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GeneralRe: [Message Deleted] Pin
Christian Graus3-Aug-06 19:11
protectorChristian Graus3-Aug-06 19:11 
GeneralRe: [Message Deleted] Pin
ThatsAlok4-Aug-06 0:21
MemberThatsAlok4-Aug-06 0:21 
QuestionListCtrl Pin
thathvamsi3-Aug-06 17:23
Memberthathvamsi3-Aug-06 17:23 
AnswerRe: ListCtrl Pin
Steve Echols3-Aug-06 17:45
MemberSteve Echols3-Aug-06 17:45 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
thathvamsi3-Aug-06 18:20
Memberthathvamsi3-Aug-06 18:20 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
Steve Echols3-Aug-06 18:25
MemberSteve Echols3-Aug-06 18:25 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
thathvamsi3-Aug-06 18:46
Memberthathvamsi3-Aug-06 18:46 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
Steve Echols3-Aug-06 18:52
MemberSteve Echols3-Aug-06 18:52 
Depends on at what point you have the data to load into the list control, but I would probably populate the list in OnInitDialog, after you've setup the list control.

- S
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GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
thathvamsi3-Aug-06 19:00
Memberthathvamsi3-Aug-06 19:00 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
Steve Echols3-Aug-06 19:04
MemberSteve Echols3-Aug-06 19:04 
GeneralRe: ListCtrl Pin
Hamid_RT3-Aug-06 23:48
MemberHamid_RT3-Aug-06 23:48 
Questionvariable Pin
With_problem3-Aug-06 17:19
MemberWith_problem3-Aug-06 17:19 
AnswerRe: variable Pin
Christian Graus3-Aug-06 18:06
protectorChristian Graus3-Aug-06 18:06 
GeneralRe: variable Pin
With_problem3-Aug-06 18:31
MemberWith_problem3-Aug-06 18:31 
GeneralRe: variable Pin
Christian Graus3-Aug-06 19:06
protectorChristian Graus3-Aug-06 19:06 
AnswerRe: variable Pin
Hamid_RT4-Aug-06 9:05
MemberHamid_RT4-Aug-06 9:05 
QuestionCyclical References HELP! Pin
Jethro633-Aug-06 17:09
MemberJethro633-Aug-06 17:09 
AnswerRe: Cyclical References HELP! Pin
Christian Graus3-Aug-06 17:17
protectorChristian Graus3-Aug-06 17:17 
AnswerRe: Cyclical References HELP! Pin
sambhu_prasad3-Aug-06 20:55
Membersambhu_prasad3-Aug-06 20:55 
QuestionDelete all files in a folder Pin
Nacho Chip3-Aug-06 14:29
MemberNacho Chip3-Aug-06 14:29 
AnswerRe: Delete all files in a folder Pin
Joe Woodbury3-Aug-06 16:42
professionalJoe Woodbury3-Aug-06 16:42 
AnswerRe: Delete all files in a folder Pin
Zac Howland3-Aug-06 16:47
MemberZac Howland3-Aug-06 16:47 
AnswerRe: Delete all files in a folder Pin
Hamid_RT3-Aug-06 23:57
MemberHamid_RT3-Aug-06 23:57 
QuestionLaunching EXEs don't work [modified] Pin
Aleyer3-Aug-06 12:25
MemberAleyer3-Aug-06 12:25 
AnswerRe: Launching EXEs don't work Pin
RChin3-Aug-06 13:45
MemberRChin3-Aug-06 13:45 

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