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Collaboration / Beta Testing

QuestionTxt Based Rpg [modified] Pin
akosidandan24-Sep-09 15:44
Memberakosidandan24-Sep-09 15:44 
AnswerRe: Txt Based Rpg Pin
Luc Pattyn24-Sep-09 16:06
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn24-Sep-09 16:06 
GeneralRe: Txt Based Rpg Pin
akosidandan29-Sep-09 2:47
Memberakosidandan29-Sep-09 2:47 
QuestionBug in Spynet Pin
User 238229222-Jul-09 22:18
MemberUser 238229222-Jul-09 22:18 
QuestionBeta testers needed: Fun way of Website promotion Pin
Wim Jans17-Jul-09 4:06
MemberWim Jans17-Jul-09 4:06 
AnswerRe: Beta testers needed: Fun way of Website promotion Pin
luckystar0916-Aug-09 17:40
Memberluckystar0916-Aug-09 17:40 
QuestionHelp me, please! Pin
thuonghasm10-Jun-09 1:49
Memberthuonghasm10-Jun-09 1:49 
QuestionHow to share a nice collab / project wiki with a friend. Pin
Jarno Burger2-Jun-09 0:07
MemberJarno Burger2-Jun-09 0:07 
QuestionTesters and feedback wanted for requirements planning application Pin
SoftwareMonkeys30-May-09 2:18
MemberSoftwareMonkeys30-May-09 2:18 
QuestionCan someone test gmail's imap? Pin
Quake2Player27-May-09 5:15
MemberQuake2Player27-May-09 5:15 
QuestionTDP setting RTRT tool for C++ Pin
maheesh25-May-09 18:14
Membermaheesh25-May-09 18:14 
GeneralDos [modified] Pin
BenJamming18-May-09 8:49
MemberBenJamming18-May-09 8:49 
GeneralHelp Add-in Beta Test Pin
pelnor28-Mar-09 8:53
Memberpelnor28-Mar-09 8:53 
QuestionLoad testing using VSTS 2008 Pin
Viky_Tester19-Mar-09 3:06
MemberViky_Tester19-Mar-09 3:06 
QuestionLoad testing in VS .net 2008 Pin
Ash_VCPP19-Mar-09 2:51
MemberAsh_VCPP19-Mar-09 2:51 
News[SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
sklivvz14-Mar-09 13:13
Membersklivvz14-Mar-09 13:13 
GeneralRe: [SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
hairy_hats20-Mar-09 2:24
Memberhairy_hats20-Mar-09 2:24 
AnswerRe: [SixPack library] Beta testers wanted! Pin
sklivvz20-Mar-09 4:43
Membersklivvz20-Mar-09 4:43 
QuestionJust curious... Pin
Jon Rista4-Feb-09 7:34
MemberJon Rista4-Feb-09 7:34 
Generalattract more Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Feb-09 7:58
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn4-Feb-09 7:58 
GeneralRe: attract more Pin
Jon Rista4-Feb-09 9:46
MemberJon Rista4-Feb-09 9:46 
GeneralRe: attract more Pin
Luc Pattyn4-Feb-09 10:07
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn4-Feb-09 10:07 
QuestionPorting the VCF to WinCE Pin
Jim Crafton4-Feb-09 6:10
MemberJim Crafton4-Feb-09 6:10 
Questionthis is not a good place for tester.. Pin
HaWk Of DaWn1-Feb-09 23:47
MemberHaWk Of DaWn1-Feb-09 23:47 
Questiondon't get fooled Pin
Luc Pattyn15-Jan-09 3:17
sitebuilderLuc Pattyn15-Jan-09 3:17 

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