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Welcome to the new Press Releases forum! Our old press release system has been retired but we've moved everything and everyone to a new, shinier home. Enjoy!

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NewsMessage Closed Pin
12-Dec-19 6:40
professionaldtSearch.com12-Dec-19 6:40 
NewsVintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 9.0 has been released. Pin
Alexander Grigoryan25-Nov-19 3:51
MemberAlexander Grigoryan25-Nov-19 3:51 
NewsAccusoft Launches New Website to Better Reflect Position in the Marketplace Pin
Member 135355683-Oct-19 4:55
MemberMember 135355683-Oct-19 4:55 
GeneralVintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK 8.8 has been released. Pin
Alexander Grigoryan8-Aug-19 22:22
MemberAlexander Grigoryan8-Aug-19 22:22 
NewsdtSearch Document Filters Now Work With PDF 2.0 Pin
dtSearch.com4-Jun-19 6:12
professionaldtSearch.com4-Jun-19 6:12 
GeneralPDF Xpansion SDK 14 - new features for eInvoicing, document layouting and editing Pin
FrankDueckers20-May-19 23:26
MemberFrankDueckers20-May-19 23:26 
(Bochum, May 21, 2019)

Soft Xpansion has launched version 14 of the PDF Xpansion SDK. It offers features to create and edit PDF, PDF/A and XPS documents, to display and print them, to convert between formats, and to export or/and import to/from other file formats. PDF Xpansion SDK 14 implements these features in Windows desktop (PC) applications as well as in Microsoft Store apps.

The main new features of version 14 are components for FACTUR-X, ZUGFeRD 2.0 and for XRechnung, plus an API for the creation of ZUGFeRD 2.0 compliant XML files. With these data formats, the SDK implements eInvoicing into Windows applications so that the created electronic invoices comply both with the EU standard EN 16931 and with directive 2014/55/EU.

ZUGFeRD combines a printable invoice (PDF/A-3 file as visual representation of the invoice data, a digital media format instead of the corresponding paper invoice) with an embedded XML file that presents the invoice data in a specifically structured way.

PDF Xpansion SDK 14 additionally comes with new editing features in its Rich Edit API, with optimizations in the document layout functionality and with an enhanced support of the JavaScript DOM.

Detailed information is available on the product page ( The page also offers a trial license that comes with a detailed product guide and an illustrative programming reference.

Soft Xpansion GmbH & Co. KG
Frank Dueckers
Koenigsallee 45
D-44789 Bochum, Germany
Phone: +49 234 298 41 73, Fax: +49 234 298 41 72

About Soft Xpansion
Since its foundation in 1995, Soft Xpansion is a specialized software manufacturer with global activities. The product range includes solutions (standard desktop software and apps, software development kits, and individual programming) in the core areas PDF technology, content/document management and tools. The company looks back on more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. The software development expertise covers all steps for standard applications and for individual projects - market and requirement analysis, conceptual design, development, implementation, support and advancements. The clients come from all over the world. Soft Xpansion is headquartered in Bochum, Germany.
GeneralVersion 12 of VintaSoft Barcode .NET SDK released with support for .NET Core! Pin
Alexander Grigoryan7-Apr-19 5:51
MemberAlexander Grigoryan7-Apr-19 5:51 
NewsUCanCode Releases Upgraded E-XD++ Visualization Enterprise Suite V27.01 -- 2019 Vol.1 Pin
kellyonlyone25-Mar-19 5:05
Memberkellyonlyone25-Mar-19 5:05 
NewsAltia-ABM Investigative Software Embedding dtSearch Now Deployed Across UK Police Forces, Other Enforcement and Intelligence Agencies Pin
dtSearch.com19-Feb-19 7:13
professionaldtSearch.com19-Feb-19 7:13 
NewsDocuVantage Embeds dtSearch® for Next Level SaaS Contract Management Pin
dtSearch.com31-Jan-19 20:17
professionaldtSearch.com31-Jan-19 20:17 
GeneralRethinking remote work: Managing Partner of Qubit Labs releases ebook about offshore development teams Pin
Julia Kravchenko16-Jan-19 6:16
professionalJulia Kravchenko16-Jan-19 6:16 
NewsSupport for MariaDB 10.4 in Upgraded dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.8.1 and dbForge Tools for MySQL Pin
Member 1411723715-Jan-19 21:37
MemberMember 1411723715-Jan-19 21:37 
NewsCloudQuant Partners with RavenPack to Expand Use of Alternative Data for Crowd Sourced Trading Algos Pin
tayloed21-Dec-18 4:55
Membertayloed21-Dec-18 4:55 
GeneralRAD Studio 10.3 Rio Support in Updated SecureBridge by Devart Pin
DevartSoftware17-Dec-18 2:02
MemberDevartSoftware17-Dec-18 2:02 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.4.1 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling22-Nov-18 15:21
professionalXiao Ling22-Nov-18 15:21 
NewsNew Integration of WRENCH Solutions’ SmartProject Engineering & Construction Industry Software with dtSearch® Engine Pin
dtSearch.com14-Nov-18 10:49
professionaldtSearch.com14-Nov-18 10:49 
NewsJava PDF Library & PDF Server Version 2018 with Web PDF Sign, ZUGferd Invoices, Java 9+ Support Pin
Leila - Qoppa12-Nov-18 9:44
MemberLeila - Qoppa12-Nov-18 9:44 
NewsStreamline your PDF Workflow with Industry-Leading Document Management Tools Now Available for Online Purchase Pin
Datalogics News12-Nov-18 8:52
MemberDatalogics News12-Nov-18 8:52 
NewsAspose Updates (18.10) for .NET/Core components Pin
Andriy Andruhovski5-Nov-18 10:42
MemberAndriy Andruhovski5-Nov-18 10:42 
NewsDOC-TAGS The Premier Release - Contextual, Accurate, Automatic Document Tagging Pin
DBI Technologies Inc5-Nov-18 9:38
MemberDBI Technologies Inc5-Nov-18 9:38 
NewsVersion 1.0 of .NET nanoFramework is released Pin
José Simões24-Oct-18 0:00
MemberJosé Simões24-Oct-18 0:00 
GeneralVintaSoft Imaging .NET SDK v8.7 Released! Pin
Alexander Grigoryan23-Oct-18 22:18
MemberAlexander Grigoryan23-Oct-18 22:18 
NewsONLYOFFICE Adds Work With Forms Pin
Nadya Knyazeva16-Oct-18 7:00
MemberNadya Knyazeva16-Oct-18 7:00 
GeneralDynamsoft Barcode Reader 6.4 is Released! Pin
Xiao Ling15-Oct-18 0:20
professionalXiao Ling15-Oct-18 0:20 
GeneralAccusoft Releases the New PrizmDoc Editor, an Embeddable Browser-Based Document Editor Pin
Member 135355685-Oct-18 3:20
MemberMember 135355685-Oct-18 3:20 

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