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This forum is for discussing and recommending Free tools for software development. Please post direct links to tools, and not just links to pages that review or list tools.No shareware and no commercial products allowed. Please report spammers by voting to remove their messages and reporting their accounts.

GeneralMessage Closed Pin
14-Jan-20 19:21
MemberMember 1471668214-Jan-20 19:21 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
14-Jan-20 19:18
MemberMember 1471549014-Jan-20 19:18 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
8-Jan-20 23:41
Memberjainkanika8-Jan-20 23:41 
GeneralReverse Debugging? RevDeBug - quite a cool thing Pin
Andreas Saurwein7-Jan-20 22:51
MemberAndreas Saurwein7-Jan-20 22:51 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
25-Dec-19 23:18
Memberwethepeo925-Dec-19 23:18 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
16-Dec-19 21:35
MemberPeaucreamne116-Dec-19 21:35 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
8-Dec-19 21:46
Memberksxpillsusa88-Dec-19 21:46 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
4-Dec-19 21:27
Memberactiveusa14-Dec-19 21:27 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
3-Dec-19 22:44
Memberintelliflareiq213-Dec-19 22:44 
GeneralBackup / Restore SQL Databases without the need of SMO Pin
Charles T. Blankenship30-Oct-19 8:02
MemberCharles T. Blankenship30-Oct-19 8:02 
GeneralRe: Backup / Restore SQL Databases without the need of SMO Pin
Richard MacCutchan30-Oct-19 8:04
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan30-Oct-19 8:04 
GeneralFree suite to handle video files Pin
phil.o28-Sep-19 23:33
mvephil.o28-Sep-19 23:33 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
27-Dec-19 2:50
Memberthompsonmax27-Dec-19 2:50 
GeneralFree NuGet Components Pin
MSBassSinger16-Jul-19 12:16
professionalMSBassSinger16-Jul-19 12:16 
GeneralRe: Free NuGet Components Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Jul-19 22:26
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan16-Jul-19 22:26 
GeneralRe: Free NuGet Components Pin
MSBassSinger17-Jul-19 2:11
professionalMSBassSinger17-Jul-19 2:11 
GeneralMessage Closed Pin
7-Aug-19 21:41
Memberjohnnick7-Aug-19 21:41 
AnswerJHelpers README Contents Pin
MSBassSinger17-Jul-19 13:59
professionalMSBassSinger17-Jul-19 13:59 
GeneralRe: JHelpers README Contents Pin
Richard MacCutchan17-Jul-19 22:19
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan17-Jul-19 22:19 
AnswerJLoggers README Content Pin
MSBassSinger17-Jul-19 14:34
professionalMSBassSinger17-Jul-19 14:34 
AnswerJDAC README Contents Pin
MSBassSinger17-Jul-19 15:26
professionalMSBassSinger17-Jul-19 15:26 
GeneralVisual studio image library Pin
HumourStill10-Jul-19 19:38
MemberHumourStill10-Jul-19 19:38 
GeneralRe: Visual studio image library Pin
Andreas Saurwein7-Jan-20 22:53
MemberAndreas Saurwein7-Jan-20 22:53 
GeneralLooking for Recent Article on Backup Utility Pin
Patrick Skelton9-Jul-19 22:37
MemberPatrick Skelton9-Jul-19 22:37 
GeneralRe: Looking for Recent Article on Backup Utility Pin
Simon_Whale14-Jul-19 22:56
professionalSimon_Whale14-Jul-19 22:56 

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