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GeneralLooking for code coverage tool supports both Java and C/C++ Pin
enjoycrack23-Jun-05 23:36
Memberenjoycrack23-Jun-05 23:36 
GeneralUsing Context Free Grammers Pin
fordge19-Jun-05 22:09
Memberfordge19-Jun-05 22:09 
GeneralSoftPhone Pin
ajmalsiddiqi17-Jun-05 20:13
Memberajmalsiddiqi17-Jun-05 20:13 
GeneralAutoSave Active Documents (Windows) Pin
Amir-ul-Amin17-Jun-05 3:24
MemberAmir-ul-Amin17-Jun-05 3:24 
Generaleventviewer collector and inspector Pin
sadyer8-Jun-05 5:47
Membersadyer8-Jun-05 5:47 
GeneralRe: eventviewer collector and inspector Pin
Blake Miller20-Jun-05 12:55
MemberBlake Miller20-Jun-05 12:55 
GeneralAutoCorrect Pin
Shamshad Ali Khatri7-Jun-05 23:44
MemberShamshad Ali Khatri7-Jun-05 23:44 
GeneralImplementing Custom IMembership Conditions Pin
Chad Stoker3-Jun-05 9:16
MemberChad Stoker3-Jun-05 9:16 
I would LOVE to see an Article that steps the reader through creating some sort of Custom Evidence. Serializing that evidence and compiling the result into an Assembly using the 'AL' utlity. Then implementing a Custom Membership condition evaluating the Custom Evidence. Correctly adding the Xml representation of the Custom Membership to a Code Access Security (CAS) Permission set and GAC. Finally, the article could finish off by executing the Original Assembly that the evidence was compiled into and seeing if it actually works!

Basically, I don't see enough information out there that describes an end-to-end scenario where Custom Evidence, Membership Conditions, and Permissions/Permission Sets are implemented and used. Yet I CAN see why these could be useful. (Like if you wanted to limit the Time of day that an assembly was allowed to execute or something like that.)

Confused | :confused:

Chad Stoker
Generalxls to pdf conversion Pin
Member 199825031-May-05 2:47
MemberMember 199825031-May-05 2:47 
QuestionA Add-in sample for add control(s) at design-time ? Pin
David Wuu28-May-05 16:46
MemberDavid Wuu28-May-05 16:46 
AnswerRe: A Add-in sample for add control(s) at design-time ? Pin
Member 168912329-May-05 17:11
MemberMember 168912329-May-05 17:11 
GeneralFinger Print Recognition Algos/Method Pin
majidbhutta26-May-05 4:24
Membermajidbhutta26-May-05 4:24 
GeneralConverting a Dll To Lib File Pin
Ecologic25-May-05 5:07
MemberEcologic25-May-05 5:07 
GeneralRe: Converting a Dll To Lib File Pin
Toby Opferman24-Jun-05 7:07
MemberToby Opferman24-Jun-05 7:07 
GeneralRe: Converting a Dll To Lib File Pin
Manmohan Singh Sarwara26-Jun-05 2:25
MemberManmohan Singh Sarwara26-Jun-05 2:25 
GeneralRe: Converting a Dll To Lib File Pin
Toby Opferman26-Jun-05 11:36
MemberToby Opferman26-Jun-05 11:36 
GeneralBHO OnSubmit Event customisation Pin
Member 161855823-May-05 21:25
MemberMember 161855823-May-05 21:25 
Generalvnc2swf for Windows... Pin
Cesario Simoes, jr23-May-05 7:43
MemberCesario Simoes, jr23-May-05 7:43 
GeneralHOW: Blinking char like telnet does ! Pin
Anonymous18-May-05 22:07
MemberAnonymous18-May-05 22:07 
GeneralRe: HOW: Blinking char like telnet does ! Pin
Chris Richardson18-May-05 22:25
MemberChris Richardson18-May-05 22:25 
Generalapproximate string matching Pin
Anonymous17-May-05 7:31
MemberAnonymous17-May-05 7:31 
GeneralRe: approximate string matching Pin
PJ Arends17-May-05 8:04
professionalPJ Arends17-May-05 8:04 
GeneralRe: approximate string matching Pin
El Corazon18-May-05 15:11
MemberEl Corazon18-May-05 15:11 
GeneralXML programing language Pin
Jaime Olivares15-May-05 11:18
MemberJaime Olivares15-May-05 11:18 
GeneralRe: XML programing language Pin
Anonymous15-May-05 12:00
MemberAnonymous15-May-05 12:00 

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