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AnswerRe: Activesync Pin
Jonas Larsson27-Sep-05 2:22
MemberJonas Larsson27-Sep-05 2:22 
QuestionControlling PC with mobile phone Pin
Shams Arafat21-Sep-05 23:10
MemberShams Arafat21-Sep-05 23:10 
AnswerRe: Controlling PC with mobile phone Pin
Anonymous27-Sep-05 11:03
MemberAnonymous27-Sep-05 11:03 
GeneralRe: Controlling PC with mobile phone Pin
Anonymous6-Oct-05 5:48
MemberAnonymous6-Oct-05 5:48 
GeneralRe: Controlling PC with mobile phone Pin
vikas amin5-Nov-05 5:00
Membervikas amin5-Nov-05 5:00 
Questioninterfacing MMC card with rabbit core module RCM 3100 Pin
amitgh21-Sep-05 21:26
Memberamitgh21-Sep-05 21:26 
Questionconnecting my WindowsCE project to a Windows2000 desktop PC via ActiveSync Pin
mark.thornhill21-Sep-05 1:18
Membermark.thornhill21-Sep-05 1:18 
QuestionGetIfTable return error ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER Pin
GiuseppeZarbo19-Sep-05 2:58
MemberGiuseppeZarbo19-Sep-05 2:58 
I'm developing a pocket pc application that monitoring the gprs traffic,
to do this I found this article:

This is my code:
// Declare and initialize variables

DWORD dwSize = 0;
DWORD dwRetVal = 0;

// Allocate memory for our pointers
ifTable = (MIB_IFTABLE*) malloc(sizeof(MIB_IFTABLE));
pMibIfRow = (MIB_IFROW*) malloc(sizeof(MIB_IFROW));

// Make an initial call to GetIfTable to get the
// necessary size into the dwSize variable
if (GetIfTable(ifTable, &dwSize, 0) == ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_BUFFER){
ifTable = (MIB_IFTABLE *) malloc (dwSize);

// Make a second call to GetIfTable to get the
// actual data we want
if ((dwRetVal = GetIfTable(ifTable, &dwSize, 0)) == NO_ERROR) {

if (ifTable->dwNumEntries > 0){
for(DWORD i=0; i< ifTable->dwNumEntries; i++){
MIB_IFROW mir = ifTable->table[i];
if(mir.dwType == MIB_IF_TYPE_PPP){
DWORD dwTotal = mir.dwInOctets + mir.dwOutOctets;
return dwTotal;

STLOG_WRITE("Errore in GetIfTable %d",dwRetVal);

return 0;

This code work good for about 3 hours, but for an unknow reason the function GetIfTable return ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER, and I don't understand why.

Can someone help me?


Questionbluetooth printing Pin
Fer Simoes16-Sep-05 12:40
professionalFer Simoes16-Sep-05 12:40 
Questionports Pin
_tasleem15-Sep-05 23:48
Member_tasleem15-Sep-05 23:48 
AnswerRe: ports Pin
Fer Simoes16-Sep-05 12:43
professionalFer Simoes16-Sep-05 12:43 
GeneralRe: ports Pin
_tasleem16-Sep-05 20:35
Member_tasleem16-Sep-05 20:35 
Questionupdating Compact Framework Pin
David Menéndez Cisterna14-Sep-05 13:41
MemberDavid Menéndez Cisterna14-Sep-05 13:41 
QuestionListBox Control key press event Pin
Sachin Xavier14-Sep-05 0:20
MemberSachin Xavier14-Sep-05 0:20 
QuestionMultiple checks of files during Debug Pin
Jim Berg13-Sep-05 10:49
MemberJim Berg13-Sep-05 10:49 
QuestionCompact Framework strange Exception Pin
David Menéndez Cisterna13-Sep-05 3:20
MemberDavid Menéndez Cisterna13-Sep-05 3:20 
QuestionFAX from Pocket PC ? Pin
mcdok12-Sep-05 5:37
Membermcdok12-Sep-05 5:37 
QuestionHelp me!!!!! Detecting change in data streams Pin
bulgaa12-Sep-05 4:06
Memberbulgaa12-Sep-05 4:06 
QuestionMultiple Tables in a Dataset from multiple XML Files? Pin
maf66611-Sep-05 23:34
Membermaf66611-Sep-05 23:34 
AnswerRe: Multiple Tables in a Dataset from multiple XML Files? Pin
cyberexel7-Dec-10 17:50
Membercyberexel7-Dec-10 17:50 
QuestionScreen Rotation Pin
George Papadopoulos11-Sep-05 23:07
MemberGeorge Papadopoulos11-Sep-05 23:07 
Questionactivate BT via code? Pin
Roger Alsing11-Sep-05 22:26
MemberRoger Alsing11-Sep-05 22:26 
QuestionRe: activate BT via code? Pin
Jumba666623-Mar-06 10:49
MemberJumba666623-Mar-06 10:49 
AnswerRe: activate BT via code? Pin
Roger Alsing24-Mar-06 0:34
MemberRoger Alsing24-Mar-06 0:34 
QuestionStartbar Pin
CSharpDavid9-Sep-05 7:42
MemberCSharpDavid9-Sep-05 7:42 

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