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GeneralRe: Debug is Slow Pin
S. Senthil Kumar12-Aug-05 21:24
MemberS. Senthil Kumar12-Aug-05 21:24 
GeneralRe: Debug is Slow Pin
FTrader17-Aug-05 14:54
MemberFTrader17-Aug-05 14:54 
GeneralGUID generation at run time Pin
namita_jain11-Aug-05 20:44
Membernamita_jain11-Aug-05 20:44 
GeneralRe: GUID generation at run time Pin
[Marc]12-Aug-05 9:14
Member[Marc]12-Aug-05 9:14 Shell() successful? Pin
partt11-Aug-05 8:35
Memberpartt11-Aug-05 8:35 
AnswerRe: Shell() successful? Pin
rwestgraham11-Aug-05 9:08
Memberrwestgraham11-Aug-05 9:08 
GeneralRe: Shell() successful? RESOLVED Pin
partt11-Aug-05 9:29
Memberpartt11-Aug-05 9:29 
QuestionXmlTextReader ignores the 'encoding=...' definition? Pin
Thomas Schittli11-Aug-05 6:16
MemberThomas Schittli11-Aug-05 6:16 
Good afternoon

XmlTextReader behaves very strange: I have the following
encoding-definition in my (valid) XML-File:


If I open the File:

fileStream = new StreamReader (xmlFile);<br />
xmlReader  = new XmlTextReader(fileStream);

an read some values, I can see that the Encoding is set
to "UTF-16" and I don't get all data: XmlTextReader
absorbs non UTF-16 characters.

If I explicit define the Stream-Encoding to:

fileStream = new StreamReader(xmlFile, <br />

then XmlTextReader works perfect.

Is it wrong to except that XmlTextReader relates it's encoding
to the XML-Definition and not to the stream encoding?
Or: Do I really have to open the xml-file to check the
encoding-property and then to open the xml-file
again using the right stream - encoding?

Thanks a lot for any hint in advance,
kind regards,

People who wait until the eleventh hour to call on Jesus die at 10:30.
GeneralActiveX Control - Knowing when it's fully Init()ed Pin
mankeyrabbit10-Aug-05 13:16
Membermankeyrabbit10-Aug-05 13:16 
GeneralError deploying dll Pin
Ajay L S9-Aug-05 22:50
MemberAjay L S9-Aug-05 22:50 
GeneralCLR Allocation &amp; De - Allocation Pin
mohsin_m9-Aug-05 22:40
Membermohsin_m9-Aug-05 22:40 
GeneralRe: CLR Allocation &amp; De - Allocation Pin
Ali Sajadian10-Aug-05 2:15
MemberAli Sajadian10-Aug-05 2:15 
GeneralCalling Search Store Proc have problem Pin
Ali Sajadian9-Aug-05 21:29
MemberAli Sajadian9-Aug-05 21:29 
GeneralExporting native .Net Data types Pin
mohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:43
Membermohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:43 
GeneralRe: Exporting native .Net Data types Pin
J4amieC9-Aug-05 2:35
MemberJ4amieC9-Aug-05 2:35 
GeneralExporting .Net Data types Pin
mohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:41
Membermohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:41 
GeneralRe: Exporting .Net Data types Pin
Vasudevan Deepak Kumar8-Aug-05 21:59
MemberVasudevan Deepak Kumar8-Aug-05 21:59 
GeneralPassing String from DLL to C# Pin
mohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:28
Membermohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:28 
GeneralRe: Passing String from DLL to C# Pin
Christian Graus11-Aug-05 15:39
mveChristian Graus11-Aug-05 15:39 
GeneralCalling C++ code from C# Pin
mohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:16
Membermohsin_m8-Aug-05 21:16 
GeneralRe: Calling C++ code from C# Pin
Mohamad Al Husseiny9-Aug-05 15:00
MemberMohamad Al Husseiny9-Aug-05 15:00 
GeneralRe: Calling C++ code from C# Pin
Wej Parry15-Aug-05 16:28
MemberWej Parry15-Aug-05 16:28 
GeneralRe: Calling C++ code from C# Pin
Mohamad Al Husseiny15-Aug-05 17:18
MemberMohamad Al Husseiny15-Aug-05 17:18 
GeneralRe: Calling C++ code from C# Pin
Wej Parry16-Aug-05 1:09
MemberWej Parry16-Aug-05 1:09 
Generalcsc problem Pin
Heinz_8-Aug-05 21:11
MemberHeinz_8-Aug-05 21:11 

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