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AnswerRe: Passing CString Pin
pasztorpisti23-Jul-13 0:44
professionalpasztorpisti23-Jul-13 0:44 
GeneralRe: Passing CString Pin
bkelly1323-Jul-13 17:15
Memberbkelly1323-Jul-13 17:15 
Am I correct in thinking that "return value optimization" self descriptive rather than having a special meaning?

In the first call B, more of a function style, is written as:

CString B( ){ return internal_string }

While the second, more of a procedure style, would look like:

 void B( CSrting &some_string );<br />
{ some_string.empty();<br />
  some_string = internal_string;<br />

That presumes that some_string = internal_string is a copy operation and not a reference operation. Is that presumption true or false?

The first hands out an address within B's space while the second does not. That also means that the caller would have to copy it before doing anything that would change it. I know we can adorn the return value with "const", but still.

Is that logic flawed?
Thanks for your time
If you work with telemetry, please check this bulletin board:

GeneralRe: Passing CString Pin
pasztorpisti24-Jul-13 1:43
professionalpasztorpisti24-Jul-13 1:43 
GeneralRe: Passing CString Pin
H.Brydon19-Sep-13 21:58
professionalH.Brydon19-Sep-13 21:58 
AnswerRe: Passing CString Pin
Krishnakumartg13-Aug-13 7:43
MemberKrishnakumartg13-Aug-13 7:43 
AnswerRe: Passing CString Pin
Manoj Kumar Rai21-Aug-13 13:29
professionalManoj Kumar Rai21-Aug-13 13:29 
Questionchang folder's icon Pin
swing001016-Jul-13 1:33
Memberswing001016-Jul-13 1:33 
QuestionCOM technology and use Pin
marisha.u12-Jul-13 10:53
Membermarisha.u12-Jul-13 10:53 
AnswerRe: COM technology and use Pin
Richard MacCutchan12-Jul-13 23:06
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan12-Jul-13 23:06 
AnswerRe: COM technology and use Pin
pasztorpisti13-Jul-13 8:58
professionalpasztorpisti13-Jul-13 8:58 
GeneralRe: COM technology and use Pin
marisha.u15-Jul-13 5:31
Membermarisha.u15-Jul-13 5:31 
GeneralRe: COM technology and use Pin
pasztorpisti15-Jul-13 5:48
professionalpasztorpisti15-Jul-13 5:48 
AnswerRe: COM technology and use Pin
yusif muffed ektilat25-Aug-13 10:19
professionalyusif muffed ektilat25-Aug-13 10:19 
SuggestionHelp : learn ATL, STL and COM Pin
shanmugarajaa8-Jul-13 19:59
Membershanmugarajaa8-Jul-13 19:59 
GeneralRe: Help : learn ATL, STL and COM Pin
Richard MacCutchan8-Jul-13 22:12
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan8-Jul-13 22:12 
GeneralRe: Help : learn ATL, STL and COM Pin
Jonathan Davies8-Jul-13 23:39
MemberJonathan Davies8-Jul-13 23:39 
GeneralRe: Help : learn ATL, STL and COM Pin
Ajay_Tiwari3-Sep-13 1:18
MemberAjay_Tiwari3-Sep-13 1:18 
QuestionHow can I get the ATL Headers for free? Pin
Louai Haimour7-Jul-13 0:37
MemberLouai Haimour7-Jul-13 0:37 
AnswerRe: How can I get the ATL Headers for free? Pin
Richard MacCutchan7-Jul-13 2:23
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan7-Jul-13 2:23 
QuestionChakra: IActiveScript::GetScriptDispatch() fails with E_OUTOFMEMORY Pin
imagiro3-Jul-13 23:13
Memberimagiro3-Jul-13 23:13 
QuestionActiveX in ActiveX problem Pin
leisuregame1-Jul-13 23:29
Memberleisuregame1-Jul-13 23:29 
QuestionCOM Apartment Pin
KRISHNARAYALU16-Jun-13 21:46
MemberKRISHNARAYALU16-Jun-13 21:46 
AnswerRe: COM Apartment Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Jun-13 21:57
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan16-Jun-13 21:57 
GeneralRe: COM Apartment Pin
KRISHNARAYALU16-Jun-13 22:10
MemberKRISHNARAYALU16-Jun-13 22:10 
GeneralRe: COM Apartment Pin
Richard MacCutchan16-Jun-13 22:24
communityengineerRichard MacCutchan16-Jun-13 22:24 

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