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This board allows members to report the accounts of spammers and others who abuse the forums in order to give other members the chance to vote to close the offending account.

GeneralSAOTD - STILL ALIVEs on #9 Pin
phil.o29-Jan-20 1:00
mvephil.o29-Jan-20 1:00 
GeneralSpam would be article(email settings) Pin
Deepu S Nair29-Jan-20 0:07
professionalDeepu S Nair29-Jan-20 0:07 
GeneralRe: Spam would be article(email settings) - Gone Pin
Richard Deeming29-Jan-20 1:40
mveRichard Deeming29-Jan-20 1:40 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 14729608) - gone Pin
OriginalGriff29-Jan-20 0:00
mveOriginalGriff29-Jan-20 0:00 
GeneralSpammer from moderation - Member 14729497 Pin
Richard MacCutchan28-Jan-20 22:11
mveRichard MacCutchan28-Jan-20 22:11 
GeneralRe: Spammer from moderation - Member 14729497 - Gone Pin
jeron129-Jan-20 7:01
Memberjeron129-Jan-20 7:01 
GeneralSpam article in moderation Pin
Pete O'Hanlon28-Jan-20 20:36
subeditorPete O'Hanlon28-Jan-20 20:36 
GeneralBoth gone Pin
phil.o28-Jan-20 22:19
mvephil.o28-Jan-20 22:19 
GeneralPlagiarised would be article ("Understanding Microservices", Kaushal Pareek) - STILL ALIVE on #9 Pin
OriginalGriff28-Jan-20 20:04
mveOriginalGriff28-Jan-20 20:04 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (Member 14480688) - STILL ALIVE on #8 Pin
OriginalGriff28-Jan-20 19:46
mveOriginalGriff28-Jan-20 19:46 
GeneralSpam would be article(Custom Software Development Services) - gone Pin
Deepu S Nair28-Jan-20 18:24
professionalDeepu S Nair28-Jan-20 18:24 
GeneralSpammer from moderation queue (dwan smith) Pin
OriginalGriff28-Jan-20 9:51
mveOriginalGriff28-Jan-20 9:51 
GeneralGone (dwan smith) Pin
phil.o28-Jan-20 22:18
mvephil.o28-Jan-20 22:18 
GeneralSpam would be article(Top Most Colleges in Bangalore) Pin
Deepu S Nair28-Jan-20 2:29
professionalDeepu S Nair28-Jan-20 2:29 
GeneralAbusive Member - Member 14728745 - gone Pin
Kats251228-Jan-20 2:17
MemberKats251228-Jan-20 2:17 
GeneralSpammers from moderation - gone Pin
Thanks787228-Jan-20 1:44
professionalThanks787228-Jan-20 1:44 
GeneralA different spammer for a change (Training In Medavakkam, Training In Chennai | sudharshanglim) Pin
Richard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:20
mveRichard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:20 
Generalgone Pin
0x01AA28-Jan-20 6:02
professional0x01AA28-Jan-20 6:02 
Generalone more(Order Afghan Kush) Pin
Deepu S Nair28-Jan-20 1:13
professionalDeepu S Nair28-Jan-20 1:13 
GeneralAnd another (where to buy Blue Cookies Online at cali[DELETED] Pin
Richard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:12
mveRichard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:12 
GeneralAnother spam would-be article from the same loser - Vanilla Ice Cream Moon Rocks for sale UK at cali[DELETED] Pin
Richard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:06
mveRichard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:06 
GeneralSAOTD Pin
phil.o28-Jan-20 1:03
mvephil.o28-Jan-20 1:03 
GeneralSpam would be article(Buy Blissful Wizard ) - gone Pin
Deepu S Nair28-Jan-20 0:58
professionalDeepu S Nair28-Jan-20 0:58 
GeneralSpam would be article(Banana OG Kush for sale) - gone Pin
Deepu S Nair28-Jan-20 0:56
professionalDeepu S Nair28-Jan-20 0:56 
GeneralRe: Spam would be article(Banana OG Kush for sale online at cali[DELETED] Pin
Richard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:07
mveRichard Deeming28-Jan-20 1:07 

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