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Best overall article of January 2013

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2 Sep 2013Szymon Roslowski
Just another approach to understanding communication between HID devices and C#.
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7 Jan 2013Adam David Hill
All the juicy tricks and scandalous shortcuts which helped us ship our competition game on time
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14 Feb 2013Vahid_N
PdfReport is a code-first reporting engine which is built on top of the iTextSharp and EPPlus libraries.
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30 Sep 2014Bernardo Castilho
The article presents an ICollectionView class that supports filtering and sorting.
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5 Sep 2013Tammam Koujan
Easy to use directory watching tool.
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3 Jan 2013Colin Eberhardt
A look at how Xamarin MonoTouch allows you to create cross-platform applications, using the native C# / Silverlight for Windows Phone and C#, via Xamarin MonoTouch, for iOS.
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19 Jan 2013Dave Kerr
Rapidly create Shell Drop Handler Extensions using .NET
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31 Jan 2013Hiren Khirsaria
Multilingual application using ResourceDictionary in WPF.
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19 Jan 2013padmore
Getting started recording audio to WAV with WASAPI in Windows Store apps
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11 Feb 2013DahlSailRunner
Really effective logging using Enterprise Library and just a little custom code.
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28 Jan 2013Amit Bezalel
The StateMachine internals displayed
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16 Jan 2013Vyacheslav Voronenko
Three approaches to store tree like structures with NoSQL databases in MongoDB
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14 Jan 2013DaveAuld
In this section, we look at the basics to get going.
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14 Jan 2013DaveAuld
In this section, we will take a look at what is required to build, sign and package the application.
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21 Jan 2013Kerem Guemruekcue
This short article shows how to use an undocumented internal class method from the System.Deployment.Application.Win32InterOp namespace to get a PE images manifest resource.
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14 Jan 2013DaveAuld
In this section, we will take a look at some of the graphic and font handling routines.
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2 Jan 2013Simon Gulliver
Implementing a grid "user control" in MVC4/Razor.
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13 Feb 2013ferventcoder
Introducing this.Log.
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14 Jan 2013DaveAuld
A look at achieving real time trends in UltraDynamo
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21 Jan 2013Amit Bezalel
Improving XmlSerialization performance.
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20 Mar 2019Matías Fidemraizer
Discover a modern, solid, and powerful way of leveraging object-oriented programming on the Web and anywhere
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28 Jan 2013Sandeep Mewara
Possible solutions to the problem
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16 Jan 2013Simon Jackson
Some of the other frameworks which use XNA as a baseline.
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22 Jan 2013Alexander Turlov
Setting a "Content-Disposition" HTTP Header in the Web API Controller method.
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17 Jan 2013DaveAuld
In this section, we will take a look at the sensors, the sensor manager and the simulation
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9 Jan 2013Adrian Holland
JSRazor brings the power of razor-like templates to client-side javascript.
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15 Jan 2013Keyhole Software
Modularization and code organization in TypeScript.
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8 Jan 2013orouit
This article demonstrates how to implement interfaces defined for a WinRT component using WRL and C++.
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17 Jan 2013Mattias Högström
Building a viewer and analyzing profiling data reports from vsperfcmd.
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11 Sep 2013Globin
This is an alternative for "Improved RichTextBox - IRTB". 2.3 is out! Finnaly with some Regex Fixing and Alpha of Alphas in identing!
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5 Feb 2013Gokulnath007
To get instant control over Outlook and various operations of outlook.
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28 Jan 2013MehdiNaseri
A simple application for adding users to active directory
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4 Jan 2013colinfang
This article investigates how Pattern Match compiles under the hood in a number of simple common scenarios.
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29 Jan 2013Shayne P Boyer
Move your View Models.
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21 Jan 2013Simeon Sheye
Beyond basic unit tests, how do you choose your tests and when are you done?
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2 Jan 2013Tim Corey
Local storage, session storage, and all of the other web storage technologies can be great, but they can also be complicated. Learn how to use them, and then how to make life easier with AmplifyJS.
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11 Jan 2013Destiny777
The goal of the program was to make things simple yet easy to understand and quickly changeable based on future ideas.
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1 Jan 2013Hasham Ahmad
How to submit a new blog post in WordPress using ASP.NET
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20 Jan 2013Grasshopper.iics
Simple code wrap for updating UI elements in cross thread applications
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28 Jan 2013Sandeep Mewara
A possible solution
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2 Jan 2013Paul C Smith
A brute-force, cross-browser solution to percent-based CSS sizing
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3 Jan 2013Don Ashworth
A poor man's SharePoint web solution allowing the upload and convertion of PowerPoint, Excel, Visio, and Word documents to HTML.
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22 Jan 2013Hakger
Description (with samples) of an IntervalChart control - it visualizes a range of real numbers using simple chart
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15 Jan 2013ShubhamSaxena
About how to create your first Emgu CV project
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2 Jan 2013Keyhole Software
I’d like to introduce some basic object oriented JavaScript concepts.
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10 Jan 2013Amir Eshaq
This article uses NSpeex as a codec to encode/decode audio from a capture source (e.g., computer microphone) within Silverlight.
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1 Feb 2013orouit
This article introduces a WCF service to expose the core functions necessary to communicate with a smart card.
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28 Jan 2013Andreas Gieriet
This is an alternative for "Sorting using C# Lists"
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14 Jan 2013Mihail Mateev
In this article you will learn about how to use PhoneGap with the new cutting edge Microsoft platform – Windows 8
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8 Jan 2013sandeepkumar.sgnr
Journey of Windows 8 game SkyWar for Intel App Up competition

Current Participants

Those with articles that match the contest criteria are automatically entered.

Software Developer (Senior)
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Architect Webefinity
Australia Australia
Adrian is current the Solution Architect at

The core of CubeBuild is a website and application platform that is pluggable into ASP.NET MVC. Any MVC application can have content authoring added to its pages with little effort, and new content types are created using IronPython.NET open source components.

We are currently deploying a Point of Service (Web based POS) built on CubeBuild which allows a single web channel for face-to-face sales, and sales through your online store. All from a single inventory base, and from any device.
Canada Canada
Alexander Turlov is a professional software development consultant that has been working in IT industry since 1987. His programming experience includes such languages as FORTRAN, Pascal, Basic, C, C++ and C#. He's been working for different industries including but not limited to science, manufacturing, retail, utilities, finance, insurance, health care, education and so on. His area of professional interests is cloud powered rich web applications development with .NET, C#, ASP.NET/MVC and JavaScript. He is working in software development doing architecture, design and development on .NET platform and using Microsoft Visual Studio, Azure and Visual Studio Team Services as his primary tools. He holds a M.Sc. degree in physics and various industry certifications including MCSD.NET, Azure and Scrum.

View my profile on LinkedIn

View my blog
Other Norconsult Telematics, KSA
Canada Canada
I have been a Developer for many years. I have worked as Senior Developer in Kenya, Canada and Saudi Arabia. I enjoy coding and I am looking forward to more challenges with new Technologies

I am currently IT Manager at Norconsult Telematics, Saudi Arabia.
Software Developer (Senior) Hp Software
Israel Israel
I've been all over the coding world since earning my degrees
have worked in c++ and java, finally setteling into c# about 6 years ago, where i spent a good amount of my time in Performance tweaking & memory debugging, as well as designing new solutions and hacking at old ones to stay in line.

Computers never cease to amaze me, and i'm glad to have found a field where i get paid to do what i enjoy.

I have been toying around with the idea of publishing stuff online for years, never actually getting around to it, so i still have a lot of stuff to write up, aside from all the other new stuff i'll get excited about, hope you'll like enjoy reading it as much as i enjoy writing.

google plus
Founder eXternSoft GmbH
Switzerland Switzerland
I feel comfortable on a variety of systems (UNIX, Windows, cross-compiled embedded systems, etc.) in a variety of languages, environments, and tools.
I have a particular affinity to computer language analysis, testing, as well as quality management.

More information about what I do for a living can be found at my LinkedIn Profile and on my company's web page (German only).
Software Developer
Brazil Brazil
Software Architect/Developer with several years experience creating and delivering software.

Full-stack Web development (including React, Firebase, TypeScript, HTML, CSS), Entity Framework, C#, MS SQL Server.

Passionate about new technologies and always keen to learn new things as well as improve on existing skills.
Architect Scott Logic
United Kingdom United Kingdom
I am CTO at ShinobiControls, a team of iOS developers who are carefully crafting iOS charts, grids and controls for making your applications awesome.

I am a Technical Architect for Visiblox which have developed the world's fastest WPF / Silverlight and WP7 charts.

I am also a Technical Evangelist at Scott Logic, a provider of bespoke financial software and consultancy for the retail and investment banking, stockbroking, asset management and hedge fund communities.

Visit my blog - Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in .NET.

Follow me on Twitter - @ColinEberhardt

United Kingdom United Kingdom
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
United States United States
I have coded professionally and been around code since 1994, mostly dealing with large-scale proprietary enterprise applications. Most of my work has been on in-house projects as opposed to consulting. I live in the greater Chicago area and enjoy reading all kinds of books, sailing, and running.
Software Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Follow my blog at and find out about my charity at
Scotland Scotland
I have been working in the Oil & Gas Industry for over 30 years now.

Core Discipline is Instrumentation and Control Systems.

Completed Bsc Honours Degree (B29 in Computing) with the Open University in 2012.

Currently, Offshore Installation Manager in the Al Shaheen oil field, which is located off the coast of Qatar. Prior to this, 25 years of North Sea Oil & Gas experience.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
BillNew - Software developer since November 1977.
Software Developer (Senior)
United States United States
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Web Developer
United States United States
Rob is a developer who has a passion for developing low maintenance solutions. He has been programming in .NET since the early days of 1.0. In his day job he drinks beer and tries to get creative at a digital marketing agency. Rob is a C# MVP, ASPInsider, C# Insider, an MCSD for .NET, holds a bachelor's degree in MIS from Kansas State University, is active in his local .Net User Group, a regional INETA speaker, an eagle scout, and a veteran officer of the US Army Reserve. He also presents on topics he finds interesting a few times a year.

Rob is very active in OSS and manages several OSS projects. Some of those projects include UppercuT, RoundhousE, and Chocolatey. Rob is the FerventCoder because he is very passionate about his craft.
Brazil Brazil
Hi guys! I live in Piauí,Brazil. My friends say that I'm nerd, miracle, because I started programming at 8 years old.
I know VB.NET and a bit of C♯.
I started programming at 2009 when the most current .NET Framework was v3.5 with VB Express 2008.
At 2011, I updated to .NET 4.0(VBx and CSx) and 2012 I tried SharpDevelop, however, I only use it to convert C♯ projects to VB.NET; few times I use to create projects.
Software Developer CG-VAK Softwares and Exports
India India
Am a Computer Science and Engineering Graduate.
Currently I am working as a software developer in VC++.
CEO Integrated Ideas
India India
gasshopper.iics is a group of like minded programmers and learners in codeproject. The basic objective is to keep in touch and be notified while a member contributes an article, to check out with technology and share what we know. We are the "students" of codeproject.

This group is managed by Rupam Das, an active author here. Other Notable members include Ranjan who extends his helping hands to invaluable number of authors in their articles and writes some great articles himself.

Rupam Das is mentor of Grasshopper Network,founder and CEO of Integrated Ideas Consultancy Services, a research consultancy firm in India. He has been part of projects in several technologies including Matlab, C#, Android, OpenCV, Drupal, Omnet++, legacy C, vb, gcc, NS-2, Arduino, Raspberry-PI. Off late he has made peace with the fact that he loves C# more than anything else but is still struck in legacy style of coding.
Rupam loves algorithm and prefers Image processing, Artificial Intelligence and Bio-medical Engineering over other technologies.

He is frustrated with his poor writing and "grammer" skills but happy that coding polishes these frustrations.
This is a Organisation

115 members
Software Developer (Senior)
Poland Poland
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Team Leader Reputed IT Company
India India
Having 9+ years of experience in Microsoft.Net Technology.
Experience in developing applications on Microsoft .NET Platform ( Asp.Net, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7/8).
Experience and knowledge of software design methodologies (Agile), object oriented design, and software design patterns (MVVM).
Experience in Developing android mobile application using Xamarin (mono for android) framework.
Software Developer (Senior)
Germany Germany
I am a former developer from germany who has worked on a broad range of technologies. Mainly i was assigned to tasks like designing, writing and implementing/integrating applications for mixed systems, debugging and troubleshooting them, also including lots of teaching on how to do all those things. I was not tied to any special systems at all, as long it could be programmed somehow, no matter in kernel or userland Smile | :) Currently i am not developing or teaching anymore. But i still try to help and contribute code and solutions, help wherever i can. I am also strongly interessted in pedagogy, especially in media pedagogy. There are a few final words i want to say here: Share your knowledge of programming, of life and all your experiences to anybody out there, to build a better and safer world. We only have one. Please try to keep it safe for all of us.
Keyhole Software
United States United States
Keyhole is a software development and consulting firm with a tight-knit technical team. We work primarily with Java, .NET, and Mobile technologies, specializing in application development. We love the challenge that comes in consulting and blog often regarding some of the technical situations and technologies we face. Kansas City, St. Louis and Chicago.
This is a Organisation

3 members
Software Developer (Senior)
Spain Spain
Matías Fidemraizer is a professional with competence in software project management, architecture and development.

Young, having vocation in software, he's primarily self-taught and he has acquired more than 5 years of strictly R&D and innovation in a variety of scopes and businesses.

Being a quality lover, he develops stable, easily scalable and solid technical solutions, which is a direct consequence of introducing industry de facto standards in production processes, without losing the chance of working best with things that covered previous successful projects.

Mainly, his projects have been in Microsoft environments, basically focusing them in the development of state-of-the-art solutions using well-known technologies like .NET Framework, ASP.NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, C# and Visual Studio, also taking most-popular open source products, like NHibernate, Castle Windsor, Ninject or Enterprise Library, and more.

His main focus have been Web technologies since their early stages, either as regular user and software developer, taking advantage of Microsoft environments, he's a Web, software as a service (SaaS) and cloud computing specialist.
Architect Visma Software AB
Sweden Sweden
Mattias works at Visma, a leading Nordic ERP solution provider. He has good knowledge in C++/.Net development, test tool development, and debugging. His great passion is memory dump analysis. He likes giving talks and courses.
Software Developer (Senior) Amazon AWS
Canada Canada
• MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer): App Builder
• MCSD (Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer): Web Applications
• MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate): Universal Windows Platform
• MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional)

• PMI-PBA (PMI Professional in Business Analysis)
• PMI-ACP (PMI Agile Certified Practitioner)
• PMP (Project Management Professional)
Architect Strypes
Bulgaria Bulgaria
Mihail Mateev is a Technical Consultant, Community enthusiast, PASS RM for CEE and chapter lead, Microsoft Azure MVP
He works as Solutions Architect, Technical PM and Senior Technical Evangelist at Strypes
Mihail Mateev has experience as a Senior Technical Evangelist, Team Lead at Infragistics Inc. He worked as a Software developer and team lead on WPF and Silverlight Line of Business production lines of the company.
Mihail worked in various areas related to technology Microsoft: Silverlight, WPF, Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio LightSwitch, WCF RIA Services, ASP.Net MVC, Windows Metro Applications, MS SQL Server and Windows Azure. He also write many jQuery related blogs.
Over the past ten years, Mihail has written articles for Bulgarian Computer World magazine, blogs about .Net technologies. He is a contributor and a technical editor of publications PACKT Publishing and Wiley. Mihail did presentations for .Net and Silverlight user groups in Bulgaria. He has an Experience with GIS system over .Net framework. He worked more than five years in ESRI Bulgaria like a Software developer and a trainer. Several years Mihail did a lectures about Geographic Information Systems in the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” , Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics. Mihail is also a lecturer about Computer Systems in the University of the Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy in Sofia at Computer Aided Engineering Department. Mihail holds master's degrees in Structural Engineering and Applied Mathematics and Informatics.
Architect Connect In Private
Singapore Singapore
Software Architect, COM, .NET and Smartcard based security specialist.

I've been working in the software industry since I graduated in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. I chose software because I preferred digital to analog.

I started to program with 6802 machine code and evolved to the current .NET technologies... that was a long way.

For more than 20 years I have always worked in technical positions as I simply like to get my hands dirty and crack my brain when things don't go right!

After 12 years in the smart card industry I can claim a strong knowledge in security solutions based on those really small computers!
I've been back into business to design the licensing system for the enterprise solution for Consistel using a .NET smart card (yes they can run .NET CLR!)

I'm currently designing a micro-payment solution using the NXP DESFire EV1 with the ACSO6 SAM of ACS. I can then add a full proficient expertise on those systems and NFC payments.
This technology being under strict NDA by NXP I cannot publish any related article about it, however I can provide professional consulting for it.

You can contact me for professional matter by using the forum or via my LinkedIn profile.
Software Developer (Senior)
Belgium Belgium
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Architect SWC
United States United States
Paul is a Software Architect at SWC Technology Partners, one of Crain’s 20 Best Places To Work for 2012. His coding exploits range from BASIC on a Commodore 64, but now focus on C#, SQL Server and the .NET stack. Paul also maintains the StormFactory ORM Code Generator on SWC Technology Partners is always looking for top technical talent; check out how cool it is to work here at, and feel free to contact me about positions here.
Architect Intuit India
India India

A software professional for more than 17+ years building solutions for Web and Desktop applications.

Currently working at Intuit India.

Website: Learn By Insight
Github: Sandeep Mewara
LinkedIn: Sandeep Mewara

Strongly believe in learning and sharing knowledge.

Software Developer eMids Technologies Pvt Ltd
India India
2+ year of experience in Information Technology with the extensive exposure of Treasury & Capital, Health Care and ERP domain.

Area of interest - Multithreading, Files, WPF, WCF, Jquery, Mvc, Sql Server, Perceptual programming

Heavily Worked on desktop application ,Web application and WCF Services.

Also worked on small games application for learning purpose.

Latest interest - Windows 8 , Perceptual Programming, Windows Phone, WCF etc
United States United States
I work on Azure, ASP.NET Core content and Open Source, speak at national and community events while helping teams architect web and cloud applications.
Software Developer Accenture
India India
I'm Software Engineer Associate at Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. and I love Microsoft Technologies.
Denmark Denmark
I started programming as a kid and went through basic, C and assembler. I got a MSc.CS from University of Aarhus in 1998 and have maintained an interest for computer science ever since, that I enjoy applying to the problems I come across. I have worked in different roles as a programmer, architect, project manager and consulting in many different areas including databases, cryptography, server architecture and distributed systems. I am currently focussing on the testing done during development and seek to improve this through a combination of approach, skill and technology.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Check me out at LinkedIn:
Architect ZenithMoon Studios
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Long-time game developer / IT maniac.
By day I architect, design, build and deliver enriching Mixed Reality solutions to clients, bringing the work of AR/VR to light in new and interesting ways, by night I Masquerade as the Master Chief of ZenithMoon Studios, my own game development studio.

At heart, I am a community developer breaking down lots of fun and curious technologies and bringing them to the masses.

I'm also a contributor to several open-source projects, most notably, the Reality Toolkit and all the services provided by the Reality Collective, The Unity-UI-Extensions project, as well as in the past the AdRotator advertising rotator project for Windows and Windows Phone.

Currently, I spend my time fulfilling contracts in the Mixed Reality space (primarily for an XR experience firm called Ethar), writing books, technically reviewing tons of material and continuing my long tradition of contributing to open-source development, as well as delivering talks, but that goes without saying Big Grin | :-D

Mixed Reality MVP, Xbox Ambassador, MS GameDevelopment Ambassador & Best selling author:

[Accelerating Unity Through Automation](
[Mastering Unity 2D Game Development] (
[Unity 3D UI Essentials] (
Software Developer
United Kingdom United Kingdom
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Software Developer (Senior)
Syrian Arab Republic Syrian Arab Republic
Software Developer (Senior) DeGarmo
United States United States
I am currently a Senior Software Developer at a company in Illinois called DeGarmo. My primary skills are in .NET, SQL, JavaScript, and other web technologies although I have worked with PowerShell, C, and Java as well.

In my previous positions, I have worked as a lead developer, professor and IT Director. As such, I have been able to develop software on a number of different types of systems and I have learned how to correctly oversee the overall direction of technology for an organization. I've developed applications for everything from machine automation to complete ERP systems.

I enjoy taking hard subjects and making them easy to understand for people unfamiliar with the topic.
Web Developer
Iran (Islamic Republic of) Iran (Islamic Republic of)
This member has not yet provided a Biography. Assume it's interesting and varied, and probably something to do with programming.
Web Developer
Ukraine Ukraine
Web Developer, interested in bleeding age web technologies and projects.

Experienced and interested in:
- High load web projects, bespoke software development
- DevOps: Chef, Ansible, Vagrant
- NoSQL (mongodb)
- Client stack (javascript core, jquery, AngularJS, HTML5 apis)
- *AAS (Amazon beanstalk, Redhat openshift)
- MEAN & Pure JS stack (Javascript, AngularJS, Node.JS, MongoDB)

-> DevOps inquiries
-> Other inquiries
-> Follow me on Github
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