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Questionbridge between and c code Pin
JaneQuestion26-Jul-06 16:20
MemberJaneQuestion26-Jul-06 16:20 
AnswerRe: bridge between and c code Pin
led mike27-Jul-06 9:22
Memberled mike27-Jul-06 9:22 
GeneralRe: bridge between and c code Pin
JaneQuestion28-Jul-06 16:48
MemberJaneQuestion28-Jul-06 16:48 
GeneralRe: bridge between and c code Pin
JaneQuestion28-Jul-06 16:54
MemberJaneQuestion28-Jul-06 16:54 
GeneralRe: bridge between and c code Pin
led mike7-Aug-06 6:09
Memberled mike7-Aug-06 6:09 
QuestionVisual C++ Express && Code Documentation Pin
budidharma26-Jul-06 9:59
Memberbudidharma26-Jul-06 9:59 
QuestionNetwork Neighbourhood...... How??? Pin
RobStroud26-Jul-06 4:26
MemberRobStroud26-Jul-06 4:26 
QuestionWinInet, MSHTMl, Multi Threading Pin
keshavcn26-Jul-06 3:55
Memberkeshavcn26-Jul-06 3:55 

I've written a library in VC++.NET2003 with 1 exposed class and 2 Inner classes:

Inner Class1:

WinInet Wrapper used in making HTTP requests through WinInet APIs (InternetOpenW, InternetOpenUrlW, InternetReadFile).

Inner Class2:

MSHTML wrapper used in extracting text/links out of HTML. All the interaction with the MSHTML is done through mshtml.h

Exposed Class:

Exposes various functions to make HTTP requests, transform the HTML data etc.

Above library is used in a C# GUI application. This app spawns upto 50 threads and in each of these threads, C++ library will be called.

I'm very much new to C++, but after going through various articles and source code examples, I've written the library and it is working fine if used sporadically. But in the Multithreading scenario, memory is shooting up and CPU usage was also very high. Read somewhere to rename/delete the below given Reg key:


I'd changed the Zonemap name to Zonemap1. Since then the CPU usage has come down but the memory problem remains.

Prior to writing the C++ library, used MSXML3 (xmlHTTP) and mshtml.dll in C# itself. But Microsft specifically says not to use MSXML in .NET. Though MSXML was quite fast, it also consumed tonnes of memory.

Now I'm at a crossroads and not sure which one is causing the problem:

Using the above in multiple threads.

Could some one tell me what is causing the problem or point out to links\articles?

Thanks & Warm Regards,
AnswerRe: WinInet, MSHTMl, Multi Threading Pin
led mike26-Jul-06 6:02
Memberled mike26-Jul-06 6:02 
QuestionWMA To WAV Pin
yhl2ws25-Jul-06 19:30
Memberyhl2ws25-Jul-06 19:30 
QuestionManagedC++ security: How to avoid the stack walk? Pin
Super Lloyd25-Jul-06 15:55
MemberSuper Lloyd25-Jul-06 15:55 
QuestionManagedC++ and [System::Security::SuppressUnmanagedCodeSecurityAttribute] and stack walk Pin
Super Lloyd25-Jul-06 15:00
MemberSuper Lloyd25-Jul-06 15:00 
QuestionDownload file problem Pin
Bob X25-Jul-06 5:17
MemberBob X25-Jul-06 5:17 
AnswerRe: Download file problem Pin
led mike25-Jul-06 7:09
Memberled mike25-Jul-06 7:09 
GeneralRe: Download file problem Pin
Bob X25-Jul-06 7:22
MemberBob X25-Jul-06 7:22 
GeneralRe: Download file problem Pin
led mike25-Jul-06 9:27
Memberled mike25-Jul-06 9:27 
GeneralRe: Download file problem Pin
Bob X25-Jul-06 9:50
MemberBob X25-Jul-06 9:50 
QuestionHelp needed!! Pin
shekkk25-Jul-06 1:25
Membershekkk25-Jul-06 1:25 
AnswerRe: Help needed!! Pin
Bob X25-Jul-06 5:41
MemberBob X25-Jul-06 5:41 
GeneralRe: Help needed!! Pin
Jonathan [Darka]25-Jul-06 22:51
professionalJonathan [Darka]25-Jul-06 22:51 
GeneralRe: Help needed!! Pin
shekkk27-Jul-06 5:43
Membershekkk27-Jul-06 5:43 
GeneralRe: Help needed!! [modified] Pin
Jonathan [Darka]27-Jul-06 21:03
professionalJonathan [Darka]27-Jul-06 21:03 
Questionnanosecond Pin
mehmetned24-Jul-06 22:20
Membermehmetned24-Jul-06 22:20 
AnswerRe: nanosecond Pin
mehmetned24-Jul-06 22:33
Membermehmetned24-Jul-06 22:33 
GeneralRe: nanosecond Pin
Bob X25-Jul-06 5:19
MemberBob X25-Jul-06 5:19 

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