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Best VB.NET article of July 2012

This competition has ended

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Each month at CodeProject we gather together the best of the articles submitted the previous month and ask our readers to choose the best of the best. Entry is automatic - just submit you articke and we'll do the rest.

Check out the submission guidelines for information on posting articles.

Current Entries

Articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered. The top 15 entries are shown.

29 Oct 2013
How to discover all the controls on a form at design time for a property editor
5 Jul 2012
Matthias Böhnke
Bug Fixes for Reading Barcodes from an Image - III
12 Jul 2012
Mike 2005
In Design Mode a form suddenly fails to display its controls even though the project continues to work normally.
14 Jul 2012
When you want your Texture2D resource to download from the Internet
27 Jul 2012
Making use of the User Defined Fields to help better organize emails, and keep track of informaiton
9 Jan 2014
Jim Parsells
A Class Library for building Forms with a folder navigation TreeView and form specific ListViews that can be tailored for your application and behave like Windows Explorer. Full documentation.
22 Jul 2012
Simple to use BindingList and DataGridView that supports advanced LINQ filtering!
11 Feb 2013
Sander Rossel
Journey to the center of the .NET Framework with a chance of IL along the way!
23 Jul 2014
Chad Z. Hower aka Kudzu
Remotely controlling a PC to turn it on and off from software control on another PC.
14 Aug 2012
Abdul Quader Mamun
Convenient way to remove items from list when items exist in second list.
26 Jul 2012
Daniel Leykauf
A routine to print out text, images and lines (incl. complete text files).
9 Jul 2012
Alan Burkhart
Quick and dirty Accordion control for WinForms in about 50 lines of code.
26 Sep 2012
Kenneth Haugland
Illustrates the calculation and the usefulness of continued fractions
11 Jul 2012
Meshack Musundi
A Metro tile puzzle game
11 Dec 2014
Gehan Fernando
Custom glass message box for WinForms development.

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Software Developer (Senior) i00 Productions
Australia Australia
I hope you enjoy my code. It's yours to use for free, but if you do wish to say thank you then a donation is always appreciated.
You can donate here.
Abdul Quader Mamun
Team Leader
Bangladesh Bangladesh
No Biography provided
Alan Burkhart
United States United States
I'm not an IT guy. Programming has been a hobby for me (and occasionally useful) ever since a sister in-law introduced me to a TI-99 4/A about a million years ago.

The creative challenge is relaxing and enjoyable. As such, I'd never mess up a fun hobby by doing it for a living.

Now, if I can just get Code Project to add "Truck Driver" to the list of job titles in the profiles...
Chad Z. Hower, a.k.a. Kudzu
"Programming is an art form that fights back"

Formerly the Regional Developer Adviser (DPE) for Microsoft Middle East and Africa, he was responsible for 85 countries spanning 4 continents and 10 time zones. Now Chad is a Microsoft MVP.

Chad is the chair of several popular open source projects including Indy and Cosmos (C# Open Source Managed Operating System).

Chad is the author of the book Indy in Depth and has contributed to several other books on network communications and general programming.

Chad has lived in Canada, Cyprus, Switzerland, France, Jordan, Russia, Turkey, and the United States. Chad has visited more than 60 countries, visiting most of them several times.
Web Developer
South Africa South Africa
Codie Morgan is a perverted meddling Anime Fanatic and Gamer, and commonly refers to himself as an Otaku.

Originally he taught himself VB6 in 2001 at the age of 16 (Back when Life was Cool) along with HTML.

He since moved on to VB.NET and expanded bo teaching himself PHP, HTML5, CSS, Javascript, C# and is now experimenting with F# and Haxe. He has also become famaliarized with Unix Servers.

He is currently employed as a Web Developer and Designer for a small IT company.

He dabbles with his Art, writes random code that does random things (usually with some goal in mind), and enjoys a good online game at the end of every night.
Daniel Leykauf
Business Analyst
Austria Austria
I am working as Business Analyst and Development Specialist for an international bank since 1993.
Gehan Fernando
Technical Lead Virtusa (Pvt) Ltd.
Sri Lanka Sri Lanka
Extensive experience in design patterns and the ability to apply them in systems design & architecture. Technical skills include Microsoft .NET Technologies VB 6.0,,,, WCF, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, XML, SSRS, MVC, MVVM. In-depth knowledge on tools such as VSS, MsBuild, Ms-Test, NUnit. Hands on experience working on the Microsoft Framework and other frameworks such as Spring.Net, SOA and Hibernate. Good knowledge on new technologies such as "CLOUD Computing" and SaaS. Ability to meet project deadlines under any circumstance.
Jim Parsells
United States United States
After 30+ years working in the IT field, mostly managing SysAdmins, I have retired. One of my hobbies returns me to programming, basically just to keep my hand in.
Kenneth Haugland
Norway Norway
I hope that you like the stuff I have created and if you do wish to say thank you then a donation is always appreciated.
You can donate here[^].
Hungary Hungary
No Biography provided
Matthias Böhnke
Software Developer Masters of Arts Anwendungsentwicklung GmbH
Germany Germany
No Biography provided
Meshack Musundi
Software Developer
Kenya Kenya
Meshack is a software developer with a passion for WPF.


  • CodeProject MVP 2013
  • CodeProject MVP 2012
Mike 2005
United Kingdom United Kingdom
No Biography provided
France France
A hobbyist begin-again-er!

Spent a few years longer ago than I care to remember with BBC Basic, a couple of years with Delphi about 10-15 years ago with a smattering af MS Access applications along the way. Dropped out of it completely except for the occasional Excel macro.

Finally picked up the baton again with VB.Net in VS2010 and now VS 2012and have been playing around quite a bit with a few odds and sodds, learning much as I go - and long may it continue.

I don't work even close to the IT industry and probably never will, but I do enjoy it as a hobby.
Sander Rossel
Software Developer (Senior)
Netherlands Netherlands
Sander Rossel is a professional developer since 2010 with working experience in .NET (VB and C#, WinForms, MVC, Web API, and Entity Framework), SQL Server, VSTS, JavaScript, Git, Jenkins, Oracle, and other technologies.
He has an interest in various technologies including, but not limited to, functional programming, NoSQL, software design, Continuous Integration, and software quality in general.

You can't miss his must read book Continuous Integration, Delivery, and Deployment!

He also wrote the +/- 100 page eBooks Object-Oriented Programming in C# Succinctly and SQL Server for C# Developers Succinctly.

And he wrote a JavaScript LINQ library, arrgh.js (works in IE8+, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and probably everything else).

Check out his prize-winning articles here on CodeProject as well!
Shell MegaPack.Net  -  LogicNP Software   (valued at $299.00)
Drop-In Windows Explorer Like File & Folder Browsing GUI Controls & components (In cases of repeat winners LogicNP may offer the winner to either upgrade to the latest version or to choose the license for our another product)
SmartOutline 2010  -  SmartOutline   (valued at $139.00)
Store and manage notes, HTML forms, project information, links and more all in one organized document format. Fully .NET Extensible
Crypto Logger For .Net  -  LogicNP Software   (valued at $239.00)
Crypto Logger For .Net is a flexible, high-performance logging framework for your .Net software. Crypto Logger comes with a powerful, easy-to-use logging console to view, search, analyze and manage log data and perform remote-logging and live-logging. (In cases of repeat winners LogicNP may offer the winner to either upgrade to the latest version or to choose the license for our another product)
The latest VB.NET ebooks from informIT  -  Andrea Bledsoe   (valued at $120.00)
Two books from Pearson imprints Addison-Wesley or Sams Publishing. The value of the prize is an estimated prize value of two ebooks. The total number of ebooks awarded is a maximum of two.
Total prize value: $797.00


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