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Best C++ article of October 2012

This competition has ended

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Each month at CodeProject we gather together the best of the articles submitted the previous month and ask our readers to choose the best of the best. Entry is automatic - just submit you articke and we'll do the rest.

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Current Entries

Articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered. The top 15 entries are shown.

1 May 2014
X86/ARM emulator written using C++ and assembler for the .NET environment.
15 Oct 2012
Ashraf Samy Hegab
How to use OpenGL and friends to write an app that targets mobile and desktop platforms.
15 Oct 2012
Marius Bancila
I will show how to provide keyboard input for WPF controls hosted in a Win32 applications.
7 Oct 2012
Marius Bancila
C++ 11 non-member begin() and end()
4 Oct 2012
C++ code to connect/access DB2 database using DB2 call level interface(CLI)
22 Oct 2012
Aaron McGrath
Nimbus is a casual arcade/puzzle and strategy game, currently in development and in final beta stages for touch devices.
22 Jan 2013
Hide data inside the zip structure of any zip-based file.
30 Oct 2012
Kosta Cherry
Unique identifier for the class
30 Dec 2012
Marius Bancila
This article proposes a list of debugging tips for native development with Visual Studio.
30 Jun 2013
Divine Augustine
Step by step explanation of 3D image rendering using OpenGL.
3 Jan 2015
Espen Harlinn
Benchmark C++ std::vector vs raw arrays, move assignable/constructable & copy assignable/constructable
3 Jan 2015
Espen Harlinn
Windows API, menus, c++ lambda expressions, std::enable_shared_from_this
9 Oct 2012
Aleksey Vitebskiy
Simple and free Cppcheck integration into Visual Studio.
18 Apr 2013
A 3D Game Based on Ogre, ODE, 3D Max, CEGUI and so on.
11 Feb 2013
Automatically catalogue images based on modified date

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Aaron McGrath
United Kingdom United Kingdom
23 year-old with a passion for all things Design, primarily game design. Hobbyist with a day job that regrettably, simply pays the bills; having a project to come home to is what keeps me alive; I would love nothing more than to work within the game design industry as there are not many things that bring as much of a smile to my face as devising new ways to entertain and excite the end-user. I want to surpass my own expectations as far as what I am capable of, improving upon skill sets and adding new ones to the roster. Ultimately I love the cycle of Conceptualization, inspiration, application, development and finally, realization turning what were once dreams and ideas into living, breathing, exciting products.
Aleksey Vitebskiy
Software Developer TerraGo Technologies
United States United States
No Biography provided
Ashraf Samy Hegab
Software Developer (Junior)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
7 years console games dev.
3 years mobile r&d.
Now working on a real-time design and development tools for the creation of 3D games and apps across mobile and web platforms. (

Development history
Brian Lara International Cricket 2005 (Codemasters) - PS2/XBox
World Championship Rugby 2005 (Acclaim) - PS2/XBox/PC
50 Cent Blood on the Sand (Activision) - PS3/Xbox 360
F1 2010 (Codemasters) - PS3/Xbox 360/PC
iGrapher (Software is Poetry) - Web/iOS/Android
Stock Market Hero (Software is Poetry) - iOS
Nah Bruv Shisha Sim (Software is Poetry) - iOS
Lambi Islands (France Telecom) - iOS
Female Mosque Finder (Faith Matters) - iOS
Music Gym (Software is Poetry) - iOS
Freedom Square (Software is Poetry) - iOS
FacePlayer (Software is Poetry) - iOS/Android/PC
MyndPlayer (MyndPlay) - iOS
Quran Project ( - Android
Phone Wars (PLAYIR) - Web/iOS/Android/WP8/PC
Food Fighters (PLAYIR) - Web/iOS/Android/WP8/PC
Tank Legends (PLAYIR) - Web/iOS/Android/WP8
World of Fighters (PLAYIR) - Web/iOS/Android/WP8
Software Developer (Senior)
Australia Australia
Andrew has written his first program on a Z80 in Basic when he was only 13. It was long before first Windows was born. And when Windows 95 came into being Andrew loved the technology straight away. He taught himself C and C++ and became a devoted Windows Software Developer.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Chartered ICT Engineer, my career started in mainframe data centre operations, progressed through programming, systems analysis and project management, to Director of ICT Services and Programmes in a large organisation. My speciality was security, and I was a member of the British Computer Society's ICT security standards group whilst leading work on standards for ICT security evaluations.
Divine Augustine
Software Developer (Senior) SIEMENS
India India
No Biography provided
Espen Harlinn
Architect Powel AS
Norway Norway
Chief Architect - Powel AS.

Specializing in integrated operations and high performance computing solutions.

I’ve been fooling around with computers since the early eighties, I’ve even done work on CP/M and MP/M.

Wrote my first “real” program on a BBC micro model B based on a series in a magazine at that time. It was fun and I got hooked on this thing called programming ...

A few Highlights:

  • High performance application server development
  • Model Driven Architecture and Code generators
  • Real-Time Distributed Solutions
  • C, C++, C#, Java, TSQL, PL/SQL, Delphi, ActionScript, Perl, Rexx
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle RDBMS, IBM DB2, PostGreSQL
  • AMQP, Apache qpid, RabbitMQ, Microsoft Message Queuing, IBM WebSphereMQ, Oracle TuxidoMQ
  • Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere
  • Corba, COM, DCE, WCF
  • AspenTech InfoPlus.21(IP21), OsiSoft PI

More information about what I do for a living can be found at: or LinkedIn

You can contact me at
United States United States
No Biography provided
Kosta Cherry
United States United States
No Biography provided
Student Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences
China China
No Biography provided
Marius Bancila
Architect Visma Software
Romania Romania
Marius Bancila is the author of Modern C++ Programming Cookbook. He has been a Microsoft MVP for VC++ and later Visual Studio and Development Technologies for 11 years. He works as a system architect for Visma, a Norwegian-based company. He is mainly focused on building desktop applications with VC++ and VC#. He keeps a blog at, focused on Windows programming. He is the co-founder of, a community for Romanian C++ programmers.
Software Developer (Senior) Nihilent Technologies Pvt Ltd
South Africa South Africa
I am working with Nihilent Technologies Pvt Ltd.I have worked on Banking and Finance domain, mainly in Cash Management and Repo Trading.
My technological forte is VC++, C++, Win32, MFC, ATL/COM, C#.NET Windows Application, C, WebSphere MQ and DB2.
BFS (Cash Management and Repo Trading)
C, C++, VC++, Win32, MFC, ATL/COM, WebSphere MQ, DB2
Codejock Xtreme ToolkitPro  -  Codejock Software   (valued at $629.00)
Codejock Xtreme ToolkitPro MFC extension library includes: Office Style Ribbon, Galleries, Components, Calendar, Report and Property Grids, VS-style Auto Hide and Dockable Windows, Shortcut Bar, Syntax Editor, 100’s of samples with full source code.
SmartOutline 2010  -  SmartOutline   (valued at $139.00)
Store and manage notes, HTML forms, project information, links and more all in one organized document format. Fully .NET Extensible
CryptoLicensing For MFC - Enterprise Edition  -  LogicNP Software   (valued at $399.00)
CryptoLicensing for MFC provides a robust, yet easy way to add licensing, copy-protection and activation capabilities to your MFC, ATL or C++ applications, libraries, components and controls. CryptoLicensing for MFC uses the latest military strength,
The latest C++ ebooks from informIT  -  Andrea Bledsoe   (valued at $120.00)
Two ebooks from Pearson imprints Addison-Wesley or Sams Publishing. The value of the prize is an estimated prize value of two ebooks. The total number of ebooks awarded is a maximum of two.
Total prize value: $1,287.00


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