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Collaboration / Beta Testing

GeneralZoomIn Upgrade Pin
Blake Miller7-Jun-05 6:25
MemberBlake Miller7-Jun-05 6:25 
GeneralC++ documentation tool - betatesters needed Pin
narechk2-Jun-05 6:54
Membernarechk2-Jun-05 6:54 
GeneralRe: C++ documentation tool - betatesters needed Pin
DavidNohejl2-Jun-05 7:02
MemberDavidNohejl2-Jun-05 7:02 
GeneralVisual Studio.NET Addin : Beta testers required! ;) Pin
Marc Piulachs31-May-05 18:57
MemberMarc Piulachs31-May-05 18:57 
GeneralFreeware requests translation Pin
mrdance16-May-05 22:14
Membermrdance16-May-05 22:14 
GeneralRe: Freeware requests translation Pin
Alexandrescu1-Sep-05 10:13
MemberAlexandrescu1-Sep-05 10:13 
GeneralArchitecture question Pin
Jon Merrifield5-May-05 0:58
MemberJon Merrifield5-May-05 0:58 
GeneralNon MFC :Client /Server Pin
brilliant10119-Apr-05 10:31
Memberbrilliant10119-Apr-05 10:31 
GeneralSerious:Client Server User Tracking Pin
brilliant10119-Apr-05 10:27
Memberbrilliant10119-Apr-05 10:27 
Generalvss cmd line get Pin
RobNicolson8-Apr-05 5:18
MemberRobNicolson8-Apr-05 5:18 
Generallooking for remote keylogger programmers Pin
r4ttl329-Mar-05 9:20
Memberr4ttl329-Mar-05 9:20 
GeneralRe: looking for remote keylogger programmers Pin
ThatsAlok3-Apr-05 21:11
MemberThatsAlok3-Apr-05 21:11 
GeneralWinRadio DLL for VB6 Pin
Seeker0128-Mar-05 3:29
MemberSeeker0128-Mar-05 3:29 
GeneralRe: WinRadio DLL for VB6 Pin
Anonymous7-Apr-05 3:56
MemberAnonymous7-Apr-05 3:56 
Generaltest Pin
JoeSox22-Mar-05 3:50
MemberJoeSox22-Mar-05 3:50 
GeneralRe: test Pin
toxcct23-Mar-05 23:38
Membertoxcct23-Mar-05 23:38 
GeneralRe: test Pin
ThatsAlok13-Apr-05 19:07
MemberThatsAlok13-Apr-05 19:07 
Generaltest Pin
JoeSox21-Mar-05 16:30
MemberJoeSox21-Mar-05 16:30 
Generaln-tier application Pin
Blue_Skye14-Mar-05 6:39
MemberBlue_Skye14-Mar-05 6:39 
GeneralWriting a beginner Guide Pin
ACorbs8-Mar-05 15:07
MemberACorbs8-Mar-05 15:07 
GeneralMixer: open-source audio mixing software for Windows Pin
ckorda2-Mar-05 6:27
Memberckorda2-Mar-05 6:27 
GeneralNeed some guidance for potential C# article on a LOGO-style Turtle class Pin
Emma Burrows25-Feb-05 6:39
MemberEmma Burrows25-Feb-05 6:39 
GeneralRe: Need some guidance for potential C# article on a LOGO-style Turtle class Pin
Marc Clifton27-Feb-05 14:32
mvaMarc Clifton27-Feb-05 14:32 
GeneralPhone in USA Pin
yaca15-Feb-05 20:57
Memberyaca15-Feb-05 20:57 
GeneralTest Video Poker App (ASP.NET) Pin
bob.martin15-Feb-05 10:21
Memberbob.martin15-Feb-05 10:21 

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