on using component categories to create pluggable components
13 Sep 2006
Nish Nishant
Shows how to use CFSTR_FILEDESCRIPTOR and CFSTR_FILECONTENTS to perform drag/drop with virtual files
29 Dec 2006
Michael Dunn
How to use Vista's new file open and file save dialogs with WTL.
27 Jul 2009
Nish Nishant
The article shows how to interop between a WCF service and a WWS client, and also how to rewrite the WCF service in WWS retaining compatibility with existing WCF clients.
17 Jul 2007
Classes reproducing Vista animated Task Buttons (command links), plus Task Dialog layout
24 Jul 2007
Alexandre Courpron
Detecting the presence of a member in a class
27 Apr 2012
Leslie Zhai
Open source windowless presentation manager library with DirectX 3D anmiation
4 Aug 2009
A replacement for MFC's CDragListBox that supports multiple selection and dragging between lists
14 Nov 2005
Jochen Kalmbach [MVP VC++]
This article describes the (documented) way to walk a callstack for any thread (own, other and remote). It has an abstraction layer, so the calling app does not need to know the internals.
26 Jan 2004
Alex Kolesnichenko
Tutorial article about how to build components with rich functionality using attributed ATL.
19 May 2008
Hans Dietrich
XGradientZoneBar displays an indicator bar that allows you to specify multiple zones that are filled with a color gradient, and includes APIs to set the bar orientation, font, and tick marks.
29 Mar 2007
Ashkbiz Danehkar
An introduction to injection the code into Import Table of Portable Executable file format, which is called API redirection technique.
8 Oct 2007
GauranG Shah
Simple Tool Tip class that will help to show the Balloon and Simple tool tip for controls and the in System Tray window.
24 Feb 2007
Nish Nishant
Excerpts from Chapter 1. Topics are (1) Declaring CLR types and (2) Handles: The CLI equivalent to pointers
29 Oct 2013
Dezhi Zhao
This article shows a fast solution to Einstein's Riddle by using brutal search.
15 Jun 2007
Martin Richter [rMVP C++]
An easy way to create programs that use CRT, MFC and ATL library DLLs from application local folders
24 May 2005
CTextFileDocument lets you write and read text files with different encodings (ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode 16 little/big endian are supported).
19 Aug 2008
Cristian Adam
1 alternative  
This tool will spy on COM registration process and create side by side (SxS) manifest file(s)
29 Jun 2002
Rama Krishna Vavilala
A desk band ticker that scrolls the latest messages posted in the Lounge and other forums
11 Oct 2008
Jim Xochellis
This article presents a generic sequence searching template function, which is more versatile than std::search
2 Nov 2010
Daniel Ranger
Native C++ implementation of the .NET Asynchronous Design Pattern using Windows I/O Completion Ports
1 May 2003
John Osborn
Popup Blocker is a Browser Helper Object (BHO) that eliminates all popup and popunder windows, including those opened automatically by script.
11 Apr 2005
Uwe Keim
Introduced a class that simplifies Windows Impersonation in C#.
10 Mar 2007
PJ Arends
A little utility program that allows you to view the contents of memory bitmaps and device contexts while you are stepping through your drawing code.
1 Jul 2015
Woong Gyu La
How to create a server-client network quickly using IOCP TCP template server-client framework, EpServerEngine.cs (C#).
1 Apr 2003
Natty Gur
This article discusses the problems and the available solutions for maintenance and utilization of ASP.NET session state of the .NET session object.
1 Aug 2009
Finance, contacts, notes organizer
4 Jan 2009
Inject a File Switch Tabbar to Source Insight, which like uEdit or Visual Studio
14 Nov 2006
Dan Moulding
A memory leak detector for Visual C++ packaged in an easy to use library!
4 May 2016
Arthur V. Ratz
The following article demonstrates the implementation of a smart cross-platform textdiff lexicographical analyzer utility which can be used to find and locate the differences between two files.
22 Feb 2007
How to access the power of Vista and the DWM without WPF and .NET
1 Jun 2003
Bjornar Henden
A WTL Grid mostly aimed for use against databases.
18 Jan 2008
Valentin Ivanov
This article explains how to use the GPS API and Web Service on a SmartPhone to show demographics information for the current location.
25 Oct 2004
Karl Josefsson
Learn how to add buttons and how to interact with Outlook.
6 Oct 2008
Michael Chourdakis
The way to automate the help assistant process in C++ without dirty scripting code.
4 Sep 2008
Ernest Laurentin
Multimedia PeakMeter control - .NET version
5 Aug 2006
Yap Chun Wei
A Class to Read and Write to Microsoft Excel
19 Feb 2005
Ashkbiz Danehkar
A Spy tool program like MS Spy++ that lets you capture window controls and modify their properties. Useful for learning window handles and their properties.
25 Oct 2011
Jarl Lindrud
A server/client IPC framework, using the C++ preprocessor as an IDL compiler.
15 Jul 2011
Justin Hallet
Wrapping a screensaver inside a WMP visualization plug-in.
9 Feb 2010
This article tries to find a way to show standard controls, ActiveX controls, translucent controls on layered windows. Native MFC source code provided.
4 Dec 2007
Jeffrey Walton
Create Semi-Anonymous Installation Fingerprints Using Truncated Hashing and Crypto++
9 Mar 2008
Nibu babu thomas
Lists out the details of running processes in a system, loaded drivers, loaded dlls, version of each dll and process, process times, command line, owner, priority, GDI resource usage, privileges, loaded symbols, window heirarchy, autostart app finding and more.
28 Feb 2007
Nish Nishant
Excerpt from Chapter 4 on interior and pinning pointers
14 Apr 2005
Martin Wickett
An article that describes a possible approach to extending Microsoft's Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Client to use seamless windows.
6 Oct 2009
John Hilton
Simple yet comprehensive viewing code for OpenGL and Direct3D.
4 Sep 2006
Vadim Motorine
How to build a simple, robust and easily expandable server for multiple clients
16 Jul 2008
Darren Sessions
With this class, you can add a PNG image to your button and automatically get a highlighted and grayscale version.
21 Mar 2008
Thomas Hruska
Learn how UAC operates behind the scenes. Use the Elevate package to start multiple elevated processes but only display one UAC elevation dialog from a non-elevated process.
16 Apr 2007
David M Brooks
Keep your GUI responsive when making blocking synchronous calls. Dave offers a technique using SyncInvoker,
7 Apr 2007
A COM Newbie's Journey Through DLL Hell
1 May 2006
Blake Hurd
A sidebar in the lower left that emulates the sidebar in Outlook 2003. Other features implemented include theming, snapping buttons, unique button system, etc.
30 Jun 2010
Md. Mazharul Islam Khan
Step by step XPCOM creation and implementation in C++.
11 Aug 2004
Nish Nishant
The article exposes the new array syntax available in C++/CLI for the declaration and use of CLI arrays
10 Jun 2005
Alex Hazanov
A wrapper for the XML DOM for C++.
6 Nov 2007
Dan Farino
A kernel patch that will enable ClearType over RDP in Windows XP SP2
6 Nov 2007
Hans Dietrich
XHtmlDraw allows you to display a single line HTML text as easily as using DrawText(), including web links and APP: links, no MFC
3 Feb 2011
Martin Fuchs
ExcelFormat allows reading, writing, and editing of XLS (BIFF8 format) files using C++.
18 Jun 2007
Jim Xochellis
This article is discussing the performance problems found in the most notable find_first_of implementations and suggests useful improvements and workarounds.
20 May 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates a 2D vector wrapper, optimized with SSE intrinsics, for math operations with floating point precision.
18 Dec 2007
Chesnokov Yuriy
This article describes an object tracking approach by estimating a time averaged background scene for tracking static and moving objects in real-time on down-scaled image data.
21 Oct 2009
Ihab ramadan
A car simulation demo using the Irrlicht game engine and the Newton physics engine.
16 Dec 2009
David Nash
A simple Windows Framework that beginners and intermediate programmers can use as an alternative to MFC. It makes learning to program for Windows easier.
9 Jul 2007
Hans Dietrich
This series of articles is a step-by-step guide to reading files stored in your program's resources. Along the way I will present some non-MFC classes to assist you in reading text, binary, zip, and even encrypted files that have been compiled into your program as resources.
20 Aug 2009
"Fish" (David B. Trout)
A command-line tool to run multiple programs in parallel (i.e. concurrently, as a group).
26 May 2010
Sonic Guan
A convenient and high-powered GUI engine with plenty of tricks
25 Oct 2010
Introduction to the open-source hxGrid library for distributed computing. Main benefits of the library: cluster uses only idle time of Windows 2000/XP/Vista workstation (no dedicated workstations required); easy to use; free.
5 Apr 2008
Hans Dietrich
XColorDialog displays a color hexagon and a color spectrum that allows user selection, and provides APIs for color based on RGB and HSL color models.
29 Jul 2009
Introduce the algorithm and technique for pre-drawing process speed up.
19 Mar 2007
Michael Dunn
A library and a visual editor that make it easy to build task dialogs and use them in your C++ applications
15 Nov 2008
Adrian Pasik
In this article, I would like to show you step by step how to use this fantastic database in your C# application.
27 Sep 2009
Ernest Laurentin
Complete Client/Server Socket Communication class with threadpool implementation. Easy to use and integrate into C++ application. Linux/UNIX port available.
24 Nov 2014
Jeremy Falcon
A beginner's guide to talking like a computer.
25 Oct 2007
Hans Dietrich
A custom control based on CStatic that interprets and displays common HTML text formatting elements such as bold, italic, color, font, and size, but adds only 16 Kb to your app.
10 Jan 2011
GPU Implementation of Extended Gaussian mixture model for Background Subtraction
19 Feb 2006
Nish Nishant
MessageBoxManager is a Windows Forms component that you can drag & drop into a Windows Forms project's main form, and it gives you enhanced message box functionality without forcing you to change your existing calls to any of the MessageBox.Show() overloads
21 Jun 2006
David Marcionek
This article is intended to help you get up to speed quickly with developing an ActiveX control. It will show you the basic concepts you need to know about ActiveX, such as methods, properties, and events, and how to communicate between an ActiveX control and a web page.
7 Jan 2008
Jarl Ostensen
A finite field EC and simple ECC scheme in C++ to help understand the principles.
28 Mar 2008
João Paulo Figueira
Control your Windows Mobile device from your desktop.
16 Jan 2008
Chesnokov Yuriy
The article demonstrates face detection SSE optimized C++ library for color and gray scale data with skin detection, motion estimation for faster processing, small sized SVM and NN rough face prefiltering, PCA/LDA/ICA/any dimensionality reduction/projection and final NN classification
28 Jun 2007
Helmut Obertanner
An article about how to access Extended MAPI properties, fields and methods from your .NET applications.
10 Feb 2011
Tanvi K Shah, Steve H Davis
How to give your users a smooth scrolling experience with High Resolution Mouse Wheels
16 Mar 2008
Maruf Maniruzzaman
Functional java virtual machine - can run java applications for most of the instructions.
18 Dec 2006
Michael Dunn
Using the TaskDialogIndirect API to show feature-packed dialogs that help the user make a decision.
7 Aug 2007
Hans Dietrich
XString offers functions for remove, replace, trim, and case-insensitive search that are not included in the CRT.
23 Apr 2012
Emilio Garavaglia
A locale codecvt facet from char to wchar_t
7 May 2007
Classes reproducing Vista fading transitions & animated glowing-default-state effects
27 Feb 2007
Rama Krishna Vavilala
This article describes in detail the new IExplorerBrowser interface and the Explorer Browser object available in Windows Vista. The Explorer Browser object allows developers to host Windows Explorer in their applications.
28 Dec 2009
Nemanja Trifunovic
An unbiased analysis of good and bad cases for using exceptions vs. error codes.
18 Apr 2013
A 3D Game Based on Ogre, ODE, 3D Max, CEGUI and so on
29 Sep 2018
A splitter control for dialog can auto change the linked window's position
6 Jul 2005
Collection of Q&A from VC++ forum between 10 Dec 2004 to 23 Jan 2005.
18 Apr 2006
A flexible WTL list control that supports Windows Vista style selection and cell editing.
29 Nov 2007
This graphical application will play and display frequencies and mix them together so that you can analyze what's really going on with sounds that we call intone. Handling a basic DFT version that will prove to us which frequencies are involved. It was originally made in plain C.
13 Jul 2009
A template class for multi-dimensional regions for any coordinate type.
18 Jan 2008
Usama El-Mokadem
A tool to display and modify IP-to-Physical address translation tables used by the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).
7 Mar 2004
Yury Lukach
A fix of ATL 7 CAtlHttpClientT code
18 Sep 2006
Dan Madden
A replacement for the Registry Editor by Microsoft.
26 Oct 2007
Chesnokov Yuriy
This article demonstrates video preview and frames capture to memory from external video devices using ISampleGrabber interface in buffered mode.
20 May 2010
A C++ implementation of the C# functionality for both Property and Indexer, and controlling their compile-time accessibility using accessor-modifiers.
29 Jan 2004
Luuk Weltevreden
This article shows a workaround to the graphics bug that a checkbox or radio button is displayed with a black background on themed dialogs.
20 May 2007
Michael Dunn
Busted features? APIs failing? Use this guide to get your IE plugin up and running again in protected mode!
30 Dec 2007
Emilio Garavaglia
Modular generic programming containers.
30 Jun 2010
A follow up to the simple pie chart control article which will detail the new improvements
10 Jan 2005
A DLL injection library that works on both Win9x & NT platforms.
9 May 2007
Cryptography API: The Next Generation (CNG) - How to crypt documents with C++ programming (without an understanding of cryptography or security)
10 Oct 2007
HTML/XML scanner/tokenizer, also known as a pull parser
5 Sep 2008
Tutorial and sample explaining how to use the V8 virtual machine inside your application.
15 Apr 2008
Hans Dietrich
CreateCheckboxImageList is a function that creates an imagelist of themed or non-themed checkboxes, suitable for use in tree controls, list controls, and list boxes.
2 Sep 2008
Hans Dietrich
XScrollBar is a scroll bar that may be displayed with optional thumb color, thumb gripper, and channel color
4 May 2008
Hans Dietrich
XIcon is an MFC control that displays text and/or icon with auto-sizing.
9 Sep 2009
A simple template FIFO buffer. Pulses event when new data is added to the back of the FIFO.
5 Jun 2009
Overcome window flicker while dragging with CImageList
23 Mar 2007
Ravi Bhavnani
A framework to allow public web services to be used as objects in your application.
24 Jan 2006
A custrom-draw virtual list control. Support for subitem editing, images, button (checkboxes, radio buttons), custom colors, and "column navigation".