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21-Jul-14 14:16pm by Debabrata_Das (updated) 
This article will talk about how to setup Android Development Environment
12hrs ago by (updated) 
How to build the SPA for enterprise application using Angular2 and WebApi (RESTful)
2 days ago by raddevus (new) 
Using the Android TextToSpeech API we can write a simple app which reads your SMS (text) messages aloud to you.
20-Apr-17 5:26am by Zijian (updated) 
Generate strongly typed client API in C# for ASP.NET Web API supporting desktop, Universal Windows, Android and iOS
13-Apr-17 8:14am by Senthil Mani A (new) 
ChatBot Application to get the current location of the user from Facebook Messenger using Microsoft Bot Framework
11-Apr-17 18:18pm by Akram El Assas (updated) 
An open source extensible workflow engine written in C# with a cross platform manager app that works on Windows, macOS, Linux and Android.
4-Apr-17 8:55am by Daniel Vaughan (new) 
Using Codon's Messenger to pass messages between app components
4-Apr-17 8:54am by Daniel Vaughan (new) 
Navigating between pages using Codon's navigation service.
4-Apr-17 8:51am by Daniel Vaughan (new) 
Storing and retrieving settings with the cross-platform Codon framework's settings service.
4-Apr-17 8:49am by Daniel Vaughan (new) 
Codon is a zero-dependency cross-platform MVVM framework for creating UWP, WPF, and Xamarin based applications.
1-Apr-17 2:34am by Dan Colasanti (updated) 
AutoResetEvent can be used in place of AsyncWaitHandle and provides a thread-blocking WaitOne signaled timeout function, which can be put on a background thread in order to not block the main UI thread.
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Thu 27 Apr 2017
Google co-founder Sergey Brin is secretly building his own giant airship inside a NASA hangar, Bloomberg reports today.
Thu 27 Apr 2017
Today, in a post on the Windows blog, John Cable, Director of Program Management, Windows Servicing and Delivery, recommends that users don’t...
Thu 27 Apr 2017
Survey finds workers still violate security policies to remain productive.
Thu 27 Apr 2017
A response to advances in neurotechnology that can read or alter brain activity, new human rights would protect people from theft, abuse and hacking.
Thu 27 Apr 2017
The power of modern programming languages is that they are expressive, readable, concise, precise, and executable.

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by R.M49
I have a details view and a button, and when I click on the button, I want to check if the username is already in the database or not. I tried the below code and I tested it with button and it worked, but know I want to assign it to the insert command of the detailsview. I tried to put it in...
by s23gaurav
Hi, what i am doing is to create a dir watcher which will watch the dir for example "A" and copy the file of certain name to another folder once it sees the file in the dir A to destination dir B. I dropped the file to the Dir A and it worked. but when i ran the program in my local machine and...
by GeorgeZv
I stated learning C language and now I'm trying to get deal with WinSockets. I have to write Server and Client application using Multiplexing and non-blocking sockets (in prespective it will be a chat but now I just want to make it finally work with simple message exchange). What I have tried: ...
by ÃHmed Élkady
i want to make fingerprint login/attendance system using c# and Windows Biometric Framework i connect to the sensor and when i use it the program give me the success msg but i want know how i could get the finger print info and save it in db to use it later in the comparing process here is my...
4hrs 5mins ago by vizimuchi
Forum: tip/trick "CodeFirst with SQLite using Entity Framework 7"

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by raddevus  5.00/5 (4 votes)
Using the Android TextToSpeech API we can write a simple app which reads your SMS (text) messages aloud to you.

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