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AnswerRe: How to load a dll to a fix addr in windows mobile? Pin
Mike Dimmick16-Jan-07 0:05
MemberMike Dimmick16-Jan-07 0:05 
QuestionRemote to Mobile Pin
Tyler459-Jan-07 5:01
MemberTyler459-Jan-07 5:01 
AnswerRe: Remote to Mobile Pin
Tyler459-Jan-07 6:05
MemberTyler459-Jan-07 6:05 
QuestionDo not allow forms to move Pin
Ashvin Gunga8-Jan-07 20:51
MemberAshvin Gunga8-Jan-07 20:51 
AnswerRe: Do not allow forms to move Pin
Ashvin Gunga20-Feb-07 19:20
MemberAshvin Gunga20-Feb-07 19:20 
QuestionHow to read RAM information of smart or PDA device in C# Pin
02122538-Jan-07 16:35
Member02122538-Jan-07 16:35 
QuestionHow to remove the 'New' menu item from my PocketPC app? Pin
prcarp8-Jan-07 3:25
Memberprcarp8-Jan-07 3:25 
AnswerRe: How to remove the 'New' menu item from my PocketPC app? Pin
prcarp8-Jan-07 4:21
Memberprcarp8-Jan-07 4:21 
I found an answer and so I am posting the result here in case anyone else wants to do this....

First, this article was a big help:[^]

So what I did was remove all instances of the CCommandBar (m_wndCommandBar) from the CMainFrame class that VS2005 automatically put in. In the CMainFrame::OnCreate() method, after the m_wndView.Init(), I added:

	memset(&mbi, 0, sizeof(SHMENUBARINFO));<br />
	mbi.cbSize     = sizeof(SHMENUBARINFO);<br />
	mbi.dwFlags = SHCMBF_HMENU;<br />
	mbi.hwndParent = m_hWnd;<br />
	mbi.nToolBarId = IDR_MAINFRAME;<br />
	mbi.hInstRes   = theApp.m_hInstance;<br />
<br />

This had the added benefit of allowing me to rename the main menu item (popup) as well.

I am not sure of all the ramifications (portability, button access, etc.) but it seems to work fine for my PocketPC use.
QuestionIIS and .NET framework integration Pin
nilesh00741-Jan-07 23:35
Membernilesh00741-Jan-07 23:35 
QuestionNeed help and sample symbian C++ source code for navigation application for symbian S60 platform Pin
Member 19554781-Jan-07 4:56
MemberMember 19554781-Jan-07 4:56 
QuestionSMS Problem Pin
nams511430-Dec-06 10:37
Membernams511430-Dec-06 10:37 
QuestionHow I add referense to? Pin
Agbaria Ahmad28-Dec-06 4:30
MemberAgbaria Ahmad28-Dec-06 4:30 
AnswerRe: How I add referense to? Pin
PavanPareta10-Jan-07 19:31
MemberPavanPareta10-Jan-07 19:31 
Questioninstall multiple cab files Pin
saud_a_k28-Dec-06 0:13
Membersaud_a_k28-Dec-06 0:13 
QuestionBluetooth Programming with c# Pin
ozkan1327-Dec-06 12:44
Memberozkan1327-Dec-06 12:44 
QuestionIP configuration for mobile devices Pin
PDASensei26-Dec-06 4:56
MemberPDASensei26-Dec-06 4:56 
QuestionSending sms using nokia 3100 or 3105 Pin
namrtihdsdsedwde23-Dec-06 7:14
Membernamrtihdsdsedwde23-Dec-06 7:14 
AnswerRe: Sending sms using nokia 3100 or 3105 Pin
Atul238-Jan-07 22:41
MemberAtul238-Jan-07 22:41 
QuestionIHTMLDocument in Windows Mobile 2005 C++ Pin
ilya_margoulis23-Dec-06 2:01
Memberilya_margoulis23-Dec-06 2:01 
QuestionCreate setup project for windows mobile 5.0 Pin
saud_a_k21-Dec-06 22:46
Membersaud_a_k21-Dec-06 22:46 
AnswerRe: Create setup project for windows mobile 5.0 Pin
saud_a_k28-Dec-06 0:08
Membersaud_a_k28-Dec-06 0:08 
QuestionLoadString returns empty Pin
srinivasan_sundaram18-Dec-06 23:54
Membersrinivasan_sundaram18-Dec-06 23:54 
QuestionReading sms already on phone Pin
KongHL18-Dec-06 0:44
MemberKongHL18-Dec-06 0:44 
Questionwat is the signal in GSM/GRPS Pin
iLL eFFect18-Dec-06 0:35
MemberiLL eFFect18-Dec-06 0:35 
Questioncross platform application Pin
dfgdsgjghiouyiouyol17-Dec-06 5:50
Memberdfgdsgjghiouyiouyol17-Dec-06 5:50 

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