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Great Reads

by Oz Solomon
Window and File Management add-in for Visual C++
by Davide Calabro
The reference control for MFC flat buttons with text and icons. Give your CE applications a professional look!
by Kenny G
A collection of classes for CE that do not use ATL or MFC, plus an FTP client, database viewer, and sample application that solves beam deflection equations.
by Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a cross-platform HTML5 application for Windows Phone and iPhone.

Latest Articles

by Safak Tarazan
Usage of services, alarm manager and broadcast receivers
by Rajat-Indiandotnet
How to start with Microsoft Flow
The Secure Code Warrior platform teaches real-world skills, in the coding language of your choice, that is applicable to every industry on every platform, be that Enterprise, Cloud, Mobile or IoT.
by ArindamNayak
This article demonstrates how to integrate any application with slack and utilise your application capabilities in slack interface.

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14 Sep 2010
An article that creates a simple iPhone application that displays a graphic then cuts out the .XIB, and completes this just from the code.
24 May 2012
Sergeant Kolja
This is an alternative for "Memory leak detection for WinCE".
5 Oct 2014
Prilvesh K
(Wildcard entry)Android Text to speech synthesis with Listview arrays with toast
24 May 2004
Mark Arteaga
Sample application to access Google APIs from a .NET Compact Framework application
5 Jul 2012
Mario Ghecea
This article describes the technique I used to ingest large text files to create an e-book publishing platform on the Android Market
13 Jul 2010
Alan Beasley
The WC Door button, covering all the missing skills needed to create the buttons shown in my 1st tutorial. As well as all 10 buttons for download!
24 May 2007
Liam Cavanagh
The purpose of this article is to help get a user started in building a mobile database application using SQL Anywhere and Visual Studio .NET (C#)
18 May 2007
Liam Cavanagh
The purpose of this article is to help get a user started in building a mobile database application using Visual Studio .NET (C#).
16 Feb 2014
Well it wasn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be, but I managed to get a version of my scrolling texture program working under cocos2d-x V3 Beta 2. I set up cocos2d-x v3 as in my previous … Continue reading →
31 Aug 2011
A look at how to update the Application Tile Information in Windows Phone 7 Mango
27 Feb 2013
MetaMapper (Andy Powell)
How to program hardware accelerated 3D graphics for Windows 8 Store apps and Windows Phone apps using XNA.
20 Mar 2014
Ashraf Samy Hegab
The process of porting our cross-platform 3D third person shooter game to support the Intel x86 Android environment.
2 Apr 2011
Learn how to use 3D graphics and effects for Windows Phone 7.
18 Apr 2007
Liam Cavanagh
The purpose of this article is to show how to add data replication to a mobile application through the use of .NET (C#).
1 Sep 2015
Android on Intel
If you’re just starting out, here are a few tips from iHub developers to ensure your app doesn’t get lost in the crowd.
20 Jul 2015
Android on Intel
In this paper, we introduce some of the new features in ART, benchmark it against the previous Android Dalvik* runtime, and share five tips for developers that can further improve application performance.
1 May 2015
Intel Corporation
64-bit Android and Android Run Time
20 Jan 2015
Android on Intel
64-bit Android* and Android Run Time
13 Jun 2011
Resco Developer Tools
In the recent past, we saw a lot of new technologies flourish in an IT industry such as VOIP, Skype, Webex, social networks and many more. But what happened with the old means of communication?
29 Jan 2011
Analyzing the Snake game, we'll study an application for the new Windows Phone 7 platform, focusing on localization, Inversion of Control, navigation, transition effects, triggers, Isolated Storage, audio and we'll also use Blend to create a rounded glowing button, and other things...
1 Jan 2016
A class combing the ease of use of the Intent Service, with the long running features of the Sticky services
5 Oct 2014
A Simple Step By Step Guide to Social Network Integration In Android
24 Jul 2002
Stefan Spenz
An article about basic function and class templates
5 Oct 2014
Learn Text to Speech, Speech Recognition, Audio Recording and Audio Playback with the most simple Android Audio Tutorial
1 Jun 2015
Android on Intel
To ensure outstanding results from 3D4Medical’s brilliant, interactive teaching and reference application for human anatomy on Android* devices, Intel pinpointed opportunities for performance improvements, helping expand the product’s market potential.
13 Nov 2014
Daniel Vaughan
Learn how to combine T4 and a custom markup extension to share and consume image files between projects.
4 Aug 2004
George Mamaladze
A C# implementation of Reversi (Othello) Game for PocketPC and Windows.
7 Mar 2016
Will J Miller
Using UIImagePickerController to replicate the profile selection features found in the contacts app requires solving some vexing problems. This article presents one approach for a class that replicates the functionality using the UIImagePickerController.
18 Aug 2004
An introduction to XML Data Binding, and a review of a number of leading products.
10 Mar 2017
Miguel Diaz Kusztrich
Be notified in your mobile phone of intruders in your home, and take photos of them
4 Oct 2000
Kenny G
A collection of classes for CE that do not use ATL or MFC, plus an FTP client, database viewer, and sample application that solves beam deflection equations.
29 Apr 2014
Fady Aro
Making a custom ListAdapter
11 Dec 2006
This article is intended to show an opportunity for customizing the list view control (report view, single-line mode) using the custom scrollbar control.
6 Dec 2013
Serge Desmedt
Conception of a DSL for creating touch gestures in Android.
6 Sep 2012
Colin Eberhardt
This article describes the development of a Windows Phone to-do list application that eschews buttons and checkboxes in favour of gestures.
18 Jul 2008
Sam Rahimi
Keeps the GPS active in Windows Mobile, allowing for instant, accurate location determination. Also a tutorial on how to access GPS data with almost no code.
9 Oct 2013
Develop an Android application that plots user location on a map continuously.
5 Jul 2008
A gradient button for Windows Mobile and the .NET Compact Framework.
16 Oct 2015
A brief explanation of application development for Android Wear, helpful for every beginner and intermediate android developer.
18 Mar 2004
Daniel Junges
A simple and very small stack implementation for any type.
14 Aug 2014
Android on Intel
This article will discuss different options available for presenting data and analysis, using charts and graphs in a typical line of business Android* app.
13 May 2013
Randall Smith II
A simple solution trying out the Azure platform for development and deployment.
7 Dec 2015
Ansel Castro
Introduction to ENTERLIB a MVVM framework for Android
1 Oct 2012
Clickatell brings forward a new capability that works with their messaging products to allow the application developer to deliver an SMS-enabled user experience that is exclusively theirs without having to take on the burden of billing or supporting the messaging functionality.
20 Jul 2007
James S.F. Hsieh
A non-well-formed HTML parser and CSS Resolver builded by pure .NET C#
21 Jun 2004
A not so simple firewall if I can call it so. This application will ask you if you want a certain program to start.
22 Jun 2004
An implementation of a simple raytracer for the CF as an intro to graphics theory.
29 Sep 2014
Jeffrey T. Fritz
Looking for full text search on Android and finding with dtSearch. Also, .NET developers, please see Faceted Search with dtSearch by this author (available from article link).
15 Jul 2016
Azim Zahir
This article is a demonstration of a simple searchable contacts list in Android.
10 Feb 2019
Zhaohui Xing (Joey)
Swift classes for algorithm, including single linked list class, stack class, queue class
6 Jun 2014
Azim Zahir
This is a simple demonstration of using SQLite database in Android.
18 Jun 2011
Amit Kumar Dutta
Discusses a technique to record current geographic location from mobile and display in web pages (with Location History Browsing)
23 Dec 2015
In B2C scenarios, focus changes a bit. End users expect the simplest and the best of experiences from your application. Hence you would start focusing on UX, Performance, Simplicity, Stickiness, etc.
21 Nov 2007
An ArrayList container wrapper class that permits the table to be filled with data in an early phase of a program, but then made read-only (Immutable) for subsequent usage.
30 May 2012
Murray Brooks Davis
How to make a simple, end-to-end, mobile, Java enterprise application including a RESTful web service and an Android client.
22 Sep 2004
Marc Clifton
A simple Serializer / Deserializer.
4 Apr 2004
Paul Ranson
A template class that allows Win32 object lifetimes to be managed 'smartly', includes an example memory mapped file wrapper.
15 May 2015
Describes a framework to use the PCSC Smart Card API with .NET.
27 Mar 2004
Adrian Stanley
The SortListView control extends the existing ListView control in the .NET Compact Framework, so that it will sort items, and display the sort status in the column header.
22 Mar 2015
Marc Clifton
Easily declare workflows that can span threads.
15 Jan 2005
Useful tool to view functions in a library (.LIB) file and export them to a header (.H) file
1 Jun 2007
marcel heeremans
This article demonstrates techniques on how to optimise the common programming task of recursively iterating through a container control using generics and yield return.
25 Jun 2016
Will J Miller
This article describes the implementation of a custom class called MMSCropImageView. The class gives the feature of drawing and moving a rectangle over an image to identify the crop region and return it in an UIImage. It explains the considerations and solutions for cropping a bitmap.
5 Mar 2015
Apriorit Inc, Petrov Andrey
An interesting approach to create Android applications, which user cannot remove or stop (only admin can do this applying specific password), without using ROOT permissions.
20 Nov 2006
Dustin Metzgar
Create 3D bar charts and pie graphs using WPF
29 Mar 2007
Mahfuzur Rahman.
What is the useful of CObject , CRuntimeClass and related macros.
9 Feb 2009
Simple and easy mobile device capability queries in ASP.NET.
20 Dec 2010
The Windows Phone 7 emulator doesn't support accelerometer. This project will help you to test accelerometer enabled applications on the Windows Phone 7 emulator!
27 Dec 2007
Zeeshan Haneef
An article on drawing graphics on a hand-held device touch screen.
27 Jan 2012
Explore the options to access SharePoint 2010 from iPad/iPhone
6 Apr 2015
Android on Intel
The objective of this article is to show a method for accessing a REST based database backend from an Android* app using MongoDB* and Spring IO*.
27 Oct 2014
Dominick Marciano
When iPhone SMS messages are backed up to your computer using iTunes, the messages are stored in a SQLite database. This article will show the layout of this database file and how to access all saved message information.
4 Oct 2014
Pavel Durov
This article will explain how to explore android internal data from Eclipse DDMS perspective using adb and Linux commands.
21 Aug 2012
The emergence of this new class of hardware creates an opportunity for doctors and medical professionals to access patient data wherever they are. This whitepaper will focus on the AIMTools SDK, Barcode Xpress Mobile SDK and accessing medical records on Android mobile devices.
1 Oct 2018
Bruno Edoh
In this article I explain how Android App Bundles can help you, and demonstrate how to use them.
11 Apr 2016
Bernardo Castilho
Polyfill that enables HTML5 drag drop support on mobile (touch) devices.
2 Nov 2004
Alain Rist
CZoomScrollImpl extends WTL CScrollImpl to allow continuous zooming.
4 Apr 2013
Jules H
The Android SDK class DialogPreference doesn't support context menus out of the box. Here's a quick tip on how to implement them.
22 Mar 2011
Easy way to add Analytics to your Windows Phone 7 App with Preemptive Solutions
1 Nov 2012
A chapter excerpt from iOS in Practice
17 Nov 2014
Android on Intel
In this article, I will explain how I added local search capabilities to our existing restaurant application while maintaining UI continuity.
12 Feb 2015
Android on Intel
In this article, I will explain how I added local search capabilities to our existing restaurant application while maintaining UI continuity.
26 Aug 2013
Adding video playback to an EPUB or, a Web Server in
2 Mar 2015
Android on Intel
This document walks through the steps to produce a fat APK that includes both x86 and ARM libraries from within the latest Unity 4 or Unity 5 versions.
19 Feb 2005
This article demonstrates administrating SQL Server 2000 from Pocket PC on the fly.
10 Sep 2009
How to use asynchronous calls to SQL to receive progress information
16 Jun 2011
Jonathan Campos
With the latest release of Adobe Flex 4.5 and Flash Builder 4.5, building and incorporating mobile applications into your enterprise development stack just got a whole lot easier.
8 Jul 2002
Advanced critical section which features TryLock and timeouts
19 Jan 2004
Microsoft - Compact Framework
Explore advanced interoperability on the .NET Compact Framework.
24 Sep 2015
syed shanu
In this Article we will see how to create a simple App for AGENT Smartwatch.
10 Aug 2012
How to create an air hockey game for one player against the artificial intelligence for three mobile platforms with only one code?
30 Jun 2007
How to print a Form in VB.NET using the Printform Component. Describes the various ways with examples on how to customize the printed output according to your need.
17 Dec 2014
Simon Jackson
All Hail the Old and the New – The MonoGame Content Builder Tool
1 Nov 2008
The article explains all the aspects of a mobile website.
11 Jun 2006
Sandip Dalvi Tung
This code is very useful when you want to auto increment number using A-Z and 1-9 with possible combinationYou can pass any string and system will return next possible number e.g. You can Pass number "PRO01A9" then You will get "PRO01B1"
10 Aug 2007
This article describes a timestamp class that can be used as an alternative to the standard C date time functions.
25 Mar 2013
If you’re new to the Amazon Mobile App SDK, it provides APIs, tools, and resources to leverage the features and services offered by Amazon.
12 Aug 2011
ymartel framework for making web application for most-used tablet and smartphone web browsers based on JQuery mobile
15 Dec 2015
PHP code and pattern for the creation of OpenFire XMPP users from end-user applications via HTTP POST
29 Sep 2010
Igor Kushnarev
The splash screen Android tutorial
14 Jan 2014
A general purpose file save popup for Android.
5 Oct 2014
Abhishek Nandy
a simple walk through of project anarchy Wild Card
29 May 2004
Colin Angus Mackay
As globalization increases internationalized applications become more important. This hangman game is a fun introduction to some of the internationalization features of the .NET Compact Framework.
30 Sep 2014
Pavel Durov
Basic NDK implementation using Hello World application
19 Jan 2004
Microsoft - Compact Framework
An introduction to P/Invoke and Marshaling on the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
5 Nov 2002
Jason Henderson
Your first Palm application using the venerable "Hello World!" example.
7 Nov 2002
Christian Graus
An overview of the Palm world, including a list of C functions which have preferred equivalents in PalmOS
17 Nov 2014
Android on Intel
In this post I'm going to start exploring the topic of blur filters.
21 Jan 2015
Android on Intel
In this blog post I'm going to start exploring the topic of blur filters.
13 Dec 2013
Serge Desmedt
An ObjectEditor as a custom ExpandableListView
9 Aug 2011
A chapter excerpt for Core Data for iOS: Developing Data-Driven Applications for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch
10 Jul 2011
Joel Ivory Johnson
A proof of concept for an animated sprite component that I am developing to run in XNA projects on Windows Phone, PC, and Xbox. The component allows animation information to be a part of the project's content and is a step in the direction of allowing an artist to be completely over creating animati
17 Nov 2014
Android on Intel
With the latest releases (2014 R2 as of now), Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA), Intel® Frame Debugger, and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier are able to support most mainstream Android 4.x devices regardless of their architecture (ARM* or x86).
2 Sep 2014
In this article, we will look at unistrore gesture recognition for Android devices
12 Dec 2013
Cloud Hsu
Samples for present Android and iOS to control torch.
18 Aug 2010
Felix Geilert
Covers the basics of Android application development (you don't even need an Android phone).
24 Mar 2013
Describes the power of C# in building professional application - Stock Market Watch with Charts on Android platform using Mono C#.
26 Jul 2014
Mostafa Eissa
This article explains the basics of the Android architecture and why a developer should care about Android.
16 Oct 2012
Igor Kushnarev
How 3D carousel could be implemented for Android platform
11 Dec 2012
Sushil Sh.
How to call activity method in your JavaScript code using the addJavascriptInterface method.
7 Oct 2014
Pavel Durov
This article will explain briefly how to use a basic encryption/decryption on Android and on .NET platforms, with focus on passing encrypted data from Android to .NET.
10 May 2013
Bart Read
Tutorial showing how to build an iOS or Android app using Azure Mobile Services with HTML5 and JavaScript in Visual Studio.
9 Oct 2014
Pavel Durov
This article is explaining how to implement a basic game fundamentals on Android platform.
1 Apr 2011
An Introduction to a new Android-java based MVVM Presentation Framework
10 Nov 2014
Fady Aro
Optical Character Recognition with Android
11 Jun 2015
Azim Zahir
This article demonstrates creating a Compass app in Android
14 Sep 2014
Peter Leow
Exploring the connectivity options in Android.
3 Aug 2012
R S Dodiya
Some of the Android SDK’s built-in layouts for ListView items, classes for creating list adapters, and ListActivity for displaying a ListView.
14 Sep 2014
Lean about how to manage the data
8 Jan 2017
Elvis Rusu
This article has the goal of helping someone who is about to design an Android application and needs to make a choice regarding the database solution.
16 Oct 2014
Pavel Durov
Article about dynamic Sqlite database management on Android platform using Java class reflection.
4 Jul 2013
Safak Tarazan
This article shows how to add google maps api v2 to in android projects.
14 Dec 2010
This article introduces custom classes SvgImageView and SvgDrawable which allow to use SVG image just like any other image.
14 Aug 2014
Android on Intel
Mobile trends with Android users in China.
1 Sep 2016
Peter Leow
Learn to handle different input types and store the input data to the shared preferences storage in Android.
18 Jul 2016
Andy Point
Android JSON parsing tutorial
25 Mar 2011
Explore a set of helper classes for customizing the default
13 Jun 2014
Member 10582597
New Runtime in Android operating system Kit Kat version (Android 4.4)
22 Mar 2013
Srivatsa Haridas
A Simple android application to display the phone details, battery status and data connectivity status of an Android Smartphone
3 Nov 2012
R S Dodiya
A very simple game.
14 Apr 2016
Kaushal Dhruw
This article deals with Android product flavors in depth. Learn how to create multiple apks from the same source code. Create, customize, group, configure and filter product flavors.
2 Aug 2018
Arthur V. Ratz
In this article we will discuss about the advanced Android application development based on the example of creating a responsive Airport schedule simulator application
17 Apr 2011
It is actually for configuring proxy on Android emulator so that the users can access the internet from their Android emulators.
10 Apr 2012
Vimal Panara
Just three steps to implement Android push notification and it is easy and simple.
1 Oct 2012
Giannakakis Kostas
Puzzles Solver is an Android application for playing and solving puzzles.
25 Sep 2015
This article helps you to understand how to listen to nested controls inside the recycler view and update the view dynamically.
27 Aug 2014
Learn about the Android Application Resources
22 May 2012
Android writing files to the Cloud
18 Feb 2014
Paul Lawitzki
This article presents one approach to increase the quality of rotation information gathered from different sensor sources using a simple sensor fusion algorithm, specifically on an Android device.
13 Mar 2019U
Safak Tarazan
Usage of services, alarm manager and broadcast receivers
24 Mar 2014
Kevin Murani
Android sliding menu.
3 Jul 2013
Safak Tarazan
Sending SMS in a time sequence by using handler, runnable and service
3 Nov 2014
Evgeny Gorbin
Simple social network integration tutorial for android using modular library
3 Sep 2013
Coding SQLite in Android following ORM (object-relational mapping).
24 Aug 2014
Julie Bartolf
In this tutorial, I will go over many of the Android UI Layouts and Controls. Providing a few examples I will bring you step by step through creating, and implementing these to the completion of an Android Application.
4 Jul 2015
Peter Leow
Putting faces on Your Android App.
26 Dec 2011
Thierry Parent
This tool creates an USB tunnel between the android and the PC. The tunnel will forward communications to and from the host.
11 Aug 2013
A comparison from developers perspective between Android and Windows Phone
13 Jan 2014
Mitchell J.
I've created an Android Game with the aid of HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Node.js, and PhoneGap, and this is how I did it.
1 Oct 2015
Android on Intel
This article gives an overview of the Android Wear operating system focusing on wearable devices, application types, development, and debugging. It also explains two ways of debugging a wearable app using ADB.
13 Aug 2012
R S Dodiya
SQLite is a data engine running in Android and is the native database on Android.
9 Dec 2013
Android on Intel
This paper introduces detailed methods for developing and porting an Android application on the Intel Atom platform, and discusses the best known methods for developing applications using the Android Native Development Kit (NDK) and optimizing performance.
14 Aug 2014
Android on Intel
SEAndroid refers to Security Enhancements for Android, a security solution for Android that identifies and addresses critical gaps.
17 Nov 2014
Android on Intel
SEAndroid is now the overall framework for implementing SELinux mandatory access control (MAC) and middleware mandatory access control (MMAC) on Android.
20 Jan 2015
Android on Intel
Android* Texture Compression - a comparison study with code sample
2 Mar 2015
Android on Intel
This sample demonstrates how to load and use these different formats with OpenGL ES* on Android.
18 Sep 2014
Android on Intel
In a recently posted stable release of Intel Threading Building Blocks (Intel® TBB), we have added experimental support for Android applications; i.e., building Intel TBB libraries for use in Android applications via the JNI interface.
25 Nov 2010
Igor Kushnarev
The techniques to use SVG in the ImageView control
19 Sep 2014
This article include steps to create simple needle in android using View and Graphics. A needle like placed in Speedometers.
17 Mar 2014
Improve the performance of interprocess communication between Android and .NET using fast binary serialization (Protocol Buffers) instead of XML or JSON.
10 Jul 2012
Ivan Shcherbakov
This article describes a common problem among Android developers caused by the incompatible versions of the Android tools, analyzes the reasons and describes a way to fix it.
30 Oct 2012
Quick EAN13 barcode generation class.
13 Mar 2016
Simple example showing how to communicate between Android and .NET application.
20 Feb 2013
Gregory Shpitalnik
Android: Ready to use simple directory chooser dialog with new folders creation ability - single Java class implementation.
30 Mar 2010
Francesco Lo Truglio (FLT.lab)
Android: ViewFlipper Touch Animation like News & Weather
12 Dec 2013
Ted Neward
Parallel processing in Android native code
20 Jan 2014
Serge Desmedt
Experiment with OpenCV imageprocessing methods on your mobile phone
1 May 2011
Patrick Kalkman
This article describes how I developed Androng, a Pong clone for Android.
23 Jul 2015
Siddharth Chandra
How to use Angular in a Cordova Environment and its impact
18 Dec 2017
Bill SerGio Jr.
Angular 5 Mobile Apps Video Framework in Angular 5 Combines HTML5 Canvas with JQuery Mobile. Sample App displays and plays MILLIONS of monetized videos from Hundreds of Tube Servers like YouTube, Youku, Vimeo, etc. Sample app Streams videos from app to any Smart TV.
30 May 2017
In this article, We will learn why do we need to manage the stages of our application.
7 Mar 2015
Develop an AngularJS application to view photos stored in Android phone.
24 Jul 2011
Alan Boldock
Many available demonstrations and tutorials demonstrate how to play an animation generated in a 3D application. This tutorial demonstrates how to manipulate a 3D model using only the code to find and manipulate Bones within a simple 3D model generated in Blender.
6 Jun 2008
João Paulo Figueira
How to animate child view transitions on a Windows Mobile WTL application.
5 Sep 2013
This article give a solution to develop Animation by using Canvas, Paint and SurfaceView
8 Sep 2005
Joaquín M López Muñoz
A library for enumeration of serial ports that works on 9x, NT 4.0 and 2000, XP and CE platforms
21 May 2012
Dave Kerr
Write your first MVVM application in ten minutes using the Apex SDK!
21 May 2012
Dave Kerr
Learn how to add Commands to your MVVM application to add functionality without breaking the separation of View and ViewModel.
31 Mar 2005
The final article about API hooking, with a working example of a thread deadlock detector.

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