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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

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GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.2 is Released! It Supports Windows, Linux, iOS and Android! Pin
Xiao Ling28-Jun-18 18:23
professionalXiao Ling28-Jun-18 18:23 
NewsAccusoft’s PrizmDoc Cloud document and image viewer receives SOC 2 Type 1 certification for cloud computing standards compliance Pin
Member 1353556819-Jun-18 6:22
memberMember 1353556819-Jun-18 6:22 
PrizmDoc Cloud, Accusoft's industry-leading document and imaging toolkit, has received a SOC 2 Type 1 certification by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) for cloud computing services.

This designation, which affirms PrizmDoc Cloud's full compliance with key security and performance criteria, exemplifies Accusoft's commitment to providing the most innovative solutions for the unique needs of its customers.

With the rise in popularity of cloud computing services, client companies need assurance that their proprietary information is being protected on external data networks. This led to the creation of SOC (Service Organization Control) by the AICPA, and the subsequent SOC 2 set of standards in 2011.

SOC 2 sets five primary standards for cloud service providers to uphold:

Security: Protecting data from unauthorized access through the use of tools such as firewalls and intrusion detection.

Availability: The system's capacity for consistently fulfilling access requirements based on the SLA (Service Level Agreement) between the provider and the client.

Processing Integrity: Ensuring the system accurately provides the output data sought by the client. This does not apply to cases in which errors are present in the input data.

Confidentiality: Limiting access to proprietary data to a specific group of persons, whether attempts at intrusion are made or not.

Privacy: The assurance that personal information regarding individuals is not compromised.

The AICPA determined that PrizmDoc Cloud is in full compliance with these key criteria, and awarded it the Type 1 certification.

Accusoft partners with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide PrizmDoc Cloud, allowing customers to free up on-site resources and take advantage of Accusoft's full compliance with SOC 2 Type 1 to guarantee that data shared with PrizmDoc is never compromised. As cloud usage has grown over the last several years, Accusoft has responded to the trend, joining with the trusted AWS brand to provide the best possible cloud experience to clients. Read the full report: Accusoft 2018 Type 1 SOC 2 Final Report | edocr[^]

About Accusoft
Accusoft offers a robust portfolio of document and imaging tools for developers. Our APIs and software development toolkits are built using patented technology, providing high-performance document viewing, advanced search, image compression, conversion, barcode recognition, OCR, and other image processing tools for use in application and web development. Visit for more information.

Megan Brooks
NewsSelectPdf Library for .NET – 2018 vol 3 (Now with .NET Core and Azure Web Apps Support) Pin
Tom Williams7-Jun-18 3:49
memberTom Williams7-Jun-18 3:49 
GeneralDynamsoft Debuts Android Camera SDK 1.0! Pin
Xiao Ling5-Jun-18 23:06
professionalXiao Ling5-Jun-18 23:06 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.0 for Windows is Now Available! Pin
Xiao Ling2-Apr-18 16:49
professionalXiao Ling2-Apr-18 16:49 
NewsMeet the most anticipated client for PostgreSQL developers ever! Pin
DevartSoftware23-Mar-18 2:20
memberDevartSoftware23-Mar-18 2:20 
NewsVideo Chat Pro SDK ActiveX 10.5 is Now Available! Pin
Viscomsoft23-Mar-18 0:42
memberViscomsoft23-Mar-18 0:42 
NewsSelectPdf Library for .NET – 2018 Vol 1 Released Pin
Tom Williams18-Mar-18 23:47
memberTom Williams18-Mar-18 23:47 
NewsNew Productivity Features in Updated dbForge SQL Complete v5.8 Pin
DevartSoftware31-Jan-18 23:07
memberDevartSoftware31-Jan-18 23:07 
GeneralDynamic Web TWAIN 13.3 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling15-Jan-18 21:59
professionalXiao Ling15-Jan-18 21:59 
NewsWebDataRocks New Tool for Data Visualization and Analysis is Released Pin
Antonina Krus29-Dec-17 4:53
memberAntonina Krus29-Dec-17 4:53 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 5.2 for Linux is Released Pin
Xiao Ling27-Dec-17 15:24
professionalXiao Ling27-Dec-17 15:24 
GeneralNew Enterprise Edition in Updated dbForge Studio for MySQL 7.3 Pin
DevartSoftware7-Dec-17 22:51
memberDevartSoftware7-Dec-17 22:51 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 5.2 for Raspberry Pi is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling6-Dec-17 19:51
professionalXiao Ling6-Dec-17 19:51 
GeneralVirtual Keyboard for Java Component Pin
ivana312-Nov-17 5:01
memberivana312-Nov-17 5:01 
GeneralDynamic Web TWAIN 13.2 is Released Pin
Xiao Ling31-Oct-17 20:47
professionalXiao Ling31-Oct-17 20:47 
NewsUpgraded ODBC Drivers with a Number of New Features Pin
DevartSoftware25-Oct-17 0:12
memberDevartSoftware25-Oct-17 0:12 
NewsLUTEUS announces the availability of the new version 8 of its LoriotPro software Pin
fbrisson5-Feb-18 2:19
memberfbrisson5-Feb-18 2:19 
NewsSelectPdf Library for .NET – 2017 Vol 3 Released Pin
Tom Williams17-Oct-17 0:19
memberTom Williams17-Oct-17 0:19 
GeneralCan Automated Pull Requests Prevent the Next Equifax Pin
gameweld16-Oct-17 6:56
membergameweld16-Oct-17 6:56 
GeneralDatattoo Recovery (with optional source code license) Pin
Michael Haephrati12-Oct-17 12:47
mvpMichael Haephrati12-Oct-17 12:47 
NewsSummer Release of Java PDF Library with Optimizer Audit, PadES Signatures, Page Resize Pin
Leila - Qoppa29-Sep-17 9:50
memberLeila - Qoppa29-Sep-17 9:50 
NewsCloudQuant Continues To Allocate Millions to Crowd Researchers Pin
tayloed27-Sep-17 10:34
membertayloed27-Sep-17 10:34 
GeneralDimensionalMechanics Unveils NeoPulse AI Studio on AWS Marketplace Pin
Member 1336263020-Sep-17 7:01
memberMember 1336263020-Sep-17 7:01 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 5.2 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling18-Sep-17 17:17
professionalXiao Ling18-Sep-17 17:17 

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