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Posted 27 Jul 2000


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A Picture Based Skin System and MPEG Decoder

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27 Jul 2000
A picture based skin system for MFC that allows the user to customise their dialogs. The system is demonstrated by presenting a fully functioning MPEG decoder application.

Sample Image - skinsyse.jpg

SkinSys Ver 1.0

A picture based skin system For MFC. Based on FriendSoft's ( SkinForm.

SkinSys is copyright 2000 Cüneyt ELÝBOL (


  • CSkinsys codes
  • Simple Skin Editor
  • A Beautiful MPEG 1,2,3 decoder (Copyright - Based On MAPlay Decoder)
  • MPEGPlayer project (not completed. It is only a sample.)


  • Decoder: MPEG Decoder codes
  • Editor: Skineditor Files
  • Sample: Sample Skin Files
  • SkinSys: CSkinsys Source Code
  • Root: MPEGPlayer Project


This system only requires the "OleLoadPicture" function. (Please see the LoadPictureFile function in Skindialog.cpp.)

How to Use

Please read these notes and see the Sample Directory and MPEGPlayer project:

  1. Draw mask bitmap
  2. Draw main Bitmap
  3. If you need or want
    1. Draw mouse over bitmap
    2. Draw mouse down bitmap
    3. Draw disable bitmap
  4. Run Skineditor
  5. Select "Screens" Tab
  6. Fill All Pictures
  7. If you want, select "Preview" Button
  8. Save and exit
  9. Run Visual Studio
  10. Create a Dialog based new Project (for example, Dialog Name = CBaseDialog)
  11. Include "SkinDialog.h" (for example, in "StdAfx.h")
  12. Change to CBaseDialog : public CDialog to CBaseDialog : public CSkinDialog
  13. Go to CBaseDialog::OnInitDialog and add these lines:
    char m_skin[512];
    sprintf(m_skin, "<Your Skin Name>");
    // If you want a menu < Activate to Right click > add this line
    // If you Want Caption 
    SetWindowText("MPEG Player");
    // Set To My SkinFile
  14. Compile and run.

Controlling Buttons Click, Trackbar, ProgressBar, Text, etc.

If you want these events in the Base Class (CSkinDialog):

  1. void ProgresChanged(CString m_Name); // If progress changes
  2. void MouseMoved(CString m_ButtonName, int x, int y); // if Mouse Moved
  3. void TrackChange(CString m_ButtonName, UINT nSBCode, UINT nPos); // if Trackbar change
  4. void ButtonPressed(CString m_ButtonName); // if Button Pressed

you should add these functions to your CBaseDialog class.

Changing the Tooltip

use Set<xxx>ToolTip function. <xxx> is Button, Text...
For example:

SetButtonToolTip("BUTTON_USEEQ", "Equalizer is On");

Getting Value

use Get<xxx> function
For example:

BOOL useEQ = GetButtonCheck("BUTTON_USEEQ"); // if BUTTON_USEEQ checked

Setting Value

use Set<xxx> function
For example:

SetButtonCheck("BUTTON_USEEQ", useEQ); // if useEQ = True BUTTON_USEEQ is checked


Thanks for your interest in CSkinsys. This is the first release, and may have bugs and errors. Please report any bugs or errors, or any questions to me.


This article has no explicit license attached to it, but may contain usage terms in the article text or the download files themselves. If in doubt, please contact the author via the discussion board below.

A list of licenses authors might use can be found here.

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