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QuestionCubesort Pin
Gregorius van den Hoven22-Jun-14 4:09
MemberGregorius van den Hoven22-Jun-14 4:09 
I've created a new sorting algorithm which allows O(1) sorting of ordered data, O(log (root n)) sorting of partially sorted data, and O(log n) sorting of random data.

The underlying mechanism is well suited for a general purpose data structure, which I'm calling a binary search cube, and has notable advantages over binary trees. The data structure is cube-shaped rather than tree-shaped.

I've described the data structure and sorting algorithm on the following webpage:

The site also includes three programs written in C, one of them implementing cubesort using a 4 dimensional search cube, and an implementation of a 3 and 4 dimensional binary search cube.

Haven't been able to properly benchmark the software against other sorting algorithms and data structures, but the memory overhead is significantly less.

Hoping for some interesting feedback.
AnswerRe: Cubesort Pin
Sanmayce28-Jun-14 8:02
MemberSanmayce28-Jun-14 8:02 
GeneralRe: Cubesort Pin
Gregorius van den Hoven29-Jun-14 9:58
MemberGregorius van den Hoven29-Jun-14 9:58 
AnswerRe: Cubesort Pin
Sanmayce30-Jun-14 6:48
MemberSanmayce30-Jun-14 6:48 
GeneralRe: Cubesort Pin
Gregorius van den Hoven12-Jul-14 4:01
MemberGregorius van den Hoven12-Jul-14 4:01 
AnswerRe: Cubesort Pin
Sanmayce3-Jul-14 4:30
MemberSanmayce3-Jul-14 4:30 

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